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Hi I'm a Transgengered xxy Shamanic [1] Pagan from London, Britain Isles. I class myself as both male and female.

I really enjoy helping people, I have a life history in fixing computers, writing and performing music, and fixing and riding motorbikes. I was a London Motorcycle courier for 10yrs. obtained levels 1, 2, and 3 in Sound recording at Morley.

My Object of Worship is [Mother Earth], just in case you were wondering about the pagan thing.

I am Half French,Half English In the war my Grand Father on my Mothers side was in the French and Norwegian Resistance, and helped stop the V2 rocket production. His family dates back to pre 1066. French, Flemish ,Norwegian, Viking

I'm in the London music scene, as a musician with the Pagan Rock band The Tell, and as a promoter for a number of UK Bands, as Triumph_Promotions. As well as music I am also involved with some groups in RL as a Volunteer.

London R.Y.A Disabled sailing group, racing support. Local community Music project, Film project and Festival Group. Camera and editing with Human rights groups/ campaigners. And I'm just starting out making Second Lifel based movies.

I've been a Second Lifer since April 07 I enjoy getting to grips with building, I enjoy the chat with other volunteers, I enjoy touching base with people from across the world and {I really enjoy the interface)

I have used some GUI vector manipulation programs before, but they don't hold a fig to Second Life's ability to realise, and present projects in real time environments.

but most of all, I really enjoy communicating and working with people.