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Torley Linden: Friendly greetings! :D
Jansen Miles: Hiya.
Jordguitar Flasheart: AHH!!!!
bigmoe Whitfield: *~Mews~*
bigmoe Whitfield: *~Mews~*
Zand Gundersen: hi
Kim Anubis: Hi, Torley!
Torley Linden: All is rezzing for me now... good to see each and all of you appear before my very eyes!
Torley Linden: Hiya Jansen, Jordguitar, bigmoe, Zand, Kim, all!
bigmoe Whitfield: hello torley
Kia Kit: Hello Torley!
Torley Linden: These seats appear to not be working correctly... it seems something happened when I was away.
Lavender Link: Hello :)
Torley Linden: Heya Kia, Lavender!
Torley Linden: I apologize in advance that I'll likely have to leave early before the end of the hour... I'm helping with the recording of the WindLight podcast (to appear on the Official Second Life Blog soon)... excitement!
Torley Linden: But I am here and now so please let me know what is on your minds!
Kim Anubis: I love Windlight!
Jordguitar Flasheart: yay havok4
bigmoe Whitfield: I still am unable to use windlight. but one day I will
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Kia Kit: windlight makes my computer cry :(
bigmoe Whitfield: Ive only got a 64mb video card. so I am unable to run it
Torley Linden: *nods*
Qie Niangao: I really think it's going to be important to provide something other than the jira and the current wiki overview, to help people tweak custom Windlight settings for GPU-specific misbehavior. That slider is a dangerous control.
Torley Linden: Kia, what hardware are you on?
Torley Linden: Qie: Like a video tutorial? :)
Kia Kit: o.o i have no idea...
Lavender Link: lol
Torley Linden: And what GPU-specific misbehavior?
Qie Niangao: maybe... or even just an expanded wiki
Jordguitar Flasheart: I got 2 8600gt's in sli mode and i am still having some problems with the viewer but not windlight
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Qie Niangao: oh, just the forums are full of complaints... and the blog too...
Torley Linden: Qie, yeah, someone should start on that and then we can update the WindLight wiki page...
Torley Linden: So greater understanding is needed.
Jordguitar Flasheart: asset server this asset server that x.x
Qie Niangao: a bunch of folks have reported massive speed ups just by pushing down the texture cache memory, for example.
Torley Linden: I totally agree that those functions should be explained well... in part that's why we simplified the Graphics Preferences to a single slider for intiial setup.
Torley Linden: Qie, have links to those? I'll have a look and get them to our WindLight devs.
Qie Niangao: I'll try to pull a few together for you, Torley
bigmoe Whitfield: oh yes torley thanks for the comment on the youtube video :)
Torley Linden: And the "massive speed ups", do they have some sort of benchmarks or metrics to show it? I frequently run into cases where someone thinks stuff is faster but it's just psychological so viewer FPS readings, Fast Timers charts are appreciated... thanks!
Torley Linden: =)
Torley Linden: We can always adjust/make the defaults better.
Lavender Link: yes, our minds are wonderful at seeing what we want to see ^^
Torley Linden: Throughout the whole course of WindLight in First Look and Release Candidate, there've already been sooo many gradual changes and I anticipate more.
Qie Niangao: well, I can see one place where I'm sure it's real: SLI or... whatever ATI calls it... and double-headed displays. the card ram gets split in all kindsa bizarre ways
Torley Linden: Lavender, yeah, it's such a big challenge because some people act insulted like, they tell me "It really is faster!" but when they compare the numbers, it's not. So just to rule that out, it's not because I don't want to believe stuff is faster... I love better performance.
Torley Linden: Hmmm... yeah we're not SLI-optimized (yet).
Torley Linden: ATI's is CrossFire I believe.
Qie Niangao: yeah, that's right.
Jordguitar Flasheart: Works fine to a extent really
Jordguitar Flasheart: Just trying to load thousands of textures when rezing is hell :/
Qie Niangao: it's cool that things are still getting optimized on the back-end... but of course that means that any wiki about tweaking is shooting a moving target, too
Kia Kit: rezzing sculpties is hell too :P
Torley Linden: Qie: Yeah, I'm totally in agreement about keeping wiki info updated regularly...
Torley Linden: Second Life is just SO PRONE TO CHANGE, LOL.
bigmoe Whitfield: eep bug in client.
Jordguitar Flasheart: can the next change be a update to the asset server hardware ;-;
bigmoe Whitfield: sorry must relog
Torley Linden: I could quote Linus Torvalds or something here. >.<
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Torley Linden: Jordguitar, I'm not involved with server-side upgrades but that is a continual process of upgrading/scaling with growth, happening day by day.
Happiness Merryman: Where is the "office" & group? ???
Torley Linden: Lately it has been rough, like the last weekend. :\ And all the blog posts on it too!
Torley Linden: Happiness, heya! Right here. :D
Torley Linden: You're very nearby... ;)
Lavender Link chuckles
Happiness Merryman: I see people.
Happiness Merryman: Thanks!
Dakota Schwade: We're not dead, are we? I hate when that happens.
Kim Anubis: Hi, Mari :)
Torley Linden: We're still alive!
Marianne McCann: Hiya
Torley Linden: Like that geek song, haha...
Torley Linden: Hey Mari!
Marianne McCann: How's you, Kim an Torley an \everybuggy?
Torley Linden: Hehe I doin' good, and ye?
Tianti Teebrook: Ho everyone, Torley i just want to say i love your work and I am grateful for all you do
Kim Anubis: Good. Hope you are too, kiddo
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Torley Linden: Maybe someday I'll need an amphithetre but I like close, cozy surroundings!
Lavender Link snuggles closer to Kia
Lavender Link: we can make rooom
Torley Linden: Thanks. :)
Lavender Link: yayyyyy
Timothy Dryke: what about a small aphithetre
Kia Kit: yay
Torley Linden: This is but my humble, watermelon-colored abode!
Torley Linden: Timothy, perhaps...
Kia Kit snuggles Lav and Alex
Mizzy Wikinger: this is nice and cozy :)
Torley Linden: I haven't changed this place much since I built it... eventually I may get restless and rebuild, or maybe another office... we shall see...
Carme Mathy: Hola
Torley Linden: Hola!
Kim Anubis: You could put it in a giant watermelon
Carme Mathy: ostres! quina sospresa!
Dakota Schwade: A watermelon patch, with the melons as chairs.
Marianne McCann: Ya, specially with megas workin more normal under h4
Torley Linden: Haha, "more normal"...
Marianne McCann grins
Torley Linden: Dakota that'd be very organic. Yeah, maybe I should opt for something minimal.
Torley Linden: I've been a lot about simplicity recently...
Marianne McCann: Second Life: Now with 25% more normal added!
Mizzy Wikinger: simplicity is good!
Kim Anubis: Tor, any word on how long 'til estate owners will be able to set up estate Windlight skies and water?
Torley Linden: Kim, not sure, we're nearer now that WindLight is in the main viewer... I hope it happens *before* end of Q2 but our WindLight devs are (to my knowledge) heavily focused on crash/performance/stability stuff right now so it may be longer.
Torley Linden: But that is a great question.
Torley Linden: Specifically, lowering the viewer crash rate.
Kim Anubis: I'm looking foward to it -- but stability first, of course! :)
Torley Linden: Yes me too, it'll be so awesome.
Torley Linden: I look forward to teleporting into estates at random and being greeted with a different atmosphere in each one!
Torley Linden: Space regions will look more... spacey... sunsets abound for those tropical paradises, and so much more! =)
Tianti Teebrook: Do you book private appointments for mentoring?I'd like to discuss a project I am working on
Torley Linden: *hears Pastrami's voice in his head getting all excited about it*
Kim Anubis: I hope eventually we'll be able to change the skies and water via script.
Torley Linden: Tianti, thanks for asking, alas no I don't... mainly 'cuz of shortage of time. Always like hearing about cool stuff happening in Second Life tho.
Timothy Dryke: I hope thats not getting abused bye griefers, like changing an area completly black
Imma Milena: Holaaaaa
Dakota Schwade: Speaking of scripting, when is "mono" going to be given to the masses Torley? Any idea?
Torley Linden: Timothy, someone could only do that if they owned/managed a region, and in that case, it's be an EXPENSIVE way to grief (!).
Torley Linden: I don't know about that Dakota, sorry! Babbage is the expert on that project.
Marianne McCann: Me too, Kim. Would really add to the feel of an individual sim
Alexandria Ellison: What do you think of the permission system for prims in its current state or the suggestions content creators have made to stop content theft but retain the buyers ability to customize them?
Kim Anubis: I have a project now that would benefit from pushbutton control of the time of day
Torley Linden: Alexandria, longer-term I'd like to see better first-use metadata. I've hoped for that, for a long-term. Also, having better Creative Commons licensing in Second Life would be grand. But I don't know if/when that might happen.
CeeJay Tigerpaw: :-) all
Torley Linden: I like the current right-click > More > More > Inspect for prims, but it should be extended eventually to textures and more.
Marianne McCann: Hi CeeJay
Kim Anubis: ooh big kitty :)
Torley Linden: Maklin, that's such a cool steampunk input device.
Alexandria Ellison: What do you mean by first use metadata? Sorry if i don't understand completely.
Maklin Deckard: Torley, I am experiencing a visual change with the new client (as I was in RC 0). Can I hand you a couple pictures?
Maklin Deckard: Thanks, Made the type overrider and pack myself. Also the hat....
Torley Linden: Alexandria, basically, better info about "when this asset was first used", since that info can help determine an original as opposed to a copy, insofar as the date/time it was uploaded inworld.
Torley Linden: It's not perfect but leaves a lot less ???s than the limited info we have today. (And why can't we modify animations after uploading them, that's another odd one.)
blogHUD Messenger: Your image post has arrived at []: see
Tianti Teebrook: i can not run multiple viewers with this one or the prior
Kim Anubis: wow, nice work, Maklin
Torley Linden: Tianti, what's stopping you?
Tianti Teebrook: i'm nit sure. I've added-multilple and it still says it's already running
Tianti Teebrook: I did it before
Alexandria Ellison: I agree, its a good way. My main problem is buying something and being so limited, unlike in real life, anyone who buys a car, can paint it red green or any shade they want. I wish permissions would retain functionality like that without making it hard for the end user to customize things.
Marianne McCann: I've heard other s mention dat Tianti
Maklin Deckard gave you gear, main client, Windlight first look..
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Torley Linden: Tianti: You put spaces around "-multiple" ? I'll check later but that shouldn't have broken... I hope not! If it doesn't work, I reckon it's already been reported as a bug on the Issue Tracker.
Alexandria Ellison: I have no intention of stealing things but, its sad when I have limitations because the content creator is paranoid about their IP.
Marianne McCann: Torley - Salazar Jack and a few others are starting a search for the presumed lost Magellan Linden. Have you heard anything about the explorer's whereabouts?
Tianti Teebrook: no i put no spaces
Torley Linden: Alexandria, yeah, there's a lot of granularity... it's like how most vehicle creators don't script their vehicles to be driven by anyone, just the owner. Some things don't directly translate to SL well while others are a lot more flexible (e.g., resizing objects that are mod isn't so simple in First Life)!
Torley Linden: Oh, dear Magellan, last I heard he disappeared after his adventures to Heterocera Atoll...
Torley Linden: I haven't seen/heard of his whereabouts since!
Torley Linden: Tianti, to clarify, spaces are needed!
Torley Linden: Cool gear, Maklin.
Marianne McCann: Yes, Torley. Salazar was a bit worried about him, We're meeting on Sunday to figure out a plan for finding him
Marianne McCann: If we're not too late, of course
Torley Linden: "C:\Program Files\SecondLife\SecondLife.exe" -multiple
Torley Linden: ^ That's exactly what I use.
Maklin Deckard: Not sure why, but it was perfect in the old main viewer, and Firstlook, broken badly in the RC's and the new main (which is jsut RC4)
Tianti Teebrook: so es then space then dashspace multiple?
Torley Linden: I haven't heard what happened to Magellan's crew, either...
Marianne McCann: All of us, neither
Tianti Teebrook: I'll try again thanks!
Kia Kit: o.o why no girlish shape today Torley?
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Torley Linden: Hmmm Maklin, I'm not sure what the issue is at first glance; do you know which texture parameters specifically it might be tied to? I know we had some bugs with planar texturing that got fixed...
Torley Linden: Kia, oh, I change them up... there are a whole council of Torleys!
Torley Linden: You're welcome Tianti!
Kia Kit: :P more colorful Torleys are my favorite
Maklin Deckard: Not sure....just worked fine up until the RC's, then has been like that ever since, Torley.
Torley Linden: Hahaha I'm sure they are, Kia, and generally mine too.
Marianne McCann gave you Seen Magellan T-Shirt Pink.
Marianne McCann: I like Torley shaped torleys, whatever shape dat happens to be!
Torley Linden: I suppose I can't be shaped any other way! ;)
Alexandria Ellison: Shape like a watermelon? :P
Torley Linden: So that's good news!
Marianne McCann gave you Whimsy, Whimsy (118, 209, 33).
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Does Torley have an avatar of watermelon with electrodes in it, like in Buckaroo Banzai ...?
Torley Linden: Hahahah CeeJay, Mobius Overdrive mentioned something like that to me long ago.
Torley Linden: Sadly I don't... nor have I seen all of Buckaroo Banzai... I watched the beginning but admittedly got bored. I was hoping to like it more.
Dakota Schwade: How's your supply of video tutorial suggestions Torley? Are you running low? :-)
Alexandria Ellison: I wish there was a way to custmize the built in footsteps the SL client offers, instead of wearing attachments to create a foodstep effect.
Torley Linden: I got up to the part where John Lithgow zaps himself with electricity and then runs through a wall, and then there was that part in the tour bus.
Torley Linden: Dakota: More always wanted! And yeah, I'm low on QUICKTIPS since I just did another 14 which are coming out this weekend... ideas always appreciated, *especially* stuff that makes you go, "I wish I knew that when I started Second Life!"
ZHAO-II: Couldn't find animation FreeAOStand-012}*V*I'm A Model Stand 2
Torley Linden: Alexandria, ohh... and the sound too!
ZHAO-II: Couldn't find animation FreeAOStand-012}*V*I'm A Model Stand 2
ZHAO-II: Couldn't find animation FreeAOStand-012}*V*I'm A Model Stand 2
ZHAO-II: Couldn't find animation FreeAOStand-012}*V*I'm A Model Stand 2
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ZHAO-II: Couldn't find animation *V*Group1
Torley Linden: I really don't like the default footsteps sounds, they're awful, some sort of bastard 8-bit crunch.
Alexandria Ellison: Yes exactly, with a customized sound that everyone can hear!
Kim Anubis: hehe
Torley Linden: Which is OK if you're playing Dragon Quest I, but not otherwise...
Torley Linden: I'd like to walk down really long hallways and hear reverberant echooooo.
Kim Anubis: That would rock
Kia Kit: will the shape mesh ever be changed to allow for more shape customiaztion and more sliders?
Steel Halasy: "bastard 8-bit crunch" ... sounds like a bad cereal
Torley Linden: I like those X-Files scenes when you have Men in Black or Syndicate personnel and there's a lot of atmosphere to that.
Marianne McCann: Torley - I agree. I wish dat was changable. Jes like the base Plywood. If only I could used modthe default
Alexandria Ellison: But how is echo defined in a world that is ever so changing...
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Torley Linden: Kia: "Ever" could be a long time! I hope so eventually, but I don't know for sure.
Alexandria Ellison: Thats up in the more attachment points wish, i hope something soon.
Torley Linden: Alexandria: Yeah, it gets complex after that, because we'd need to define surface reflection materials, and how, say, a sculptie bed might absorb sound better than a hard-tile floor, which would not just be textured as such, but needs to have another setting for how it affects sound, etc. I bet there are some easy-preset ways to make it simpler, tho.
Marianne McCann: Maybe tie it into materials?
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Kia Kit: more attachment points would be really nice
ZHAO-II: Couldn't find animation Animah AO Flying Up
ZHAO-II: Couldn't find animation Animah AO Flying Up
Torley Linden: Right now, we currently can change prim materials (not to be confused with the upcoming materials project) which DOES change collision sound (and collision sound can be scripted)...
Alexandria Ellison: Attachment points for fingers!
Torley Linden: Kia: More usability for attachments would be SUPER...
Kia Kit: and eyelashes lol
Marianne McCann: I loved the vidtut on particles. Maybe one on prims at Ivory Tower or textures at Robin Sojourner's place?
Alexandria Ellison: Eyelashes!
Marianne McCann: Materials project?
Torley Linden: right now tho, no one can quite figure out a simple enough yet versatile model for more attach points. There are so many usability conundrums... !
Chaos Mohr: Torley I keep missing the bug Triage's but if you have a chance could you sometime check on the status of a bug you commented on a while back and imported internally : DEV-10953
Steel Halasy: What do you mean by that Torley?
Torley Linden: Mari, respectively for (1) building and (2) making clothes that's a GREAT idea. Thanks, Lumiere IMed me recently, incidentally... I'd like to have more of a touring series where I introduce new places, I'm sure with all the landmarks you send me ;) I'd never be out of places.
Maklin Deckard: Oh lord, don't mention attachment points. Figuring out how to get things to cooperate on my AV is a nightmare of relinking and repositioning things. :)
Torley Linden: Hahahaha, in tune with what Maklin said...
Marianne McCann giggles
Marianne McCann: True!
Marianne McCann: Lumi's great. Love his current build in Planet Mongo
Torley Linden: Chaos, looks like that went through internal triage on Feb. 28 but I haven't seen any other change on it...
Marianne McCann: Boo, Signpost!
SignpostMarv Martin: Torley's watermelony awesomeness broke the tp system- had to tp into borrowdale to get here :-P
Chaos Mohr: thanks Torly, that's the only thing that's keeping me from moving up right now :)
SignpostMarv Martin: boo
Torley Linden: And re: attachments, see stuff like , there's no end of discussion... and most people can't agree on a single design.
Torley Linden: LOL Marv.
Marianne McCann gave you MongoMedia WorldWide, Planet Mongo (128, 129, 248).
Torley Linden: Hey Edgar, are your eyes a reference to Dune? Or am I mistaken?
Maklin Deckard: I avoid the Jira :(
SignpostMarv Martin: personally, i think the ability to apply multiple objects to a single attachment point would be better than more attachment points
Marianne McCann: I jes spent an hour on the JIRA, updating issues
Edgar Walls: yes.......eyes from dune......^^
Maklin Deckard: Yes, I like that Marv. tail and a belt to the same location.
Torley Linden: Some people have suggested having a max # of prims you can attach with no set # of attach points, but that might be confusing for some too.
Torley Linden: Cool Edgar, the spice must flow!
Chaos Mohr: hmmm multiple attachments on one point, like a box, a house, a torch all at the same point? :P
Edgar Walls:
Kia Kit: when will our avatars get individual toes like our fingers?:P
Marianne McCann: Even a sorta simple avvie like me is almost outta attachment points /me pouts
SignpostMarv Martin: afaik, the system doesn't give a crap about the number of prims, only the number of objects
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Torley Linden: Hahaha Kia, it's weird how they're stuck together.
Torley Linden: They're just painted clumps... it's so weird being an avatar! @_@
Torley Linden: Or all the size 0 feet in the world... yipes.
Kia Kit: they look horrible in open toed shoes
SignpostMarv Martin: animated sculptie apendages ftw ? :-P
Torley Linden: I think that may be part of why I've hardly ever seen open-toed shoes.
Steel Halasy: I thought the av feet just had one big toe... :)
Alexandria Ellison: Like a uni-toe?
Steel Halasy: lol... yeah..
Torley Linden: HAAH, I remember when I was new and trying to change my Appearance so that I'd have a uni-brow.
Keumjoo Ahn giggles.
Jansen Miles: Animatable fingers. It's a crime that I can't give anyone the finger... :)
Trinity Coulter: just dropping in to drop a link that reminded me of Torley:
Steel Halasy: Maybe there needs to be a "genetic" difference to avatars vs. real people....
CeeJay Tigerpaw: You could easily get more attach points simply by doubling the existing ones. EG instead of "head", have "head" and "head 2", et cetera.
Torley Linden: *looks*
Torley Linden: Oh those are CUTE Trinity!
Maklin Deckard gave you Steampunk Etheric-Spark Communicator.
Trinity Coulter: ty :))
Trinity Coulter: i wanted to see a little watermelon turtle there
Dakota Schwade: It's all in the eyes :-)
Jansen Miles: Wouldn't even need to enumerate like that, just add attachments to head until the system "no more".
Torley Linden: :D :D
Steel Halasy: Jansen, then new residents would be wearing MANY boxes, not just one at a time!!!
Torley Linden: A big watermelon rests on the back of that turtle, holding up the world.
OOC Textiness whispers: Type /22 to speak in OOC terms.
Trinity Coulter: well a really nice thing for appearance might be developing a system for skirts that actually don't poof out 2 inches off your body and flow nicely when you sit
Torley Linden: It's always a difficult balance and a moving one at that, advanced users who want "More options!" and newcomers who are confused by so many choices.
Maklin Deckard: Wish they still wore boxes on the head by default. The newbie season was so amusing back then.
Jansen Miles: Steel: Then we can tell they're new without going to the trouble of checking their profiles!
Torley Linden: LOL Maklin.
Torley Linden: I like a well-filled out profile.
SignpostMarv Martin: not a watermelon slice on the backs of 4 totoro on the backs of a watermelony turtle ?
Torley Linden: It's the weirdest thing when someone tells me they're a photographer but they have no picture in their profile.
Torley Linden: =)
Torley Linden: Hahah Marv that's even better.
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Trinity Coulter: hi Sign... there you are
Torley Linden: Hmmm... that'd be fun to build.
Jansen Miles: Most photographers hate picture of themselves.
Kia Kit: empty profiles are soooo boring
Maklin Deckard is unable to attach things.....which it lets him know after taking the old ones off. relog time.
Trinity Coulter: Torley you're the best... hugs kisses etc things :))
Trinity Coulter: bye
Torley Linden: I like finding profiles that make me laugh so much.
Torley Linden: Take care Trinity!
Torley Linden: Or creative use of ASCII art.
Torley Linden: I remember when we had ratings on our profile... that's old-skool now!
Kia Kit: i have an ASCII bunny in mine yayy
Kim Anubis: ancient history, eh? :)
SignpostMarv Martin wonders if anyone uses stumbleupon with the web profiles....
Torley Linden: Hahah Kim you know better than I!
Torley Linden: No Marv... what could we do with that?
Kim Anubis: Torley Senior came along way back when, though!
Rock Pond Pose ball: llStopAnimation: Script trying to stop animations but agent not found
Torley Linden: ^_^
Keumjoo Ahn observes and listens silenty.
SignpostMarv Martin: well stumbleupon is pretty much a thumbs up/down thing
Torley Linden: I remember you totally rockin' at trivia Kim, including that time there was the Egyptian-focused session! And all those games at Mae's!
Kim Anubis: I miss Mae's trivia events
Kim Anubis: Whatever happened to the keyboard you used to tote around everywhere, Torley?
Torley Linden: I too, and I miss a time where Events calendar was usable and not so spam-filled.
Torley Linden: Kim, just haven't worn it but I still got it in my Inventory!
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Torley Linden: *wears it, or tries to... nooo asset server, don't you dare!*
Kim Anubis: aww cmon, asset server, hand it over!
Cannot complete attachment. An attachment is pending for that spot.
Marianne McCann: Ouch
Torley Linden: It's telling me "Cannot complete attachment. An attachment is pending for that spot." when I tried to reattach, may just be slowww...
Dakota Schwade: No, just annoying as usual!
SignpostMarv Martin: ^another reason why multiple attachments per point would be good
Marianne McCann: I had dat f'r a half hour yesterday
SignpostMarv Martin: that error would just go away :-P
Kia Kit: I dont like pending attachments, and stale money :(
Tianti Teebrook: Torley, My piano music iPod (Torley Edition) breaks up...will play then stop, play and stop
Torley Linden: Oh gosh I remember a horrible time when the L$ didn't say "Loading...", it was just BLANK when loading, and that caused so many support problems.
Torley Linden: Tianti, sorry to hear that! That's likely because it has 10-sec. clips that are played one after another...
Torley Linden: we currently can't upload longer clips, e.g., full songs.
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Torley Linden: What Seagel Neville did with that device, Tianti, was script a workaround... he chopped my songs up into those clips and they play sequentially.
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Back.
SignpostMarv Martin: with media streaming and web-on-a-prim do we really need full-length songs ?
Marianne McCann: Might work better in low lag conditions, an depending a lot on the computer - least forom my experience
Torley Linden: WB CeeJay, and BTW, great title. And you're welcome about Violet. :)
Torley Linden: Marv, in some contexts, yes... too bad voice chat is mono eh? ;)
Tianti Teebrook: do you have an updated one for sale?
Tianti Teebrook: straight from the meister himself?
Tianti Teebrook smiles
SignpostMarv Martin: of course, there's always the fun of data:image/mpeg;base64, urls :-P
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Torley, that was an immense favor, the reaction among the Violetorians has been WILD enthusiasm.
Torley Linden: Tianti, no, that's pretty much as good as it gets (depending on your connection as Mari said)... I haven't updated it myself and I think Seagel did pretty good, given the constraints.
Torley Linden: If you DO want to download the full piano songs in there tho, they're here: and look at the left-hand side.
SignpostMarv Martin: Torley: I can has Ogg FLAC version ?
Torley Linden: Where did you find it originally, Tianti?
Tianti Teebrook: o think in a freebie box
Torley Linden: Marv, I'd upload in FLAC more if I had better broadband upstream...
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Torley Linden: Kewl Tianti. =)
Torley Linden: "Unable to create requested object. The request timed out. Please try again." That not good!
SignpostMarv Martin: send me a DVD and I'll seed a torrent again :-P
Torley Linden: I'll have to try again but I hope my keyboard isn't lost to the aether...
Marianne McCann: Torley - Would it be best to do a support ticket or go to LDPW folks or stuff when I come across issues like the way broken down salloon in Oak Grove, or the one place of yours (with the pink andgreen streetlight) that also looks like it;s missing stuff and has junk scattered about?
Torley Linden: That was nice of you Marv! But as much as possible I'd rather do things without snail mail for efficiency's sake... (!)
Torley Linden: Mari, great question, that sounds like it'd fall best under LDPW!
Torley Linden: But that Experi-Crib, I can take care of it...
Torley Linden: there's a sandbox there so junk will show up momentarily... unless you're referring to something else?
Marianne McCann: Thanks. I'll pester them - thoguh I know Oak Groves saloon has been in bad shape for a long time
Marianne McCann: Ya, the sandbox primarily. I noticed your old desk on the pier was gone, but the stuff on the desk was still there
Torley Linden: Ah yeah some of those old builds over time experienced prim drift and bits and pieces missing...
Torley Linden: Hmmm that's really weird Mari, I haven't been there in ages. OK... I'll have a look there and maybe just clean that up and blank the parcel eventually (altho it's referred to in some video tutorials, they're old...).
Marianne McCann has been doing long tours of the mainland
Torley Linden: Oooh nice.
Torley Linden: Culture and heritage awareness in Second Life!
SignpostMarv Martin: Torley : snail mail would probably be faster than transfering the entire collection over the internets :-P
Torley Linden: Marv, there's gonna be more music series too, and I need to have the self-sustainability to upload them at-will to wherever; it's a shame Jamendo's FLAC upload borked on me.
Torley Linden: But moi appreciates your concern.
SignpostMarv Martin: have you thought about seeding torrents yourself ?
Mizzy Wikinger: nice Roland Torley. do you give lessons too? ;)
Torley Linden: And now I apologies, I need to go early, WindLight podcast! (It'll appear on our blog soon.) Thanks each and all for coming to visit me! :D
Qie Niangao: (Torley, may I pass you a notecard with some links to those forum threads with Windlight tweaks discussed?)
Torley Linden: Mizzy, I used to long ago... ;)
Tianti Teebrook: Torley, which Linden can I talk to about an inworld application for employment?
Tianti Teebrook: ahhhhh!
Torley Linden: Marv, yes, but that'd short my bandwidth even more.
Mizzy Wikinger: cool!
Tianti Teebrook: noooooooo
Torley Linden: Not enough resources... ! Need moar!
Alexandria Ellison: See you again Torley, pleasure seeing you in-world finally!
Marianne McCann: Isn't Char Linden still doing the applications an stuff?
Marianne McCann: Welcome Back, Kim
Torley Linden: Tianti, I suggest and send in applications via that. We currently don't do inworld applications per se that I know of.
Torley Linden: AHHH gotta go! I'm being pulled away!
Torley Linden: And you too Alexandria!
Torley Linden: T'care everyone!
Qie Niangao gave you Qie to Torley: links of WindLight forum-posts.
Marianne McCann: Aww...
Marianne McCann: Bye Bye!!
Keumjoo Ahn: Bye torley
CeeJay Tigerpaw: CUL Torley
Mizzy Wikinger: bye bye :))
Torley Linden: Bai bai for now! My appreciation for coming over... thx for the links too, Qie!
Tianti Teebrook smiles such a pleasure thank you!!!
Torley Linden: *waves and smiles*
Qie Niangao: thanks, Torley
Kim Anubis: bye, Torley!