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6 AM

Torley Linden: AHHHH HELLO!
Torley Linden: TOTORLEYO!!!!
Torley Linden: :D
Lyndsey Forager: lolol
Lyndsey Forager: i love the avie torley
Torley Linden: I watched this movie recently and was so inspired.
Torley Linden: So nice to see you here, and early too!
Torley Linden: =)
Claudine Chantilly: hi hi everyone
Lyndsey Forager: what kinda creature are you torley?
Arawn Spitteler doesn't think Jonah was that smart: We'd normally just sit on the Whale.
Pinky Ebbage: Heya, there
Dimitrio Lewis: hi Claudine :)
Torley Linden: I'm a TOTORO. I'd like to recolor but I'm nomod.
Torley Linden: So that will have to wait... at least until I hear back from Aestival Cohen.
Pinky Ebbage: Heya, Torley!
Pinky Ebbage: You're looking rather different
Pinky Ebbage grins
Lyndsey Forager wonders what colours torley would like it to be ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Dimitrio Lewis: is it just me, or have the multichairs been leaving two empty seats recently?
Pinky Ebbage: bling off
Arawn Spitteler guesses a Pink and Green Water Pokemon
Torley Linden: Hahaha.
Torley Linden: Dimi, good observation...
Hagane Dayafter: nice totoro :)
Torley Linden: I guess one of them can be removed without harm...
Torley Linden: hee hee thanks!
Asset server didn't respond in a timely fashion. Object returned to sim.
Dimitrio Lewis: or not :p
Harleen Gretzky: hello all :)
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: Oh rats the circle may be borked, I'll have to fix this later!
Torley Linden: Hey hey!
Daten Thielt: nuu forgot to turn av impost off
Torley Linden: So what's new and exciting?
Pinky Ebbage: I have a good question, Torley, why do my HUDs detach when I log back in?
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Pinky Ebbage grins
Pinky Ebbage sighs
Claudine Chantilly: ah.. there i am.. did the earth move for you too?
Dimitrio Lewis has been continuing to enjoy WindLight
Pinky Ebbage giggles to claud
Torley Linden: Pinky, sounds like a pretty easy repro... is this all HUDs? Just some?
Pinky Ebbage: My MystiTools and my ZHAO become detached
Torley Linden: I don't know why, but... if it's a reproducible bug, then that heightens the chances of us figuring out what's going on.
Pinky Ebbage: Hmm
Pinky Ebbage: Perhaps a support ticket is in order then
Daten Thielt: torley whats the status on the camera going off randomly when alt camming bug?
Torley Linden: Pinky, I'd check with friends who also own the same gadgets...
Torley Linden: Daten, hmmm do you have the # in the Issue Tracker?
Daten Thielt: was having problems loging into it yesterday
Pinky Ebbage: Thanks, Torley, I surely will do that, too, and I introduce a good friend of mine, Claudine
Pinky Ebbage smiles
Torley Linden: There are several bugs like that, Daten.
Torley Linden: Hello Claudine! =)
Daten Thielt: ill give it a try again laters
Evangeline Martinek: hello Torley.. you're so cute!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Sheesh, someone's really let themselves go. Time for a d-i-e-t.
Claudine Chantilly: hi Torley.. nice to get to meet you..
Torley Linden: Why thank you!
Torley Linden: Nice to meet you too, Claudine.
Evangeline Martinek: you're so welcome
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Dimitrio Lewis: hi Psyra :)
Claudine Chantilly: i love your tutorial movies.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Hellooooooo! ^^
Torley Linden: Haha Psyra, you're not the first who said that. ;) But maybe this is "normal and healthy" for my race?
Torley Linden: Hahahaha.
Torley Linden: Maybe we are just a large cuddly group of creatures!
Torley Linden: ;)
Pinky Ebbage: We're ALL a large group of cuddly creatures :-)
Daten Thielt: nah winter is just over ur commin outa hyination and scofing ur faces XD
Daten Thielt: hybernation*
Evangeline Martinek: shhsh
Torley Linden: I wonder what the world would be like if humans hibernated.
Evangeline Martinek: boooring....
Evangeline Martinek: thank god, we don't have to
Pinky Ebbage: Oh my, nothing would get done, I imgine, unless we hibernated in shifts :-)
Psyra Extraordinaire: I already do, it's not that bad.
Torley Linden: Hehe.
Pinky Ebbage grins to Psyra
Lyndsey Forager: lol
Torley Linden: I wonder what happens if you wake up a bear that's in hibernation.
Torley Linden: Do you like, seriously screw up their next year?
Pinky Ebbage: One very angry bear
Lyndsey Forager: you get to be dinner
Evangeline Martinek: hahahah until Feb 1 when Punxatawny Phil come out
Evangeline Martinek: er.. Feb 2
Psyra Extraordinaire sets his alarm for March.
Torley Linden: Who's Punxatawny Phil?
Daten Thielt: lol
Evangeline Martinek: hahaha
Torley Linden: *is not familiar with this name*
Dimitrio Lewis: sounds like a worthy experiment
Evangeline Martinek: you're serious?
Psyra Extraordinaire: From 'Groundhog Day' :>
Psyra Extraordinaire: The movie.
Evangeline Martinek: he's THE Groundhog
Torley Linden: Oh... I liked that movie! I forget that's the name.
Evangeline Martinek: every year.. and he's real
Pinky Ebbage: Oh my
Torley Linden: Bill Murray doth crack me up.
Evangeline Martinek: really a cuddly creature himself
Pinky Ebbage: I loved that movie
Daten Thielt is cluesless
Evangeline Martinek: in America
Torley Linden: I liked how he got to play piano better and better...
Evangeline Martinek: Pennsylvania
Torley Linden: and also how the same Jeopardy questions keep coming up.
Pinky Ebbage: He learned several languages
Evangeline Martinek: yeah.. I would like a few of those days
Pinky Ebbage: "I got you, babe"
Pinky Ebbage grins
Evangeline Martinek: hahaha
Psyra Extraordinaire: "Hey hey hey there, don't drive angry, don't drive angry!"
Pinky Ebbage giggles
Randal Kline: anyone experiencing "AFK/Go away when idle" not working?
Evangeline Martinek: Sonny and Cher, the 70s
Daten Thielt: jup
Evangeline Martinek: superb
Pinky Ebbage: Oh my, I sure remember that show, yeah
emokid1 Wylie: afk
Torley Linden: Randal... do you have a Debug Setting turned on to circumvent that?
Evangeline Martinek: mkay.. back to business I suppose
Randal Kline: yup. its unticked
Pinky Ebbage: Are ya there, Claud?
Pinky Ebbage grins
Randal Kline: only happening today
Lyndsey Forager: oh dear, im going to have to go, not feeling very well, sorry
Lyndsey Forager: nice to see you all
Pinky Ebbage: Take care, Lyndsey
Daten Thielt: byedebye
Harleen Gretzky: unticked means to disable it
Evangeline Martinek: ooh... be well. Lynsdey
Pinky Ebbage: Glad to meet ya
Hagane Dayafter: take care
Torley Linden: Hope you feel better soon Lyndsey.
Claudine Chantilly: sorry pinky. .i'm here yes.. was trying to find something on the jira
Pinky Ebbage: Ohhh
Torley Linden: Randal, hmmm well "Go Away/AFK When Idle" should actually be ticked if you DO want AFK to work... unless I'm misunderstanding you?
Arawn Spitteler suggests Hybernation, and plenty of Watermelon
Torley Linden: I like "Hypernation". ;)
Pinky Ebbage: It's alright, have to read quick here :-)
Evangeline Martinek: tis bad for you
Randal Kline: its unticked to prevent afking but apparently it is not working today
Evangeline Martinek: drink plenty of coffee you won't need it
Daten Thielt: Torley are we exspecting something big a new?
Torley Linden: Daten: In terms of what? Video tutorials? :D
Torley Linden: Randal: Hmmm... I wonder if any other attachments could be interfering?
Daten Thielt: lol yea or soming, musta been big to halt ur blog
Pinky Ebbage: Aww, I miss my tutorial this week
Pinky Ebbage sniffles
Pinky Ebbage giggles under her breath
Pletinha Checchinato: hey
Torley Linden: Sorry I didn't have a vidtut this week, I'm transitioning roles at work... lots of changes going on.
Pletinha Checchinato: I nedd help
Randal Kline: yup. have been that way for a year
Daten Thielt: for better or for worse do you think?
Daten Thielt: lol
Pinky Ebbage: Ohhh, it's okies, of course, busy busy, I know the feeling
Pletinha Checchinato: =P
Evangeline Martinek: yikes... best wishes with that Torley
Torley Linden: Changes for the better, so that I have more time to make video tutorials.
Torley Linden: I'm hoping to do more community education.
Claudine Chantilly: torley.. the well-know freeze/crash bug while turning the camera.. due to memory overflow when lots of large bitmaps flow in.. if memory serves.. you pronounced it 'fixed' in the jira. ..
Daten Thielt: ;o but we need to to keep proding the windlight lindens!
Torley Linden: So that means I'd be spending less time on the Issue Tracker per se (altho still visiting it from time to time).
Torley Linden: I'm still onboard with Team WindLight.
Pinky Ebbage: I experience that freeze/crash to trun the camera as well
Torley Linden: Claudine: Which #?
Claudine Chantilly: that's what i was trying to find..
Claudine Chantilly: but the jira doesn't make that easy..
Torley Linden: I wish JIRA was easier to search, yes.
ROMSEY Homewood: hello Torley! :O)
Torley Linden: Sometimes I use Google to search it instead...
ROMSEY Homewood: hi all!!!
Adams Aichi: it was nice meeting you all but i have to be off :)
Torley Linden:
Pinky Ebbage: Heya, Romsey
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
Torley Linden: Hi ROMSEY!
Arawn Spitteler has already entered a Jira on that, but doesn't remember the number
Evangeline Martinek: Adams.. I'll miss you..
Vici Martynov: hi all
Evangeline Martinek: *kiss*
Daten Thielt: bywbyw addams hi romsey
Psyra Extraordinaire: I managed to fix it clientside by turning on my vid card's Force Mipmaps, but it causes a little bit of distant graphics fuzziness in response.
Psyra Extraordinaire: afk
Pinky Ebbage: That's good info, Psyra, thanks for that
Chase Marellan: Hi, all
ROMSEY Homewood: hi
Torley Linden: This bug does sound familiar...
Pinky Ebbage: Heya, Chase
Torley Linden: Hey Chase!
Daten Thielt: i think there should be a sl tutorial vid team so torley can knock out 5 vids a blog lol
JetZep Zabelin: Hi Torley .. rezzzing
Randal Kline: Torley: was there any increase in jira reporting after your vid was out?
Torley Linden: Welcome each and everyone to my office hour!
Chase Marellan: Hi, Torley!
Chase Marellan: Hi, Pinky!
Torley Linden: Daten, in the long-term, I hope so... !
Igel Hawks: Script run-time error
Igel Hawks: Stack-Heap Collision
Daten Thielt: im sure us mentors are willing to help thats what were here for lmao
Pinky Ebbage: Many of my friends get that this one, Torley, the freeze on the camera turning
Igel Hawks: Hi @all
Pinky Ebbage: Heya, Igel
Torley Linden: Randal: I didn't check specifically, that is a great question though. I think may be able to show some metrics on that.
Krystaal Chevalier: HI
Torley Linden: Pinky: Hmmm that one sounds to me like it's still open... *looks for it too*
ROMSEY Homewood: hello KC
Pinky Ebbage: Ohhh, thanks for the stats, Torley :-)
Krystaal Chevalier: /hug Romsey
Torley Linden:
Krystaal gives ROMSEY a big hug.
Torley Linden: Is that the one you're thinking of?
Vici Martynov: hi KC
Torley Linden: You're welcome, Pinky. :)
ROMSEY Homewood: big softy
Daten Thielt: oh about that camera bug torly you mentioned it in one of ur vid tuts
Claudine Chantilly: VWR-2370 is one # that refers to this bug.. but there are several..
Krystaal Chevalier: Hi Vici
Torley Linden: All duplicates of an issue should be closed so we can focus better...
JetZep Zabelin: LOL Torley your a big chipmunk or something
Torley Linden: sometimes it's hard when there's not enough details though.
Torley Linden: Haha JetZep, from My Neighbor Totoro!
Hagane Dayafter: that would be totoro
Hagane Dayafter: :)
Evangeline Martinek: cute, is what he is, darned cute
Pinky Ebbage: VWR-2051 is what he just gave us, too, Claud
JetZep Zabelin: lol!
Torley Linden: I want to recolor myself, then I can be Totorleyo
Jing Rutkowski: woh..colours
Hagane Dayafter: lol
JetZep Zabelin: modding av's is fun
Evangeline Martinek: superbly superbulous
Daten Thielt: ohh thats soming when is the end of Q4 ?
Krystaal Chevalier: Hows your day been?
Jing Rutkowski jumps " did i not see the giant totoro"
Vici Martynov: very laggy
Torley Linden: Hahaha.
Torley Linden: I want a real plush of Totoro...
Torley Linden: A catbus av would rule!
Pinky Ebbage grins

ED ::: Shinobi AO (Wear Me): Couldn't find animation ED Shinobi Stand 2

Torley Linden: Wow, almost 25 Resis here! Thanks for visiting me!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Back.
Hagane Dayafter: agreed
Psyra Extraordinaire: Catbus, would require some serious sculptywork. :>
Arawn Spitteler thinks it's only laggy, to those without the patience for Reality
Pinky Ebbage: It's a nice office ya have here
Pinky Ebbage grins
ROMSEY Homewood: its the only place to be seen! hehe!
Torley Linden: Psyra, yeah, I'd like to have that door that opens and closes...

ED ::: Shinobi AO (Wear Me): Couldn't find animation ED Shinobi Stand 2
ED ::: Shinobi AO (Wear Me): Couldn't find animation ED Shinobi Stand 3

Torley Linden: it's kinda weird that you can... uh... see its insides.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Unless you've learned the first rule How Not to Be Seen.

ED ::: Shinobi AO (Wear Me): Couldn't find animation ED Shinobi Stand 3

Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Torley Linden: There's a smaller kittenbus too in a short film that hasn't had wide release.
Psyra Extraordinaire: If it's smaller it should be a taxi, imho. :>
Torley Linden: HAHAHA!
Psyra Extraordinaire: "My bus had a litter of 5 little taxis today"
Torley Linden: Fair enough, it kind of looks like that.
Chase Marellan: hahahaha
ROMSEY Homewood: nice AV Torley! ever had that dream where you think you've forgotton something!!!
Psyra Extraordinaire: That's a bit vague.
Evangeline Martinek: that's a dream? phew!
Torley Linden: Haha...
Psyra Extraordinaire: I have a reality where I forget everything!
Pinky Ebbage wonders how many AVs Torley really has
Pinky Ebbage giggles
Torley Linden: It's kinda weird because I do have those dreams where I'm falling but I almost ALWAYS hit the ground.
Torley Linden: And I'm not dead.
Chase Marellan stopped wondering a long time agou
Pinky Ebbage: Ohhh nooo, Torley!
Chase Marellan: Torley -- I hav ethose too! And the worst thing is that I hit the ground even if I wake up.
Igel Hawks: *giggles*
Torley Linden: Pinky, I have around 50 watermelon-variant avatars.
Torley Linden: Hahaha.
Pinky Ebbage giggles to Torley
Pinky Ebbage: Oh my
Torley Linden: Psyra, that is awesome.
Claudine Chantilly: just turned the cam and hung for about 30 secs.. occasionally it doesn't crash.. hehehe
Daten Thielt: Damnit cant find when the end of the 4th quater is up :(
Torley Linden: I would love one of those. :)
Vici Martynov: you can tell the ones when you are dead - you dont have dreams
Torley Linden: SOOOO kawaii Psyra!
JetZep Zabelin: You're not a failure, thats fore sure Torley
Psyra Extraordinaire: Hehe, almost done. Tried to get it done by today, failed. :D
dibbs Dovgal: I like it though: very Cuuute.
Pinky Ebbage: I usually just float and barely touch the ground, but I'm not a psychiatrist to be able to tell what that means
Igel Hawks smiles
Psyra Extraordinaire: Dahh, it *is* done. Well, that makes it easier :>
Daten Thielt: Torley what lindens should i look at if i want to discuss LSL stuffs?
Torley Linden: That's nice of you, JetZep. :)
Torley Linden: Daten, depends which LSL stuffs... what did you have in mind?
Arawn Spitteler: I forget when Dream Interpretation is scheduled at Mystic Academy, in Spirit City, but I'm not the one for an opportune plug
Torley Linden: Some of our developers hold office hours.
Torley Linden: Havok 4 is Andrew Linden's providence if you want to talk about scripted vehicles and physics.
Psyra Extraordinaire gave you Pillow-Ness Melonstyle.
Torley Linden: Hahaha thanx Psyra!
Daten Thielt: Well ive been working with some people on Animation and why animation scripts cause so much script time when in use
Torley Linden: The way you are moving side to side, it's amazingly cute.
Psyra Extraordinaire: =D
Torley Linden: We're also working on moving towards Mono, which should improve server + script performance...
Pinky Ebbage: I've experienced that, Daten, trying to use any kind of animation scripts in my parcels, yes
Psyra Extraordinaire: Mmmmm, caulk.
Torley Linden: more details in the Podcast with Joe Linden (Miller) @
Chase Marellan: Do you know the timing on Mono?
Daten Thielt: Ye we here about mono once and it goes and dissapear ago
Torley Linden: Chase, not exactly right now. I know it's being internally tested by Lindens on our test grids.
Dimitrio Lewis: Mono is going to be really interesting
Chase Marellan: and whether existing scripts will continue to work?
Chase Marellan: So more or less than 6 months, you think?
dibbs Dovgal: Yes existing scripts will work.
Arawn Spitteler understands that Animation Scripts use lots of Server Time, by continualy asking what animation is waiting to be replaced: Eventually, I hope the Client will be upgraded, to control the AO directly
Chase Marellan: cool
Psyra Extraordinaire: Every time I hear mono I can't help thinking of caulking my bathroom, sigh. This must be what it's like in the mind of Tim Taylor.
Pinky Ebbage: Ohh yeah, saw that story with Joe Linden(Miller)
Torley Linden: Chase, from what I've heard, yes, backward compatibility is the goal.
Torley Linden: A great Linden to ask about Mono I think is... Periapse... he's Program Managing it.
Mariel Voyunicef: Hi! A lot of people in the Spanish forum say they want an efficient client and webpage in Spanish. If we sent corrections for the client translation at least, would they be taken into account, or should we just wait?
Chase Marellan: cool. do you know whether we're talking about, say, more than 6 months versus less than 6 months?
JetZep Zabelin: I guess we'll see a mono preview soon
Daten Thielt: hope so
Torley Linden: Chase: Not sure about that.
Chase Marellan: OK. :) Thanks anyway. :)
Pinky Ebbage: Mono?....ohhh ack....noooo, not that disease?......ohhh, something else?
Daten Thielt notes down Periapse
Pinky Ebbage blushes
JetZep Zabelin: hehe
dibbs Dovgal: Zero seems to think that we will be dealing with a mono beta rollout fiarly soono.
Arawn Spitteler wonders about interest in efficiency in Spanish
Torley Linden: Mariel, we have an Internationalization Team... they should be taken into account, I'd at least create an issue on the Issue Tracker with the details.
Torley Linden: See this, Mariel:
Mariel Voyunicef: Thanks. :)
Torley Linden: And please do share it with anyone interested in providing translations, it's appreciated and you're welcome.
Mariel Voyunicef: .
Psyra Extraordinaire: Interextroproquasiparanationalimentaferrazation team. you know you guys want to add more prefixes and suffixes to that, there's a start.
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Daten Thielt: lol
Torley Linden: Wow it looked like I was hiding my eyes for a moment there.
Chase Marellan: Dibbs: thanks
Torley Linden: HAHAHA too cute, so many awwdorable avatars.
Igel Hawks: yeah, see and be seen LOL
JetZep Zabelin: got beings from all over the universe here
aliceinwire Bleac: totoro
aliceinwire Bleac: :O
Chase Marellan: Yes, I always feel odd because I'm... well, not odd. :)
Torley Linden: It's almost like some sort of intergalatic hub.
aliceinwire Bleac: aruko aruko watashi wa gen ki
Evangeline Martinek: me as well, Chase
aliceinwire Bleac: aruko no daisuki
Chase Marellan: :)
Pinky Ebbage: Don't think I want to try to change AVs now, probably wouldn't work with the lag :-)
Pinky Ebbage grins
Mariel Voyunicef: Also... In the transfer e-mail I got, there was something about going to a sim named Baffin that I never found. Is it still up and running under a different name?
Chase Marellan: The story of my life: even when I'm normal I'm weird! :)
Evangeline Martinek: but.. still we're unique... no others like us, hmm?
Psyra Extraordinaire: It's ossible Baffim could be a TG sim.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Baffin, too.
Chase Marellan: Hehehe. Right. :)
Daten Thielt Wonders if there is more chance of becoming a linden if ur a mentor XD
Mariel Voyunicef: I never saw it, Psyra, though that'd be a bit ironic
Torley Linden: Mariel: Weird... Baffin is up.
Psyra Extraordinaire: But there is a Baffin here
Mariel Voyunicef: Is it?
Torley Linden: Mariel: Try looking for it on the World Map? It's a pleasant island with a Teen Graduation Station of sorts.
Mariel Voyunicef: Maybe I need to look for it another 15 times
Psyra Extraordinaire: Blue Linden's coffee shop is there. :>
aliceinwire Bleac: you are so cool today torley :D
Torley Linden: Mariel, try looking for "Sargasso"? It's to the east of Baffin.
Psyra Extraordinaire: And it looks better than a real Starbucks'
Mariel Voyunicef: OK, now I know it exists
Torley Linden: Thanx alice!
Mariel Voyunicef: Thanks a lot for the advice
Torley Linden: Mariel: Grrreat.
Torley Linden: You're welcome. :D
aliceinwire Bleac: totoro is cool :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: .... which honestly isn't a terrible compliment. it's hard to make something uglier than Starbucks'
aliceinwire Bleac: i love the totoro songs
aliceinwire Bleac: and totoro video
Daten Thielt: Torley do you play many games in Secondlife?
Torley Linden: aliceinwire: They are great!
Pinky Ebbage giggles to Psyra about the Starbucks
Mariel Voyunicef: (Have a good day, all!)
Torley Linden: Daten: I used to, yes... not recently. Do you have some faves you'd recommend?
Pinky Ebbage: Take care, Mariel
aliceinwire Bleac: aruko aruko watashi wa genki aruko no daisuki don don ikoo
aliceinwire Bleac: sakkamichi tonneru
Daten Thielt: not right this moment but ive had one ive been working on for a couple of months
Marianne McCann: Hiya
Pinky Ebbage: Heya, Marianne
Dimitrio Lewis: hey Marianne :)
Daten Thielt: hi there
Chase Marellan: Hi, Marianne!
aliceinwire Bleac: i'm searching a script for my sword with the W A S D control anyone have that script to give it to me ? please
Claudine Chantilly: torley.. are you happy with the way the recent item inventory tab behaves these days. .. like for example.. i ask it to close all folders.. and as soon as i touch anything.. like say pass an item over to some one.. they all sproing magically open again??
Torley Linden: Tell me more about your game, Daten.
Moard Ling: doesnt inkey$ work ?
Psyra Extraordinaire: I've not had that happen.
Arawn Spitteler knows a couple in-world game designing Lindens: I wonder if there's a Game Designer Office Hour?
Torley Linden: alice, I remember that item from long ago... wasn't there a Linden sword or some sort of melee weapon that used WASD to swing and stuff?
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
aliceinwire Bleac: mmmm
aliceinwire Bleac: i not see it :(
Torley Linden: Claudine: I've known a few quirks like that, and no, I'm not happy with that. It's annoying.
Psyra Extraordinaire: I had a doubletake there. "Inworld game designing lindens" .... What, an L$ counterfeiting game? ;>
Dimitrio Lewis: heh
Torley Linden: aliceinwire, I'll send it to you and see...
JetZep Zabelin dances to "some kinda wonderful"
aliceinwire Bleac: thanks torley ^^
Daten Thielt: It can be played as a team or single player game, it involved a 40x40 arena where u fly around with a cannon/batton collect balls and firre them, it invloved alot more than that but the best way to explain it is a little like 3d pong, but to understand it, it needs to be played lol
aliceinwire Bleac accepted your inventory offer.
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
aliceinwire Bleac: arigato gozaimasu torley
JetZep Zabelin: Im trying to get shift to be a walk-while pressed key with wasd
ROMSEY Homewood: bit big for this seat
Torley Linden: Daten: Ah.
ROMSEY Homewood: grrrr
Krystaal Chevalier: Yeah Fat arse!
aliceinwire Bleac: thanks torley ^_^
JetZep Zabelin: i mean run ;P
Marianne McCann: That would be handy
Moard Ling: torley did you get that big by eatign bammboo, i'm nearly extinct
Daten Thielt: ill invite ya one day when i got the beta finished
Daten Thielt: lol
Torley Linden: @_@
Psyra Extraordinaire: Random interesting thought for an SL keepsake: Create an actual RL '10,000 L$ Coin' or such and actually sell it for L$10000 L$.
Krystaal Chevalier: Oh no Im beiong groped by a bear
JetZep Zabelin: hehe
Krystaal Chevalier: called Romsey
Dimitrio Lewis: There was a discussion about game building in SL recently. They were importing and exporting sims from SL into and out of other games, it sounded really neat.
ROMSEY Homewood: my paw slipped, honest!
Krystaal Chevalier: LOL
ROMSEY Homewood: hehe!
ROMSEY Homewood: i can smell you!
aliceinwire Bleac: i love makkuru kurusuke
Torley Linden: Dimi, which other games?
aliceinwire Bleac: you know it torley ?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Oh, and I think Jeremy Linden sent me here to steal some of the people from Torley's afternoon meeting to go to his place and talk stuff with him, cuz he's lonely. :>
Dimitrio Lewis: They were FPS games, I have to admit I'm nor familiar with any. Halo maybe? :p
Chase Marellan: Poaching! That has this world come to. :)
Marianne McCann: When is dat, Psyra, an what topic?
Chase Marellan: What, even
Torley Linden: Awe. I don't want Jeremy to get lonely!
aliceinwire Bleac: makkuru kurusuke :D
aliceinwire Bleac: i love it
aliceinwire Bleac: are sooo cute
Moard Ling: as long as no pandas are being poached
Torley Linden: Jeremy helped send me WindLight office hour transcripts...
Torley Linden: I like how Jeremy and Jon are doing the KB article of the week.
Pinky Ebbage: *mews*
Igel Hawks purrs
Psyra Extraordinaire: The other week we were looking back and forth between the three people he had and the 30+ people you had, and I think he suggested going over and orbiting everyone here. :D
Vici Martynov: bye all - got to go
JetZep Zabelin screams
Pinky Ebbage: Take care, Vici
Igel Hawks: bye Vici
Marianne McCann: i was doin a good job of demonstrating crashing troubles with the current WL during the meetin yesterday
Marianne McCann giggles
Igel Hawks: TC and cu
Torley Linden: Hahaha, cannon travel maybe?
Psyra Extraordinaire: Wish I'd kept screenshots of Kona Linden crashing Grendel's.
Torley Linden: Mari, yeah I heard from WL Lindens they wuz crashin' too.
Moard Ling: Does jeremy know the best thing to put on toast if you are out of butter ?
Marianne McCann: Oh ya, all over the place. Zen especially
aliceinwire Bleac: torley when i can see linden lab with you ?
aliceinwire Bleac: :D
Pinky Ebbage: Oh my, crashing Grendel's? :-)
Pinky Ebbage giggles
aliceinwire Bleac: mmy willie wonka of linden lab
aliceinwire Bleac: :P
Psyra Extraordinaire: We informed him of th dangers to a sim simultaneous physics weapons faced, so Kona attached pillowgryph guns to every attachment point on his body and set them off in Kro. The sim took an hour and 15 minutes to come back up. :D
JetZep Zabelin: kewl
JetZep Zabelin: the candy factory
Torley Linden: alice, you know something funny, I've never been to the San Francisco office before.
aliceinwire Bleac: yeah
Moard Ling: Deep Roy rocks
aliceinwire Bleac: ihih
Torley Linden: For awhile it was a running joke that I existed only in SL and was an AI construct or something...
Marianne McCann: Pillowgriff... guns? My goodness
Daten Thielt: i wana go to the office in brighton i think its in?
aliceinwire Bleac: yes but also the linden lab sim
aliceinwire Bleac: for sanfrancisco i have no money :(
Pinky Ebbage grins to Torley about being virtual
Chase Marellan: Torley: that's the way of today's world; I was just musing with somebody that I haven't laid eyes on the person hiring me in 15 years.
Marianne McCann: It's a nice place3 to visit, alice. Spendy to live here, though
Arawn Spitteler thinks: there should be a Linden Avenue Sim, in SL
Psyra Extraordinaire: We fixed that particular bug. :D
JetZep Zabelin: behind every avatar is a real person, even the alts.. except the bots =D
Psyra Extraordinaire: I am NOMAD, I am perfect.
Chase Marellan: hahahaha
aliceinwire Bleac: linden lab is in san francisco linden avenue :P
Psyra Extraordinaire: That which is imperfect must be sterilized.
Dimitrio Lewis: behind some avatars there's an empty chair...
ROMSEY Homewood: i'm a teddy bear
JetZep Zabelin: lol
ROMSEY Homewood: hehe!
Moard Ling: wann mate romsey
Pinky Ebbage: "I'm not a number...." uhm
JetZep Zabelin: afk takes over my account sometimes
ROMSEY Homewood: eep! can you reach?
Daten Thielt: alot of people dont get it that when they hurt some one here there is a rl person behind the av, avs are puppets we are the puppitiers
Moard Ling: my keepers make me amte with anythign that has fur
Marianne McCann: Psyra - I almost named the new computer NOMAD. Went with Conky 2000 instead. An my, but it;'s nice to see SL on a decent ;'puter
Torley Linden: Chase: Wow! Now you're really being progressive, if you've been doing it for 15 yrs.!
aliceinwire Bleac: oh torley i know that in the linden HQ there is one of my collaboration group object
Chase Marellan: Oh yeah.
aliceinwire Bleac: :)
Psyra Extraordinaire: Mine's named behemoth.
Psyra Extraordinaire: All metal case the size of Rhode Island, and I think it weighs in excess of 4 tons.
Marianne McCann: Psyra - my others are Lappy, Treadwell, and Clango
Evangeline Martinek: yikes!
Psyra Extraordinaire: Give or take.
Pinky Ebbage: Oh my, Psyra
Chase Marellan: To be fair, 15 years ago it was somebody who hired me for an in-the-office job, but I didn't actually meet them face to face until I'd move 1300 miles to where the office was.
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
aliceinwire Bleac: because the rss feed reader that i have give to linden send here position to the php script
Rock Pond Pose ball: llStopAnimation: Script trying to stop animations but agent not found
Psyra Extraordinaire: Either way,I need a dollie to move it around, you can NOT lift it.
Chase Marellan: But since then, it's all remote, for the most part.
aliceinwire Bleac: nad i have see that one is on linden HQ
Marianne McCann: Daten - yes. I saw that back when I worked on AOL even, a lot of people just assuming we were like programs there to serve them
Chase Marellan: moved*
Claudine Chantilly: why do attachments stick preferentially to the crotch when they fall off, Torley?
Moard Ling cant belive you can work for a firm whose canteen you have not seen
Psyra Extraordinaire: technically they're sticking to the butt.
Evangeline Martinek: hahahaa yeah, why?
Chase Marellan: PRIMSTIPATION!
Evangeline Martinek: hahahahaa
Evangeline Martinek: hahahaha
JetZep Zabelin: i think thats 0,0,0 on an avatar
Pinky Ebbage: /me
Psyra Extraordinaire: They stick to the base of the avatar, which is a spot at the hips.
Chase Marellan: Moard: hehehehe....
Torley Linden: Claudine, oh, the "hair in butt" AKA "ass-attachment" bug... it has so many funny names... see the Issue Tracker for details on that... Nicholaz Beresford patched it, I think.
Marianne McCann has worked for companies she has never seen, and for people she has never physically met
Evangeline Martinek hysterically rolling on the desk top, still
Chase Marellan: Sometimes that's the best way. :)
Arawn Spitteler: Technically, attachments often appear at the center of the avatar's bounding box; effectively, we have our head s up our butts
Psyra Extraordinaire: The focal point (I almost trped 'fecal', which would be been correct too, but ickier) is between the hips.
Moard Ling: Me to Marianne facless suits, but not seeign th canteen ...
Torley Linden: Hahah Arawn, I've seen that.
JetZep Zabelin: never happens to me anymore but i get attachments that rotate independently of my av and mistplaced
Torley Linden: I've had the AWFUL experience of being folded in half!
Pinky Ebbage: I think we've all had that one, ack, the old crotch attachment thing
Torley Linden: WITH MY HEAD UP MY ASS!
Torley Linden: X_X
Pinky Ebbage giggles
JetZep Zabelin: hehe i saw an av with its head up its butt
Chase Marellan: That was a GREAT bug!
Chase Marellan: I've seen that one. :)
Torley Linden: Someone should do a machinima of that...
Chase Marellan: I've BEEN that one. :)
Evangeline Martinek: right on
Torley Linden: it's downright freaky, like a Silent Hill movie.
Harleen Gretzky: Nicholaz's patch fixes that too JetZap
Chase Marellan: I have a snapshot somewhere. :)
Torley Linden: Whoa Psyra your teeth rezzed for me before the rest of you...
Torley Linden: fierce panda jaws!
aliceinwire Bleac: torley your sword have not script inside for W A S D control
Moard Ling: polymoprhism aside presumably theres a bit of viewer code that says if UID=pants drawpants
JetZep Zabelin: i wonder if theres an animation to do it now
Marianne McCann: Daten - it's someting dat fascinates me, the whole way "social interaction" workin in a virtual world
aliceinwire Bleac: and also no animation
Psyra Extraordinaire: Heehee.
aliceinwire Bleac: :P
Torley Linden: aliceinwire: Hmmm... sorry then, maybe I was mistaken and it was another sword.
Moard Ling: of if uID+pants NOP
Psyra Extraordinaire: Now I feel like huggin' Moard.
Torley Linden: aliceinwire: It's been awhile since I used a weapon like that.
ROMSEY Homewood: its a panda hangout!!!
Evangeline Martinek: the human mind can't distinguish between virtual beings and real beings
Torley Linden: Some people really need to see a face.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Take us to your bambooooooo.
Torley Linden: That's why things without faces terrify them.
Evangeline Martinek: not ultimately
Pinky Ebbage: lol
Moard Ling: Big Mommy/Daddy hia
Torley Linden: "Cuteness" is usually a positive attribute...
Moard Ling: *suckle*
Torley Linden: hardly ever have I heard things that look so dissimilar from humans as being "cute".
JetZep Zabelin: hehe Evangeline my mind sees my avatar and i think Im the MASTER muhahaha
Psyra Extraordinaire: There we go. Wild Kingdom comes to you!
Evangeline Martinek: true enough.. but we don't master the others
Marianne McCann: True, Torley. I s'pect some react to me differently due to "the cuteness factor"
Torley Linden: I like saying "avatars in the wild".
Chase Marellan: hahahaha
Marianne McCann: In spite of some of the other stuff
Moard Ling: when they caught me i was wild
Moard Ling: actually i was livid
Torley Linden: Some say the reason for cuteness is so we don't kill/eat the defenseless young.
Torley Linden: Hahah Moard.
Torley Linden: I want to break out of a prison in Second Life, that'd be an experience.
Marianne McCann gave you Bellagio, Isle of Dreams (168, 147, 21).
Torley Linden: I want to see a Shawshank Redemption recreation...
Chase Marellan: hehehe
Torley Linden: heck, someone's done The Green Mile.
Torley Linden: Thanks for the landmark Mari!
Evangeline Martinek: I broke into the jail here once..
JetZep Zabelin: hmm its probably true but then those snakes like to eat baby chickens from my roost
aliceinwire Bleac: i'm hungry :P
Torley Linden: Please feel free to send your kewl landmarks to me!
Evangeline Martinek: accidentally cliked on a file cabnit
Evangeline Martinek: *cabinet
Psyra Extraordinaire: I guess I don't have much vision, I wanna make the Engineering area of the TOS Enterprise.
ROMSEY Homewood: panda milk available!
Pinky Ebbage: Torley - they've said that on those nature shows, the young are "cute" to the adults, the instinct to nurture them to living
Evangeline Martinek: whoa.. wrong tihng to do
Dimitrio Lewis: that would be neat, Psyra
JetZep Zabelin: i tried to make a cute av so not to scare newbies
Torley Linden: Pinky: Interesting... humans seem more attached to their young after they're fully grown than other species.
Pinky Ebbage grins to Torley
Evangeline Martinek: hmm... not me
Chase Marellan: Sometimges TOO attachedc.
aliceinwire Bleac: sorry if i'm a bit away
Evangeline Martinek: perhaps, after they move out
aliceinwire Bleac: i'm study japanese
Chase Marellan: Then their kids move back in and they remember why they couldn't wait for them to move out.
Marianne McCann: Yer welcome, Torley! It's a recreation of the Bellagio Hotel in Vegas. Pretty nicely done, all in all
Chase Marellan: Adult children are generally easier to love at a distance.
Moard Ling: any brad priott ?
Psyra Extraordinaire: "How big is a newborn baby?" "A newborn baby is big enough to make a big racket!"
Torley Linden: Ohhh RECREATION OF A HOTEL!?!?!?!?
Torley Linden: OMG!!!!!!
Torley Linden: I LOVE HOTELS!
Pinky Ebbage: We're supposed to be the smartest species.....but are we the wisest? get along with nature, to not misuse it?
aliceinwire Bleac: but i love you all also if i'm study japanese :)
aliceinwire Bleac: torley i don't like weapon too
Randal Kline: cant find any bamboo in my inventory for the panda bears :(
aliceinwire Bleac: like sword and other stuff
Marianne McCann: Full scale, I believe, with the water show
Moard Ling need to eat 90% of the day
Psyra Extraordinaire: Maybe it's turtle time.
Torley Linden: I'd like to grow bonsai if I were to took up a nice, quiet hobby.
aliceinwire Bleac: but i have ake a sword for this samurai avi
Torley Linden: Mari: That sounds pretty nifty already.
JetZep Zabelin: I got to see that Bellagio. . i lived in vegas for a year
aliceinwire Bleac: and i want make it good
Psyra Extraordinaire: That's a bit overkill. :D
Torley Linden: I've never been to Las Vegas but I'd have to stay out of the casinos!
JetZep Zabelin: lol
Daten Thielt: indeed
aliceinwire Bleac: i don't like to do stuff bt not finishing it
Psyra Extraordinaire: I'm taking the risk that eventually no attachments will work........ aaaand I think that time just hit.
Psyra Extraordinaire: There it goes.
Evangeline Martinek: nope.. not just yet Psyra
Torley Linden: alice, that looks like a soot gremlin.
Torley Linden: Soot sprite.
JetZep Zabelin: just setaside a $20 and play the nickel & dime slots and free drinks all night
JetZep Zabelin: hehe
Psyra Extraordinaire: Soot spirits. :D
Marianne McCann: Haiku: It was unforseen / We cannot connect you now / Try again later
Psyra Extraordinaire: Squadrons of WWII flying turtles....
Torley Linden: Mari, that sounds almost like something out of Portal.
Dimitrio Lewis gave you WindLight pics (Dimi).
Torley Linden: Thx for the pics, Dimi. I shall peruse... BTW Dimi, I like the intro you have on your films...
Marianne McCann: Heh!
Dimitrio Lewis: thanks :)
Torley Linden: Very dramatic w/WindLight.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Heh.
Marianne McCann: Why does my prim drift? / Lag can be a harsh mistress / And it is Sunday
Torley Linden: Hahaha Mari.
Torley Linden: That's so zen.
ROMSEY Homewood: /hug Krystaal
aliceinwire Bleac: torley you know japanese?
Torley Linden: *clasps big paws together*
Torley Linden: alice: No, I wish I could speak it better.
ROMSEY Homewood: /hug Krystaal
ROMSEY gives Krystaal a big hug.
aliceinwire Bleac: when we do a holiday in japan torley ? :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: My knowledge of Japanese words is limited to 'Hyundai', 'Honda', 'Mitsubishi', 'Sushi' and the like.
ROMSEY Homewood: hmm bear HUGS
Pinky Ebbage grins to Psyra
Krystaal Chevalier: hehe
Krystaal Chevalier: TC
ROMSEY Homewood: tata! see you
Psyra Extraordinaire: Caw! ^_^
Pinky Ebbage: My background is Czech, but it is a difficult language
ROMSEY Homewood: /grope
Marianne McCann: No water ripples / My computer is too slow / Shaders are all off
Torley Linden: Psyra, that reminds me of The Grudge parody in Scary Movie 4.
Evangeline Martinek: mkay.. peeps, be well
Marianne McCann: Bye Bye!!
Evangeline Martinek: nice sitting in with you all
Psyra Extraordinaire: Byeeeee.
Dimitrio Lewis: A couple of people questioned the "second life's machinima studio" tag. It referred to the community rather than the software, and there was some confusion. I'll have to think of something better for the next one :P
Arawn Spitteler: Script run-time error
Arawn Spitteler: Stack-Heap Collision
Torley Linden: Mari, are you making a book of this?
Pinky Ebbage: Take care, Evangeline
Evangeline Martinek: TTFN hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!!!
Torley Linden: Dimi: Well, on the plus side, at least it generates reactions and allows you to explain it...
Psyra Extraordinaire: May your looting be plentiful!
Torley Linden: :)
Marianne McCann: I kinda did them as a goof, but dat might be a fun idea
Pinky Ebbage: Is that a Phoenix, Psyra?
Rock Pond Pose ball: llStopAnimation: Script trying to stop animations but agent not found
Psyra Extraordinaire: It doesn't say 'Grendel's Rooster' up there. :>
Torley Linden: Hahaha.
Pinky Ebbage giggles
Torley Linden: A phoenix in every fireplace!
Marianne McCann laughs
Pinky Ebbage blushes deeply
Pinky Ebbage: Some look like roosters
Pinky Ebbage grins
Pinky Ebbage: lol
Psyra Extraordinaire: Some cultures, mine's a mix of cultures. :D
Daten Thielt: lol ok im off got games to script, ill sent a notecard when its ready torley :D ByedBye all
Pinky Ebbage: Take care, Daten
Chase Marellan: bye daten
Marianne McCann: Have fun, Daten!
Marianne McCann: I'm off to camp this weekend, m'self
Pinky Ebbage: I have most of my alt AVs from Grendel's
Psyra Extraordinaire: Real camping I hope?
Psyra Extraordinaire: And not in a chair? ;D
Marianne McCann: Nope. In-world, Camp HardKNock for kids
Psyra Extraordinaire: Awww.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Doesn't compare, that's cheating. :.
Dimitrio Lewis: lol
Chase Marellan: Cool
JetZep Zabelin: i probably should go camping again too lol
Psyra Extraordinaire: You still get all the comforts of home. :D
Dimitrio Lewis: Imagine if people wore spinning ad signs over their heads for money. That would be awful :P
Psyra Extraordinaire: REAL camping is about sleeping on GRASS and STICKS under the STARS. :D
Marianne McCann: I have ten Lindens / twenty-eight hours in a chair / I play "Second Life"
Marianne McCann: Ya, we get cabins an stuff, but it's a sleepover away from home kinda camp
Moard Ling: whats the best rate youve seen for camping
Pinky Ebbage: Been there, done that, don't wanna sleep in the rain this weekend, in the soggy grass, myself
Torley Linden: Hahahaha.
Torley Linden: I want to set up some bots on my land...
Torley Linden: just a couple...
Marianne McCann: Ya, it's seriously wret and cold here IRL
Torley Linden: and have them do interesting things.
JetZep Zabelin: lol
Chase Marellan: hehehehe
Chase Marellan: such as?
Marianne McCann: wet*
Moard Ling: wait for glastonbury
Torley Linden: Anyone have any suggestions/recommendations for bot programs?
JetZep Zabelin: that would be interesting
Torley Linden: Well, like have them be actors, and make this place more animated.
Torley Linden: (And NO I am not gonna rez 40 camping chairs on my own land.)
Dimitrio Lewis: lol
Pinky Ebbage giggles to Torley
Psyra Extraordinaire: I've made silly systems to get groups of things to talk to each other. I have this flock of birds in Avaria that all chat with each other, but it's all prescripted. :(
Psyra Extraordinaire: I wish I could build something into them like MegaHAL.
Torley Linden: Bots are tools, and not tools in the insultive sense, but there are a lot of usages for them which don't annoy/anger people and have yet to be explored.
JetZep Zabelin: have the do like chores around the place and somehow interact when they bump
JetZep Zabelin: lol
Pinky Ebbage: Awww, why not, Torley? that would be a good place, say 100 lidnes per minute camping chairs?
Torley Linden: JetZep, haha, yes, something like that.
Pinky Ebbage: lindens
Pinky Ebbage grins
Torley Linden: Pinky: HAHAH, I don't need the traffic. But...
Torley Linden: ;)
Randal Kline: sales assistance
Pinky Ebbage: *mews*
JetZep Zabelin: wow
Pinky Ebbage: purrrs happily =^.^=
Moard Ling: i;ve got a bot i run for my partner
Moard Ling: ye sdear
Moard Ling: no dear
Moard Ling: lets go shopping
Moard Ling: nice shoes
Pinky Ebbage giggles
Torley Linden: HAHAHAHA.
Torley Linden: :D
JetZep Zabelin: maybe chat bots
Psyra Extraordinaire: No, this doesn't make you look fat
Marianne McCann: I tink folks have a fear of 'bots. I dunno if it's from "copybot" or jes a "uncanny valley" side effect
Torley Linden: I think it'd be fun to have a bot based on my conversational routines.
Torley Linden: That would "learn" over time.
Moard Ling: have to mispeell irreuglary as well :)
Torley Linden: Mari, yeah, I think it's somewhat of both...
Torley Linden: fear of what people don't understand.
JetZep Zabelin: they have those scripts.. and they learn from what people say to them
Moard Ling: my bot has never been prodded
JetZep Zabelin: I'm sure they could be brought into lsl somehow
Moard Ling: everywhere i go soemeon attacks me with a a bot stick
Torley Linden: The "copybot" wave was rather intriguing in that... it surged very hotly, then a few weeks later, there were but 3 matches in Search for "copybot". Whereas before there were hundreds.
Marianne McCann: True, Torley. A pretty deep set human thing, that
Torley Linden: Time has a strange effect on what affects us.
Randal Kline: moard: could be your tag that you wore
Pinky Ebbage: irregular
Pinky Ebbage: Hmm
Psyra Extraordinaire @Korbins, "Negative, I am a meat popsicle."
Pinky Ebbage: I dunno
Moard Ling: lol never see my tag
Torley Linden: "Fight or flight", and unfortunately, some people would rather criticize and show contempt than LEARN.
ROMSEY Homewood: time is the fire in which we burn!
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
Torley Linden: "Ugly bags of mostly water", isn't that how Morbo describes humans?
Torley Linden: ROMSEY: BONUS POINTS for BLADE RUNNER reference!
Pinky Ebbage: I'd rather learn, Torley
Psyra Extraordinaire: Ugly pink bags of mostly-water.
Pinky Ebbage: Oh my
Marianne McCann: Ya, people went sorta crazy. Like "monsters on Mulberry Street" crazy
ROMSEY Homewood: dang!
Torley Linden: Great, thanks Psyra.
Igel Hawks: hehe
Torley Linden: Mari: I like Twilight Zone a lot.
Torley Linden: There's a lot of paranoia in this world...
Marianne McCann: Torley - I'm a Twilight Zone geek. It's why I'm part of a store called "Kick The Can"
ROMSEY Homewood: Paranoi is the fire in which we burn...ha!
JetZep Zabelin: Thats a gesture i need to find or make.. the twilight zone
Marianne McCann: (Even if my own store name is a Hudsucker Proxy reference)
Torley Linden: Hahah Mari, oh great, that's good to know.
Torley Linden: The Twilight Zone has such a distinctive theme. Within 2 seconds, you can recognize the music.
Torley Linden: I think that's the hallmark of recognizability.
Moard Ling: and what a great pinball - with thte gumball
Psyra Extraordinaire: /twilight zone
Torley Linden: I'm reading a book right now by Malcolm Gladwell, it's called Blink, and it's about making quick, accurate decisions/judgments.
Psyra Extraordinaire: /twilight zone
Psyra Extraordinaire: Okay, ignore that. :D
Marianne McCann: Oh, I *love* blink., Great book
Pinky Ebbage smiles
JetZep Zabelin: sounds like a book i need to read
Pinky Ebbage: There it is
Moard Ling: five characters in search of an exit ... love it
Arawn Spitteler thinks his Teeter Totter could use Marianne's imagination, and Marianne's sign could use a Teeter Totter
Torley Linden: It has some controversial content, and people wonder about challenging conventional wisdom like "How could you possibly know something in 2 secs that you'd expect to learn over a longer period of time?", but that's part of why it's so fascinating.
JetZep Zabelin: i make too many mistakes in quice decisions/judements
Marianne McCann: Moard - another fave of mine, though my all time fave is prob'ly "Willoughby"
Torley Linden: Routinely in work I look for ways to automate/simplify processes.
Torley Linden: I also like Outer Limits. I guess I'm a fan of twist endings in general.
ROMSEY Homewood: Outer Limits (original) was spooky
Pinky Ebbage: Those shows are rather ancient in terms of television, I guess, I saw them first run, uhm
Pinky Ebbage grins
Dimitrio Lewis: Twist endings always feel very artistic
JetZep Zabelin: hehe
Chase Marellan: Twilight zone is one of those things that knowing somebody's favorite gives you insight into their psyche. :)
Marianne McCann: Romsey - when I was a RL kid, the opener of that should would freak me out someting fierce
Moard Ling: lol do not adjust your set
Moard Ling: verticla hold in todays world :)
JetZep Zabelin: when you were a RL kid.. ;)
Torley Linden: I just don't like when I can figure out the ending in advance; then that sense of anticipation is lost for me and I prolly stop watching the movie right there.
JetZep Zabelin: i like that
Marianne McCann: Chase - Kick The Can, Willoughby, and the one with "Aunt Tea". Now you know all you need abotu me /me winks
Torley Linden: Rod Serling had such a rich voice for narration too.
Moard Ling: I watched tyhe prestige and was shoutign at the screen it was so obvious
Torley Linden: I also watched another scifi show he narrated, Night Gallery.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Kick the Can's a favorite. :D
Pinky Ebbage: One movie that did grab one was Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds"
Chase Marellan: hahahaha.... Interestingly, those are some of my wife's faves too.
Marianne McCann: (I also like the four episodes with Jack Klugman in them, but I like his work in em)
Psyra Extraordinaire: Muahahaa.
Moard Ling: i love vertigo - give away th eploty half way through
Torley Linden: Hitchcock had such a unique directorial style... I used to watch the TV shorts presented by him too.
Dimitrio Lewis: It would be funny if historical movies had alternative twist endings on the dvd... Hitler doesn't die, the other side wins a war, etc
Marianne McCann: Oh ya. I have a friend who was *on* Night Gallery. Cool show
Chase Marellan: I like Willoughby the best, I think, and One for the Angels, and Jesse Carter, and ... the one with the old man who's really an alien prince.
Moard Ling: mind you B5 never recov ered form endign the sahdow war mid season
Psyra Extraordinaire: That's one of the reasons I usually hate prequels, you usually know who will live and die.
Pinky Ebbage: Oh yes, Torley, one of my favorites in movies and such
Torley Linden: Mari: Oh, neat.
Marianne McCann: Moard - My fave of Hitchcock is The 39 Steps.
Torley Linden: We are enthused about suspenseful cinema here!
Igel Hawks: Hi Alste
AIste Boa: hi ^^
Chase Marellan: I love The Third Man
Pinky Ebbage: Well, there we are, get bots that give one thrills and suspense then :-)
Marianne McCann: Chase! Oh! How did I forget that one? The old man/prince one is another old fave
Pinky Ebbage grins
Torley Linden: Psyra: I'd like to see a prequel that would blow my mind by way of revealing it was an alternate timeline at the end, and different people live/die. But, having said that, it's safe to say I now anticipate such a possibility, rendering such surprises moot.
Psyra Extraordinaire: I liked the *original* The Hitcher. the '81 version.
Randal Kline: you guys have large memory storage to remember so much
Moard Ling: hitch rock i have his book of itnerviews
Chase Marellan: Mari: :)(
Marianne McCann: Chase - especially the zither music /me winks
Psyra Extraordinaire: I think they're doing that with Total Recall.
Sandro Felisimo: hi^^
Chase Marellan: Oh yeah!
Chase Marellan: absolutely. :)
Psyra Extraordinaire: Considering that one is still confusing as to what happened in the ORIGINAL movie. ;D
User not online - inventory has been saved.
User not online - inventory has been saved.
Moard Ling: mind you twin peaks the film was good, you knew the ending and it was alogn way downhill to get there
Psyra Extraordinaire: But with no Arnie it won't be the same.
Marianne McCann: I have Karas' Third Man theme on the iPod. Good stuff
Torley Linden: David Lynch has a very confusing but distinctive style.
Torley Linden: I laughed at what David Lynch had to say about the iPhone.
Chase Marellan: which was?
Torley Linden:
Torley Linden: :D
Psyra Extraordinaire: I've pondered goign to see Cloverfield, but suspect it would be rather campy.
Torley Linden: May not be suitable for younger viewers.
Torley Linden: I spoiled Cloverfield by reading Wikipedia.
Randal Kline: motion sickness
Torley Linden: My main interest with it was the hand-held footage and good marketing. As for the movie itself, I haven't seen it, so I can't be a good judge.
Marianne McCann: That's one I've not yet seen
Pinky Ebbage: lol
Moard Ling: i understood SAWIII BY reading wikipedia
Pinky Ebbage: I like that one, Torley!!
Torley Linden: =o)
Chase Marellan: HAHAHAHAHA.... sorry, you're right, that David Lynch clip is classic
Psyra Extraordinaire: Heehee.
Psyra Extraordinaire: Very true.
JetZep Zabelin: rofl
Pinky Ebbage: He is soooooo correct, David Lynch
Psyra Extraordinaire: Same with zero-day theatre cam movie pirates.
Chase Marellan: absolutely!
Torley Linden: Ahhh it's been so good being with each and all of you. I've got to go for now, and continue my work. I'll return at 2 PM later today!
Torley Linden: Thanks so much for coming here! :D
Chase Marellan: Bye, Torley!
Harleen Gretzky: bye Torley :)
Chase Marellan: Thanks for having us...
ROMSEY Homewood: Nice to see you again Torley TC :O)))
JetZep Zabelin: C you again Torley
Marianne McCann: Bye Bye!!
Torley Linden: Bye, and hope if I don't see you again before the weekend, have a memorable and rewarding time. =^_^= *waves and smiles*
Pinky Ebbage: Take care, Torley, glad to see ya again!
Marianne McCann: Have a fun day, Totorley!
Pinky Ebbage smiles
Pinky Ebbage: Done'
aliceinwire Bleac: bye bye
Pinky Ebbage: Don't work too hard

2 PM

Torley Linden: Ohhhh hello.
Daedalus Young: hi Torley
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
Marianne McCann: Hey Torley... Nice avvie!
Torley Linden: I am an awkward sitter, but that's okay!
Torley Linden: I'm still happy!
Torley Linden: Haha hey Daed, Mari, Kam!
Kamael Xevious: Hey, Torley.
Torley Linden: Maybe I'll just keep floating.
Torley Linden: I start looking hypnotic when I fly...
Marianne McCann giggles
Torley Linden: My WindLight settings are all, uh, colorful right now too...
Marianne McCann: Sorta like a dancing pillowgriff
Torley Linden: Hi CeeJay!
Kamael Xevious: Nice flexi work on that AV
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Hi
Torley Linden: Yeah, I like my little feelers and these flippers.
Torley Linden: Hahaha, pillowgriff...
Kamael Xevious: (Windlight won't load for me.)
Torley Linden: WhEEEEEE!
Harleen Gretzky: hekko all :)
Torley Linden: Argh, how come Kam? Login screen woes?
Daedalus Young: hi
Kamael Xevious: Yep, never see the login screen... crashes before it even gets to it.
Torley Linden: Kam, do you crash on the RC viewer too? Or just WL?
Kamael Xevious: Just WL
Marianne McCann: Does f'r me, but I 'm havin' my issues nowadays with it
Daedalus Young: I still need to try the newest
Torley Linden: *nods*
Torley Linden: What graphics card are you on, Kam?
Marianne McCann: The alpha things rendering opaque is drivin me nutso
Kamael Xevious: The 7950 with 1GB memory
Torley Linden: Mari, yeah, it seems like that got worse instead of better...
Daedalus Young: is that why I heard people complain their facelights are all weird?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: hi!
Daedalus Young: hi
Marianne McCann: Daedalus - prob'ly. Dat an the change in how much light lights give in daytime
Torley Linden: The downside of a facelight, as BigPapi Linden will be happy to point out, is there can only be 6 OpenGL local lights in a scene at once, and you and a few friends using facelights will quickly use all of them up.
Daedalus Young: yes
Daedalus Young: I'll have to go make RL facelight rigs :P
Torley Linden: I think they are fine for focused photography, tho.
Marianne McCann: Me uses the Mysti's light only rarely, and usually jes adjusts her settings
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: the new windlight is cool
Torley Linden: WindLight is getting closer to a Release Candidate viewer... we're continuing to identify problems with certain kinds of hardware.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i had to upgrade
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i couldnt take crashing anymore
Squirrel Wood: Hellu Torley .)
Kamael Xevious: The 7950 has been problematic from early on with WL too, I know.
Marianne McCann: I'm gettin a fair number of bad crashes, an my sis is getting totally missing water with atmospheric shaders on. I still gotta put it on the JIRA
Squirrel Wood: 7950gt here... no problems
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: its ram i bet
Kamael Xevious: I'm on a gxd...
Kamael Xevious: er gx.
Kamael Xevious: And XP X64
Squirrel Wood: then I would blame xp 64
Kamael Xevious: That is my guess, actually. . .not the card at all.
Torley Linden: Those of you on ATI cards and WindLight, for the time being, we recommend you use the 7.10 drivers, 8.1s and other newer releases are sadly broken... we're working with ATI about it.
Marianne McCann: Even with the few glitches, I wouldn't traded WL for the world!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: its like a battle of semi conductor giants!
Daedalus Young: oh hmm, last time I checked the ATI site said I can't have the card I currently have
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: invidia are winning
Daedalus Young: is not a Mac card they say
Daedalus Young: so they don't even have drivers for it
Daedalus Young: or at least that's how I understood it
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i heard a rumour that soon mac os will be released on a disc that will install on any intel machine
Torley Linden: Handmadeandroid: Officially, or otherwise?
Marianne McCann: I've heard dat rumor for ages
Daedalus Young: should be possible
Marianne McCann loves Leopard, and runs it at home
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: well my lecturer is very well connected, he put the BBC servers in for all the video editing stuff when they switched to final cut, so who knows *shrugs*
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: they would wipe the board
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol
CeeJay Tigerpaw: I saw a web site once that had what appeared to be instructions for making a Leopard boot CD that would boot on any Windows Intel box, but I did not try it.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i wrote on your blog entry about your upgrade winging about windows torley and leaving some advice to would be upgraders
Marianne McCann: CeeJay - the x86 project
Torley Linden: I know there are some, ahem, "unofficial" ways to run OS X on Intel/AMD machines...
CeeJay Tigerpaw: I think Marianne is correct.
Torley Linden: But I doubt Apple themselves would do so anytime soon.
Torley Linden: OSX86 project.
Marianne McCann grins
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
Torley Linden:
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i think they will
Torley Linden: Handmade: Why do you think that?
CeeJay Tigerpaw: I have a few friends at Apple who way that if you have a WinBox running Leopard they had better not hear about it.
Torley Linden: I don't dismiss the possibility, but it'd be more of a surprise to me than... say, Intel-based Macs. ;)
Marianne McCann: Apple makes a lot of money with a hardware/software combo
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Torley Linden: The upside of widespread OS X adoption on non-Apple-made-hardware has often been touted as one of the upsides.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: becuase it makes perfect sense, we can get as the hobbyist absolutely fantastic kit, state of the art bus speeds etc, and then we put windows on, and its crummy, so anyone who essentially isnt gaming and say running graphics applications doesnt want to splash out on a power mac when they know they can build the equivelent hardware for a 1/5th of price
Torley Linden: Did anyone participate in MacHeist?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: and i dont feel my lecturer would make up a wild statement
Squirrel Wood: Macophobia :p
Marianne McCann: Me, I jes hafta get boot camp or whatever on mines
Torley Linden: It would be a surprising move...
Torley Linden: *remembers when there were Mac clones*
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Ah, yes, the Frankin...
Marianne McCann: Ya. Jobs killed the clones
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: if i wanted to test the water first id virally make it possible and test it on a load of loyal mac-in-nerds first and then perhaps move it to beta
CeeJay Tigerpaw: *Franklin
Torley Linden: I once wrote Steve Jobs...
Marianne McCann: Largely over wanting that hardware/software combo
Torley Linden: asking what he had for breakfast.
Torley Linden: And his reply, almost exactly, was:
Torley Linden: "I don't eat breakfast. Best, Steve."
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: caffeine addict
Torley Linden: Years later, as I find myself not having lunch, my memory harkens back to that brief-but-influential exchange.
Squirrel Wood: he does eat breakfast.
Squirrel Wood: first meal of the day is breakfast. even if its lunch. or dinner. :p
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: om gosh lol
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: have you seen whos taking over from gates this year?
Marianne McCann: /meonly rarely has breakfast, but is definitely not steve jobs
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: this man
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: LOL
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: wacth that and try not to laugh
Squirrel Wood just wants two million in cash on her bank account...
Torley Linden: Hahaha.
Torley Linden: Steve Ballmer, he's really energetic.
Torley Linden: I remember seeing him in that Windows 1.0 ad...
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i watch that every week
Torley Linden: Handmade, does it inspire you to do great things?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: as kind of personal pscho therapy
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: no
Torley Linden: OK, at least it has some therapeutic effect. Ha ha!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i just go 'handmade theres a man out of control, you are ok'
floatythingy AO: 3347 bytes free
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: he probably has a cupboard entirely filled with chinos and blue shirts whicch are all tagged and on a spread sheet
Torley Linden: Oh my gosh, that sucked! SL was eating like 1.5+ GB of memory...
Torley Linden: and then I ran into a SmartHeap error.
Torley Linden: Anyone else see that?
Sougent Harrop: That little?
Torley Linden: X_X
Sougent Harrop: ;)
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: 2.22
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: 2.22gb
Torley Linden: SL, don't gobble my RAM like a turkey!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: thats also why mac os would win, windows can only see 4gb
Torley Linden: Handmade: That's what your viewer's currently using? :O
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: thats including the graphics memory
Daedalus Young: they'll have to fix that yeah
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: 2.23 gb ram 47% processor
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: :|
Torley Linden: Oh.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: *stands back from computer*
Torley Linden: <— SmartHeap errors.
Shockwave Plasma: I've seen the tempature on my CPU go from 40c to 50 c with in 2 minutes of starting UP SL
Daedalus Young: can't they still use 8GB Ram and just flip it around? So Windoze may see only 4, but as they flip which part Win is looking at, they still have 8?
Daedalus Young: I know it worked that way somewhat in my old MSX
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: the entry about critical borderline is interesting
Torley Linden: Wow Shockwave, that is a cool leopard print.
Shockwave Plasma: I've given up being a pirate for while
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: thats a new swap page method the new chipsets support
Shockwave Plasma: You might have seen Codebastard had some other ideas :-)
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: torley do you think this kind of environment is heading towards a totally immersive experience as in full VR?
Torley Linden: Handmade, Second Life, you mean?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: well mass populated online stuff in general
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: secondife amongst others
Torley Linden: Hmmm... how you define "immersion" depends on who you are.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: well all your senses
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: touch smell 360deg environment
Torley Linden: Some people are very uncomfortable/fear that, so I don't think everyone wants it. But some definitely are anticipating it.
Shockwave Plasma: Handmade ..Do you mean the full body suit ..helmet etc ?
Squirrel Wood: ^^
Daedalus Young: and our bodies in some pod, powering the Grid... :P
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i dont know what form it would take
Torley Linden: Remember when there was a lot of hype about interactive movies with smell-o-vision and that sorta stuff?
Sougent Harrop: It's easier to jsut go outside.......
Torley Linden: And turns out a lot of people just wanted to sit back and watch a movie.
Torley Linden: Haha Squirrel, I saw that earlier.
Torley Linden: That was a shocking reaction.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: probably loads of crystals all linked together lol
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: on a world wide machine grid
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: with quantum processing
Torley Linden: Loads of crystals all linked together sounds like something out of a Final Fantasy game.
Torley Linden: Some supercomputer at the core of a planet...
Torley Linden: with an evil tyrant who's harnessed the power of the cosmos to enslave the race...
Torley Linden: and the nature spirits that are awakening to make things right.
Marianne McCann: Ya. It really comes down to ease of use more than anything. You can do it, but the way VR is handled today with helmets an stuff is only gonna appeal to the die hard folks
Sougent Harrop: Sounds like a Heinlen book
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: well a cpu is essentially a slice of crystal isnt it, well silicone which is a glass cystal
Squirrel Wood: a cpu actually is made of sand :p
Torley Linden: VR helmets look dorky to a lot of people. Generally, non-technical folk enjoy their technology when they don't perceive it as such... when it's seamless, for example. And lightweight, and "transparent".
Torley Linden: Handmade: Yes, interesting how that works...
Torley Linden: "Big and bulky" generally isn't an attractive way to market tech.
Harleen Gretzky: Or maybe even the Matrix
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Lightweight VR glasses should be possible, and might be made to look cool.
Squirrel Wood: and sand in itself is actually stone.... and minerals and... stuff.
Torley Linden: CeeJay: I'd like if the footprint of my current glasses could be VR.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: yes which originally was a melt from a volvano
Torley Linden: Squirrel: Ahhh what we take form the earth!
Torley Linden: It's so intriguing, eh?
Marianne McCann: I tink it's possible. I mean, MP3 players were a minimal part of the market at one time
Shockwave Plasma: there have been plans to make laser projecters that go in glasses, adn use the retina as the screen
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: unless its white sand that predominatel shell so a calcate
Marianne McCann: 'til they was made cool *and* easy
Torley Linden: Have any of you seen the video, The Story of Stuff? I don't agree with all points, but it's rather thought-provoking.
Torley Linden: I see we have some chemical thinkers here.
Sougent Harrop: Just link in some of the stuff that fellow is doing with the Wii hacks.
Torley Linden: , it's 20-min. if you have time later. I like the presentation style.
CeeJay Tigerpaw: I expect it is just a matter of really clever optics to project an image onto the field of view of, say a good pair of wraparound sunglasses.
Sougent Harrop: Head tracking
Torley Linden: Ohhh there was a really cool SL video recently with head tracking...
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: or vibrations straight into the optic nerve
Squirrel Wood: <= 2 hour movie that *will* make you think. guaranteed. ^^
CeeJay Tigerpaw: That requires you to be close to a base station, but the gizmo on the gadget is small.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: lol and hide in a cupboard :|
Sougent Harrop: Are you familiar with this guy who hacks the Wiimote and does stuff with it? He did a head tracking thing
Torley Linden: <— Good vid.
Torley Linden: Sougent: Got a link?
Marianne McCann: I do wish I had more direct control of my avvie. Something like AV puppeteering, of course
Torley Linden: Squirrel: I haven't seen all of that, just a preview, but my brother loves that vid!
floatythingy AO: 3347 bytes free
Sougent Harrop: This guy is really pointing the way to some neat stuff for the future
Squirrel Wood: wb wb
Torley Linden: Pardon, crashed again, and thanks!
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Another option for 3D is a fish tank view, in which you swap frames on the screen in sync with switching transparencies of a pair of LCD viewer goggles.
Torley Linden: What'd I miss?
There is no suitable surface to sit on, try another spot.
Al Sonic: Hello again ^_^
Sougent Harrop: Did you miss my link?
Al Sonic: Very little; it almost went silent.
Torley Linden: Yes, sadly I missed it.
Sougent Harrop:
Torley Linden: The funny thing about all successful cool technologies is, eventually the novelty wears off and they become everyday parts of people's lives... like iPods.
Al Sonic: Yeah that though.
Torley Linden: *checks it out*
Torley Linden: Whoa, I think I've seen some of these Wii vids before.
Shockwave Plasma: I asked if there was someway for Lindens who are goingto miss office hours to "leave a note" or someting
Torley Linden: He really likes that Wiimote. :)
Torley Linden: (Wiimote is such a fun word to say.)
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Sougent Harrop: Watch the video on the head tracking and just imagine that with SL
Torley Linden: Shockwave: I've been looking for a more automated way myself, I hate leaving people waiting... I usually announce it on my wiki page because changing textures was a pain, but there's prolly a better way.
Torley Linden: I hesitate to use XyText billboard...
Torley Linden: as cool as they are, they use many prims.
Daedalus Young: we'd need multi-texturable prims for that
Torley Linden: Sougent, did you see that other YouTube link I pasted back up?
Dave Sparrow gave you letter to SL.
Sougent Harrop: I have it up, haven't watched it yet
Torley Linden: =)
Torley Linden: Oh gosh, it went so quiet again!
Daedalus Young: it did...
Marianne McCann: I had a lotta whisperin' in my ear
Sougent Harrop: So, we need SL viewer for the Wii and some head tracking goggles and finger tracking like on that website....
Marianne McCann giggles
Torley Linden: You could almost hear a prim drop...
First Prim: drop
Torley Linden: Sougent: Put all the pieces together, and what do ya get... *BEWM!*
Dreamscape's Dance Bracelet: OWENIMATIONS DUO DANCER v3.4 -- type /99help for instructions
Al Sonic: I really really loved your fast-paced video Torley.
Torley Linden: Thanks Al, the one on my blog where I'm racing through a bunch of stuff?
Al Sonic: Heh, there's a reason I'm a Sonic fan.
Torley Linden: Haha.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i love sonic
Jason Swain: I have a question but I am not sure if there is a solution. The inworld maps show a texture via UUID, is there a way of finding the UUID for a given SIM?
Torley Linden: Yeah, I like timelapse effects.
Torley Linden: I used to watch the Sonic cartoon.
Al Sonic: You? ^_^
Torley Linden: Jason, great question I've heard before. I don't know offhand how to do that.
Marianne McCann: Ooh, dat would be interesting, Jason
Torley Linden: I'm actually curious who the leading Resident cartographers are right now...
Torley Linden: Dyne Talamasca did some work in that area way back, she made a very impressive map.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i did think of writing down a guide
Torley Linden: Cadroe Murphy has long held a fascination with such things, too.
Marianne McCann: Torley - Carl Metropolitan has some great map kiosks in NCI
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: theres some lush places on the old continents
Shockwave Plasma: I thik there was something on New world notes last week abuot the map
Torley Linden: Mari: Oooh like the early 2003 ones?
Torley Linden: Shockwave, yeah, I saw that, the map compiled by SignpostMarv.
Torley Linden: Really extensive.
Marianne McCann: Torley - no, modern, and regularly updated, of mainland
Sougent Harrop: the SLURL map is cool IMO, just wish it were clicable
Torley Linden: Amazing how big Second Life has gotten.
Torley Linden: Mari: Ahhh.
Jason Swain: Could you point me in the direction of a person/resource that might know?
Marianne McCann: There's copies of both of his, Torley
Alpha Prim: awieeee that hurts
Marianne McCann gave you Kiosk - LL Mainland Continents.
Torley Linden: Jason: While I don't know for sure who might be an authority on this, I'd try asking the two Resis I named earlier, and any dev who holds office hours... like Zero.
Torley Linden: The World Map used to have "ownership" by a given Linden...
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i heard a rummour about some kind of advanced texture mapping going to be introduced in the sometime future torley?
Torley Linden: but hasn't in a long time that I'm aware of.
Torley Linden: Handmade: Who's the source of your rumor, and what's their quote?
Jason Swain: Will do, Thanks for the pointers Torley :)
Torley Linden: You're welcome Jason, best of hope with it.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: a friend
Torley Linden: I usually can't put much stock in rumors, I like to have a source named to establish context and credence. :) So I'd need to know more about what your friend said to have a better understanding!
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: something along the lines of texture maps which would reflect light in certain ways much like the technology video games use
Torley Linden: I can broadly say that we do *want* to have an advanced materials system in the future, including advanced texture mapping, yes.
Torley Linden: But no work has been done on that yet, it's an idea for a future phase... Team WindLight mentioned this several times at office hours.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i see
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: well thats exciting isnt it
Torley Linden: So if that's what your friend heard, then yes, it's accurate we'd like to get to that.
Al Sonic: That's likely to be what it was a reference to.
Torley Linden: :-)
Torley Linden: But it's currently undefined as to when that will happen.
Shockwave Plasma: Philip said html on a prim probably by march
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: id like to see that would add a nice layer of detail
Shockwave Plasma: or was it May?
Torley Linden: "HTML on a prim" is currently taking the name of the "parcel media" project I believe.
Jurin Juran gave you SL World Maps Throughout Time.
Al Sonic: Appropriate.
Torley Linden: And that's continued to be worked on internally...
Shockwave Plasma: he did say HTML on a Prim --ish
Torley Linden: It'll be exciting to have more dynamic surfaces, whether they look better, or all-out have new functionalities.
Citizen Dreamscape: Excuse me, I have a question about that.
Shockwave Plasma: It was the Davos interview on SLNN
Torley Linden: Sure Citizen, please ask.
Sougent Harrop wants the same prim limits in SL that he has in RL......
Citizen Dreamscape: I was wondering about the "HTML on a prim" thing - will these be support for stuff like Flash or Shockwave?
Citizen Dreamscape: *there
Citizen Dreamscape: Or straight HTML?
Torley Linden: Citizen, I'm not sure of that yet. That's the *hope* but I don't personally know if that's possible.
Al Sonic: Didn't they say that was the last thing they're struggling with?
Shockwave Plasma: I need al the support I can get
Torley Linden: I would love to have Flash video like YouTube inworld...
Citizen Dreamscape: LOL
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: html is a browser language surely
EquiBrad Voom: omg flash everywhere would make the place look spiffy :)
Torley Linden: that's one thing touted about Kaneva, "Ohhh watch YouTube movies together inworld!" that I want.
Sougent Harrop: Or Sliverlight for thaat matter....
Citizen Dreamscape: WEll, I write Flash games and LSL games and it would be easier in many respects to just "paint a prim" with the Flash. :-)
Torley Linden: Hehehe.
Daedalus Young: for a lot of things that'll save prims too
Torley Linden: That's great to hear, Citizen.
Daedalus Young: like those slingo-things
Torley Linden: I'd like cool control surfaces...
Torley Linden: Yeah, Daed, my feelings too.
Torley Linden: A lot of very awesome Flash games are out there.
Rocky Merosi: Heya Torley :P
Torley Linden: Heya Rocky!
EquiBrad Voom: well if ll get html ability from mozilla libraries, flash compatibility will come with it?
Daedalus Young: flash doesn't seem to work in the SL built-in browser for me :/
Torley Linden: I do know I'll be helping with communication of several key features later this year (including some stuff I can't talk about right now) so I'll know more in due time.
Citizen Dreamscape: OOoohhh. unspeakable stuff. :-)
Torley Linden: Daed: There's a hack around that, I think, but it's kludgy... Callum Linden explained it to me some time ago.
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: will we be getting morer prims :P
Torley Linden: Ha ha, mysteries.
Daedalus Young: ahh
Daedalus Young: well I don't ever use it really, it's only on web tabs in profiles
Squirrel Wood: mysterious mysteries!
Daedalus Young: though when it comes to Flash-on-a-Prim
Sougent Harrop: Speaking of more prims, do you think that Havok4 will make it possible to increase the prim limits some?
Torley Linden: "Flash-on-a-Prim" had better not be "Flash-in-a-Pan"!
Daedalus Young: lol
Al Sonic: XD
Marianne McCann can't wait to see what the surprises are
Torley Linden: Sougent, myself, I don't know. Andrew likely would, though.
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
Multi Gadget v1.52.0 by Timeless Prototype
Rocky Merosi: Actually they posted about that in the havok4 blog :P
Alpha Prim:
Torley Linden: Rocky: Oh, sharp! Where did you see it?
Marianne McCann: I did read dat Mega prims are limited to 256 nowadays
Squirrel Wood: Torley, All the stuff you can't talk about yet - make sure it is pink or green ^^
Daedalus Young: well more prims also brings the matter of more data transfer
Marianne McCann: on the Havok 4 servers
Rocky Merosi: they say no because its much more than physics that prims affect
Torley Linden: Squirrel: Hahaha.
Daedalus Young: not only a physics thing
Rocky Merosi: my sim runs havok4 right now and its much better performing :)
Torley Linden: Rocky: That makes sense from a rendering perspective too...
Rocky Merosi: let me grab the link
Squirrel Wood: Oh yes. Havok4 makes griefers unhappy ^^
Torley Linden: and in general a lot of people need to be better educated about healthy usage of prims & textures.
Daedalus Young: hehe
Sougent Harrop: Should make them happy Squirrel, new challenge for them
Citizen Dreamscape shuffles feet guiltily...
Torley Linden: We need to have better documentation about that, I believe.
Daedalus Young: in the future, instead of virus scanners we may have griefing scanners
Harleen Gretzky: Havok 4 blog?
Daedalus Young: when a script operates in a region, the region checks if it's not a griefing device :P
Torley Linden: Someday, 1024x1024 textures will be puny, but until then, it's good to practice some economy.
Squirrel Wood: healthy usage of prims & textures makes a good theme for a video blog ^^
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: i never use 1024 textures lol
Torley Linden: Daed, yeah, and looks into the scripts for the "signatures" of the objects...
Daedalus Young: I used 1024x1024 textures for my photos in the Second Arts Photography building
Daedalus Young: but still economically, as 3 textures make up 7 photos :)
Rocky Merosi: Read comment 30 for info on why prims wont be increased with havok4 :)
Sougent Harrop: Well, prim conservation is not without the cost of detail and realism.
Torley Linden: Daed: Yah, there are some subtleties, and that's a good example.
Torley Linden: Thanks for finding that, Rocky!
Rocky Merosi: you bet :) I am all over this havok4 thing :)
Torley Linden: :D
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: but the nature of the environment, people get more land to have more prims
Torley Linden: Glad to hear it, I'm happy Havok4 is public at last and rolling onto Second Life.
Daedalus Young: I only tried it at the Beta grid, where sandboxes were filled with 10x10x10 random prims
Rocky Merosi: Yeah my sims performance is so much better with it
Sougent Harrop: Oh for the day that you can have the same number of prims in SL as you do in only by space
Rocky Merosi: lol
Torley Linden: I had great fun dumping a bunch of physical objects and watching region performance be resilient.
Rocky Merosi: Well if you need a havok sandbox on the main grid to play at, I have one on my sim
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: yeah my home sim is being beta tested H4
Marianne McCann: Rocky - may I have a LM to it?
Sougent Harrop: I watched an experiment on a Havok4 sim with 1024 physical prims in a tower, falling all over
Torley Linden: Ohh you're an early adopter Handmade?
Rocky Merosi: I can give you a landmark to my lucky chair shop thats right next to it but I dont actually have a landmark for the sandbox
Marianne McCann: Thankoo
Torley Linden: Citizen, great Jawa av. I saw one awhile ago but it wasn't put together too well, but yours, with the sculpties, looks great!
Rocky Merosi: Hey Torley have you got a chance to check out my lucky chair heaven yet?
Citizen Dreamscape: I'd love to take the credit, but I cannot.
Torley Linden: It's okay, at the very least, you know you have good taste.
Marianne McCann: Time f'r me to run Have fun!
Marianne McCann: Bye Bye!!
Citizen Dreamscape: LOL. Thanks.
Jurin Juran: bye Marianne
Daedalus Young: bye
Citizen Dreamscape: It was made by Hippi Hammerer. (Sorry about the jumping about - I was trying to right-click my hood. :-) )
Torley Linden: S'okay!
Rocky Merosi pokes Torley :P
Citizen Dreamscape: OOh! Chair!
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Torley Linden: Oh Rocky, sorry, I haven't, did you send me a landmark before?
Torley Linden: I don't remember if you did/didn't.
Rocky Merosi: Yep I can send you another if you would like :)
Torley Linden: Yes please, pardon for forgetting!
Rocky Merosi gave you Magical Freebies and More!! 700, The Magic Soapbox (132, 139,.
Torley Linden: Great, thanks.
Rocky Merosi: heehe I dont sell anything there personally :P just give things away :)
Torley Linden: :D
Watermelon Slice whispers: Mmm!
Rocky Merosi: mmmmmmmmm
Torley Linden: Ahh pardon I have to leave a little bit earlier than usual, I need to attend another meeting (I'm trying to cut down on them so I can make more video tutorials).
Citizen Dreamscape: Does anyone know if there is a decent "rule of thumb" for texture vs. prim size. Like .5x.5x.5 should be fine with a 32x32 targa or something like that? Or is it all guesswork/art/voodoo magic?
Jason Swain: Thank you very much Torley , Have a great weekend ^^
Torley Linden: That looks like a deleesh slice.
Al Sonic: Okie, g'bye!
Rocky Merosi: uh huh
Rocky Merosi: it is :)
Rocky Merosi: want one?
Handmadeandroid Zenovka: nice to see you torley :)
Torley Linden: Citizen, really depends on content & context. But generally, if details aren't all that important, downsize.
Torley Linden: :D
Torley Linden: Nice to see each and all of you too, and have a great weekend!
Citizen Dreamscape: Coolio. Thanks.
Watermelon Slice whispers: Mmm!
Rocky Merosi gave you Watermelon Slice.
Citizen Dreamscape: LOL
Shockwave Plasma: Bye Torley
Citizen Dreamscape: I love it when inanimate objects whisper in 2L.
Rocky Merosi: lol no kidding
Citizen Dreamscape: "Bench whispers 'Sit on me!'
Rocky Merosi: everything seems to talk here
Torley Linden: Citizen: If you have a small object you expect people to zoom in on, using a bigger texture is fine. But if it's just going to be something most people don't see, then smaller texture is appropriate.
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Cheers, all.
Torley Linden: T'care all! *waves*
Torley Linden: :D
Citizen Dreamscape: RL would be freaky like that. LOL
Rocky Merosi: later Torley :)
Daedalus Young: bye Torley
Al Sonic: *wave*
Harleen Gretzky: bye Torley, have a great weekend!
Citizen Dreamscape: Thanks Torley.
Sougent Harrop: Bye Torley