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6 AM

Torley Linden: Eeegads!
Evangeline Wind: wolfie were you here before?
Evangeline Wind: ok
Torley Linden: Hello everyone!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Wiggity-wiggity-wiggity-waaugh!
Lyndsey Forager: Hiya torley
Vermus Dryke: hi
Evangeline Wind: hi torley :)
Torley Linden: Oh great, we've got chairs back this week...
Psyra Extraordinaire: Oops, you're not here. Sorry!
Wolfie Rankin: I went back to get the others here
Torley Linden: Hahaha who's not here what?
Evangeline Wind: ok
Lyndsey Forager: he he
Torley Linden: Good to see you all! You're earlier than I am!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Your title. :>
skribe Forti: who said that?
Wolfie Rankin: I don't see anyone
Torley Linden: Oh... I should change my title.
Vermus Dryke: who said what?
Torley Linden: That was when I was idling but testing day cycles.
Evangeline Wind: were down below wolfie
Psyra Extraordinaire: You're confusing the hell outta us!
Psyra Extraordinaire: It's TOO EARLY FOR THIS! :)
Torley Linden: Hahaha!
Torley Linden: Oh Psyra BTW thanx to you and Flea for the dinos, they are lovely, I need to watermelonize one with the textures she did soon.
Rails Bailey: will somebody shoot the server
DJ Jenns: tell me i didnt just land in the middle of the tabl;e lol
Psyra Extraordinaire: =D
Daedalus Young: ohh, hi Torley
Torley Linden: How's the servers not performing to expectations right now? :O
Lyndsey Forager: Torly, your sign had me all confused, lol, I read 2pm, and forgot to add 8 hours, As its 2pm in the uk i thought this meeting was xld
Torley Linden: Oh d'oh sorry for any confusion Lyndsey...
Lyndsey Forager: he he
Torley Linden: I should've indicated time zone...
Lyndsey Forager: my own stupidity
Torley Linden: you're right about that.
Psyra Extraordinaire: If you'd like a copy of the skin texture to play around with. ;)
Torley Linden: I should replace the sign.
Evangeline Wind: i sent tps then lm dropped into peoples inv to get them here torley and they didnt recieve them
Torley Linden: Sure Psyra! :)
Torley Linden: Aw, Evangeline, hmmm... so inventory transfers are failing?
Lyndsey Forager: Cool hat torly, are you off to a wedding?
Evangeline Wind: yes
Angsty Rossini: Hi Eva
Vermus Dryke: are they? I got the landmark but no tp offer
Psyra Extraordinaire: Hmmm, I've not had any problems. And my new machine hauls arse. :D
Gumby Roffo: mm a smaller AV might work
Evangeline Wind: i sent tps
Torley Linden: I'll be on the lookout for those issues...
Evangeline Wind: hi ang
Torley Linden: People said they never saw the TP requests when you asked?
skribe Forti: transfers failing? it must be friday
Torley Linden: My hat is kinda like Driving Miss Daisy... it was made by Tesla Miles.
Evangeline Wind: yes
Daedalus Young: I had some issues yesterday with landmarks' Show On Map not working
Gumby Roffo: the TPs didnt get through Eva
Lyndsey Forager: very swirley
Vermus Dryke: that's odd
Evangeline Wind: they never got the tps torley
Psyra Extraordinaire: There was a small moment last night where things were acting up.
Torley Linden: Daedalus, there's that bug where SLURLs are failing to recognize coordinates properly, I think I saw you comment on it in the Issue Tracker?
Wolfie Rankin: I didn't see tp requests, and I didn't get messages from here
Gumby Roffo: and Ims are borked
Psyra Extraordinaire: But it only lasted a few minutes..... at least for me.
Vermus Dryke: I just got a tp to go here when I'm already here
Daedalus Young: yes, I think it's related
Evangeline Wind: maybe theyre vert lagged
Vermus Dryke: from someone already here
Daedalus Young: already searching the region and then Show On Map works
Torley Linden: Whenever there may be asset problems, I try to send a postcard -- if "Your Email" doesn't autopopulate, that tends (but isn't necessarily) to be an indicator of more problems.
Gumby Roffo: last 2 hours here
Evangeline Wind: and also i havent gotten Ims in world but have been getting them in my email from 2 hours ago
Wolfie Rankin: I read typing, I see no people
Gumby Roffo: welcome rails
Evangeline Wind: and people are showing as online when theyre not and vice versa
Vermus Dryke: we're invisibubble wolfie
Wolfie Rankin: so it seems
Torley Linden: Evangeline, unreliable Friends list is an older problem...
skribe Forti: the rapture is upon us
Evangeline Wind: ok
Torley Linden: the confusing thing of course is when all these problems are found in a jumble.
Torley Linden: Some are related, some are not.
Evangeline Wind: ok
Psyra Extraordinaire: Friends List problems has been around since.... 1.9? 1.8?
Daedalus Young: unreliable Friends, be careful who yu're friends with :P
Evangeline Wind: lol
Psyra Extraordinaire: Fairweather friends.
skribe Forti: lol
Gumby Roffo: LOl
Angsty Rossini: Gumby, there's a spot in the couche here :)
Gumby Roffo: G'DAY MATE !!
Wolfie Rankin: too late, she chose me
skribe Forti: G'DAY MATE !!
Torley Linden: Yeah, the internal discussions on the work we've done (and the work we're going to do) to Friends is... extensive, to say the least.
Evangeline Wind: how can we get more groups?
Evangeline Wind: im full
Wolfie Rankin: oh good, can I have bigger boobs?
Lyndsey Forager: Torley, I have a question I bet everyone is wanting an answer to, Is it a good curly hair day or a bad curley hair day? lol
Angsty Rossini: you wish! :)
Gumby Roffo: I'll get a bit smaller
Lyndsey Forager: you can get boobs as attatchments
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: Part of the problem is that we have to strike it out on our own... we don't know of another service that's really had massive group chats between thousands of people within that same group at the same time. Some IRC channels come close, but they don't have all the added 3D... there's a lot of architectural stuff for sure.
Psyra Extraordinaire: I try to keep my hair straight, but overnight, it curls out of frustration.
Wolfie Rankin: yeah I know
Torley Linden: Good curly hair day, Lyndsey, haha!
Vermus Dryke: or you can put on that backpack again
Psyra Extraordinaire: Cawwww... o.o
Torley Linden: Haha "Caw" reminds me of Jack Handey...
Gumby Roffo: sory wrong colour
Torley Linden: "The crows seemed to be calling his name, thought Caw."
Angsty Rossini: Hi Gumby - welcome to the foot fetish chair :)
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Evangeline Wind: how did you get the little hearts on your tag torley? i like those
Psyra Extraordinaire: Nice new machine, no more crashes, gone from being forced to play SL in lowest graphic settings at 3fps to being able to play at full gfx settings with 512 draw distance at about 20fps at the lowest.
Gumby Roffo: alt
Gumby Roffo: codes
Torley Linden: Oh good question Evangeline, I actually copied-and-pasted them from a website.
Torley Linden: But yeah you can use those codes too.
Evangeline Wind: ty :-)
Gumby Roffo: part of the Ascii code
Torley Linden: Ahhh Psyra! What's in your new machine? That's so exciting!
Lyndsey Forager: Torley, I have been doing a spot of building and I made a garden (DJ Jenns helped too), I can drop you a LM if you would like to see
Psyra Extraordinaire: Athlon 64 X2 Dual
Torley Linden: Oh sure Lyndsey, please do!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Pair of 5600+'s
Lyndsey Forager: Thanks
Torley Linden: Kewl. :)
Torley Linden: I love having draw distance set so high too...
Torley Linden: it's grand!
Lyndsey Forager: i was so chuffed with it, i've never made anything that big before
Torley Linden: :D
Wolfie Rankin: everyone is still invisible, how strange
Psyra Extraordinaire: I like being able to see far enough to know what's around. Everything changes then. it's like "Oh, I never knew this was here, only 300m away!"
Torley Linden: Hmmm really Wolfie? That is odd.
Lyndsey Forager: awww, i can see really well
Torley Linden: You're moving your camera around and we are still invisible?
Wolfie Rankin: no name tags either
Wolfie Rankin: yes
Laetizia Coronet: Wolfie you are on the roof, come down a floor
Evangeline Wind: wolfie it might be because youre on the roof?
Torley Linden: Haha!
Wolfie Rankin: HAHAHAHAHHA
Ceeq Laborde: hahah
Torley Linden: OMG good observation guys!
Torley Linden: @_@
Psyra Extraordinaire: Did you try the Switching Group trick? Sometimes if you switch active groups it refreshes people.
Wolfie Rankin: I'm on the roof
Torley Linden: I haven't had to do that switching group trick inages, nor have I seen invisible avatars like that -- the invis. avs I've seen lately have been because of occlusion culling bugs.
Laetizia Coronet: is that a bug, being on the roof? Is there a JIRA for that?
Lyndsey Forager: hows the new computer working out torley - is it still mighty smooth?
Gumby Roffo: did you get that Wolfie
Wolfie Rankin: I was on the damn roof :)
Psyra Extraordinaire: ohh, the Torley Ceiling Bug has been around for..... sheesh, since '03?
Psyra Extraordinaire: :D
skribe Forti: lmao
Torley Linden: Lyndsey: Overall yes, but you can never have too much performance... :)
Torley Linden: "Torley Ceiling Bug"!???
Daedalus Young: you've got some food on your fur, Wolfie :P
Lyndsey Forager: thats so true
Laetizia Coronet: yeah I saw you there when I came in just now
Torley Linden: Hahaha.
Torley Linden: Some bugs have very funny names.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Okay, sliiiiight exaggerations.
Gumby Roffo: wolfie Im behind you
Laetizia Coronet: TOR-001 in the Jira ;)
Torley Linden: Internally @ LL there are bugs we call "the looks like ass bug", among others...
Torley Linden: Haha that's a good one Laetizia.
Vermus Dryke: oh no he isn't
Vermus Dryke: oh yes he is
Wolfie Rankin: Hi Gum
Gumby Roffo: LOL
Torley Linden: One of the craziest descriptions we have is the "avatar folds in half, head up ass" bug.
Gumby Roffo: LOL
Laetizia Coronet: oh yeah I know that one
Evangeline Wind: wow mine has done that and ive seen it happen too
Ceeq Laborde: it's very accurate that description!
Evangeline Wind: i even took pics of it
Angsty Rossini: that's a script thingy I touched at The Shelter
Psyra Extraordinaire: I miss my voice. My new machine may be nice but it absolutely despises the slvoice.exe process... I have to keep voice off so my machine doesn't crash over and over. :(
Angsty Rossini: :(
Laetizia Coronet: you need to add a blood-and-guts texture to avatar insides ;)
Gumby Roffo: Vista?
DJ Jenns: Who needs windlight when you can do that Torley :p
Lyndsey Forager: awww, i would be so lost without voice
Daedalus Young: before the downtime btw, I had some troubles jumping too
Torley Linden: Ack I wonder why, Psyra?
Torley Linden: @_@
Torley Linden: Psyra, are you using onboard sound with a mic on that, or USB headset?
Gumby Roffo: Voice is the best teaching tool I have found yet
Evangeline Wind: ewww wolfie and i have seen that lae, something that makes your av explode into brains and blood and bones flying and landing all over the place
Psyra Extraordinaire: The former.
Wolfie Rankin: yes
Laetizia Coronet: never seen that Eva
Evangeline Wind: its gross
Vermus Dryke: why does it have two brains inside though?
Psyra Extraordinaire: But i can't even set my sound input and such. I think it may be a bum soundcard
Wolfie Rankin: no, it's delicious
Torley Linden: Hmm... :\
Torley Linden: What motherboard?
Wolfie Rankin: and you can roll in it once it's gone off
Laetizia Coronet: Psyra or a faulty connector - plug or port
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ooop, phone. Don't be work, don't be work, don't be work.... *afk*
Laetizia Coronet: or cable even
Wolfie Rankin: my appologies to anyone eating
Torley Linden: Computers are amazing when they work...
Torley Linden: There's so much going on in the machine...
Rails Bailey: lol
Wolfie Rankin: hamsters
Lyndsey Forager: and a totally nightmare when they dont work
Torley Linden: Did I just see an eyeball roll around!?
Wolfie Rankin: I have at least four in mine
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Laetizia Coronet sings "Welcome To The Machine"
Torley Linden: Yeah Lyndsey, so many parts that gotta work together.
Lyndsey Forager: yes, i saw it too
Gumby Roffo: lots of dust, till last week
Wolfie Rankin: how many hamsters work at LL?
Wolfie Rankin: ... about half of them
Daedalus Young: well, 4 for each server... so
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Laetizia Coronet: ah I tired playing the guitar over Voice and it actually works - I am just a lousy player, and the mike doesn't allow me to realy sing :)
Torley Linden: Haha "keep the hamsters fed"...
Lyndsey Forager: but do they all do the hampster dance?
Gumby Roffo: and is that Hampster a Sim rep at meetings
Torley Linden: I wonder if anyone has literally thought that a Gridmonkey is really a monkey. :O
Daedalus Young: they dance when the grid is offline
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Randal Kline: like a screensaver?
Torley Linden: I saw the funniest version of the hamster dance on YouTube --- starring those Hamtaros!
skribe Forti: I have wondered on occasion
Laetizia Coronet: Lyndssey they upgraded to badgersbadgersbadgers
Lyndsey Forager: hamster dance is so funny
Lyndsey Forager: ha ha
Torley Linden: The guy who did BadgerBadger also did variations like a Transformers trailer with the badgers...
DJ Jenns: SNAKE!
Lyndsey Forager: mushroom mushroom
Randal Kline: but hamsters only "work" at night
Laetizia Coronet: lol
Lyndsey Forager: lol
DJ Jenns: Weebl :-)
Wolfie Rankin: have you seen the new Helium Weeble movie?
skribe Forti: Related to a grid monkey is a code monkey:
skribe Forti: warning...tis big
DJ Jenns: the lads behind that also run a wicked site called - newsletter every friday with boredom-busting links :D
Laetizia Coronet: I had the giggles for minutes last year when I first saw badgers
Laetizia Coronet: as if I was 15 again
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: I used to visit b3ta a lot.
Torley Linden: I also like the Magical Trevor series a lot.
Lyndsey Forager: I only got shown happy tree frinds last week, just about cried laughing
Torley Linden: I'd laugh so hard if someone made an av of Magical Trevor...
Torley Linden: Happy Tree Friends has the zaniest theme song... !
DJ Jenns: hahah
DJ Jenns: I have that on DVD
DJ Jenns: brilliant show
Laetizia Coronet: afk coffee
Torley Linden: My brother likes whenever the marine goes nuts...
Torley Linden: and starts to have flashbacks...
DJ Jenns: Nuttin but the tooth :D
Torley Linden: One of my fave episodes is the one with the ants in the anthill and the anteater.
Lyndsey Forager: lol
DJ Jenns: hahaha
DJ Jenns: yeah
Torley Linden: (Gosh, how depressing that must be to have your name defined by what you eat.)
Laetizia Coronet: what like Pork Neva? ooops that's Prok
Randal Kline: Torley: any news on the "Formal SL Groups" on the voice wiki?
Lyndsey Forager: lol, i suppose, especially if you only ate neeps
Torley Linden: X_X
skribe Forti: lol
DJ Jenns: little wife ant starts rubbing lemon juice into his newly wounded tongue
Torley Linden: Hahaha "Ate neeps"!? What are neeps?
DJ Jenns: omg
Lyndsey Forager: neeps are slang for turnips
Torley Linden: DJ: Haha I'm having flashbacks of that right now!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ill Clan, I've not heard that name since they used to do the Larry Lumberjack vids. :D
Torley Linden: I've never eaten a turnip, someday I hope to.
DJ Jenns: Torley neeps is a scottish word for turnip :-)
DJ Jenns: its a local dish - neeps and tatties
Psyra Extraordinaire: Neeps also works in Newfoundland, I know. :D
DJ Jenns: turnip and potatoes
Torley Linden: I saw that Ill Clan video on Second Life, I helped a bit with it.
Laetizia Coronet: Turnips - hmmmm I am getting Baldrick flashbacks here
Torley Linden: Intriguing.
Gumby Roffo: good in stew
DJ Jenns: usually served with oatcakes
Lyndsey Forager: it is also a way of describing someone as a bit daft - they are a neep
Torley Linden: I had a children's book about the biggest turnip you could get on a wheelbarrow.
Torley Linden: Haha, I like "daft". That's a great word.
Wolfie Rankin: I want a penis shaped turnip
skribe Forti: cool
Torley Linden: May I ask WHY!???
Randal Kline: @@
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Wolfie Rankin: [baldrik - turnip]
Laetizia Coronet: daft is very Brtish Eglish, love it
Lyndsey Forager: ah
Torley Linden: (Haha I love the random and spontaneous self-expressions here!)
skribe Forti: Worth more money having a turnip shaped penis, wolfie
Gumby Roffo: theres one on the web Wolfie
Psyra Extraordinaire: I'll take 'turnips shaped like the Virgin mary' for 400, Alex.
Lyndsey Forager: very good, i loved blackadder
DJ Jenns: let me go get my fisher-price GM food kit
Torley Linden: "Daft" always makes me think of Daft Punk.
Lyndsey Forager: he he
DJ Jenns: penis shaped turnip you say?...
Wolfie Rankin: I like the word "bollocks" cause it puffs up your cheeks when you say it
Torley Linden: Which end do you start eating without feeling dirty? ;)
Gumby Roffo: LOL
DJ Jenns: lolol
Daedalus Young: well better than a turnip shaped penis
Lyndsey Forager: i like it when angry kid says "bollocks"
Rails Bailey: u turning pommie wolfie
Torley Linden: I like watching some of these YouTube videos with English comedians...
Vivienne Graves: Better than a turnip-shaped penis, I suppose
Torley Linden: it's great exposure around the world, for sure.
Lyndsey Forager: have you watched angry kid
Wolfie Rankin: no, but I use the word sometimes, it's very handy
Torley Linden: Which angry kid? I'm not familiar with that.
Torley Linden: I know of the Angry Video Game Nerd, but he's not English, haha.
Lyndsey Forager: let me find a link, its by aardman animations
Wolfie Rankin: I've seen angry kid, it's by Aardman
Wolfie Rankin: youtube
Laetizia Coronet: sounds like another Tourettes Guy
Psyra Extraordinaire: Anyways... I think it's more than a sound card thing. slvoice.exe physically corrupts my machine. it hangs, causes all processes behind SL to hang, and can only be cured by a hard powerdown. :(
skribe Forti: angry kid is cool
Lyndsey Forager:
Torley Linden: Ugh, I hope that gets better Psyra, that is frustrating.
Lyndsey Forager: it is stop start animation using a live actor wearing a mask - its so funny
Torley Linden: I also abhor when *just about everything* in a computer works, except for one thing.
Torley Linden: *makes a note of that link*
Gumby Roffo: you might be right there
Laetizia Coronet: Psyra did you file a bug about that?
Psyra Extraordinaire: And my voice works fine in things like Hamachi and MSN....
Randal Kline: Psyra: may i know what mb u are using?
Gumby Roffo: I ahve had a few lockups since voice
Psyra Extraordinaire: M2N-E SLI
Daedalus Young: yes, me too
Psyra Extraordinaire: Asus.
Randal Kline: thats a good board
Daedalus Young: and apparently more mem leaks
Psyra Extraordinaire: Posted in the tech forums already.
Laetizia Coronet had no probems yet, other than her male voice ;)
Wolfie Rankin: Hi Skribe, just found ya ;)
Torley Linden: I don't think a male voice is a problem! =)
Daedalus Young: I'm thinking of downgrading maybe, you can find the older version at
Torley Linden: Hehehe.
skribe Forti: I have to hide again
Laetizia Coronet: lol no yu woudn't
Wolfie Rankin: not when you're male
Torley Linden: I've also had momentary freezes... where Second Life suddenly fails to respond for 10-20 seconds.
Torley Linden: Soft Linden has been investigating that, it *seems* it might predate the Voice client, so may not be because of voice.
Gumby Roffo: yep getting that as well
Evangeline Wind: i have too and a lot have told me they do too torley
Daedalus Young: that I had too, with the spinning beachball of death, sometimes results in crash
Angsty Rossini: I'm just waiting for everyone else to iron out the bugs with voice before I even cosider it...
Lyndsey Forager: i get that too, but usually then my display driver stopps working
Gumby Roffo: thought it might be time to upgrade the MB
Wolfie Rankin: yeah me too
DJ Jenns: lol
Torley Linden: Putting together a computer takes some sort of balance...
Gumby Roffo: but if its common I will wait
Torley Linden: all the parts that need to work well together.
DJ Jenns: yeah torley
DJ Jenns: yeah torley
DJ Jenns: bank balance
Gumby Roffo: yes I built this one
DJ Jenns: lol
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: I'm just on text right now... :) Hehe but I wonder about voice office hours in the future...
Torley Linden: I like power on a budget!
Lyndsey Forager: you have to try a voice one, it would be so cool
Vivienne Graves: I kind of think that's not a great idea, really
Psyra Extraordinaire: I've had flawless performance from everything else I've run on this thing. Memory, video card, etc, all checks out as fully functional. it's *only* when the extra slvoice.exe task is running that things turn to poop. :(
Vivienne Graves: compared to text voice is an inefficient channel of communication
Randal Kline: anyone gone thru Help->About Second Life (1.18.2)? scroll towards the end of the second frame, you will find this "Mr. Watson -- come here -- I want to see you."
DJ Jenns: I disagree
Angsty Rossini: Hi Dustin :)
DJ Jenns: I find text very easy to misunderstand
Wolfie Rankin: Hi Dustin
Laetizia Coronet: in meetings, voice will turn things to utter chaos
DJ Jenns: to get the wrong end of the stick etc
Torley Linden: What I've found has worked well at some Linden meetings is voice and text at the same time, text is referred to as "side-channeling"... but that's provided everyone present can participate in both.
Angsty Rossini: I find text hard to type :)
Evangeline Wind: hi dustin
Rails Bailey: but it makes u think,
Torley Linden: Heyhey!
Gumby Roffo: in meetings yes
Laetizia Coronet: and some non-native speakers are harder to get when they speak than when they write
Torley Linden: Randal, yes, we like to include easter eggs like that. ;)
Lyndsey Forager: you get an idea of so much emotion from voice, and the intination, and you dont get spelling mistooks
Torley Linden: Laetizia: That is a very good point too.
Gumby Roffo: for one on one teaching its the ducks guts
Torley Linden: I know some Residents who have amazing written English but not comfortable with orally speaking.
Ceeq Laborde: Torley does that mean there are many more easter eggs in the client?
Randal Kline: will be looking out for those easter eggs
skribe Forti: we've done lots of business meetings using a treat
Vivienne Graves: Except when you DON'T get an idea of emotion from voice
Torley Linden: Ceeq: There are some more, of varying kinds...
Laetizia Coronet: I had an Italian ion HI yesterday, I beggeed him to type lol
Torley Linden: Some of them are practical, like Client menu features.
Daedalus Young: I'm looking forward to mind control chat
Vivienne Graves: People with Asperger's Syndrome for instance take what's said as what's meant
Vivienne Graves: Without reading in any subtext
Wolfie Rankin: I liked the humour that was in the TPs a while ago, bring those back
Angsty Rossini: Sorry, gotta go, class is starting
Vermus Dryke: Not all people with asperger's
Lyndsey Forager: have fun
Rails Bailey: bye ang
Laetizia Coronet: I second that Wolfie
Daedalus Young: bye
skribe Forti: ciao
Torley Linden: Yes, people with Asperger's generally tend to be literal (but of course, always exceptions).
Psyra Extraordinaire: I'm one of those not terribly comfy, I'm a serious 'anxiety disorder' type RL. :D
Ceeq Laborde: hehe that was the april 1st Wolfie i believe
Torley Linden: Wolfie, ah you remember those!
Laetizia Coronet: afk more coffee <----total junkie
Torley Linden: Yes, that was our April Fool's joke this year...
DJ Jenns: darn
Lyndsey Forager: hows iwoot going ceeq
DJ Jenns: Ceeq!
Daedalus Young: I somehow completely missed that
DJ Jenns: didnt see ya there
DJ Jenns: lol
Ceeq Laborde: hey DJ, Lyndsey! :)
Torley Linden: Good to have you all here with me...
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: Ceeq gave me a fun tour of IWOOT awhile back.
Lyndsey Forager: he he
Laetizia Coronet: the good part is that I don't need soundbyte downloads anymore - I can just speak them :D
Torley Linden: Hey Psyra out of curiosity what framerate are you getting here right now (and you're @ 512 m draw distance?)?
Gumby Roffo: true and there goes this one
Gumby Roffo: G'DAY MATE !!
Torley Linden: Laetizia, I can only imagine what that will do for stand-up comedy!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Depends on which direction I look.
Torley Linden: Psyra, so, if you're looking where you are right now...
Laetizia Coronet: yeah Tor :)
Psyra Extraordinaire: 15.6fps right now, looking straight SW.
Lyndsey Forager: I am getting 9.3 fps with a draw distance of 320 - just so ya know
Wolfie Rankin: I just finished my gameshow a coupe of hours ago, reckon voice would have been chaos :)
Torley Linden: Towards the north... ah K.
Torley Linden: Thanks too Lyndsey!
Laetizia Coronet: I think I am on less than one fps
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Wolfie Rankin: though we could give it a shot one night
Daedalus Young: I'm on 192 m draw distance and getting 4.7 fps
DJ Jenns: 6.9fps with DD of 320 and what appears to be 400 windows of firefox lol
Evangeline Wind: how do you tell what fps you get?
Psyra Extraordinaire: This time last week I'd be at 64 draw distance, most everything turned down, and getting 1.7fps.
skribe Forti: between 4 and 5 fps for me
DJ Jenns: ctrl - shift and 1
Evangeline Wind: ty
Torley Linden: That is a significant improvement.
Torley Linden: Yeah, that shortcut is for the Statistics Bar.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Only reason I walled myself away from the world so long is because my skybox was a prison. :D
Neo Rebus: morning
Evangeline Wind: 45
Daedalus Young: if I turn character rendering off I'm getting about 16 fps :P
Torley Linden: We should have updated documentation on that. HOWEVER, it isn't very user-friendly, Benjamin Linden and I feel there should be easier-to-read diagnostics.
Evangeline Wind: does that sound right?
Lyndsey Forager: now i have fabby new bits for my puter, my sl experiance is SO much better
Laetizia Coronet: oooooh 0.4 fps on a dd of 64
Torley Linden: Things can vary greatly depending on your computer...
Torley Linden: but generally I feel anything less than 10 FPS for me is not useful.
Evangeline Wind: but my draw distance is 160
Torley Linden: I am particularly attuned to smoothness.
Laetizia Coronet: but this place is graphics heavy
Lyndsey Forager: smoooooth
Psyra Extraordinaire: The engine isn't exactly state of the art either... at least in the rendering side. :D
Neo Rebus: i'm only getting 3.0 fps right now, but i've got all my settings maxed out and a draw distance of 512
Daedalus Young: I'm seeing no difference setting the draw distance at 16 (using the debug menu)
Gumby Roffo: ah just had one of those " pause moments"
Torley Linden: I tried to economize on textures but there is some complex geometry here.
Torley Linden: Gumby, I've had several so far during this session.
Lyndsey Forager: That sculptie paint looked like fun torley - thanks for sharing about it
Psyra Extraordinaire: All things considered, one normally expects an engine that's generally considered four years old to run like silk on modern computers. ;D
Torley Linden: Steve Linden actually had a meeting yesterday to talk about optimizing viewer performance and stability.
Vivienne Graves: 8 fps with a draw of 160, everything at max, 8xAA/16xAF
Gumby Roffo: I was reading to much
Neo Rebus: AA/AF?
Torley Linden: I love having antialiasing cranked up. :)
Vivienne Graves: Antialiased/anisotropic
DJ Jenns: Antialiasing and anisotropic filtering
Lyndsey Forager: what is antialising?
Torley Linden: If you haev a higher-end graphics card, before loading Second Life, go to Control Panel and then set it in the drivers. :)
Torley Linden: *have
DJ Jenns: antialiasing smoothes out the edges
Vivienne Graves: smooths the edges,...removes jaggedness
Lyndsey Forager: ah okies
Torley Linden: Long story short, antialiasing renders scenes at higher resolutions then downsamples (reduces) their size to what you see on the screen, so things look smoother.
Vivienne Graves: useful for taking pics in SL
Daedalus Young: though having no aa helps when editing pics
Neo Rebus: okay, at a draw distance of 160 i'm getting about 6 fps
DJ Jenns: your on 4xAA just now lyndsey ;)
Torley Linden: It's extremely useful for — what Vivienne said!
Lyndsey Forager: lol, thanks
Torley Linden: Viewer Roadmap on the wiki, including optimization projects...
Laetizia Coronet: weith all options down except for the rendering sliders I am on 0.5 fps now
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ouch. :(
Laetizia Coronet: really I am hanging on by a thread
Neo Rebus: i've got everything set at "application-controlled" in the control panel
DJ Jenns: its a strange situation
DJ Jenns: because the faster our viewers get
Lyndsey Forager: just a bit, but i know how it feels leat, i was like that not that long ago
Laetizia Coronet: but still it is stable, not crashing, and fully functional
DJ Jenns: the more impatient we become
Lyndsey Forager: so so true
Daedalus Young: I don't even have that option in my Mac system prefs
Psyra Extraordinaire: So heey, now you can post snaps to 'Zilla and Flickr at the same time! :D
Lyndsey Forager: my old laptop didnt even display the pie menu properly, just had the writing
Laetizia Coronet: yeah I am on a laptop but I refuse to call it old :)
DJ Jenns: Ithat was cause you didnt update the drivers you neep :p
Torley Linden: =D
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Laetizia Coronet: maybe when I move to Italy we'll get a good system
Torley Linden: I have long used comma-separated addresses when sending postcards.
Lyndsey Forager: im no a neep, you daftie
Torley Linden: DJ: What you describe is a paradox of time!
Laetizia Coronet: my love writes systems for banks so she knows more about it than me
Psyra Extraordinaire: Eeeep. Still tons of 'VOICE EATS CPU Usage=LOSS OF NORMAL GAME FUNCTIONS' threads.... yargh. I never had a SLIVER of slowdown from it, except because slvoice.exe was a background process, but that's a *given* :P
DJ Jenns: thats one use for dual core
Ceeq Laborde: Torley, I need to check pjira if it's there but I just noticed that if you resize your client in certain ways, you get chat text wrapping making it very difficult to read
Lyndsey Forager: i thought voice ran as a seperate function to the main client?
Daedalus Young: well, leaving SL run for about 2 days, I can tell you the memory has leaked onto the carpet here
Psyra Extraordinaire: it's a whole seperate program. When I check task manager I notice there's an slvoice.exe
DJ Jenns: pfftt
Torley Linden: Ceeq, that sounds familiar.
DJ Jenns: naughty memory!
Laetizia Coronet: oh dear, need some tissues for that?
Daedalus Young cleans the carpet
Psyra Extraordinaire: And it unloads when you turn off voice.
DJ Jenns: hope you rubbed their nose in it
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Daedalus Young: I can't remember, DJ
Lyndsey Forager: quick clip round the lug hole
Torley Linden: Ceeq, I wonder if it's if you change between windowed and full screen mode, it sounds like a much older bug.
Psyra Extraordinaire: if I sytart preening your hair, don't mind it, I'm just a stickler for cleanliness.
Neo Rebus: oh yeah, SL leaks memory like a sieve. It doesn't take very much time before my SL is trying to use up 2-3gb of my 1gb memory
Ceeq Laborde: yes that's it Torley, okay it's new to me ;)
Laetizia Coronet: what is faster - windowed or full screen?
Vivienne Graves: I'm using Nicholaz Beresford's viewer...memory leaks less of a problem thanks to various patches, it seems...(and a return of the pre-voice communicatio9n interface for the voice client, too)
Daedalus Young: why doesn't LL hire Nicholaz? :P
Ceeq Laborde: glad you're aware!
Lyndsey Forager: yeah, and vista loves eating ram too, and with sl, it wasnt a ram banquet every day
Neo Rebus: i'm staying away from vista until i absolutely have to move :P
Psyra Extraordinaire: Nicholaz viewer refuses to run on this new machine. :( Gets as far as 'Initializing world' and then just drops to desktop. :(
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Gumby Roffo: Same
Laetizia Coronet: same here Neo
Laetizia Coronet: soeone said it's the new ME
Lyndsey Forager: i had to, when my crappy lappy died
Daedalus Young: I'd like SL on an iPhone
Psyra Extraordinaire: but it sure worked on my old machine well.
Laetizia Coronet: lol
Torley Linden: I find these "thin clients" very exciting.
Laetizia Coronet: I want SL on a Commodore 64
Torley Linden: Daedalus, do you have an iPhone?
Torley Linden: Haha I once did a joke about that Laetizia.
Lyndsey Forager: lol, leat
Neo Rebus: hey torley, i gotta quick question for ya - is there anyone i can talk to about getting some landmarks created on governor linden's land that doesn't allow landmark creation?
Torley Linden: I wonder if you saw it?
Daedalus Young: no, don't have
Psyra Extraordinaire: I should try that textweb client. :D
Laetizia Coronet: no Torley
Gumby Roffo: besides, if SL works on XP, and I spend my time in SL why do I need Vista!
Daedalus Young: don't even know if it's out here in Europe :P
Wolfie Rankin: I have wondered what sl would look like in 8-bit
Vivienne Graves: I'm not planning on moving to Vista either...I'll just install XP Pro and Linux on the next machine I build
Torley Linden: Neo: Our Land Team does that, but I can do that in a pinch... just send me SLURLs to the parcels and I'll enable landmark creation on them.
Neo Rebus: okay, thanks.
Torley Linden: And yes, it is pointless to disable landmark creation on parcels, because we have SLURLs now.
Torley Linden: You're welcome Neo -- just send the LMs to me or email me a list (
Neo Rebus: i'll email you prolly tonight. thanks!
Torley Linden: =)
Lyndsey Forager: but, to give it its dues, vista is nice eye candy, it just takes a lot of getting use to, and dont expect all your old programmes to work
Torley Linden: I have used Vista a bit.
Jonit Ivory: running here on Vista now
Neo Rebus: and i'll give you a copy of the calendar i'm making :)
Torley Linden: Our QA testing labs are having more Vista machines.
Jonit Ivory: a lot more stable
Vivienne Graves: If you can't create LMs...just crea SLURLs and paste in a notecard
Torley Linden: Cool, thanks Neo!
Gumby Roffo: I do have one odd question, Whos running the SL roads dept?
Vivienne Graves: next best thing
Torley Linden: :)
skribe Forti: I think we need to break the speed of light so I can get a decent ping =/
Torley Linden: Commodore 64 Second Life --
Evangeline Wind: im on vista too
Lyndsey Forager: lol gumby
Torley Linden: skribe: What are your ping times right now?
skribe Forti: 475
Randal Kline: vista WITH ATI here
Lyndsey Forager: ao off
Torley Linden: Yeah that is way too high skribe. :(
Psyra Extraordinaire: They can take my XP from me when they pry it from my well-cooked wing.
Torley Linden: Some things beg for the laws of physics to be transcended!
Wolfie Rankin: torley doesn't have any photos matching "commodore"
Torley Linden: Haha Psyra.
Torley Linden: Hmmm Wolfie, I wonder why that happens...
Torley Linden: Wolfie, that may be because of Flickr safesearch settings...
skribe Forti: it's because of the distance and an small entity named telstra ala bigpond
Torley Linden: A direct link, then —
Laetizia Coronet: flickr search sux big time
Torley Linden: skribe: *nods*
Torley Linden: I have worse packet loss than I wish I did...
Neo Rebus: hmm, bug in the debug window. when you click on the top display item of a panel, it changes how it's displayed; if you click through all of them to get back to the start, it closes the panel.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Commodore got bought up by a group that were once active in Alienware, and now they're making gaming computers under the Commodore/Amiga name. :D
Torley Linden: Neo: Hmmm which debug window? Client menu > Debug Settings?
Wolfie Rankin: I had two amigas, they were nice machines
Torley Linden: I had an Amiga 500. Ah the memories.
skribe Forti: I miss your guru meditation
Neo Rebus: ctrl-alt-shift-1
Torley Linden: (BRB getting drink of water.)
Gumby Roffo: TRS80
Neo Rebus: er, srory, ctrl-shift-1
Wolfie Rankin: yes A500 and A1200 for me
Lyndsey Forager: I loved my amiga a500+ - i cant find it, its around somewhere, i found the box it came in and all my olf floppies
Gumby Roffo: and batch basic before that
Psyra Extraordinaire: .... A true blast from the past. :D
Wolfie Rankin: is it the box with john laws on it?
skribe Forti: I still have all my amigas
Laetizia Coronet: I wonder how many cassette tapes it takes to load SL on a C64
Psyra Extraordinaire: Yeah, 500+ here. :D
Neo Rebus: i'm still a pre-mac apple fan.
Ceeq Laborde: excuse me ladies and gentlemen, got to run off to work, lovely chat, thanks Torley and everyone!
Psyra Extraordinaire: I got my start on Deluxe Paint II. :D
Randal Kline: getting the tapes might be a bigger prob
Daedalus Young: bye Ceeq
Gumby Roffo: 160 draw and 6.9FPS ( 4 year old PC)
Neo Rebus: i learned programming on the apple II.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Same. Apple IIe was the big thing in the day.
Neo Rebus: bah, apple IIe is newfangled. :)
Psyra Extraordinaire: Until the mighty IIgs
Neo Rebus: i'm talking original 16k apple2 that we expanded to 48k which was more than anyone would EVER need. :)
Laetizia Coronet: I learned computers on a Tulip... they're long gone
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ahhhhh. I was working on DECmates before that. :D
Neo Rebus: tulip?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Dumb terminals for the win. :D
Randal Kline: Annelin: nice av. what u doing up there?
Laetizia Coronet: Dutch computers
Wolfie Rankin: first machine I had was an Amstrad CPC 6128
Daedalus Young:
Wolfie Rankin: Sorcery+ best game ever :)
DJ Jenns: 464 :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: I had one of the 126 Intellivision Aquariuses in existance. :D
DJ Jenns: and
DJ Jenns: whoever had the 6128 must remember
DJ Jenns: ...
DJ Jenns: Oh Mummy
DJ Jenns: :-)
Torley Linden: Pardon about that, I'm back!
Torley Linden: *scrolls up*
Lyndsey Forager: i can even remember the noise the disk drive on my amiga a500+ made when loading games, i can still make the same noises as lemmings loading
Wolfie Rankin: I had the 6128
Gumby Roffo: LOL
Torley Linden: I've heard "rumors" that some enthusiasts are trying to revive Q-Link's Habitat...
Psyra Extraordinaire: The one gaming world failure that surpasses the Atari jaguar, Virtual Boy, and Genesis 32X. :D
Torley Linden: that'd be very intriguing, because it's kind of like Second Life's grandpapa.
Jonit Ivory: Well I'm here for one reason.... alpha prims
Jonit Ivory: they annoy me
Wolfie Rankin: there was a disc that you inserted and it would make your drive play tunes... and of course it wrecked your drive
Jonit Ivory: Torley is that bug still open?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ever played Little Computer People? :D
Torley Linden: Jonit: More details please?
Torley Linden: Yes, I played Little Computer People. A lot... that was sort of a precursor to The Sims too.
Wolfie Rankin: I once went to a website that made music come out of the pcs motherboard speaker, and that freaked me out, never saw it again
Psyra Extraordinaire: Yes. :D
Jonit Ivory: the visibility of other prims behind non alpha parts of prims with alpha textures
Lyndsey Forager: is that a cyber man av ?
Neo Rebus: the alpha rendering order bug?
Vermus Dryke: it is
Lyndsey Forager: very cool
Torley Linden: Hahah Wolfie! I know some really older games just did that, no questions asked.
Jonit Ivory: quite possibly called that yes
Wolfie Rankin: I played stargliderII on Amiga [same company made Starfox]
Jonit Ivory: a lot of prefabs are using them now, it looks messy
Psyra Extraordinaire: I rmember programs on the C64 that make your HD spin at speeds that produced 'Daisy, Daisy' music. It sounded like it was butchering your drive, but it was harmonious.
Wolfie Rankin: those did wreck your drive
Laetizia Coronet: I miss that old gurgling sound of the cassettes and the old phone uplik modems :)
Vivienne Graves:
Neo Rebus: yeah, i was looking for cool trains to take snapshots of, and found one that i couldn't take a picture of because of the alpha rendering bug.
Wolfie Rankin: sorta like how that decathlon wrecked joysticks
Torley Linden: Oh Jonit, that reminds me -- it's
skribe Forti: wolfie: did your A500 have a harddrive? =)
Jonit Ivory: ty
Neo Rebus: VWR-505
Lyndsey Forager: my amiga a500+ only had ram, no hd at all
Wolfie Rankin: no, the a1200 did, and I expanded the ram to about 12meg
Psyra Extraordinaire: I rememebr when my Amiga got submurged in a basement flood. So I cobbled together a 3k client with a Commodore +4 in basic and used that to access the internet for about 2 months while I hunted for a new machine. :D
Jonit Ivory: that's the one yes
skribe Forti: mine had a 20M hdd...came as a side attachment =)
Laetizia Coronet: wow Psyra
Neo Rebus: Torley, you may want to link VWR-505 to VWR-27, same bug report
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
DJ Jenns: :D so many amiga fans here
Lyndsey Forager: amiga rawks
Neo Rebus: never mind, already linked
Neo Rebus shuts up now
Gumby Roffo: Affirmative!
Torley Linden: I asked Runitai Linden (one of our graphics guru devs) about Z-fighting... he emphasized it's not a problem particular to Second Life, but found a lot here because many people don't know how to optimize their content, and more education would help Residents feel better about it; and better tools too. I suggested a "snap edges of prims to each other" to prevent unsightly overlap!
Lyndsey Forager: lol
DJ Jenns: bet ya didnt know theres an x86 clone of amigaos :p
Psyra Extraordinaire: I had the 1680 side HD attachment with 20 megs too, and the 1681 side CDrom one as well, but the passthrough didn't work, so I could only plug in one at a time. :P
Torley Linden: Neo, I see that's linked.
Jonit Ivory: well it has Major priority assigned, I can but hope
DJ Jenns:
Neo Rebus: wait, he's saying it's the resident's fault for building improperly when the client renders objects in front of objects that they're actually behind?
Torley Linden: I think it may be more complicated than it seems to fix (which is why it hasn't been fixed yet).
Psyra Extraordinaire: Upgraded the bejeezes out of that 500, I was too attached to it to upgrade to a 1200.
Torley Linden: Neo: Oh, I'm referring to Z-fighting, which is found in conjunction with but isn't the same as alpha sorting.
Torley Linden:
Neo Rebus: oh, okay
Jonit Ivory: it does seem ubiquitous, and it does rather spoil some buildings and objects
Neo Rebus: yeah, texture-flashing stuff is easy to fix
Torley Linden: I have a habit for using transparent textures...
Torley Linden: so I'm interested in seeing that ordering fixed too.
Laetizia Coronet: me too
Psyra Extraordinaire: The term 'Z-Fighting' still will always refer to bad Americanized anime featuring spiky-haired people that spend half a series preparing for some battle, and then the other half of the series actually fighting it.
Neo Rebus: you have to use transparent textures, there's no way to do decent builds without 'em
Torley Linden: Haha Psyra.
Jonit Ivory: they allow for much greater flexibility
Laetizia Coronet: I have some trucks on SL Voluntieer Island that I'd love to see work with alphas inside and outside the cab
Torley Linden: Yeah, there are so many things you can do with transparencies, all the fancy layering and subtleties.
Daedalus Young: if LL gets that fixed, they can patent it and make millions of of it
Torley Linden: Laetizia: That reminds me of the Move section.
DJ Jenns: wish me luck all
Laetizia Coronet: Move?
Daedalus Young: good luck DJ
DJ Jenns: im about to try SL on this ..."laptop"
DJ Jenns: lol
Psyra Extraordinaire: Mystic Airships are wonderful for that, but they suffer due to Z-fighting. :(
Torley Linden: On the Orientation Island, Laetizia.
Lyndsey Forager: good luck (crosses finger)
DJ Jenns: Im sure theres a wind up handle on the side lolol
Laetizia Coronet: ah right
Torley Linden: Take care and good luck!
DJ Jenns: i shall hopefully brb !
DJ Jenns: to infinity
Vermus Dryke: Was wondering, Torley if you received the notecard I sent you on Wednesday about the general gist of my problem?
DJ Jenns: and the sim!
Lyndsey Forager: and beyond?
Laetizia Coronet: I don't really like the new OIs but I'll take that to Blue instead
Torley Linden: Vermus, sorry, I don't read notecards (as mentioned in my profile) — I prefer email for correspondence as I get so much of it!
Torley Linden: But you can feel free to describe if you'd like.
Laetizia Coronet: hey Tor you are wearing my jacket! :D
Vermus Dryke: Suffice to say; I've got a bug
Laetizia Coronet: I didn't even notice lol
Vermus Dryke: I've spoken to my ISP about it; they can find nothingwrong their end
Torley Linden: Notecards are a pain for me because I can't do a global search across them and there's no better way to correlate that text (after having used Gmail with labels for awhile, the lack of such features becomes so clear to me).
Torley Linden: Laetizia I sure am, thanks for your jacket. :)
Vermus Dryke: The bandwidth fluctuayes then goes to 0
Lyndsey Forager: hello again Jenns
Torley Linden: Vermus: Is it a bug affecting just you, or other Residents noticeably too? (Because that can help get info sorted out.)
DJ Jenns: hooo
DJ Jenns: sexy!
Lyndsey Forager: wb
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Lyndsey Forager: how bad is it?
Gumby Roffo: mines doing that now verms
Laetizia Coronet: my pleasure Torley
Vermus Dryke: So far only me,
Gumby Roffo: Perth must be on line
DJ Jenns: 1.8 fps
Lyndsey Forager: nice
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: I have my maximum bandwidth set to 1500 and I notice it often doesn't max out and textures download pretty slow.
Gumby Roffo: and its business hour for the banks
Lyndsey Forager: no voice?
Vermus Dryke: I looked up something close to it; abou part of SL logs me out but the rest keeps me in
Laetizia Coronet: I have voice - was that you?
Jonit Ivory: ah well, I've had my gripe, I'm off, take care all
Vermus Dryke: the interractive part departs
Psyra Extraordinaire: Adioos. :>
Daedalus Young: bye
Vermus Dryke: Leaving me in SL but unavle to do anything bar rotate
Vermus Dryke: unable*
Lyndsey Forager: see ya jonit
Jonit Ivory: and Torley.... that is an extraordinary hat :-)
Torley Linden: That sounds pretty frustrating. :\
Vermus Dryke: This then affects my wireless broadband
Gumby Roffo: later JOnit
Torley Linden: Take care!
Torley Linden: Thanks Jonit, it's by Tesla Miles...
Jonit Ivory: ty
rox Rowlands: hi
Torley Linden: part of her line of funky, cute, girl hats made of sculpties.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Oop
Vermus Dryke: Telling me I'm unable to connect to a server despite the fact a second later I can
Vivienne Graves: She has a freebie sculpted fedora in her shop, too
Torley Linden: Vermus: What I'd suggest is creating a new issue at with all the details you know of, and look for others having the same problem. If it's a bigger network routing issue, we can contact various folks and work with them. Have you also done a traceroute?
Lyndsey Forager: its really very you torly
Vermus Dryke: I thought it was excessive lag
Gumby Roffo: sweet
Daedalus Young: I think I've seen a similar issue on jira
Vermus Dryke: not yet
Psyra Extraordinaire: I'd love to know what sort of deal LL has with Time Warner Interactive. Clearly something, as it appears all sims seem to be hosted through them, according to my Peerguardian. :D
skribe Forti: woohoo! my fps has gone up to 4.5
Torley Linden: Hmmm Psyra, I wonder if that's because of intermediary AOL servers... or something like that.
Wolfie Rankin:
Gumby Roffo: LOL looks like I loaned you some
Torley Linden: But TWI doesn't host our servers directly.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Heh. :>
skribe Forti: I earned these I did!
Torley Linden: Hahaha what a funny picture, that snakes on a plane!
Psyra Extraordinaire: When I move sims, I notice that TWI stays the samy, just the port changes.
Neo Rebus: I've got lots of network-related problems, but they're at my stupid ISP (I hate AT&T broadband) which resets about every other connection I try to make.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ports from about 13000 through 18000
skribe Forti: clever
Torley Linden: I have a number of problems I can chalk up to my ISP.
Psyra Extraordinaire: perhaps it's a gateway.
Torley Linden: The other day I was suffering from grievous packet loss, it was totally heinous.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Snapback is the builder's worst enemy. :(
Vermus Dryke: Which priority would you suggest I enter the issue in, Torley?
Neo Rebus: torley, do you think i'd get anywhere with submitting a jira request (not a bug) asking for the client to be more resilient to failed connection attempts? i get really tired of losing script or notecard edits and not being able to upload snapshots because the client's connection gets reset :(
Torley Linden: Vermus: For now I'd suggest "Major" but if many people are having this then we can escalate it (and that's often an important step with issue, to determine how many people are affected like you, and it helps you feel less alone too).
Torley Linden: Neo: There is already a related meta-issue for that I believe...
Vermus Dryke: ok, thanks
Torley Linden: or a direct one, sec...
Gumby Roffo: Ok seems friends is over again
Vivienne Graves: How about a JIRA request to allow logout and relog without the need to quit and start a new client session? THat would be a useful feature
Gumby Roffo: nup its back
Torley Linden: Vivienne: Surprisingly that is much harder than it seems.
Lyndsey Forager: lol, quiet
Randal Kline: is Quiet Snapshots to Disk working for anyone at the moment? not working correctly here
Torley Linden: Hmmm...
Daedalus Young: it's working for me
Psyra Extraordinaire: That's the control-tilde one?
Lyndsey Forager: me too, no problem here
Vivienne Graves: It only works if you use the shortcut instead of 'take snapshot'
Psyra Extraordinaire: Seems okie to me. c.c
Laetizia Coronet: Randal I set that once in the old client (not a debug) and it's still working
Daedalus Young: interestingly, I saw someone else comment one Torley's blog with the same issue
Wolfie Rankin: I had an idea once for visitors to come into sl
Wolfie Rankin: I think sometimes it's better to show people than describe a thing
Torley Linden: Ah -- Provide better feedback when the server connection is lost,
Psyra Extraordinaire: A picture is worth a thousand words?
skribe Forti:, wolfie
Wolfie Rankin: no
Lyndsey Forager: and then some
Torley Linden: Yes, I often find pictures or video bug reports to be very handy.
Gumby Roffo: Ahhhh Im at dial up speed
Torley Linden: =)
skribe Forti:
Lyndsey Forager: does sl even work at dial up speed?
Wolfie Rankin: an avatar which has no name, and no inventory and can't do anything but observe
Torley Linden: Yeah it really sucks when you're disconnected and you don't notice it until you find you can only turn in circles, not walk, and then you see the mini-map is red.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Yes it does, but things take a loooong time to load.
Wolfie Rankin: it would be very handy for people to visit
Psyra Extraordinaire: If you drop your Network Bandwidth slider to minimum? That's juuuuust about 56k modem speed.
Neo Rebus: that's not the issue i'm looking for, i'm just looking to have it try re-attempting a connection to the server when the first attempt fails, when trying to upload a new asset.
Torley Linden: We officially can't recommend Second Life for dial-up but there is a pioneer, Shebang Sunshine, who ages ago, was the first to do it.
Gumby Roffo: I have a 1.5mb link
skribe Forti: why bother when it's just as much work to create an av of their own?
Wolfie Rankin: Kath from our island only just went to broadband
Torley Linden: Neo: Hm — there is a related bug too where you get disconnected if you spend several minutes in the file browser when trying to upload something.
Gumby Roffo: but my computer thinke other wise
Gumby Roffo: thinks
Wolfie Rankin: she's been in sl for a year
Lyndsey Forager: i would be lost without broadband now
Rails Bailey: tried a hammer gum
Torley Linden: Neo, what you describe I don't recall being in the Issue Tracker. I'd search if you haven't already, but feel free to enter that one otherwise. :)
Torley Linden: I remember the day I got broadband... everything changed.
Lyndsey Forager: ah, remember when the internet was 28.8
Torley Linden: I don't have the fastest broadband, but it's workable.
Wolfie Rankin: broadband in australia sucks though
Torley Linden: Is anyone here running Second Life on less than 1 GB of RAM?
Lyndsey Forager: awwwww
Wolfie Rankin: they charge a lot for very little
Psyra Extraordinaire: I reemmber when the Internet was 300 baud.... then 1200.... then 2400... then 5600.... then 14.4k... then 28.8k.... then 56k... :D
skribe Forti: yep...what wolfie said
Lyndsey Forager: I have 2gb ram
Rails Bailey: yep
Torley Linden: I remember upgrading from 1200 baud to 14.4k to 56k...
Psyra Extraordinaire: I was running it on 768 megs for a while.
Torley Linden: I remember two competing 56k technologies!
Daedalus Young: Ah, Quiet Snapshots not working is talked about here:
Torley Linden: And sometimes when I'd dial in, I'd only get 48,000kbps.
Laetizia Coronet: I run it on a 400mb disk
Psyra Extraordinaire: I should remember those companies.
Torley Linden: Thanks Daedalus, I'll check that too when I reply to my blog comments.
skribe Forti: torley: we call them the 'good ol' days" =)
Torley Linden: Hahah skribe.
Torley Linden: Ah, nostalgia.
Lyndsey Forager: he he, i must be getting only
skribe Forti: pre-spam
Daedalus Young: well, nothing new since last comment now
Lyndsey Forager: 28 and feeling my age
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Wolfie Rankin: computers have a long long way to go, they're still far too clunky
Psyra Extraordinaire: One started with a U...
Torley Linden: When a 10 MB (MegaByte, not even GigaByte) hard drive cost US$5,000!
Rails Bailey: pup
Torley Linden: Wolfie: Yeah, it's amazing how far they've come, and how far they've got to go.
Neo Rebus: okay, VWR-2186 entered for network resilience.
skribe Forti: I think my 20M hdd for the A500 cost more than the computer - about $1000
Torley Linden: Thanks Neo.
Torley Linden: I remember getting a 512 KB RAM upgrade for my Amiga, to boost it to 1 MB total. X_X
Wolfie Rankin: computers will start getting really good once they don't use fans, wont be larger than a novel, don't need a keyboard and use very little power
Neo Rebus: yeah, I remember the 5MB Corvus hard drive that was as big as the apple II and cost more.
Randal Kline: Daedalus: it works with Ctrl ` but not on the Snapshot tab
Torley Linden: Thanks for the lamp, Lyndsey.
Gumby Roffo: OK
Lyndsey Forager: he he, i made it for my garden
Torley Linden: Randal: Ah yeah that sounds familiar as a bug to me.
Lyndsey Forager: your welcome
Daedalus Young: ah I see Randal
Daedalus Young: I do use the shortcut
Torley Linden: Wolfie: What sort of input devices do you forsee? :)
Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
Daedalus Young: and only the Snapshot menu when posting to Snapzilla
Randal Kline: yup
Gumby Roffo: Tor, this has been a good first for me , TY all for the interesting Input. I must Crash :-)
FRAN'Z magik D00HICK3Y!: 2153 bytes free
<3: Usage: Face your target and Say '/hug [person's name]' or '/1hug [person's name]'
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Psyra Extraordinaire: Holy Crashin' Torleys, Batguano!
Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
Torley Linden: I apologize, I crashed and missed that!
Lyndsey Forager: lol, gumby
Torley Linden: I was trying to take a snapshot... and then, crash!
Torley Linden: X_X
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ahh yesh..... the big brands.... Hayes, US Robotics, Symax, Packard Bell, aaaaaand ..... there was one more, can't remember the brand name. :D
Daedalus Young: hmm, well Randal, I just took a Snapshot with Ctrl-` and one through the Snapshot menu
Lyndsey Forager: good to know its not just us mere mortals that crash
Daedalus Young: but I didn't see or hear the whirr-click
Psyra Extraordinaire: Xoom? no, wasn't that.
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Gumby Roffo: Night all , Cheers Tor
Neo Rebus: Psyra - Supra?
Torley Linden: I think the whirr-click happens in Snapshot tool when trying to send a postcard?
Psyra Extraordinaire: That's it;
Torley Linden: Cya!
Randal Kline: Torley: think u went too far off when taking the snapshot
Evangeline Wind: night gum hugs
Torley Linden: OK... I just tried to send a postcard...
Psyra Extraordinaire: ironically, that's the brand I ALWAYS went with, and it was the one I forgot.
skribe Forti: ciao, mate
Neo Rebus: i just bought a supra modem for work :) we still use 'em for sending pages.
Torley Linden: Ah Supra, another brand I haven't heard in awhile!
Randal Kline: as long as its the Snapshot button, the sound will be heard
Lyndsey Forager: lol, i have been right round the seats now :)
Psyra Extraordinaire: Invisible peeeeerrch.
Daedalus Young: hm, I'll have to test more
Daedalus Young: is it on jira already?
Torley Linden: That sounds almost like a lolcats thing.
Psyra Extraordinaire: I take it you found the mystery of the full parcel? Ooor just removed something? :D
Torley Linden: Yes Psyra, it was a bug... that wasn't counting parcel prims correctly after they were taken.
Neo Rebus: that bug is still around?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Aha. Those meddling kids were no help whatsoever.
Torley Linden: Daedalus, I don't know off-hand if it is.
skribe Forti: wow, I just got email from Mr Idris Umar's secretary offering me money because someone died in a russian airbus
Daedalus Young: hm, Google says no
Torley Linden: Neo: It's a different one with similar symptoms... but we haven't found a solid repro yet.
Torley Linden: Yeah I use Google to search the Issue Tracker too. ;)
Torley Linden: And the wiki... ahhh Google.
Torley Linden: skribe: He lies!
Torley Linden: I'd like to have Marissa Mayer in Second Life.
Psyra Extraordinaire: I get emails all the time from people emigrating to the US and needing college tuition.... or something like that.
skribe Forti: she
Daedalus Young: yes, it's faster and feels like you have more control over the search words
Laetizia Coronet: I got to run off people, thanks Tor for hosting, bye everyone!
Randal Kline: skribe: dont fall for it
Daedalus Young: bye Laetizia
Torley Linden: They're prolly faking their gender too. ;)
Torley Linden: Bye Laetizia!
Torley Linden: Hahahaha.
Torley Linden: :D
Randal Kline: lol
Laetizia Coronet: lol... bye
Torley Linden: That's great, live soundbites.
Torley Linden: The world sure is in for some fun.
Neo Rebus: btw, torley, love the hair :) (now that the crowds have thinned enough that I can actually find your avie)
Torley Linden: Ah how the time flies too — I must be going myself but hope you'll all be well... until the next time!
Torley Linden: And thanks a lot Neo!
Psyra Extraordinaire: "Life is short, never pass up fun"
Torley Linden: I made it shiny too... hehe... :)
Lyndsey Forager: hello, me crashed
Torley Linden: Yes, FUN FUN FUN.
Torley Linden: Welcome back Lyndsey... I was just going.
Daedalus Young: hi
Evangeline Wind: take care torley and everyone
Daedalus Young: and bye
Psyra Extraordinaire: Have a g'day. :>
Vivienne Graves: 'bye, Torley...
Lyndsey Forager: see ya torley, dont work too hard
Torley Linden: I won't be having a 2 PM PDT office hour later today because of other work committments but I should resume that next week as usual.
Randal Kline: Psyra: u tried updating your sound's driver?
Psyra Extraordinaire: You're not in this afternoon I hear?
Torley Linden: *nods*
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ah. :>
Torley Linden: G'day all and see ya l8r!
Neo Rebus: thanks for the time, Torley :)
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ah well, I have things I SHOULD be doing anyways. ;D
Lyndsey Forager: see ya
Torley Linden: You're welcome!
Lyndsey Forager: :)
Torley Linden: T'cares... *poof*

2 PM was cancelled due to other work commitments