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Torley Linden shouts: FRIENDLY GREETINGS!
Torley Linden: I apologize for the lateness!
Super Greeter 4.7: Torley Linden - Friendly greetings, have fun, explore! Watch Second Life video tutorials and download them @
icktoofay Kamachi: FRIENDLY GREETINGS!
ribena Homewood: Friendly Greetings, Torley! <:D
Imnotgoing Sideways: Hii~iiii~iiiii (^_^)
icktoofay Kamachi: FRIENDLY GREETINGS!
Torley Linden: Coming down! I had a slow login...
icktoofay Kamachi: FRIENDLY GREETINGS!
icktoofay Kamachi: FRIENDLY GREETINGS!
Torley Linden: i'm so sorry!
Emilylo Mayako: Toraley!!
Xavier Baxter: hello torley
Stephen Posaner: friendly greetings Torley
Sinfinity Numanox: hiya
Kronik Lockjaw: hi torley
Ponjos Friedlander: Friendly Greetings! Torley!
Shirley Marquez: hello, Torley!
ribena Homewood: Not a problem, Torley.^^
Johan Laurasia: Yo Torley
icktoofay Kamachi: [12:01] icktoofay Kamachi: You're one minute late to your office hours! :p
Stephen Posaner: we have lots on voice today
Harleen Gretzky: Hi Torley
Torley Linden: RIGHT HERE :)
schuggaboy Allen: Friendly Greetings! Torley!
Ponjos Friedlander: He is above.
Torley Linden: hehe i'm not on voice right now but i can hear you
Torley Linden: good to see you all :)
RiderX Spitteler: Hey Torley :-)
Torley Linden: hahahaha
Emilylo Mayako: hello Torley
Squirrel Wood: Hellu Torley!
Free Radar HUD v1.0 by Crystal Gadgets (Babeli 128,128,22)
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Sheet Spotter: G'day eh!
Torley Linden: no sorry i'm not using voice
Jaymes Kjeller: Hey Torley!
Ponjos Friedlander: Nice avatar.
Torley Linden: i haven't done a voice-only office hour yet
Torley Linden: i haven't gotten enough requests for them :)
Torley Linden: yes :)
icktoofay Kamachi: Hmmmm. That is a very strange avatar, Torley.
Torley Linden: oh what are your questions?
ribena Homewood: Hahaha, Torley. What are you now?
Torley Linden: haha i am a warrior ant
Imnotgoing Sideways: Good job!!! XD
Torley Linden: from MadCow Cosmos
ribena Homewood: :D
ribena Homewood: Excellent.
Ponjos Friedlander: I think he's asking how you do this?
Torley Linden: depends what the questions are about, we usually do a free for all and transition from one topic to the next
Torley Linden: =)
Kronik Lockjaw: MP4 videos
Kronik Lockjaw: ??
Torley Linden: my office hours tend to be pretty chaotic/creative
Torley Linden: ohh which one, the SHADOWS one?
Torley Linden: go ahead and ask please
Torley Linden: hehehe
Kronik Lockjaw: Making mp4 videos work?
Torley Linden: wow so many cool avatars here
Imnotgoing Sideways: OOh.. I wanna play with the shadows viewer. (^_^)
Shirley Marquez: they'll play in QuickTime
Torley Linden: yes, making shadows a part of Second Life eventually IS the intention
Stephen Posaner: so do i
Torley Linden: it's currently experimental and has a lot of work to be done
Kronik Lockjaw: I followed the tutorial
ribena Homewood: Excellent. Should go great with Windlight.
Stephen Posaner: im down for crashing it for fun
Kronik Lockjaw: even used teh same files you used
Torley Linden: it's always important to emphasize that stuff doesn't work...
Kronik Lockjaw: cant get them to play
Torley Linden: we're aware of a lot of those issues internally
Torley Linden: that's why it's not intended to be a widespread release,
Torley Linden: i'm glad you brought that stuff up tho :)
Imnotgoing Sideways: When will it go "First Look"? (o.o)
Torley Linden: Shadows are not a camera trick -
Xavier Baxter raises his hand.
Johan Laurasia: Andrew and SImon Linden have office hours to discuss those sort of bugs
Torley Linden: thanks for sharing the news... :) and yes, that's a known thing... Runitai Linden is the main graphics guru working on it
icktoofay Kamachi: Torley, could you make a tutorial on how to make [baked] shadows in Photoshop? (I think baked is the term, I mean shadow-ish testures we can apply to a flat prim to make stuff look like stuff has shadows)
Torley Linden: according to his internal notes, only 8800/8600 families i believe but i haven't tried 9xxx
Sheet Spotter: For the benefit of the others..."Ranatah Anatra" is asking a number of questions about the Shadow viewer in Voice.
Imnotgoing Sideways: \(^_^)/ I have a pair of 8600GT \(^_^)/
Shirley Marquez: 9600 and 9800 should also work
Torley Linden: thanks Sheet, that's appreciated
Stephen Posaner: I so need to build a computer just for SL and Graphics
Imnotgoing Sideways: I wanna see the Shadows viewer go "first look". (^_^)
Torley Linden: icktoofay, that may be obsoleted by the time shadows come around; i think Jimmy Thomson did a great one a long time ago
Johan Laurasia: Have you posted Jira's about those bugs?
Torley Linden: not a video, but a baked shadows tut
icktoofay Kamachi: Ah.
Shirley Marquez: the 9600 is a stripped-down 8800 with fewer stream processors -- 9800 is an 8800 with minor enhancements and a faster clock
Torley Linden: this is actually the first time voice has been used regularly here
Effie's HUD 0.8 [script:Visitors 0.1]: Script run-time error
Effie's HUD 0.8 [script:Visitors 0.1]: Stack-Heap Collision
Effie's HUD 0.8 whispers: Rezzed
Effie's HUD 0.8 whispers: Attached
icktoofay Kamachi: Torley: Do you have a link to the tutorial?
Imnotgoing Sideways giggles.
Jaymes Kjeller: I use a 8600GT, but maybe at one point I might get a 9 series card, I also think they have a multi-GPU one as well.
Torley Linden: and yes, as a general guideline -- we like to make as much visual niceness available as possible. but some stuff will have a minimum hardware requirement :)
Torley Linden: please go ahead and ask, ask in text if possible so i don't miss it :)
Shirley Marquez: 9800GX2 is basically two 9800s on the same card -- slowed slightly to keep the heat manageable
Torley Linden: there's a lot going on but i like hearing the voice + text too
Imnotgoing Sideways: Lawl ^-^
ribena Homewood: LOL.
Torley Linden: mmmm melon... who wants watermelon?
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Johan Laurasia: Yo!
Stephen Posaner: yes a tasty watermelon snack
ribena Homewood: I do. ._. I DO!
yoyox Tonic: me ^_^
Jin Amiot: Me wants melonn xD
Stephen Posaner: me
Free Radar HUD v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets
Torley Linden: i wish this one in the center gave out free melons
Ponjos Friedlander: I'd love some.
Torley Linden: it's no-transfer tho
Torley Linden: alas!
ribena Homewood: That's all of us, I think, Torley!^^
Torley Linden: but let me rez a free one
Johan Laurasia: Is your bear a watermelon bear? lol
Torley Linden: and you can take it
Torley Linden: yes Johan :)
Shirley Marquez: I'm not succeeding at connecting to voice -- but I'm on Linux today, the Linux voice support is sitll a bit flaky
Torley Linden: thanks for coming and asking =o)
Shirley Marquez: sometimes it works, sometimes not
Johan Laurasia: also, look up andrew linden's office hrs
Arawn Spitteler: That's right, I recall something about Torley needing a new bear
ribena Homewood: Oh man. I want that car.
Johan Laurasia: he deals alot with those bugs
ribena Homewood: Lol.
Stephen Posaner: I want to reload my HD to play with hackintosh
Torley Linden: (sorry, can't reply to IMs rght now, too much going on in the open! :D)
ribena Homewood: Pink and Green, and has a horn! Heaven. Just Heaven.
Imnotgoing Sideways: Lawl ^-^
Johan Laurasia: heh
Imnotgoing Sideways: Epic Watermelon slice. (^_^)
Torley Linden: OMG BIG MELON
Torley Linden: it should be buyable for L$0
Torley Linden: hahahaah
RiderX Spitteler: Torley...I've been thinking about making some of my own turorials, I wanted to know what software you use to create yous?
Emilylo Mayako eeps.
Torley Linden: lol "woohoo watermelon" would be a great gesture
Torley Linden: sure RiderX, i'd be happy to share ALL details about that...
Shirley Marquez: that slice looks like it could have come from the giant chair over yonder
Torley Linden: i use Techsmith's Camtasia Studio with DivX OR lossless codec
Stephen Posaner: the lag the lag
Stephen Posaner: Camtastia is fun
Torley Linden: wow there's a lot of people here today, thanks for joining me
RiderX Spitteler: cool thanks, I'll check them out
Lagmonster: Nobody can hear you scream!
Torley Linden: i have more details of the video tutorial creation process here:
Arawn Spitteler wouldn't dare use Lag, in a voicy system like this
Ponjos Friedlander: Yes, I was hoping to ask you for a bear Torley?
Torley Linden: i believe Camtasia does have a 30-day trial
ribena Homewood: We're here because you're God. D:>
Torley Linden: ohhh sure Ponjos, i'll send you one... sec... :D
Johan Laurasia: what sort of system do you run Torley?
Torley Linden: Johan i'm on Q6600 w/8800 GTS
McCabe Maxsted accepted your inventory offer.
Object: Couldn't find animation model 8}model 6
Torley Linden: yoyox the logo on yours chest reminds me of Uru!
Object: Couldn't find animation model 8}model 6
Torley Linden: i was on Uru for awhile, and then on GameTap... and then it ended
RiderX Spitteler: cool, I wanna do some blender tutorials and maybe photoshop to help the people who keep asking me lots of questions out
Torley Linden: Sinfinity and Wibble, those are awesome chairs
Johan Laurasia: I'd like to upgrade my video card, have a NVidia 7600 GS atm, cheap but adequate, runs windlight pretty well
Taimaru Hak: The shirt I am wearing is from URU :-)
Sinfinity Numanox: thanx :)
Wibble Poplin: ty ;)
Torley Linden: that'll be great RiderX, Blender can be so unintuitive. i haven't used it much but enlightenment is always appreciated!
Imnotgoing Sideways: Blender ANYTHING that's understandable would be awesome. (^_^)
yoyox Tonic gave you Landmarks: URU-related (Updated 06-09-2008).
Shirley Marquez: I just upgraded my main system from a 7600GS to an 8800GT -- I didn't get the jump in frame rate I expected...
Torley Linden: thanx for URU places =o)
Torley Linden: i didn't know there was a compilation of them
Shirley Marquez: but I can turn on AA and it doesn't drop -- guess I've got a bottleneck elsewhere
McCabe Maxsted: speaknig of UI, have any of you tried any of the skins available up on the wiki
Torley Linden: sure try rezzin
Johan Laurasia: really Shirley
Arawn Spitteler despises Windlight, for its neglect of Backwards Compatibility: Are we ever going to have Windlight on a toggle?
Stephen Posaner: no have not tried to skin my UI yet
poofer plant V1.0 (large): Set the position and touch to start
Shirley Marquez: I got about 25% improvement, I was expecting more
Johan Laurasia: yeah, could be
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Taimaru Hak: There are a lot of URU people now here in Second Life
McCabe Maxsted: (would be an awesome vid tutorial)
Jaymes Kjeller: Maybe one day, I might get a 8800, but I'd use it for a gaming PC.
RiderX Spitteler: I learne it the hard way via google, lol, would have been so much easier just being told the shortcuts
Shirley Marquez: but as I said, AA on and it doesn't change
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Torley Linden: Arawn, you can turn off Atmospheric Shaders (aka WindLight)
McCabe Maxsted:
Johan Laurasia: I have a P4, 800 mhz fsb and a gig of dual channel ddr2
Torley Linden: thanks for that link McCabe, i encourage sharing that
ribena Homewood: Wow.
Arawn Spitteler: The basic Windlight Viewer is still unpleasant
Imnotgoing Sideways: I really like the AA native settings.. I've been on 4x since my first Bay City visit. (^_^)
Shirley Marquez: so I think the next step is to replace the somewhat tired Pentium D
ribena Homewood: Windlight is amazing.
Johan Laurasia: I figure a better card and another gig or two of ram would really boost my performance
poofer plant V1.0 (small): Set the position and touch to start
Torley Linden: Arawn: it may be other things than "WindLight" per se
Torley Linden: remember the "WindLight" release also included lots of other changes which weren't strictly sky-based visuals
Torley Linden: aka 1.19.1 (in main viewer)
Johan Laurasia: Torley, is there any work going on in the dynamic reflections area?
Torley Linden: it's fun to see all the stuff rezzed around here
Jaymes Kjeller: I guess my PC can handle AA up to about 8x with acceptable slowdown, but 16X makes it nearly unsuable.
Stephen Posaner: brb
Taimaru Hak: That plant is from URU :-)
Arawn Spitteler: I only try Windlight on the RCs, save for Beta Grid, where it's still unpleasant
yoyox Tonic: yep ^_^
Torley Linden: Johan, great question, that'll likely come to fruition with a more versatile Materials system which is still down the road... i don't think it's likely Dynamic Reflections in its current (buggy) state would be handled on its own unless it were part of a bigger project
Imnotgoing Sideways: 4x @ 1600x1200 is visually really smooth as it is. (^_^)
Shirley Marquez: I've been running 4x -- I didn't see much improvement from going higher
Imnotgoing Sideways: Agreed. (^_^)
Torley Linden: Materials would allow for dynamic reflectiveness and extended bump mapping i believe (but that work has NOT been done... yet)
Torley Linden: among other things -- it's still speculative at this point
Jaymes Kjeller: Mind you, I'm using a old AMD Athlon 64, so I'll see if I can get a better single or dual core 939 socket processor.
Shirley Marquez: on the other end of the hardware spectrum, the Windlight viewer has made my low-end laptop with integrated graphics (Radeon XPress 200M) MUCH happier
Torley Linden: the brilliant devs who worked on Project WindLight are currently mainly focused on reducing crashes
Johan Laurasia: yep, well, so much other stuff on the table still
Torley Linden: it's nice to feel relief when long-awaited features/fixes are out there
Shirley Marquez: I turn all the shaders off and get double the frame rate of the old viewer
Johan Laurasia: Windlight is just amazing
ribena Homewood: Mhm, Johan.
ribena Homewood: Makes the world alot better.
Torley Linden: there's so many pieces moving...
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Torley Linden: that's why i'm so happy to see a variety of Lindens doing office hours on various expertises/specialties
Object: Couldn't find animation model 8}model 6
ribena Homewood: Awh. I need to go. :II
Torley Linden: aw thanks for coming ribena
Shirley Marquez: or I can turn the shaders on and get the same frame rate I got from the old viewer -- so win-win
ribena Homewood: Bye guys. :D
Johan Laurasia: I had a great meeting with Andrew and SImon the other day
Torley Linden: and thanks everyone who IMed me to tell me i was 1 minute late! hur hurrrr
ribena Homewood: Nice speaking, Torley.
ribena Homewood: Haha,
Johan Laurasia: lol
Arawn Spitteler: If other things were served with Windlight, that make the experience unpleasant, how are they to be distinguished?
Torley Linden: Arawn, Advanced menu > Consoles for detailed diagnostics, like Fast Timers which shows a technical breakdown of what's causing lag.
Shirley Marquez: I know some of the fashionistas hate the way Windlight looks -- I wrote some stuff about that on the forums and on my LiveJournal
Taimaru Hak: Torley, thanks for all your videos. I have learnt a lot from them and look forward to new ones
Squirrel Wood:
Torley Linden: oh yeah, WindLight doesn't have one particular "look". that's like saying you don't like the colors of the rainbow.
Johan Laurasia: lol, hangin' out with Torley causes lag due to the huge following that he has....!
Torley Linden: WindLight is NOT fully realized until we get settings as shareable inventory and server-side overrides tho
Torley Linden: thanks a lot Taimaru, i'm glad you let me know!
Torley Linden: thanx for watching :)
Jin Amiot: Damn i gotta get out, buisness calls. Thanks Torley xD
Shirley Marquez: yes, those would be very cool -- though what will REALLY make me happy is reliable group IM
Torley Linden: ah yes that has long been a bane of my personal/professional communications
Torley Linden: take care Jin!
Sinfinity Numanox: cya
RiderX Spitteler: Thanks for having us Torley, have to go play in the dark world of RL for a bit now:-p lol, keep up the good work and hopfully I'll have a vid or two soon
Torley Linden: my formal title is Resident Enlightenment Manager, which means i help increase understanding + spread of knowledge in Second Life
Arawn Spitteler: We're also needing an over the shoulder look, for instructors, but have always needed that.
Torley Linden: oh you're terribly welcome RiderX! *smiles* lemme know what ya come up with
Shirley Marquez: I bet that's a title they invented just for you
Torley Linden: "Over the shoulder look"? Arawn, describe that more?
RiderX Spitteler: I'll be happy to, see y'all :-D
Arawn Spitteler: Ever teach painting, where half your students are color blind?
Torley Linden: Shirley, i suggested it because "Education Manager" was being confused with real-world academia in SL
Imnotgoing Sideways: Heh.. Good title... "Test Engineer" sounds so formal to me, when I just get to break stuff for money. (^_^)y
Torley Linden: no, i haven't tought painting to color blind people before
Torley Linden: hahah
Johan Laurasia: sign me up for that
Johan Laurasia: lol
Wibble Poplin: :)
Johan Laurasia: heh, I do it for free
Torley Linden: but, i do know there are some inworld innovations that use scripted cameras to let you see the world through another avatar's eyes (after they grant permission)
Johan Laurasia: to get paid on top of it! That's heaven
Arawn Spitteler: I wonder if there's a way, for a client to upload it's view to an instructor. It would make this a much better venue, for teaching other softwares.
Torley Linden: doing what you love is rewarding
Torley Linden: it's the bestest
schuggaboy Allen: chrissy?
Torley Linden: Arawn: hmmm... closest thing i know is those gadgets i describe. i am total agreement about the usefulness of teaching like "seeing over your shoulder", especially when student and teacher may be many miles apart.
icktoofay Kamachi:
Taimaru Hak: Is there any development to allow real mirrors in the future rather than faking it with a camera?
Torley Linden: e.g., look for Rhaorth Antonelli's CamCaster
Imnotgoing Sideways: Isn't there a debug setting for that? (o.o)
Torley Linden: Taimaru: yes, part of Materials/dynamic reflections
Arawn Spitteler: I think that would take an object, with its own camera
Taimaru Hak: cool
Johan Laurasia: that would be cool
Jaymes Kjeller: I think that the enhanced Materials system will make it possible
Johan Laurasia: ouch
Torley Linden: okay yoyox , i hope things will be alright
Torley Linden: :)
Torley Linden: i got a UPS after being disconnected too many times during storms
Torley Linden: "ohhh internets, why do you have to be so dependent on electricity!"
Imnotgoing Sideways: Lawl ^-^
Chrissy01 Wunderlich: ok bye
Damani Roadster 0.50 - watermelon: You are not the owner...
Taimaru Hak: get hamsters in hamster wheels as backup :-)
Torley Linden: hahahah
Johan Laurasia: take two disimilar metals and stick them in a watermelon... presto, electicity!
Torley Linden: i actually want a hamster-of-doom avatar, where i ride in a wheel and crush the landscale
Torley Linden: landscape
Torley Linden: hahaha Johan
Imnotgoing Sideways: Stupid li'l me finally worked out the TreeLOD debug setting and cranked it up to 10 with no added lag... What else can I turn up for more pretties? (^_^)
Taimaru Hak: lol
Arawn Spitteler: We're too dependant on Computers, and those are dependant on Electricity. Do you realise, there are fotune tellers out there, who depend on Crystal Balls?
Johan Laurasia: love the hamster idea...
Torley Linden: Imnogoing: no lag!?!?!? try a richly forested area.
yoyox Tonic gave you Clothing: Yeesha Shirt Loose.
Jaymes Kjeller: You could do that, but it would be a waste of a watermelon. :)
Imnotgoing Sideways: Yeppers.. My computer don't mind. (^_^)
Torley Linden: lol Arawn, i always think of those mystics with turbans and psychic mediums...
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Torley Linden: one reason i have office hours is definitely to see all the badass, awesome, and trippy avatars that come :)
Torley Linden: avatars are self-expression!
Johan Laurasia: just picked up a freebie space ghost avie that kick's ass
Imnotgoing Sideways: I'm looking at ObjectLOD next as one to turn up... Anything else? (^_^)
Torley Linden: i used to watch Space Ghost coast to coast
Shirley Marquez: I didn't do anything fancy today, just came straight from the beach
Torley Linden: that cracked me up, i liked Brak the best
Johan Laurasia: yeah, that was a killer show
Tegg Bode: Lol I have an inverter in the utility that allows me to plug the house switchboard into it and ge a few hours out of it before I have to start the engine :)
Ponjos Friedlander: Excuse me Torley, but will you be giving out your bear today?
Shirley Marquez: we've finally had weather that feels like summer the past few days so I've been in a summer mood :)
schuggaboy Allen: hi Torley can i send you a nc whit my question
Torley Linden: Ponjos Friedlander i thought i sent one to you but if it didn't get through, let me try right now... :)
Ponjos Friedlander: Thank you. I had crashed before.
Torley Linden: you're welcome :)
Ponjos Friedlander accepted your inventory offer.
Ponjos Friedlander accepted your inventory offer.
Johan Laurasia: Johan has no bears... :( would love one when u get the time T
Stephen Posaner: bear?
Torley Linden: schuggaboy, please feel free to ask right in the open
Taimaru Hak: Torley, could I please have a bear as well?
Torley Linden: sure Johan!
Torley Linden: lemme send bears right now...
PulseBurst Flow: Torley, what's the problem with says that it's going to be "fixed" but was it broken? Seems perfectly fine to walk up a wall, or bad build, or side of a pit. rather than have to change gears and fly out, overshoot, and land. Just cause you can't walk walls in real life, is that it?
Taimaru Hak accepted your inventory offer.
Taimaru Hak accepted your inventory offer.
Taimaru Hak: Thanks :-)
Johan Laurasia accepted your inventory offer.
yoyox Tonic: woot can i ahve one all so ^_^
Torley Linden: here you are :)
Johan Laurasia accepted your inventory offer.
Ponjos Friedlander: Stephen if you watch the newest tip of the week, Torley explains all about lindens.
Torley Linden: PulseBurst, oh my gosh, i haven't tried that recently... when was it last working?
Johan Laurasia: Thanks Torley! my first bear! woot!
Ponjos Friedlander: And their bears.
Abbey Ninetails: Hoooo!
Stephen Posaner: I have had trouble watching the latest vid
Torley Linden: what sorta trouble, Stephen?
Abbey Ninetails: hows it goin guy
Stephen Posaner: it may be on my end
Abbey Ninetails: guys*
Torley Linden bare: **** Torley Linden BARE ****
Torley Linden bare:
Torley Linden bare: 14X RAM SYSTEM 2086 YOTTABYTES FREE
Torley Linden: hey hey Abbey
Torley Linden bare:
Torley Linden bare: READY.
Torley Linden: hahaha that is one crazy bear... but then again i'm biased o.O
Imnotgoing Sideways: "Bare"? (O.o)
Stephen Posaner: but it loads plays a few seconds and stops
schuggaboy Allen gave you schuggaboy Allen.
Abbey Ninetails: oops sowwie
Emilylo Mayako giggles.
Torley Linden: schuggaboy, what's a "NC"?
Chrissy01 Wunderlich: Notrecard
Stephen Posaner: alll vids other than locals have done this
Peter13 Peterman: sorry did miss something.. which viewer does have that shadown inside?
schuggaboy Allen: notecard
Torley Linden: Peter13: it's not widely available yet, it's a DIY patch. i'm using internal Linden builds (sorry i can't give those out)
Peter13 Peterman: oke just wanted to test it :)
Torley Linden: some people have successfully compiled their own viewers too
icktoofay Kamachi: Wow, I have 6 frames per second.
Johan Laurasia: Torley gets to play with all the latest goodies :)
PulseBurst Flow looking
Torley Linden: Johan, when i have time! lol
Stephen Posaner wants to be a linden just for the I wanna crash the viewer fun of it
Ponjos Friedlander: Yeah I went up here to keep my fps up.
Wibble Poplin is ecstatic. ^^
Peter13 Peterman: was thinking to see what it will do with opengrids
Johan Laurasia: yeah, I can imagine
Torley Linden: there's so much kewl stuff, i wanted to use Mono more
Johan Laurasia: I've been playing with mono
Johan Laurasia: on the preview
Torley Linden: schuggaboy, closest thing i can think of is sending an attachment via group notice, do you know how to do this? it's not automatic tho.
Shirley Marquez: I hope RC10 has fixed the login bug and the snapshot bug -- those two made the last couple of RCs kind of unusable
Johan Laurasia: nope
Torley Linden: nope
Johan Laurasia: LSL 2 will still run
Johan Laurasia: for a long long time
Torley Linden: you *choose* to compile as Mono
Chrissy01 Wunderlich: yes we know
Torley Linden: we aren't breaking older scripts
Imnotgoing Sideways: LSL Will stil run... But I think there are problems when compiling. (^_^)
Torley Linden: so old stuff will run as is (or should)
Chrissy01 Wunderlich: ok
Johan Laurasia: Philip said alot of bytecode exists where the source is long gone
Torley Linden: i'd refer to for specific Mono issues... Periapse Linden has a lot of helpful comments
Harleen Gretzky: If you know how to compile a viewer you can download the shadow patch and test it
Torley Linden: yes? :)
Johan Laurasia: so LSL2 will continue to run
Squirrel Wood: old stuff will run, old scripts compile fine to mono.
Imnotgoing Sideways: Once a script is bytecode... It don't matter what it was written in. (^_^)
Abbey Ninetails: ....Ni Ni!!....
Torley Linden: ah yes i'm familiar with that group i believe from Telador/Salazar Jack
Torley Linden: see ya on the flipside y0
Torley Linden: haha
Squirrel Wood: the programming language stays the same. Its the compiler that's different
Jaymes Kjeller: Well, if Mono's better, LSL will fall by the wayside as more people use it, of course, the reverse is true too.
Johan Laurasia: mono is way better
Johan Laurasia: :)
Danni's AO: Couldn't find animation Pre-Jump
Squirrel Wood: You can test Mono on the beta grid
Dizzy Banjo: lol sorry
Danni's AO: Couldn't find animation Pre-Jump
Chrissy01 Wunderlich: yes thx so much
Shirley Marquez: compiling to Mono probably breaks a few scripts, just because 100% bug-for-bug compatibility is so difficult
Torley Linden: it reminds me of that song "Life in Mono"... and this is "Second Life in Mono"
Dizzy Banjo is laggin bad :! :D
ColeMarie Soleil: mmmmmmmm that song is great
Dizzy Banjo: hey people..
Squirrel Wood: [12:43] Danni's AO: Couldn't find animation Pre-Jump <= borken ao. fix your ao config plz
Jaymes Kjeller: Maybe in the far-flung future LSL will be discontinued, but that point hasn't been reached yet
ColeMarie Soleil: ^^
Ponjos Friedlander: Dizzy if you don't look at all the avaters then your fps might jump up, works for me.
Imnotgoing Sideways remembers Wayne's World... "I thought I had mono once, it turned out I was just really bored." (=_=)
Torley Linden: yeah, Jaymes, that's one of those things... people are always interested in knowing WHEN something will happen, even if it's very far away
Torley Linden: hahaha i liked Wayne's World, they were sort of like Bill & Ted but in different ways ;)
Abbey Ninetails: ****Lawwwwllllzzzzz!!!****
Free Radar HUD v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets
Johan Laurasia: I plan to recompile all my stuff under mono
Torley Linden: i wished all of them got into a movie together
Imnotgoing Sideways: Lawl ^-^
Shirley Marquez: you can also move your avatar detail slider to the left... that turns more of the avatars into impostors
Peter13 Peterman: oke thx for all information but need to run. work has to be done as well.....have an nice day all
Arawn Spitteler learned about <ctrl><alt><shft>4 today
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
PulseBurst Flow: Torley, it was a recent RC version...notes in blog said DEV-XXXX fixed something..avatars no longer can walk up walls..
Torley Linden: i can imagine a lot of products being advertised as "NEW! recompiled for Mono!"
PulseBurst Flow: sorry not better info
Ponjos Friedlander: What does that do?
Johan Laurasia: RL work calls folks... gotta run.
Torley Linden: thanx for the clock again Johan, have a good one
Dizzy Banjo: Hey people, I'm creating an exhibit for Second Life's 5th Birthday celebrations. We are collecting messages from all residents ( either as voice recordings and notecards ) and putting them in a giant bottle which will spill them out and play them in a celebration of the Second Life spirit ! Here is a video explaining how to record your voice and submit it for the exhibit ! Thanks : Spread the word !! :D Deadline for submissions is the 18th - next wednesday!
Torley Linden: :)
Johan Laurasia: tankies for the 'bare' T
Stephen Posaner: peace
ColeMarie Soleil: YAY!
Torley Linden: =^_^=
Torley Linden: oh wow yeah SL5B is coming up
McCabe Maxsted: sucking thing about ctrl alt shift 4 is that it *still* hides selected objects; it'd be so useful for building otherwise..
Johan Laurasia: adios to all :)
Torley Linden: i may be helping to record some of the sessions for posterity
ColeMarie Soleil: Mhm I can't wait.
Dizzy Banjo: would be awesomesauce to get some messages from you all ! :DD
Torley Linden: McCabe: ah yeah, and sat-on objects too
Shirley Marquez: what does that key combo do, McCabe?
McCabe Maxsted: hides avs
ColeMarie Soleil: You'll get my message. It will be all. FREE THE FAE. and people will be all uhhhh ok cole you've done it to death now
PulseBurst Flow:
PulseBurst Flow: DEV-15875: Avatar now collides with tall prims, rather than walking up walls
Harleen Gretzky opened a JIRA on ctrl-alt-shift-4, but it was never fixed :(
Dizzy Banjo: btw Torley your export settings for creating mp4's are superb.. they saved my ass last night making that tutorial !
Shirley Marquez: but walking up walls was so much fun!
PulseBurst Flow: that's from:
ColeMarie Soleil: That and you didn't know the 100mb thing
Torley Linden: hmmm yeah... we shouldn't be walkin' up walls according to the internal report
PulseBurst Flow: yes, I agree Shirley...should be able to walk up walls
Torley Linden: oh GREAT to know Dizzy, thanks... they're an adapted version of Apple's own settings
schuggaboy Allen: could it be that "Open Source" is a solution to solve it automatically?
PulseBurst Flow: Why not?
PulseBurst Flow: just cause we can't in RL? Can't fly in RL either.
Sheet Spotter: RC10 is now out. I was just asked to upgrade.
ColeMarie Soleil: techically you can fly in rl
ColeMarie Soleil: don't get me started XD
McCabe Maxsted: and ceilings :) it'd love to see prims with a gravity setting, one of these days...
PulseBurst Flow: Are they fixing something that isn't broken?
Torley Linden: i haven't had a chance to look closely enough
Torley Linden: but PulseBurst -- i'd ask Andrew about that
Torley Linden: at his Office Hours
Torley Linden: he's the expert on that
Stephen Posaner: rather quick rc turnaround
Shirley Marquez: I downloaded RC10 while I was here... I'll try it out after office hours are over
Taimaru Hak: I'm running RC10 now
PulseBurst Flow: well, don't you Lindens run into each other? ;-D
Torley Linden: i'm on RC10 too, this is the most RCs we've had evar in succession
Siobhan McCallen: rc10 fixes the group rez problem
Shirley Marquez: does it fix the login problem?
PulseBurst Flow: Seems a UI desicion.
Torley Linden: PulseBurst oh yes, definitely, but with the crushing load of info that comes my way, i alas haven't had a chance to talk to Andrew much lately
Siobhan McCallen: supposed to
Imnotgoing Sideways: Ooh.. RC10? I'm soooo upgrading after this. (^_^)
Dizzy Banjo may do the shadow thing soon..
Squirrel Wood can't wait for RC11 ^^
Taimaru Hak: I had no trouble logging on
Siobhan McCallen: the double-login problem
PulseBurst Flow: are saying Andrew wrote that DEV ?
Shirley Marquez: if we're lucky there won't be an RC11
Arawn Spitteler understands: 1.20 never escaped RC, so 1.20.6 was actually 1.21.0
Imnotgoing Sideways: RCs are coming out like Rocky movies. (^_^)
Torley Linden: PulseBurst: no, Dan (QA) reported it but Andrew worked on it
Taimaru Hak: lol
PulseBurst Flow: OK, thanks Torely.
Siobhan McCallen: I hope there is...they need to fix the snapshot-showing-open-huds-and-windows problem
Stephen Posaner: lol
PulseBurst Flow: please send bear. ;-D
Shirley Marquez: it's not fixed in RC10?
Torley Linden: sure thing! *sends bear to PulseBurst*
Siobhan McCallen: no
Shirley Marquez: ouch -- that's a killer for me :(
McCabe Maxsted: I remember reading that they divided the rcs up into two segments: 0-7 and 8 onward
PulseBurst Flow accepted your inventory offer.
Squirrel Wood:
PulseBurst Flow accepted your inventory offer.
PulseBurst Flow: thanks
Harleen Gretzky: Andrew mentioned at his last OH, that walking up walls was fixed in 1.22.2
Siobhan McCallen: nope, not fixed
Torley Linden: i highly recommend attending Bridie's RC triages on Wednesdays @ 3 PM PDT in Levenhall if you're interested in specific RC bugs
Squirrel Wood: Mmm. Triages.
ColeMarie Soleil: -_-
Siobhan McCallen: VWR-7614
Sougent Harrop: Would love to attend but alas, work for a living and cannot.
Squirrel Wood taps her foot and waits for the announcement that the aset server is acting up and people should refrain from rezzing no copy objects or any money transaction
Torley Linden: never a dull moment
Arawn Spitteler: That's something I should ask about, somewhere. Why do I get more asset server problems, in a particular sim?
Torley Linden: there's so much to keep up with now that it's impractical for any one person to even try; but finding points of focus and really honing in on those is beautiful
Imnotgoing Sideways: Heh... Kuula sim? Probably because we beat it up all the time. (^_)^
Chrissy01 Wunderlich: *:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*
Chrissy01 Wunderlich: mars
Sinfinity Numanox: are there plans for any scripting tutorials?
mars Schumann: hi
Arawn Spitteler: Spirit City. I think thre might be some Temp Rezzes burdening the connections.
Chrissy01 Wunderlich: komm auf mein stuhl
Imnotgoing Sideways: ICK @ Temp Rezzers. (>_<)
Arawn Spitteler: Scripting Tutorials? If Bromley doesn't float your boat, come to my class
Tegg Bode: eww temp rezzers, adfarmers are using them in one of my sims :/
Jaymes Kjeller: Well, the more load the Asset Servers get, the more likely they are to fall down.
Torley Linden: Sinfinity, i'm open to it but one thing i need to note is scripts are very textual; i'd love an easier way to copy-and-paste text from within a standardized Flash presentation... or otherwise do a hybrid approach on the wiki
Abbey Ninetails has to leave now, is glad she finally caught an office hours
Sinfinity Numanox nods
Abbey Ninetails: ....Ni Ni!!....
Torley Linden: i dislike how fuzzy text looks on most compressed Flash vids
Shirley Marquez: I don't think video would bring much to the table for a scripting tutorial
McCabe Maxsted: take care abbey
Danni Ohara: Urg... just lagged to a crash
Abbey Ninetails: ^^ fanks, u2
Shirley Marquez: there are excellent in-world classes on scripting
Dizzy Banjo: Torley .. do you know how many items can be dropped on an offline account ? with this exhibit i think i might get loads of notecards and sounds dropped on me whilst offline.. will it cap them like IMs ?
Jaymes Kjeller: And pardon my ignorance but what does a temp-rezzer do?
Torley Linden: Shirley, well, the key points i look at here would be... for example, inserting different vehicle scripts into a multi-primmed object. of course, the stuff that needs to be the most visual.
Sinfinity Numanox: yeah, wondered if that would be a problem
Sougent Harrop: Perhaps combine some high def snapshots of the text and mix it in with the video?
Torley Linden: not everything is suitable for a video tutorial... it's another medium to complement all the others... hence, multimedia. :)
Torley Linden: Dizzy, should not have a cap.
Dizzy Banjo: ok great
Shirley Marquez: Video is really good for the UI stuff -- and that's so difficult to teach in other ways
Ponjos Friedlander: I
Torley Linden: i've had dozens of items dropped on me when i was offline, regularly, and i get all of them (that i'm aware of) and haven't seen a limit stated elsewhere
Arawn Spitteler: Temp Rez, mostly used for guns, rez objects that won't last long
Torley Linden: yeah Shirley, especially for newcomers who are hunting for controls
Dizzy Banjo: cool
Torley Linden: Sougent, definitely i'm open to much experimenting in future formats
Imnotgoing Sideways: Temp Rezzers rez objects with the "Temporary" setting on so that they don't count against the sim prim limits.... And they run in a loop to keep them up so that they appear permanent. (>_<)
Ponjos Friedlander: I've found that some of the live classes given here in SL are good for learning.
Sougent Harrop: Do video of the results of the scripting, but edit in clear ssnaps of the code
Torley Linden: i've had fun with temp-rez prims used with a Sky Sketch pen.
Imnotgoing Sideways: Yeah.. I temp rez marbles for physics experiments. (^_^)
Kate Linden gave you Link to Knowledge Base, Support Portal & Video Tutorials.
ColeMarie Soleil: og have you ever seen those sky pen writings just NOT vanish? XD I hate that
Arawn Spitteler: The Sim still has prim limits, one thousand prims temp and vehicle, but there's some problem with lag
Imnotgoing Sideways: I have a replica of the ping-pong balls on mousetraps "Chain Reaction" demonstration. (^_^)
Torley Linden: physics in Second Life are fun... oh, that brings up another thing... shadows + physics would look cool, like 1000 bouncy balls. ;D
Jaymes Kjeller: Temp-Rez by itself is okay, but when people use those kind of things, it's just not good.
Torley Linden: ColeMarie, it hasn't been a problem in the pen i used unless i deliberately set it to use permanent prims
Sougent Harrop: Physics is cool, aside from losing objects and annoy8ing the neighbors
Jaymes Kjeller: and I mean using them to bypass limits, of course.
Tegg Bode: Jaymes : A temp rezzer allows you to cheat the system by having object continually rez temporary prims so you can make something that is 20 prims appear on a small land plot that would normally only allow 3 prims. But to do this it is running scripts continually and generating new objects as the temporary ones fade
Dizzy Banjo: incidentally.. at the end of this exhibit im gonna give the bottle to Linden Lab.. maybe useful for resident survey purposes ! and also maybe we can open it again when its SL10B !!!
Torley Linden: yeah, i don't like that use of temp-rezzers... it's repetitive and hard on the system and selfish to others
Torley Linden: oooh Dizzy :)
Jaymes Kjeller: Yeah, agreed, it's selfish.
Imnotgoing Sideways hands Torley a Tylenol. (^_^)
Arawn Spitteler sees selfish people, but they don't know they're selfish
ColeMarie Soleil thinks temp rezzers are evil
Sougent Harrop: <sigh> I just wish we had more prims to work with, oh the things one could do.....
Torley Linden: yup, more people need to be aware of resource usage... that's why we've introduced things like Avatar Rendering Count
Tegg Bode: Temp rezzers aren't evil but they are a tool that can be used that way
Torley Linden: it's a tool, not a witch hunt, but a way to be more knowledgeable about: okay, what's happening here, what impact am i having on my environment?
Ponjos Friedlander: Yes, I've found that the preferences definitly work in our favor.
Torley Linden: kind of like being conscious of carbon footprints
Sheet Spotter: Are there any plans to introduce a measure of the impact an avatar's scripts are having?
Sougent Harrop: You should do a set of tutorials showing the hardware and stuff
Emilylo Mayako: wha is avaitor rendering count?
Torley Linden: Sheet, not a more intuitive way that i know of in the nearer time but Mono should complement that nicely
Torley Linden: er, i meant Avatar Rendering COST -
Dizzy Banjo: we have had to be very aware of prim counts.. this bottle will temp rez objects with sounds in.. but the total number of prims is way below parcel limit and regularity of rezing is very low
Imnotgoing Sideways: It's a score that comes from adding values together from all the prims an avatar is wearing. (^_^)
Torley Linden: details and a video tutorial in there!
icktoofay Kamachi: I think that if you have to use temp rezzers on a parcel any bigger than a 512sqm, you're probably using too many prims.
Torley Linden: some prims are more "expensive" than others depending on what visual effects/options are applied
Shirley Marquez: the vendors that use temp-rez to display solid objects are good though
Dizzy Banjo: agreed icktoofay
Siobhan McCallen: it would be useful to have some way of determing a specific script or object's actual load
Torley Linden: yeah Shirley, i've really admired some creative holovendors.
Chrissy01 Wunderlich: bye mars sweet dreams
Tegg Bode: If you need temprezzers on any sized parcel you are using too many prims :)
McCabe Maxsted: top scripts for parcel owners has been long desired
Shirley Marquez: expecting a jewelry seller to have enough prim allowance to display 100 pieces is unrealistic
Shirley Marquez: but using a rezzer to show one at a time -- better
Torley Linden: and incidentally, i do prefer - for the sake of accurately representing merchandise - seeing store contents IN PRIMS rather than just boxes on the wall
icktoofay Kamachi: Siobhan: Indeed! I'd like to test my scripts without having to ask an estate owner if I can test on their sim and ask what the "script lag" is.
Torley Linden: that's an excellent example, Shirley
Ponjos Friedlander: As long as they don't show all of them at the same time...
PulseBurst Flow: show houses that way too
Tegg Bode: That is a good usage of them, but is it ok for every store in a sim to do that?
Torley Linden: it takes experience and sound judgment that isn't cultivated overnight, but becomes meaningful with more practice
Siobhan McCallen: I use a "holovendor" to temporarily display my products as they are selected for viewing from the main wall unit...but they only stay rezzed for a short time, and one at a time.
Danni Ohara: I will be getting one for my shop once I've built enough items to start running low on prims :P
Shirley Marquez: one in each store is probably OK -- and not every store will be selling prim goods
Imnotgoing Sideways: WOW... I never considered that.... I guess you can do a rez on touch so that you can have your for-sale box.. But if the customer WANTS to see it, click, rez, "Ooh nice", buy. (^_^)y
Sougent Harrop: Have the server send messages to the offending avatar/owner saying you're using too many resources......hmmm, that would go over well.
Torley Linden: i also applaud the creative usage of sculpted prims to show clothing in a more depth-ful way than simple pictures
Torley Linden: but there are always dynamic balances. and Sougent, i agree more notification should/could be done.
PulseBurst Flow: well tegg..if the purpose is to evade prim limits in sim..not a good idea. But if just to put stuff out, and take others back somewhat within limits..
Taimaru Hak: It's a shame clothes shops don't show more clothes on a dummy avatar prim
McCabe Maxsted: that was the original purpose of copybot: try on clothes before you buy
Torley Linden: Taimaru, yes, it's still a new sort of thing but there's social curiosity about it, which'll help the ideas to spread.
Tegg Bode: Not sure you could show plothing textures on an avatar dummp?
Shirley Marquez: it takes a lot of extra work to do that, Taimaru -- just putting the clothing texture on a prim won't do it
McCabe Maxsted: it'd be nice if we had some sort of LSL flag we could use to dress avatars, so we could have something like temp_on_wear
PulseBurst Flow: speaking about "dummy avatars" can't something be done about lifeless bots on mainland? There is a 512 meter plot that has 25 bot campers in a sim I have land in.
Rickybobby Yifu: anyone have a good drawer script or know were to get one
Torley Linden: McCabe: that would open up a lot of usability too.
Imnotgoing Sideways: There are modeling-bots... But... Well... I just won't go there. (>_<)
icktoofay Kamachi: McCabe: The original purpose of CopyBot was to transfer stuff from one grid to another (like from the main grid to the beta grid or vice versa)
Torley Linden: some people get so mad trying to drag and drop or manage wearing stuff in Inventory. i understand this.
Shirley Marquez: the high-end designers who are using Blender or the like to render their clothes can re-render -- but if you draw them by hand, no good
Torley Linden: having an HUD which uses scripts to change between clothes sets would be neat.
McCabe Maxsted: people could buy a no copy temp_on_wear item and try it on to see hwo it looks or transfer to someone
Sheet Spotter wonders what kind of nightclubs he's been hanging out on, that he wants a HUD to change clothes. :-)
Arawn Spitteler would like to sell Temp_On_Wear Food
Torley Linden: by far and large, most content creators don't provide extensive documentation about their work processes or how they figured out solutions to certain problems, so there's many opportunities for enlightenment out there, to say the least :)
Shirley Marquez: some stores have demo clothes available -- outfits with horrible DEMO textures on them so you won't be tempted to wear them for real
Torley Linden: i used to ask various clothes-makers about how they used batch Photoshop actions to prepare store displays
Tegg Bode: Well time to go do another 7.6 hour work quest, I need the XP to pay for my internet :)
Torley Linden: Shirley, aye, i first started seeing demos with hair, and it's extended to others too...
Torley Linden: haha have a good one Tegg :)
Arawn Spitteler has a demo horse, to ride.
Shirley Marquez: the problem with hair demos is that you can't adjust them for fit :(
Torley Linden: *nods* some have asked for more granularity with no-mod
PulseBurst Flow: yes, but you can adjust your head shape Shirley. ;-D
Danni Ohara: I've seen demo shapes, that tend to have huge feet or something
schuggaboy Allen: ok good night to all
Torley Linden: haha Danni i haven't seen that before yet... i wonder where that was at?
Torley Linden: g'nite schuggaboy!
Tegg Bode: Beam me up please Mr Linden
Shirley Marquez: Pulse, it means that I can't assess whether I will be able to get the hair to fit ME
Torley Linden: it'd be funny to see a demo scrounger dude who lives off of demo
PulseBurst Flow: yes, yes, I know..I was joking. ;-D
Danni Ohara: one of the kids shops I go to
Rickybobby Yifu: torley :) can i get a bear from you?
Danni Ohara: It was a cool idea though
Chrissy01 Wunderlich: thx so much we must go in RL in the bed it was very good for information thx bb cu you are all welcome
Sinfinity Numanox: there are, theyre sl hobos :)
Squirrel Wood: Torley, I am going to dump my terraformer on you sometime next week. See if you can figure out how it works :p
Torley Linden: sure Rickybobby, lemme send one right now...
Shirley Marquez: may I please have a bear too?
Rickybobby Yifu: ty :)
Edward Vellhi: me too?
Edward Vellhi: :-)
McCabe Maxsted: yeah a "resize only" flag would be nice; sort of maturing the classic permission ssytem into the grayer areas of SL™
Chrissy01 Wunderlich: bye for now
Rickybobby Yifu accepted your inventory offer.
Danni Ohara: I still have one :P
Torley Linden: of course, of course!
Rickybobby Yifu accepted your inventory offer.
Edward Vellhi accepted your inventory offer.
Edward Vellhi accepted your inventory offer.
Torley Linden: if anyone wants my Linden bear just say so in the open please
Rickybobby Yifu: sweet
Danni Ohara: Could I have it, Torley?
ColeMarie Soleil: ME
Emilylo Mayako: I would love a bear Please
ColeMarie Soleil: hahah
Sinfinity Numanox: yes please :)
Jaymes Kjeller: May I have your Linden bear, please?
Ponjos Friedlander: lol bares for everyone
icktoofay Kamachi: ACK! SL is complaining about "out of memory"! "SmartHeap error". [abort] [retry] [ignore]
ColeMarie Soleil: I hear bear
Siobhan McCallen: I'd like it too, please
Torley Linden: this is great, after my "Who are Lindens?" video last week i've heard from fellow Lindens that they've been getting more bear requests.
PulseBurst Flow: Thanks Torley..but I am looking to get one from Magellan.
Stephen Posaner: plz
Wibble Poplin: woo, yes please
Edward Vellhi: i had a question about a recent edit behavior change i was hoping you could tell me was a bug or a 'feature'.
Sinfinity Numanox: might be easier making a box for it :)
Danni Ohara is wearing a demo shape with huge feet
Danni Ohara accepted your inventory offer.
Emilylo Mayako accepted your inventory offer.
Danni Ohara accepted your inventory offer.
Emilylo Mayako accepted your inventory offer.
Shirley Marquez: I've heard that Magellan is hiding out with Waldo and Carmen Sandiego
Jaymes Kjeller accepted your inventory offer.
Jaymes Kjeller accepted your inventory offer.
Emilylo Mayako: Thank you !
Edward Vellhi: after seeing that video, i had to come see it for myself.
Sinfinity Numanox accepted your inventory offer.
PulseBurst Flow: yes. shirley..I think you
Torley Linden: hahahh Shirley oh that cracks me up
Sinfinity Numanox accepted your inventory offer.
Edward Vellhi: your office, that is.
Torley Linden: Edward, please describe?
PulseBurst Flow: are right
ColeMarie Soleil rofls man I played carmen sandiego on freaking nintendo 0,o
Ponjos Friedlander: I actually just found the Lindenn bear museum which is not too far from here.
Torley Linden: okay i've been sending bears! and if anyone still didn't get one just say so
Jaymes Kjeller: Thank you very much, Torley! :)
ColeMarie Soleil: meeee =(
Torley Linden: thanks for asking, and enjoy...
ColeMarie Soleil: * * * giggles * * *
Wibble Poplin: hehehe
icktoofay Kamachi: SL is complaining about "out of memory". "SmartHeap Library Error". [abort] [retry] [ignore]
ColeMarie Soleil: no toast for torley =( XD
Torley Linden: you're up next ColeMarie (i love how we added the feature to click on names in Local Chat history
McCabe Maxsted: hobbit feet!
Wibble Poplin: meeee :)
Shirley Marquez: icktoofay, once you get that all you can do is relog
ColeMarie Soleil accepted your inventory offer.
icktoofay Kamachi: I just have to keep clicking ignore.
ColeMarie Soleil accepted your inventory offer.
ColeMarie Soleil: YAY!
ColeMarie Soleil: thank you
Dizzy Banjo: lol
Dizzy Banjo: toast
Sougent Harrop: Icktofay, you're going to crash I'm afraid.
Stephen Posaner: yes i love that feature
ColeMarie Soleil: omg sofia made torley toast
icktoofay Kamachi: It keeps popping up every few seconds.
Dizzy Banjo: THE CULT OF TOAST !! :DD
Siobhan McCallen: yeah, eventually you crash
Torley Linden: i hates those memory links
Shirley Marquez: I haven't gotten a bear yet, Torley
ColeMarie Soleil: XD
ColeMarie Soleil: hahahah
Stephen Posaner: ans still no bear
Sougent Harrop: Every time a texture fails to load
Wibble Poplin accepted your inventory offer.
Siobhan McCallen: it's like drinking an energy drink
Wibble Poplin: ty Torley
Sougent Harrop: You'll get the message
Wibble Poplin accepted your inventory offer.
Torley Linden: cult of toast is a lotta fun, i lurve watching those pictures on Flickr
Emilylo Mayako: ^.^ Weeeeeee
Shirley Marquez accepted your inventory offer.
Torley Linden: sorry i missed ya earlier Shirley
ColeMarie Soleil: AHAHAHA ^^
icktoofay Kamachi: Relogging...
Siobhan McCallen: oooh, bear me!
Shirley Marquez accepted your inventory offer.
Taimaru Hak: I can just see the status page now - asset server problems due to large number of bears being handed out :-)
Torley Linden: there we gooooo
Shirley Marquez: thank you!
Torley Linden bare: **** Torley Linden BARE ****
Torley Linden bare:
Torley Linden bare: 14X RAM SYSTEM 2086 YOTTABYTES FREE
Torley Linden bare:
Torley Linden bare: READY.
Edward Vellhi: my wife and i have mod on each others objects. recently, it was changed so that that priv no longer allows you to 'edit linked parts'. now if you have it open for mod as granted, and you check 'edit linked parts', the entire dialog is deactivated.
Siobhan McCallen accepted your inventory offer.
Siobhan McCallen accepted your inventory offer.
ColeMarie Soleil: ahahah
Dizzy Banjo: haha
Siobhan McCallen: Hoooo!
Torley Linden: hahahah a veritable tragicomedy, for sure, Taimaru
Ponjos Friedlander: lol
Torley Linden bare: RRL = Really Redundant Loop
Torley Linden bare: RRL = Really Redundant Loop
Torley Linden bare: (44, 4444) : ERROR : Syntax error... RUR RUR RUR!
Siobhan McCallen: ty ty
Danni Ohara: I go off SL for a month and seem to miss everything :P
Shirley Marquez: Edward, that's a server bug, I thought the rolling restart was supposed to fix it
Torley Linden: =)
Dizzy Banjo: that really is a truly watermelonpowered bear
ColeMarie Soleil: WAAAAIt
ColeMarie Soleil: Sofia gave me a toasts
Sheet Spotter: Make sure "Select Only My Objects" is not checked under the Tools menu.
ColeMarie Soleil: YAY!
ColeMarie Soleil: found it
Torley Linden: permissions are a tricky thang indeeds
Edward Vellhi tips his non-hat to Sheet.
ColeMarie Soleil gave you [ lurveBite ] Toast Bread - Watermelon for Torley.
Torley Linden: mmm i'll have to check out this special toast soon
Torley Linden: thanks :)
ColeMarie Soleil: ^^
Edward Vellhi: thanks, Sheet. i did have that enabled.
Dizzy Banjo searches for toast in inv
Edward Vellhi: doheth.
Dizzy Banjo haz toast
Torley Linden: it has been a delicious time — thanx to each and all of you for coming to visit me at my office hour! i need to go but the next office hour will be at the same time/place next week!
ColeMarie Soleil: now you haz me toast
Shirley Marquez: bye, Torley!
Claryssa Schmidt: bye Torley
Sheet Spotter: Thank you for this hour, Torley.
Wibble Poplin: byw :D
ColeMarie Soleil: =)
Torley Linden: the next Video Tip of the Week will appear @ this weekend
Edward Vellhi: bye Torley.
Wibble Poplin: *bye
Taimaru Hak: bye Torley and thanks again
PulseBurst Flow: thanks torley
Jaymes Kjeller: See you, Torley, have a good day! :)
Sougent Harrop: Same Watermelon time, same watermelon channel
Edward Vellhi: thanks for the bear. :-)
Sinfinity Numanox: bye :)
Stephen Posaner: bye torley
Siobhan McCallen: cya torley!
Emilylo Mayako: Bye Torley
Danni Ohara: thanks Torley :D
Imnotgoing Sideways: Itterasshai (^_^)
Stephen Posaner: I guess I will hound for the bear next time
Dizzy Banjo: w00t
Harleen Gretzky: bye Torley
Taimaru Hak: looking forward to the next video
Siobhan McCallen: nice bear, good bear, don't eat me, Mr. Bear!
Emilylo Mayako: ?????
Stephen Posaner: ty
Emilylo Mayako: Have fun!