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You shout: AWwwwwwwww yeah I'M ON MY WAYYYYYYYYYYY
Brendan Ferrer shouts: YAAAAAAAAAAY \o/
Racush Cheeky shouts: :o
Rocky Merosi: YAY!!!!!
Imnotgoing Sideways: (O_O)
Torley Linden: i was just filming abuse report video tutorial with GTeam
ShinIori319 Feichholz: Hey there, Torley!
Harleen Gretzky: Hi Torley
Toki Cure: Hahaha
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: hey Torley Guy!!!!
Toki Cure: Ello
Allison Widdershins: ooh saxy
Torley Linden: needless to say, great to see you all here, and FRIENDLY GREETINGS
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Hi Torley...
Dimitrio Lewis: hi Torley :)
Torley Linden: i am a sax today indeed
Dakota Schwade: Torley, wealthy estate owner :-)
Wizanna Hax: hiii torley
Ron Kaffebaum: hi Torley
Torley Linden: like Lisa Simpson's delusions
Bal Lubitsch: oh my!
Bau Ur: YAY!
Jaymes Kjeller: Hey Torley!
Ewan Mureaux: sax, g-team and videotape
Torley Linden: so glad you could all make it!
Jacen Merryman: Hello Torley.
Alca Magic: Howdy, how are you?
Alca Magic: torey!!
Torley Linden: haahaha Ewan well i was on a different avatar for filming, but still... fun
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: hey Torley give a toot
Torley Linden: last night i was trying out Second Life mobile viewer on Vollee, i had a cell phone
Bau Ur imagines the storylineofa video in which Torley is a gaint saxaphone.
Rocky Merosi: OMG mobile viewer?
Torley Linden: and that's so unusual, because... i don't usually have a cell phone ;)
Wizanna Hax: ooo i heard of that. is it any good
Torley Linden:
Rocky Merosi faints
Imnotgoing Sideways: OH? How does that thing work? You think it would be nice on a PSP? (o.o)
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Torley Linden: i got it running and it is choppy but looks pretty good, it even has WindLight skies, however they were able to do that XD
Torley Linden: (sorry i can't reply to IMs right now)
Nerxual Oh: ^^ Hello Torley
Toki Cure: Hello there torely
Torley Linden: i got disconnected several times when trying to run it but i am asking Fusion PR and Vollee for help... so i'll keep testing
Toki Cure: *Torley
Torley Linden: hi hi hi
Racush Cheeky: greetings Torley
Brendan Ferrer: i wasn't expecting so much lag... but then again when so many people are crowding around...
Imnotgoing Sideways giggles.
Allison Widdershins: how long until it is ready for wide release?
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: please Torey i gots a really important question
Torley Linden: Brendan: if you have Avatar Impostors around, it should be better
Torley Linden: I AM A NOOB TO THE MOBILE VERSION so i don't know details yet, i am really learning it as if i were new to Second Life
Torley Linden: please ask your questions in the open and i will answer if i can!
Torley Linden: or as i can, lol
Jaymes Kjeller: It does sound like a good idea, but not on a iPhone, at least to me. On a PSP though, it sounds better. Again, it's my opinion. :)
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Torley, I have a simple question you might know the answer to: I need some prims in the form of watermelons, or watermelon halves, and I didn't turn up any in Search. Do you by any chance know where I can get some?
Bal Lubitsch: hello!
Torley Linden: Jaymes, i have an AT&T Tilt and it has a keyboard...
ShinIori319 Feichholz: Rez a sphere
ShinIori319 Feichholz: and cut it
Alca Magic: Torley, these chairs dont work for our AOs
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: Torley please, we had some griefing at Dreams and there was no way to deal with it
Torley Linden: CeeJay: hmm i have the free to copy one Evie Fairchild made, but that's just a slice
Brendan Ferrer: so stand
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Yes, but I need the right texture...
Torley Linden: hmmm texture eh... i have various ones...
Torley Linden: thanx for the shirt Bal
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: pushing and shoving
Bal Lubitsch: no problem
Ewan Mureaux: gl intercept these ones :D
Torley Linden: okay it's clear to me eventually i will have to expand this office
Brendan Ferrer: lol
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Well, if you don't know I will just have to unlazify myself and build one. TY anyway.
Bal Lubitsch: Made itwith arty artrage
Rocky Merosi: lol you collect shirts,Torley?
Console Mission: hahaha.
Bal Lubitsch: Who doesn't collect shirts?
Torley Linden: CeeJay: the ones on this table in the middle were really nice... made by Phyzz Fizz...
Console Mission: hay there luna
Torley Linden: i asked her where others can buy fresh copies but haven't heard back
Maffi Lu: shirts are comfy
Lunacy Trenchmouth: hai
Torley Linden: wow 40 people on Here, rock on
Torley Linden: YES i collect shirts that you make yourself, after my ArtRage tutorial
Nerxual Oh: hehe
Brendan Ferrer: oh wow.. turning the avatars slider to low helped significantly...
Allison Widdershins: and some aren't even people per se
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: Torley is it better to send you a notecard
Torley Linden: (so sorry i can't reply to IMs right now... for extended discourse and queries, please see Web tab of my profile)
Nerxual Oh: Torley, you got awesome sim here, =p lots of random stuff
Jaymes Kjeller: Well, any phone that has a physical keyboard or keypad, really. I can never seem to use the iPhone's On-Screen one with a good level of accurate entry.
Amish Clowes: 40 people =lag
Torley Linden: (please don't send IMs/notecards about important stuff because i'll likely miss it, just like it says in my profile)
Toki Cure: Torley , I know this is not what you would expect, but racush and are in love with your work. We just started designing avatars and I was wondeing if you would accept a colour I designed for you? (ill try and change into it)
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: ok, then i want to ask about live help
Imnotgoing Sideways floods Torley with IMs and notescards! =^-^=
Torley Linden: oooh Toki that'd be kewl :)
Alca Magic: (*_*)
Imnotgoing Sideways: =^-^=
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: we need live help
Torley Linden: i can't help with Support issues or Abuse ones, but Resident Enlightenment & Video Tutorials are my speciality, feel free to ask anything about those and see my FAQ
Toki Cure: there you go
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: yeah yeah
Torley Linden: Volunteer questions should go to VTeam. e.g., Blue, George, Lexie, Mia, Amber Linden :)
Console Mission: enlighten me, torley >:O
Alca Magic: (*-*)
Nerxual Oh: Ah Al, i didn't notice you =3
ShinIori319 Feichholz: lol
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Got another simple one, Torley, there has been a teleport permission change in Violet, and I think that is still your bit. I sent you some Email, did you by any chance get it?
ShinIori319 Feichholz: enlighten us all
Torley Linden: CeeJay: i forwarded it to LDPW and replied
Ewan Mureaux: will your new g-team vid add any insight into jacks recent ponderings?
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme imagines torley cutting and pasting
Torley Linden: i don't oversee Infohubs currently
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Wow, I missed your reply, I will check...
Bau Ur: I have a folder of Lindens' office hours along with their specialties. ANyone who wants it can IM me.
Rocky Merosi: I have spoken with V Team in depth about live help and it just isnt coming back. There just isnt the support for it now
Torley Linden: Ewan: about mainland? no, that's different
Torley Linden: Bau thanks :)
Alca Magic: Torley, what are avatar inposters>
Torley Linden: i've long wanted to see i anyone would create their own SL mercenary help desks but none so far, really
Ewan Mureaux: just umm some comon you can and should AR this behaviour
Torley Linden: Alca, way of representing avatars more "cheaply" so they load faster
Torley Linden: it's in Preferences > Graphics tab
Bau Ur: The reason for that is, the people who like to be helpful are not mercenary, and the mercenary people know they can make for money other ways.
ShinIori319 Feichholz: 2d representations
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Got it Torley, mea culpa on missing that one.
Rocky Merosi: Torley I would love to to have a help desk honestly
Jaymes Kjeller: Avatar imposters can be useful in situations like this.
Wizanna Hax: we know torley. you cant answer anything . but I think lotst of people thing your are their favorite LInden
Dakota Schwade: Yeah, Torley, the "Fun" Linden.
Lore Foulsbane: Hey - Torey? Does shoutcast need to stream at 64 bit 44.1 Khz - and is that the same as 64 bit 22 Khz stereo ... or any one know?
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: i like any linden who answers me coherently
Torley Linden: Bau: oh, like "guerrilla marketing" to clarify, i didn't mean "mercenary" in a strictly warlike sense
Torley Linden: that's really nice Wizanna, i'm just me and hope to inspire others
Allison Widdershins: ask a question, they shoot ya lOL
Torley Linden: Lore: Shoutcast can stream at variable bitrates
Alca Magic: Linden money is my favorite Linden, but Torely is next in line (*_*) (*-*)
Bau Ur: :) Yes I understood...make money, not war :)
Torley Linden: L$$$$$$
Ewan Mureaux: doesnt matter what you stream at but when you change over wioth someone people need to restart players lest you sound like a smurf
ShinIori319 Feichholz: lol
Brendan Ferrer: hey Torley, can you specifically say "hi" to me so i can say i met a Linden without lying?
Torley Linden: right now some Residents are being excellent on the wiki and adding all manner of useful info @
Torley Linden: HI BRENDAN
Torley Linden: no lie :)
Toki Cure: hahaha
Imnotgoing Sideways: Lawl ^-^
Racush Cheeky: XD
Wizanna Hax: I like your videos torley. I tell all newbies I meet about your videos
Ron Kaffebaum: lol
Super Greeter 4.7: Torley Linden - Friendly greetings, have fun, explore! Watch Second Life video tutorials and download them @
Torley Linden: oh i am so thrilled to hear that Wizanna
Toki Cure: I did that to frontier once, he cried ):
Torley Linden: thanks for coming
Brendan Ferrer: yay ^^
Alca Magic: ME TOO!!!!
Brendan Ferrer: ty :)
Torley Linden: i hope to check out all the kewl stuff i am receiving soon...
Console Mission: frontier is a jerk anyway :D
Lunacy Trenchmouth: loooool
Rocky Merosi: lol I have a picture of Frontier when we were all doing live help together. He was table dancing when I took the pic lol
Maffi Lu: LMAO
Imnotgoing Sideways: Whot??? <(o.O)>
Torley Linden: Frontier is always nice cat to me XD
Torley Linden: he helped me figure out some inventory loss stuff, i haven't talked to him recently
Torley Linden: Linden Lab is growing so big nowadays
Brunhilde Burt: greetings :o) !!
Toki Cure: I love frontier, I give him a hard time every time I see him <3
Torley Linden: ooh 42 people on Here, 44 and that'll be my lucky number
Bal Lubitsch: I can't believ the only office in the UK is brighton!
Ron Kaffebaum: Hoooo!
Ewan Mureaux: yay i met a scottish linden yesterday
Allison Widdershins: Brighton Roccks
Torley Linden: Bal, well i was surprised when we added an office in Brighton to begin with ... ;D and continuing to grow!
Torley Linden: Ewan, who was it?
Bal Lubitsch: Well, i would like to live beside the seaside!
Ewan Mureaux: an actual "mclinden"
Torley Linden: we have several Scottish Lindens...
Torley Linden: hahahahaha
Allison Widdershins: lOL
Brunhilde Burt: LOL.... Torley... you are a sax?
Rocky Merosi: Torley I just sent you a picture of Frontier from a couple years ago :P
Torley Linden: i am a sax, indeed
Alca Magic: I need ideas to build something
Imnotgoing Sideways: I saw G-Team expanding a lot too... They got a super cutie with Teagan. (^_^)
Bal Lubitsch: I love saxophones
Ewan Mureaux: oh kaylee
Allison Widdershins: he's a sax god today
Ron Kaffebaum: love that AV.
CeeJay Tigerpaw: I guess Torley is saxy today ...
Imnotgoing Sideways giggles.
Toki Cure: My only real experience with LL is when I rang them the other day, they guy who ansered sounded so shocked to hear a aussy girl XD
Console Mission: x.x
Bal Lubitsch: You know you can get green and purple ones in Real life,,
Torley Linden: yes, aye, i was chatting with Teagan earlier, she had color changing hair
Torley Linden: lol Toki!
Free Radar HUD v1.1 by Crystal Gadgets
Toki Cure: haha
Bau Ur suspects it is bad manners to ask anyone about their sax life...
Imnotgoing Sideways: I totally love her pink hair neko avatar. (^_^)
Alca Magic: like i said torley, these chairs dont help our AOs
Torley Linden: AND ALL THAT JAZZ
Rocky Merosi: Hey Torley when are you going to make it to a SLCC?
Allison Widdershins: he's staying on the scene
Ewan Mureaux: has bil clinton blown you?
Allison Widdershins: like a sax machine
Al Sonic: XD
Ewan Mureaux: he does sax
Catelin Clary: Sax and violins, the bane of civilization
Imnotgoing Sideways: WHATTT!? (O_O)
Torley Linden: Rocky, not this year, but if you're going i hope you have a good time
Toki Cure is slapped in the face by pun
Imnotgoing Sideways giggles.
Torley Linden: Bill Clinton says he did not inhale, and i'll leave it at that
Rocky Merosi: Yeah I have to go for business this year but it should be fun
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: no accordions are the bane of civilization
Catelin Clary: and banjos
Torley Linden: i liked accordions on the 12 Monkeys soundtrack
Rocky Merosi: lol do we have to talk about Zippergate?
Alca Magic: Torlet, what other tims are you on, other than office hours?
Bal Lubitsch: 12 monkeys is quite possibly the best movie ever.
Torley Linden: it's funny how you can add "gate" after just about anything and ummmmm it becomes SCANDAL!
Alca Magic: Torley**, lol
Wizanna Hax: I have a question torley. in your videos I can see the scrollbars in the new search works for you. it doesnt for me. as I understand I got the same graphics card as you. what makes it not work. I understand if you cant answer that, but do tell your fellow Lindens that a lot of us cant get it to work.
Allison Widdershins: best Brad movie anyhoo
Ewan Mureaux: bagpipes i hate, i live next to a church and every now and then i het woken up righ at the crack of 3pm
Rocky Merosi: Torleygate?
Imnotgoing Sideways: Hmmm... =^-^=
Rocky Merosi: thats a scandal?
Torley Linden: Alca, spontaneously, at nights i explore the world with my wife and relax
Catelin Clary: Not before "the watergate"... LOL
CeeJay Tigerpaw: Does that mean the Republicans were responsible for Stargate?
Bal Lubitsch: how about CARILLONS now they are awsome
Rocky Merosi: better not tell Uncle Philip :P
Console Mission: haha, "torlet" makes me giggle cause of the av he's in :x
Allison Widdershins: btw Torley, that penguin's for you
Torley Linden: Wizanna, i wonder if scrollbars in other inworld browser things work for you? this may be a known bug
Ken Chihuly: Snap, Im outta here
Rocky Merosi: I didnt know that you met your wife on SL, Torley. We have something in common :P
Wizanna Hax: just in search torley
Alca Magic: Torley, your such a dork sometimes, lol
Imnotgoing Sideways: I haven't used seach enough lately to see the scrollbar bug.... Is it in the 1.20.xx release? (o.o)
Toki Cure: Im amazed I havent crashed yet haha
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: no fifth element
Torley Linden: =) i've done a lot of the archetypical things in Second Life... found love, happiness
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: or fever pitch
Torley Linden: Alca, i hope this is "dork" as in "awesome" as "good" becomes "bad"
Rocky Merosi: me too actually :)
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: or the truly best is FORBIDDEN PLANET
Torley Linden: any bugs, please make sure they're reported @ ; i'm no longer closely working on the Issue Tracker and such but the right Lindens should know about it
Waya Sion: good afternoon, not sure if I missed much ^^
Lunacy Trenchmouth: surprised I havne crashed either Toki
Bal Lubitsch: i hate bugs
Bal Lubitsch: lets squish them
Ron Kaffebaum: I saw your Flickr "Dance" Videos and they are just awesome hehe
Catelin Clary searches for the sign on Torley's back that says: "Call Me Names" ;-)
Ewan Mureaux: you missed all the sax puns :(
Toki Cure: Your textures havent even loaded for me yet luna haha
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: especially cocka rocahes
Torley Linden: thanks Ron :) i had a great time making them... which dance videos specifically? avatar dancing or my RL dance?
Lunacy Trenchmouth: hahaha
Bal Lubitsch shouts: Rydeen, torley! That's the best video
Torley Linden: RYDEEEEEEEEEEEN YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waya Sion: ahh, i'm standing on a car, thats why i came in wierd LOL
Bal Lubitsch shouts: Waha! it's great
Ron Kaffebaum: both of course :)
Torley Linden: Rydeen is one of the most important works of electronic music... it influenced so much j-pop and video game soundtracks
Bal Lubitsch: yes
Torley Linden: (context: me playing Rydeen, )
Bal Lubitsch: I like your.. rendition
Bal Lubitsch: it's very awsome
Torley Linden: thanks Bal, i listened to that song too much and then heard many variations, so i decided to do one myself
Bal Lubitsch: yes
Torley Linden: i <3 creative adaptation and i'm a big fan of Ryuichi Sakamoto, he's very forward-thinking with intellectual property
Torley Linden: he's friends with Joi Ito (who has a SL presence), CEO of Creative Commons
Bal Lubitsch: ah really?
Allison Widdershins: I've loved his stuff since Modernista
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: i feel so ordinary in this crowd
Imnotgoing Sideways giggles.
Alca Magic: Hey Torley, i dot care whether you pay any attention to this (due to it being a bug that i hate but i am not sure if it even is a bug, or just my computer/ graphics card) , but soetimes when i log into sl, none is moveing or talking or doind anything for that matter, except for me.
Jaymes Kjeller: That's what Creative Commons are for! :)
Bal Lubitsch: ahh i wish i could close my eyes
Allison Widdershins: back when he was dropping Bladerunner cuts into hsi stuff
norritt Xi: Hi everyone =)
Torley Linden: Alca, pardon but that's kind of vague...
Torley Linden: Allison, i want to hear those tracks, i'm also a Vangelis and Syd Mead fan
norritt Xi: Wow thats a lot of people here today!
Torley Linden: and oh Harrison Ford is one of my fave actors and i think Ridley Scott is a great director
Allison Widdershins: It can be arranged:)
Toki Cure: Why does SL crash torley ? ): J/k
Torley Linden: so you can see how much i liked Blade Runner ;)
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: oooh
Torley Linden: which Sakamoto tracks have Blade Runner samples?
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: i like Fifth Element
Allison Widdershins: From Modernista -- I'd have to look
norritt Xi: Toki: Because it is a computer program ;)
Alca Magic: Howdy, how are you?
Bau Ur: Torley is 44 the most people youor isalnd can tolerate? i am here to listen not to ask anything so I'll leave if there are a lot of people standing sadly outside with their noses pressedup against the glass...
Torley Linden: there's been several places in Second Life inspired by Blade Runner... INSILICO, Devils Moon, Nexus Prime in Gibson way back
Allison Widdershins: the whold disk is centered around android life
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: MULTIPASS
Torley Linden: Bau yes, but i can move it up
Torley Linden: ;)
norritt Xi: And there absolutely is no flawless software
Toki Cure: I thought it was because my computer is run by rocks and carrior pidgeons
Imnotgoing Sideways: Beepolai :D
Torley Linden: okay, doubled x2 to 88 avatars/agents, let's see how that goes should more people wanna come
Wizanna Hax: is it true torley that the difference between the latest official viewer and the release candidate is just some text that is fixed?
Torley Linden: Wizanna: how did you come to this conclusion?
Jaymes Kjeller: Sadly, every computer program has bugs and glitches.
Bal Lubitsch: my face is in a great deal of Slpain
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: ooh i wondered about the txt too
Wizanna Hax: read it on the blog.
Ewan Mureaux: there is no release candidate at the moment i thpught
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: in RC
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: all funny looking
Jaymes Kjeller: It's just that most users can't see them. :)
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: jitter
Alca Magic: i cant see anything on my screen, so i am goi g to go back to the Ye Olde sandbox...GOODBYE!!!!
Brendan Ferrer shouts: attention Waya, your Avatar is double-parked
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: like text on caffeine
Torley Linden: the current main viewer is newer than the RC... but we'll have RC 1.21 soon enough, not too many weeks from now
Torley Linden: TA
Waya Sion: lol
Wizanna Hax: oh ok
Waya Sion: i'm hovering! LOL
Imnotgoing Sideways: What are the plans for 1.21 so far? (o.o)O
Torley Linden: and yes, we don't have a current fresh RC right now
Imnotgoing Sideways: Speedtree? (o.o)
Torley Linden: Imnotgoing: Mono support ;)
Bal Lubitsch: i'm stiill in the rc
Bal Lubitsch: i can't be bothered to go onto the main veiwer
Imnotgoing Sideways: Oooh. (^_^)
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: i have some zucchini ifyou want it
Brendan Ferrer: oh o.o nevermind then ^^;
Racush Cheeky: yaaaay
Bal Lubitsch: i'll sort it, i will
Imnotgoing Sideways: \(^_^)/
Waya Sion: I'm waiting for when the system thats supposed to replace the stack heap is released
Ewan Mureaux: oooh we can go back to 1.20.14 it was better than .15
Rocky Merosi: I havent used main viewer in a long time
Torley Linden: well, technically, server-side 1.24 will support running Mono, but 1.21 RC will support recompilation of scripts via the viewer
Wizanna Hax: nope. not me either
Imnotgoing Sideways: I kinda agree Ewan... I noticed a bit more stability in 14 than 15. (>_<)
Firebird Nightfire: I just hope it'll still work on my lil wimpy laptop.
Torley Linden: other changes are strewn about the Issue Tracker too... but release notes will congeal that
Ewan Mureaux: stability and cleaner xml/ skin
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: you said ... wimpy
Torley Linden: there's also a new feature being added which allows touch detection on any part of a prim surface
Bal Lubitsch: congeal, i love that word
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: you said ... congreal
Imnotgoing Sideways: Ah... I'm happy to see the old skin back. (^_^)
Torley Linden: which means you can have one prim surface mapped out into many buttons
Imnotgoing Sideways: \(^_^)/
VictoriaRose Daniels is hoping for a release that doesn't require a reinstall for every login!!!
Waya Sion: ohh I like that one Torley
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: yikes
Ricken Flow: Is there going to be a tutorial on creating a custom viewer skin
Ewan Mureaux: wimpy used to be the best burgers or something then it turned into an old granny cafe
Toki Cure: I hear there is somthing called a shadow client, is that to be in RC anytime soon?
Imnotgoing Sideways: I'm sooo scripting a vendor after that comes out. (^_^)
Torley Linden: so imagine a prim surface that looks like a rainbow, and you can click anywhere on it, and it'll detect that color
Alca Magic: Goodbye, nice talking to ya.
Torley Linden: which is good for HUDs and other useful gadgets
Waya Sion: Torley: how about adding a way both for objects and inventory to get the creation date? ;)
Racush Cheeky: wooo
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: oooh
Bau Ur: I would be so pleased if a future viewer would not have such high contrast and poor, what is it called, contrast ratio? I get no benefits from Windlight/atmospheric shaders. i aklways turn them off. Does LL have a way of telling how many people are just turnign them off all the time like I am?
VictoriaRose Daniels: wow, that will be helpful for vendors
Bal Lubitsch: vendors will be able to take great advantage of that
Wizanna Hax: is questions about the UI ok with you Torley?
Imnotgoing Sideways: One-Prim-Vendor! (^_^)
Bal Lubitsch: haha
Torley Linden: Ricken: maybe; in the meantime, and Ewan Mureaux actually has an installation tutorial :)
Firebird Nightfire: Does that mean I'll be able to match a color to a texture???? :D
Ricken Flow: thank you
norritt Xi: Vic: Well actually the 1.20 viewer is pretty stable on many plattforms I'v spent many hours with it since release and I got only two crashes. One was forced to repro a bug
Torley Linden: Bau: WindLight/atmospheric rendering server-side support is eventually planned, so Estate Owners/Managers can set their own settings on their regions as they please... aesthetic freedom.
Toki Cure: I see green wings, im guessing its zii
Torley Linden: Wizanna: depends which, i'll answer it if i can :)
Ziirah Ni: yes
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: good fo jewelry
Torley Linden: if i don't know, i'll refer you to someone more knowledgeable
Bau Ur: "Eventually" :) Okay thank you.
Racush Cheeky: oh Torley will there be any measures taken to fix the issue with alpha hud attachments it seems to have no issues on pcs with alpha sorting but macs have a problem with it to were it makes some huds unuseable
Firebird Nightfire: Is anyone working on the build bug where rotations change if you try to enter the x first? I couldn't find it in Jira.
Torley Linden: Waya: do you know about the current Object Inspector?
Wizanna Hax: hmm this release keys button. I know how to get rid of it. but I dont know anyone who really wants it there
Aria Dragonash: hi everyone :-)
Waya Sion: i was mostly wanting such for inventory script-wise cause I have an idea of something to eventually develop but it'd be best if I had a way to detect creation date
Torley Linden: and re: questions about specific bugs, please search to see updates statuses, i'm not the best person to ask about them, generally, but if i know something, i'll speak up
Ash Meersand: Hi, Torley! Has Linden Labs thought of making a default swim animation, so that your avatar won't sink to the bottom of the ocean as if it were made from lead?
Torley Linden: Waya: yes.. that'd be useful for sorting too. or search by Creator name. we don't have current plans to implement that, but more info in inventory = super-useful.
Aria Dragonash: i got serious issues with the new viewer and windows vista. trying to solve them for 4 days now involving several reinstalls of my operating system., nothing worked :-( filed a jira without response
Multi Chair Crate v1.0.42 (TORLEY MOD) whispers: Maximum number of chairs reached, please rez another Multi Chair table.
Firebird Nightfire: That would sure help with my fishy avs.
Torley Linden: Ash: yes, we have, and we also were planning to do a built-in animation overrider. last i checked, haven't gotten around to it.
norritt Xi: Ash: There is a nice Swimming ao available at the Furnation mall. It was made by Zi Ree and enables automatically
Bal Lubitsch: in the very beginings of sl they had physical water, although i think it was called something telse
Ash Meersand: Linden was asking for animators to apply to make better walk animations on their blog
Torley Linden: part of the great ongoing challenge is even little tweaks have a big risk of breaking existing content... seemingly small stuff could hurt existing creations... so we need to be aware of use cases...
Firebird Nightfire: Hope it'll be as easy to use as Zhao.
Torley Linden: Ash, we're planning to replace the default walk, it's true
Allison Widdershins: yeah if they're just getting around to killing off the duck walk...
Toki Cure: aww I like the drfault walk, its so goofy XD
Torley Linden: in some cases, it makes more sense for Resis to create their own innovations... in others, feature usability is best built-in by Linden Lab so crutches/workarounds aren't needed
Bal Lubitsch: me too!
Waya Sion: torley: maybe have a system so someone can set new walk's without having to use an AO, like a UUID of an animation that has to be in their inv?
Torley Linden: "killing off the duck walk" is a fine example of where something SEEMED like it'd be easy to do at first... BUT HAD COMPLICATIONS! FRAUGHT WITH THEM!!!
Torley Linden: let me dig up a link...
Firebird Nightfire: I dunno, it depends on the av I suppose - I never noticed my ave walking particularly strangley.
Imnotgoing Sideways: Why not make motion animations slectable like gesture animations? .... Just in the "Appearance" dialogue. (^_^)
Ash Meersand: I notice that there's a lot of unutilized land at the bottom of the sea. Why don't more people build there?
Allison Widdershins: IT WILL NOT DIE!
Allison Widdershins: that's one tough duck
Torley Linden: if anyone remembers
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: Torely will there ever be flexi sculpteds?
Car1: llStopAnimation: Unable to find agent, releasing animation permissions
Damani Roadster 0.50 - watermelon: You are not the owner...
Bau Ur: Duckwalk/teetering walk appearsa at some heights and body proportions and notothers.
Imnotgoing Sideways: GTA! (^_^)
Torley Linden: btw i should note for "will there ever"-type questions, i can only fairly answer if i know something's going to happen for sure, relatively soon. otherwise i'd rather not speculate. :o)
Imnotgoing Sideways: The default walk looks cute on kid avatars. (^_^)
VictoriaRose Daniels: Someone gave me an AO when I was a couple of days old.... I only realise how silly I look now whe I turn my AO off!
rosebud Vella: sorry if i step on anyone
Imnotgoing Sideways giggles.
Imnotgoing Sideways: Wah! Lunch break over! (T_T)
Imnotgoing Sideways says Bai Baii!!! (^_^)y
Ewan Mureaux: bye immy
Torley Linden: baii
Bau Ur: The LL defalt walk looks bettter than how I walk in RL so I don't complain.
Torley Linden: curiosity is of course graciously appreciated :-)
Torley Linden: but if i don't know, i don't know. and if i know, more than happy to share so you can benefit from that knowledge!
Firebird Nightfire: I guess we all figure you at least talk to people at the water cooler.
Toki Cure: Way past my bedtime XD I hope you enjoy the av Torley, thanks for your time ^^
Torley Linden: Firebird, i hear a lot of things... a lot of ideas; i'm most interested in what's applicable, pragmatic, and going to get done. ;)
Torley Linden: (for the record)
VictoriaRose Daniels: but Torley.... I thought you had all the answers ;p (joke)
Waya Sion: another feature i'd love to see is in the scanner function: have a way so maybe limit one sensor or sensorrepeat per object, yet let them use it in a child prim and base the the scan point on that prim's x face?
Allison Widdershins: just all the watermelons
Torley Linden: of course i am hopeful though and like people to imagine/speculate harmlessly about what will happen next with Second Life
Racush Cheeky: Torley are there any plans on adding a better method of animateing sculpted prims, in a since how animated textures are handeld would we ever see this for sculpt animations?
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: i had heard its difficult to script flexi sculpted and i dont knowthat stuff
Bal Lubitsch: My torley you can type
Torley Linden: Racush: no plans past the current methods i've seen... yet.
norritt Xi: Okay since here are so many folks around I think this is a good occasion to request some opinions, so is it only me or does anyone of you feel pestered by those advertisment bots sending out notecards, LMs and or Objects randomly? Same thing with these auto greeters in malls that throw stuff on you every two steps you walk?
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: just wondering
Racush Cheeky: ah kk
Racush Cheeky: well i think i should get go'n take care all :3
Torley Linden: yes, that's a big question of usability, norritt :)
Torley Linden: every established Gorean region i've ever visited has auto-given me a rules card
Allison Widdershins: I'd like to take a hammer to most greeters
Torley Linden: =)
Ash Meersand: Torley, what would you think of some of the most common sculpted prim types, like hexagonal and octogonal prisms, being made directly rezzable for L$5 and modifyable like regular prims?
Bal Lubitsch: haha
Bal Lubitsch: yes its true its true
Bau Ur: random giving out of unwanted notecards etcetera is a plague. I AR them. But I don't know if technically it is a breach of TOS so I'm glad you asked that.
Firebird Nightfire: I've got a small problem - the most recent blog entries don't show on my login page like they used to - now I have to click on blog to read them.
Samantha Poindexter: Bots sending messages indiscriminately bother me; auto-greeters in malls, I'm okay with. Though if they get too annoying, I depart, never to return. :-)
Arianrhod Gehlbard: i do actually, i wish those things had a memory setting or something so i didnt have to click decline each time
Torley Linden: i appreciate knowing the rules, but there are times when they do get spammy.
Allison Widdershins: like a cooie
Allison Widdershins: cookie rather
Torley Linden: Seth Godin says good avdertising is: anticipated, personal, and relevant
Arianrhod Gehlbard: yeah, like a cookie
Allison Widdershins: been here before you get a pass
norritt Xi: Well I was thinking about requesting a feature that you may optionally enable in the preferences. That feature would only show dialoges / gifts that have been requested by a user by touch or that have been sent by ppl on your friends list.
Torley Linden: Ash: not sure how that would be neatly handled in the UI, sounds like the L$/rez rule is a throwback to olden days tho, when people had to pay L$ to rez any prim :)
Torley Linden: one of my big problems is, notecards look like as
Torley Linden: er, ASS
Catelin Clary: People may forget how much unsolicited ads we are bombardeded with every moment in RL
VictoriaRose Daniels: maybe that would be a good point for the new mainland covenants.... no spammy automated/bot LM/note givers!
Bau Ur: Yeah, rules I want. Come join my group, buy my junk, and dance at my club...FAILS!
Torley Linden: plain text files are one thing, but not being able to put clickable hyperlinks and thumbnail images is problematic...
Jaymes Kjeller: Mainland Covenants?
Arianrhod Gehlbard: i dont mind having to click the images, but the links part i agree
norritt Xi: Catelin: Yeah but in RL I don't need to click "Ok" for every ad I get
Bau Ur: And "I'm doing Bloodlines, can I bite you?" FAILS greatly.
Torley Linden: i used to format and prepare notecard documentation (and yes, it's better than nothing) but it's so inelegant and at-odds with the immersiveness of the world... some things aren't easy to fix due to architecture tho
Arianrhod Gehlbard: it should work for regular links too, not just slurls
Waya Sion: I'd love to see having a form of data file like a notecard that a script can modify
norritt Xi: I just put that crap thrugh my Spam filters
Ewan Mureaux: telll them you are aneaimc
Ewan Mureaux: i care not for crrect spelling
Bal Lubitsch: who am i?
Torley Linden: this is part of why i usually don't have time to read notecards in my inventory... too many, and not enough time to sort them... hence why i prefer email with filters
Bau Ur: I repeated offer them a braid of garlic.
Catelin Clary: I guess I have a pretty thick skin for BS...
norritt Xi: Waya: That isn't possible for security reasons
Allison Widdershins: I bite them back
Torley Linden: hahaha Bau
norritt Xi: People could misuse that to perform a DoS attack. Though personally as scripter I'd love the opportunity to write notecards as well
norritt Xi: But the abuse potential is too high
Arianrhod Gehlbard: btw torley, i'm sure this has been suggested to death already but whats the Linden's take or more attachment points for the body?
Torley Linden: yeah, there've been cases in which people suggested waiving ALL consent... but as reasoned above, there are very good points why it's not practical
Firebird Nightfire: What's a DoS attack?
Arianrhod Gehlbard: denial of service
Allison Widdershins: Denial of Service
Jaymes Kjeller: Denial of Service
Allison Widdershins: SNAP!
Torley Linden: Arianrhod: i don't know and there hasn't been a majority of agreement on a design... ;)
Samantha Poindexter: Denial Of Service. Overwhelming the service so it can't do anything it's SUPPOSED to.
Firebird Nightfire: How do they d that?
Torley Linden: search for other bugs/feature requests
Rock Pond Pose ball: llStopAnimation: Script trying to stop animations but agent not found
Samantha Poindexter: Ask it to calculate the last digit of "pi."
Bau Ur: Griefers swamping banlink so they culdn't be banned, for example.
Brendan Ferrer: oh my..
Torley Linden:
Brendan Ferrer: IS there a last digit of pi?
Bal Lubitsch: yes
Brendan Ferrer: oh right.. "e"
Ewan Mureaux: 7
Jaymes Kjeller: And it won't mange, because it would have suffered a meltdown.
norritt Xi: Well like these selfreplicating prims people could create objects that create notecards and write contents into these and by that using up the server memory
Samantha Poindexter: ...Spock did that one one episode. :-)
Allison Widdershins: not in this lifetime
Firebird Nightfire: REDJEK REDJEK REDJEK!
Torley Linden: intriguing things change as the world grows, like Jack's last Mainland post... we're no longer a little grid of 16 regions
Samantha Poindexter: *on one
Arianrhod Gehlbard: oh and since we're pasting links, here's one that has me swamped since i first got to sl: is there a shortcut to open the media browser?
Torley Linden: like the Internet at large, it becomes impractical and inaccurate to overly generalize
Firebird Nightfire: Torley, are you a Trekkie/er?
Ewan Mureaux: cant wait til hjack comes back from holiday and we see something tangible
Torley Linden: Arianrhod, Help menu > Official Linden Blog :) and change the URL
Ash Meersand: Hexagonal and octogonal prims and pyramids that are modifiable would be good for salt shakers, gems, poles, honeycombs, pencils
Arianrhod Gehlbard: oh thanks
Arianrhod Gehlbard: never thought of that
Torley Linden: Firebird, used to be. haven't caught up with recent series.
Allison Widdershins: tricorders
Catelin Clary: ... a big, wide, wonderful metaverse
Torley Linden: read a bit about Star Trek 11 :)
Arianrhod Gehlbard: i have to admit i cried at the end of 10
Torley Linden: I <3 Data
Torley Linden: Arianrhod, also see :)
Arianrhod Gehlbard: yes!
Torley Linden: it's powerful characterization.
Arianrhod Gehlbard: i saw him do that and i was like nooooooooo!
Torley Linden: awe!
Ash Meersand: Wesley and Deanna Troi didn't strike me well
Torley Linden: i can't say i much cared for Deana Troi and her chocolate thang... but Wesley has grown on me over the years, i think that's in part due to Wil Wheaton being very articulate
Bau Ur: Torley, can LL tell how many people ar using what settings in PReferences? And threby garner data on systems needs and limitations and choices and compormises of users?
Ewan Mureaux: my brother is such a huge trek fan he named his son Jean Luc
Arianrhod Gehlbard: oh dear
Torley Linden: Bau: we can tell some things, but don't have tracking set up for others.
Arianrhod Gehlbard: haha
Firebird Nightfire: I wanted to name my cat Beverly, but it didn't stick.
Bau Ur: Could you summarize what is being tracked please?
Torley Linden: most Preferences are viewer-side but we have databases for the server-side stuff -- i'd recommend checking with a dev to get a summary. Graphics card usage is tracked.
Torley Linden: whatever comes in through a crash log is tracked,
Torley Linden: so if you changed a Pref that made things act wonky and send that in...
Torley Linden: we might see that
Arianrhod Gehlbard: oh, btw torley, your videos in the showcase page arent working for me
Allison Widdershins: there's a worthy goal
Torley Linden: i'm not sure if we could instrument who's using what Preferences, BUT... that is fascinating
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: did you hear about jen luc and dave tennant doing hamlet?
Allison Widdershins: begins to fiddle with prefs
Samantha Poindexter: Arianrhod: in the in-world Media Browser, or elsewhere?
norritt Xi: I think once a crash log is sent there are also the pref settings included but this can only be trackt from crash reports then but not for all users online
Ewan Mureaux: the guy out of the pet shop boys?
Samantha Poindexter: I don't think the built-in one handles Flash.
Allison Widdershins: yeah -- apparently the star power is a bit too much for the traditinoalists
Torley Linden: Arianrhod, rats, looks like YouTube borked :( i'll followup on that, thanks!
Arianrhod Gehlbard: no, i mean through my actual browser
Firebird Nightfire: There's just so much stuff in the jira, it's tough to tell if you're duplicating.
Bau Ur: Wow, but, you (collectively, you-guys) hav no idea what PReference settings everyone is having to use?? Is it simply not possible to track?
Ewan Mureaux: no thats neil tenant
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: noDr. Who
Torley Linden: "This video is not available", what the heck...
Ash Meersand: I was floating around Waterhead the other day and noticed that a lot of Linden-owned land seems concentrated around the island composed of the Waterhead/Grasmere/Borrowdale/Hawkshead sims
Catelin Clary was shocked to see the advanced graphics tab removed from the Mac client
Torley Linden: I <3 Pet Shop Boys too
VictoriaRose Daniels: I really think that high-end development needs to be minimized because I know of so many people who are being pushed out because system requirements are becoming rediculous
Jaymes Kjeller: I always change my prefrences according to location. In high-lag areas, they tend to be lower. In low-lag areas, they tend to be higher.
Torley Linden: Bau: some things are more difficult and intensive to track than others.
norritt Xi: Yeah the JIRA search could use some overhaul =)
Arianrhod Gehlbard: torley, yeah, it shows that for every video
Bal Lubitsch: Nuclear whl
Ewan Mureaux: thats how he got the name tenant though, he needed to change his name for equity the actors union
Bal Lubitsch: *Nuclear whales
Torley Linden: we are focusing on tracking things that critically affect stability, e.g., teleport failure rates, inventory loss.
Torley Linden: Catelin, that's because it got simplified and folded into the single Graphics tab :)
Allison Widdershins: his real name is Jen Luc?
VictoriaRose Daniels: maybe Linden Labs could put a survey out asking what settings people are able to use comfortably?
Torley Linden: Ash, yes, that' the "Linden Village" :)
Ewan Mureaux: so changed from david macdonald to david tenant or as billie pioper calls him david teninch
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: hannnn patrick stewart
Jaymes Kjeller: Actual inventory loss, I'm guessing, not percived loss.
Torley Linden: Jaymes: both, since they're related and often confused
Catelin Clary: I keep trying to optimize more, but can't... Resistance to change is futile, I suppose
Firebird Nightfire: lol
Samantha Poindexter: Catelin: the advanced options are still there... click the Custom checkbox?
Torley Linden: re: perceived loss, we look at ways to alleviate that, and in some cases, make the UI easier... because when stuff is unintuitive, it bugs the heck out of me too
Torley Linden: yes like Samantha said :)
Bau Ur: Three months ago I could set my draw distance at 300 M, enable bump and shiiny, use Atmospheric shaders (though usually I did not) and put all graphics quality sliders at maximum. Today I cannot do those things. Who is the Linden that needs to know this...from me and from others?
Catelin Clary: Thanks Samantha, I'll have a look
norritt Xi: Victoria: Well I think the "Low -> Mid -> High -> Ultra" controller was a good step in that direction
Catelin Clary: Yes.. at least that
Allison Widdershins: I can see for miles
Firebird Nightfire: Torley, you need a better pic of youro
Catelin Clary: Yep!
Torley Linden: Bau: i'd suggest recording Fast Timers results and filing a bug report if your performance is that bad on a hardware setup which we'd expect to perform much better. sorry to hear that.
Jaymes Kjeller: I just simply throw in the most powerful hardware I can find, have the money for, and if my PSU can support without having a meltdown. :P
norritt Xi: I welcome that both technically experienced users have the opportunity to tweak manually, but those who don't want to dig into the topic can do a quick setup too.
Torley Linden: also Bau, see
norritt Xi: Speaking of that Torley
Bau Ur: Thank you.
norritt Xi: I have a vid tut request for you
Firebird Nightfire: TGahh i'm lagging bad
Torley Linden: Fast Timers can pinpoint if something is disproportionately taking too much "time" and being too "expensive".
Torley Linden: oh please, what is it norritt?
Torley Linden: "Low -> Mid -> High -> Ultra" is found in many popular games and a simple enough model
Torley Linden: our WindLight gurus have a lot of gaming experience
Torley Linden: so put the two together
Catelin Clary: I've been having fun with the "avatar cost" in rendering... LOL
VictoriaRose Daniels: on my desktop I can run everything at full with no problem, on my laptop I can run Mid... though I still have to reinstall everytime I relog
Torley Linden: i once had Avatar Rendering Cost of 400,000 but then i crashed out
Catelin Clary: and how it changes depending on my location
Ewan Mureaux: ive been trying to get my arc up, doing well so far
Jeannedellalune Prudhomme: anybody want zillions of free textures, including Torley's, visit Dreams sandbox
Arianrhod Gehlbard: i noticed my avatar cost gets higher when i walk, whats up with that
Torley Linden: (i was deliberately trying to tax my viewer)
VictoriaRose Daniels: 400,000?? OMG
Arianrhod Gehlbard: i'm pretty sure i have ahigh one now
Catelin Clary: Yeah... my dragon familiar is 1k... I was shocked
norritt Xi: Well there are very many "basic tutorials" but I really would love at least a small sries of tutorials which explain some of the advanced viewer options that are not right clear on sight. That could be extremely useful for those helping to improve SL by writing bug reports. So if you many together with one of the devs could show up some features that provide details that are of use for bug reports that would be a great thing.
Catelin Clary: And hair ... OMG!!
Firebird Nightfire: Torley, you need a better pic of yourself -one that's smiling, not frowning.
Bau Ur: I very much welcome the ability to see avatar cost. i hope it will help everyone be more realistic and considerate of shared resources. In the past when I threw a party and asked people to dress on the simple side of their closet, some people were really offended. Now people understand that it doesmatter. Thanks for that feature, LL!!
Catelin Clary: Do saxes smile?
Torley Linden: norritt: oh, yes... like which specific viewer options? Fast Timers?
Catelin Clary: Inquiring minds...
Torley Linden: Firebird: where am i frowning?!
Allison Widdershins: yeah that one looks like you just discovered your inventory is trshed or something
Torley Linden: Bau: yup, it's an educational feature.
Ash Meersand: Also, over the past four months I've been touring around, I've collected many foods and drinks. Of these, 35 are alcoholic, 17 are coffee, and 16 are soda (14 of which are Linux branded soda freebies). Why nothing healthier?
Firebird Nightfire: Your RL pics.
Catelin Clary: LOL
Torley Linden: Firebird: the big head? i have many where i'm smiling...
Bal Lubitsch: the EL pics are great not frowny
Bal Lubitsch: pff
Torley Linden: e.g, :)
Torley Linden: or haha
Bau Ur: ?me smiles and begins handing Ash hir collection of whoel grain breads, yogurt, lentils...
Samantha Poindexter: I think because the foods and drinks here are usually served at parties. :-)
Ash Meersand: Eight are other drinks, four of which are lemonade. The rest is tea, cocoa, hot chocolate, and milk.
Arianrhod Gehlbard: ash, have you noticed most armbands with "funny" stuff on them include syringes or a pack of smokes?
norritt Xi: Well for instance like how to use several info displays and viewer statistics to find background info. One example for instance. Currently many users are complaining about textures rezzing very slow. This seems to be a viewer side problem so there must be a bottleneck
Torley Linden: Samantha, the Philip 3:16 thing continues to crack me up, have you done something with M Linden?
Allison Widdershins: yeahl, where's teh dang tofu?
Catelin Clary: and (sigh) there is no spoon
Samantha Poindexter: Just the "Thy Kingdon come, thy will be done" shirt. :-)
Samantha Poindexter: I'm working on fitting him into the theology. :-)
norritt Xi: I bet there are info and statics in the debugging options that provide vital information about what exactly happens to textures and what takes the viewer so long to display them
Firebird Nightfire: I just wish we could *taste* the food... I'd love a stash of chocolate that never runs out!
Torley Linden: norritt: ah, here's some context: i've been hoping for some of those tools to become easier to use. and some have been, e.g., Lag Meter. some of the more advanced features are still too unintuitive to be of wide use (e.g., few people are motivated to learn on their own, and those who know are already technically savvy)... i'm open to it but, would like to have additional tools to interpret existing data in a more facile way :)
Samantha Poindexter: (And thanks!) :-)
Torley Linden: hahaha Samantha, i like the references to me too of course ;D lol
Ash Meersand: So, why haven't I been able to find a glass of plain tap water? :D
Torley Linden: i laughed so hard when i saw those on SLEx
Ash Meersand: Also, thanks for the foods, Bau Ur!
Torley Linden: "that's not water you're drinking" ;)
Samantha Poindexter grins.
Arianrhod Gehlbard: you think thats air you're breathing?
Catelin Clary: What I've found is that the lag meter just lets me see the train about to hit me sooner
Samantha Poindexter: "There is no chairman but Philip, and Torley is His prophet."
Waya Sion: i'm tech savey so i'd love to know some of those not-so-common tools ;)
Torley Linden: Morpheus rocks, Lawrence Fishburne is sure a thug in some movies tho
Bal Lubitsch: Torley, i'm sure you would find this interesting
Catelin Clary: You think that's air you're breathing?
Allison Widdershins: it IS the bright light at the end of the tunnel innit?
Fryke Bloch: lol
Arianrhod Gehlbard: yes, thats about the only thing i like from those movies
Catelin Clary: Yup... the train comin at me...
Waya Sion: or even yet-to-be-published script functions
Allison Widdershins: LOL
Ewan Mureaux: he is in 21 and 21 ispretty good, my favourite laurence fishbourne is furoius styles though
Torley Linden: i think part of the problem too, is those debug tools get changed frequently and aren't documented, since they are intended for internal use... but i definitely agree that anything that makes it easier to understand Second Life's underpinnings, like Lag Meter, ARC, etc. is worthwhile to educate many Resis about :D
Torley Linden: Ewan, i liked 21 a lot too!
Torley Linden: 21 was kind of a stock plot, but very exciting, i used to have a gambling problem. anyway.
Bal Lubitsch: i tried to grow a watermelon
Catelin Clary: Just read that Fishburne is in consideration for the man to replace William Peterson...
Ewan Mureaux: furious styles is his character in boyz in the hood
Bal Lubitsch: my watermelon died in a frost
Torley Linden: :(
Bal Lubitsch: i'm going to try again
Ewan Mureaux: i didnt have a problem, i kept winning
Arianrhod Gehlbard: couldnt get away from zyngo or whatever its called, eh torley?
Torley Linden: lol Ewan, lucky you (literally)
Firebird Nightfire: Class is starting! later!
Ewan Mureaux: 29 black, trust me
Torley Linden: Arianrhod: well back then (2004) there was Blackjack, Roulette...
Bal Lubitsch: wow
Allison Widdershins: Black 47
norritt Xi: Sure but if you have the grasp of the idea behind certain debug features (some are pretty obvious and common but others are pretty special in the client) you will most likely be able to read a changed version too
Bal Lubitsch: if only i was old enough to remember
Torley Linden: i used to play at Spittoonie Park and Sapphire Moon Casino
Arianrhod Gehlbard: got outlawed?
Waya Sion: My favorite debug setting to set to false is "RenderGammaFull" LOL
Bau Ur gets away from viewer lag by moving camera out around island, enjoying carzy lovely stuff going on out there.
Arianrhod Gehlbard: yeah i do that too
Torley Linden: norritt: yeah, i think i'd need to get more help from dev/QA on that, e.g., it's a pain keeping updated, and well, it hasn't been updated in awhile
Wizanna Hax: I have heard that you should not set the bandwidth setting more than 500 kbps. because it will lag myself and otheres. is this true. and why whould it. the just say that without an explanation
norritt Xi: Especially since you can expect a change to be improve usability and visualization since the developers won't change their tools to make their lives harder
Torley Linden: it's the old dilemma of "communicating about getting stuff done" vs. "getting stuff done"
Arianrhod Gehlbard: like now, for instance, i'm kinda lagged, but if i move the cam some 200 meters up, it works better
Torley Linden: Wizanna, who'd you hear this from?
Catelin Clary: Ah.. the talking versus doing dilema
Torley Linden: (and sidenote: whenever you "hear" something from someone else, i appreciate a source to clarify!)
Bal Lubitsch: can someone help me out of this straight jacket
Waya Sion: the "under 500" is all over the place with no clear source. I hear it all the time even before being in the resource group
Ewan Mureaux gets the ky and a pair of pliers
Torley Linden: Wizanna, if you have a "fat enough" connection to handle it, you can set your bandwidth to 1500 kbps...
Wizanna Hax: hmm some rp sims. and on some blogs
Waya Sion: er mentor group
Catelin Clary: Poor Bal
VictoriaRose Daniels: good pickup line Bal!!!
Torley Linden: debunk that, it's not effectively true, Wizanna and Waya :\ it needs to be balanced with how much packet loss you're experiencing
Jaymes Kjeller: Most of the time, what you hear from other resis tend to be false. Unless backed up wth evidence.
Arianrhod Gehlbard: who's been taking pictures btw?
Torley Linden: yes Jaymes, insist on a source. i've been taking pictures, will post them laster.
Torley Linden: *later
Fryke Bloch: torley how long have u been playing second life for?
Arianrhod Gehlbard: cool
Bal Lubitsch: haha
Torley Linden: Fryke: since September 15, 2004.
Torley Linden: that was my first day and i've been hooked ever since.
Torley Linden: it's amazing to be here with each and all of you. :)
Fryke Bloch: cool
Torley Linden: i first found out about SL through New World Notes and some other media mentions, and it sounded intriguing enough
Arianrhod Gehlbard: if anyone wants autographed copies of pics i'm in, they're only 10L$
norritt Xi: *nods* I see that the target group for that is pretty small in comparison to those who take advantage from the basic tutorials. But I think a little more "info food" for the tecchies in SL would be great, mybe you could keep that in mind in case you've got a free minute once in a while ;)
Arianrhod Gehlbard: :P
Waya Sion: Torley: it's alwya's a pleaure to meet someone new ^^
Torley Linden: i also tried There out for a few days during that time, but ultimately gravitated this way...
Bal Lubitsch: I found out about it on Television
Wizanna Hax: cool torley . I got a 100 Mbit connection :)
Torley Linden: norritt: thanks :) will do
Bal Lubitsch: he money programme i think it was called
Waya Sion: and if I can help with anything i will hehehe.
Bal Lubitsch: they were traalking about the London sims
Ewan Mureaux: torley can i pass you an lm for my graffiti on the great wall or wil i pass it to other torley?
Arianrhod Gehlbard: oh, i tried There
Waya Sion: I believe a Mentor isn't limited to just the residants but involves everyone ;)
Arianrhod Gehlbard: it was terrible
Ash Meersand: I'm going to drop a coin from 400 meters and see on which side it lands
Wizanna Hax: but I dont understand why it would lag others next to me?
Torley Linden: Wizanna: oh lucky you. i'd also check to see how much bandwidth transferred is actually being sustained, because i can support more than 1500 kbps too and often only see 600-900 kbps being downloaded... wish i could suck more up at one time to go faster!
Fryke Bloch: torley how did u become a linden lab employee
VictoriaRose Daniels: I don't think anything could be as good as SL
Torley Linden: Ewan, oh best to send to Torley Olmstead because i mainly explore
Torley Linden: Fryke: i was in Second Life a lot, saw job application openings, sent in a notecard, got interviewed
Bal Lubitsch: Torley, you need to listen to Canta Per Me for piano. You would love it as i do
Fryke Bloch: is it that easy to become a linden?
Allison Widdershins: so THEY read notecards ;)
Catelin Clary: I already know most of my lag is client side (weeping silently)
Arianrhod Gehlbard: haha
Al Sonic: I found out about SL when the removal of the credit card requirement was mentioned, on Furtopia.
Ash Meersand: Here's the Arkansas state quarter
Ash Meersand: Calling heads
Torley Linden: Wizanna: historically there've been bugs where some slower connections could detrimentally affect a region because of how delayed/latent they were in using texture decode time and such, but that's OLLLLLLLLLD
Arianrhod Gehlbard: catelin, as is mine. i'm on an old proc.
Torley Linden: so maybe some of those rumors that still circulate around are just because they're ancient and not enough people have mythbusted them
Catelin Clary: I'm on a two year old Macbook Pro
Ash Meersand: Oh, it went off-world to -1,111
Jaymes Kjeller: I know the reason for some of the lag I have. Two words. Wireless. Connection.
Wizanna Hax: but.. well I testend my connection from sweden to san fransisco. and I only get 3 Mbits from there
Allison Widdershins: I'm on a slightly newer MBP
Arianrhod Gehlbard: most of my lag problems are just my due to my old computer choking on the amount of stuff here
Torley Linden: Fryke: that's my general story. there are a lot more details. it was straightforward for me, but each person's experience is different. so while i like to provide inspiration, i never encourage copying me exactly.
Catelin Clary: My wireless is one of the usual suspects, but I hate running network cable to the modem
Fryke Bloch: lol
Fryke Bloch: ok
Torley Linden: unless you've replicated every single incident in my life, you'd end up with a different result. :)
Jaymes Kjeller: I'm stuck with it sadly, unless I try to run wires through the walls of my house, which would be hard.
Fryke Bloch: u sure inspired me to visit ur land tho
Arianrhod Gehlbard: and even then, he'd still woulndt be like you
Catelin Clary: Ah... yes... can't possibly exactly clone...
Torley Linden: i used to produce electronic music which helped a lot with video tutorials because of understanding batch processing pipelines...
Ash Meersand: I'll try again with this John Adams coin
Samantha Poindexter starts taking notes while searching her inventory for a time machine.
Catelin Clary: Scientifically impossible at this moment
Torley Linden: no one should be an exact clone, we're each different and unique :)
Catelin Clary hugs her uniqueness
Torley Linden: diverse backgrounds and passion coupled with quick adaptation from experience helps a lot
Ash Meersand: Dropping from 250m
Torley Linden: awwwwe Catelin
Catelin Clary: LOL
Ash Meersand: Oh, it went off-world again
Arianrhod Gehlbard: its not so much the experiences themselves, but how you react to them i think
Waya Sion: I think that uniqueness is what makes things better, it gives more choices of finding someone one clicks with as friends and to find understanding ^^
VictoriaRose Daniels: I agree Torley, even my alts have different personalities :D
Torley Linden: Waya, yes, and gives us opportunities to learn from each other!
Waya Sion: exactly!
Allison Widdershins: but it's wonderful to find people wiht similarities here
Ewan Mureaux: i keep all my personalities for me and my psychiatrist
Catelin Clary: Ah... I know people still think they are single-minded...
Allison Widdershins: we're all so much deeper than the av
Ash Meersand: Dropping a nickel from 180m
Catelin Clary: Noetics are fascinating
Bau Ur: The old texture loading bottleneck problem created a link between viewer side lag and server side lag. Slowness of the viewer caused the server to labour. Are there no such connections any longer? Are viewer side and server side lag entirely de-linked?
Allison Widdershins: nobody starts fresh at the login
Ash Meersand: It rolled away. Where'd it go?
Ash Meersand: Oh, here it is. Heads
Arianrhod Gehlbard: wow everyine just shifted position at once
Torley Linden: Bau: i wouldn't say "entirely de-linked" because there's still network lag -- what's in between. and that can affect what happens at either, or both ends. so difficult to say without more specifics.
Ash Meersand: Dropping a half dollar next
Bal Lubitsch: i'm gonna head off now
Bal Lubitsch: nice speaking to everyone
Arianrhod Gehlbard: you wanna drop a half dollar? i'll take it
Bal Lubitsch: you are all awsome
Torley Linden: take care Bal!
Wizanna Hax: bye bal
Vector Interactor v1.0: Wizanna Hax bids Bal Lubitsch farewell!
Bau Ur: WHome should I ask for examples of viewer side and server side lag linkage?
Bal Lubitsch: see ya layter!
Waya Sion: be well Bal
Ash Meersand: Heads or tails?
Catelin Clary: Bye Bal
Arianrhod Gehlbard: both
Arianrhod Gehlbard: gimme!
norritt Xi: There is always a connection between Server and client side lag, because your local machine can be the fastest on earth if the grid doesn't supply the inworld data fast enugh you'll always "lag" around
Allison Widdershins: seeya bal
blkcell Tolsen: Well its nice to finally see you Torley.
Ash Meersand: Bye, Torley
Allison Widdershins: be patient there's enough lag for everyone
Torley Linden: nice to see you too, blkcell :)
Ash Meersand: I'll call tails
VictoriaRose Daniels: nothing beats a bit of particle spam :(
Arianrhod Gehlbard: haha
blkcell Tolsen: thank you
Ewan Mureaux: oh i have something controversial to say........... vista is quite good
Draco Laval: What is up, Torley, I saw I bothered you during your "here" tutoiral, hahahaha
Arianrhod Gehlbard: hahaaha
Catelin Clary: Maybe if we sold lag, it would become scarce
norritt Xi: Particles only cause client side lag you can deactivate them via preferences
Bau Ur: Norrit...I mean, cases in which behavior or capabilities of one user having an appreciable affect on the server, such that others are also lagged by it.
VictoriaRose Daniels: Ewan... Vista is GREAT!
Wizanna Hax: hmm yes. I'm sot thrilled to se torley. but as a saxofhone. welll. hmm
Allison Widdershins: First time here, and I reall enjoyed it
Ash Meersand: Found it
Ewan Mureaux: i love I changed over my comps on tuesday and yeserday its oooo nice
Ash Meersand: It landed behind the Mooninite
Arianrhod Gehlbard: i'm always trying to come but generally busy around this hour
Torley Linden: haha that's part of the live excitement, isn't it Draco? ;)
Catelin Clary: Saxes give me Michael Brecker goosebumps
Torley Linden: and here i am getting back to you
Draco Laval: So Torley, did you get on the DEVS about hide avatar mesh
norritt Xi: Well server side lag is usually cause by a large number of users and the impact on the experience becomes similarily bad for all of them unless there is not a griefer slowing donw the server willingly
VictoriaRose Daniels: I've never been to any office hours before... so this was something new :)
Ash Meersand: It landed on heads
Torley Linden: my upgrade to Vista failed, but if you're finding it good, Ewan, then that's awesome
Wizanna Hax: hehe yes. its ok torley.
Bau Ur: Everything I do in SL uses server resources in some way so I have nevr really understood the sharp segregaton between viewer side and server side lag. We all affect each other because we all share, or economize, or hog resources.
kawaiietlyplease Yohkoh: This is my first office hours visit also. Hello!!!
Ewan Mureaux: well just 32 bit at the moment to ease the transfer
Torley Linden: Draco: i don't have further details about that, but there's an issue @ with more info
Torley Linden: i don't have the # at the moment
Fryke Bloch: torley will second life eventually have a voice recognition feature in some way?
norritt Xi: The bigger problems is the client side lag If people build / wear complex structures maybe with particle effects and so on that might be no problem if they have a fast machine
Arianrhod Gehlbard: not upgrading to vista, you'll have to pry xp from my could dead hands
Draco Laval: It should be an easy fix I would think, RIGHT torley?
Bau Ur: And i thinnk in some cases the properties of our computers, not just stuff like how many prims we rez, must be part of that too.
Ash Meersand: One more coin drop
Torley Linden: saying "lag" by itself is cloudy and ambiguous, it's like saying to a doctor "I HURT!" well, where do you hurt? do you know how it might be hurting you? when did you first feel the pain?
Torley Linden: "lag" by itself is not useful.
Draco Laval: All they have to code is a flag to render mesh or not
Ash Meersand: John Quincy Adams is going for a ride
Bau Ur: Hide avatar mesh? Hey that is a TERRRIFIC IDEA!
norritt Xi: But people with slower machines experience a decreasing performance
Bau Ur: Wiw Draco
Torley Linden: Fryke: no plans to add one built-in, but some people use Dragon NaturallySpeaking and others
Draco Laval: Thanks, bau
Ewan Mureaux: i'm gonna nip off, see you all soon, take care and all that and remember its nearly christmas!
Torley Linden: Draco: there are some design considerations (e.g., transitioning from invisiprims) but the basic principle is sound
Catelin Clary: Unless you apply taoist thinking... the Tao of lag
Draco Laval: Do you like my hat Torley? I just made it a couple of minutes ago
Torley Linden: again, i'd suggest trying to find the issue on public JIRA :)
VictoriaRose Daniels: I often hear people saying they want the Avatar Mesh to be updated.... but as a clothing designer the thought terrifies me, wouldn't that mean all my textures would be redundant?
Torley Linden: aka Isse Tracker
Torley Linden: Issue Tracker eeeek
Ash Meersand: It rolled down a hill
norritt Xi: So actually there is a certain responsibility on side of the content creators in world who have a high end computer system
Ewan Mureaux waves
Fryke Bloch: o ok
Ash Meersand: and it got stuck under one of Torley's trees
norritt Xi: They need to think of the residents with slower machines too
Bau Ur: Well I guess what I am asking is...if everyone were dressed the same and rezzed exactly the same things in world...would some people nevertheless be consuming more resources than others,for any reason?
Draco Laval: Do they have any recent plans to add hide avater mesh?
Torley Linden: VictoriaRose: when so much is already invested, it's more likely that there'd be new meshes added... so you can go from old to new
Ash Meersand: Tails
Ash Meersand: Statue of Liberty side up
Bau Ur: Perhaps I am not asking the right question.
VictoriaRose Daniels: thank you, that is reassuring
Torley Linden: Draco: again, please search the Issue Tracker and look for it... i think it's Brent who made the most recent comment =)
Draco Laval: How about we get rid of the silly animation overriders too
Tails: Al Sonic hugs Al Sonic's fluffy tails snugly.
blkcell Tolsen: I have a question for you, is there a way to bond a high wearable prim outfit like what Im wearing to a lower count. Like they have for land that you know of ?
norritt Xi: Bau: No actually that would cause a great performance boost since the number of textures and objects to be cached and managed in the graphics card memory would be greatly reduced
Bau Ur: /memulls over that hide avatar mesh thing...sounds brilliant...should actually SAVE LL resources rather than adding to usage?
norritt Xi: Because you need to keep only one texture for everyones dress
Jaymes Kjeller: Hide avatar mesh? Excuse my ignorance.
Wizanna Hax: I know it has to do with client side. what computer you got. they say I crash with this viewer. crash crash... but I don't that often.
Draco Laval: It's interesting your an intrument this time, torley
Catelin Clary: Thank you for your open forum Torley. You're the bees' knees!
Lister Denimore: Torley, the link on the SL wiki sends people to another place for the office hours still
Ash Meersand: Free Canadian toonie for anyone wanting a copy
Allison Widdershins: this has been outstanding
Arch Sorcerer HUD 1.2: Could not find object .
Arianrhod Gehlbard: i dont know about that though
Bau Ur: Erff I am not explaining it right. Yes I know, if we all DID the same things in world there would be less lag. What I mean to ask is...removing the variables of the different things we DO here...are there ways that some people, just because of what we call "Viewer side lag", or slow viewer performance, take more resources than others?
Torley Linden: Lister, oh for crying out loud, i'm sorry! let me fix that! which page on the wiki?
Lister Denimore:
Arianrhod Gehlbard: i mean, i am on the lowest possible settings, but i still like to wear high end stuff
Fryke Bloch: torley i also see that the login screen on second life is different; i dont see the notices like u usually would
norritt Xi: So if I get that tight you're proposing a Avatar rendering cost budget Bau
Allison Widdershins: but they're MUCH prettier!
Torley Linden: Fryke: good observation :)
Fryke Bloch: ok ty
norritt Xi: During the latest viewer releases there has been added a feature called Avatar Rendering Cost (ARC)
Waya Sion: lol torley: i noticed that too but i was able to find the rihgt spot by looking for where everyone is
Torley Linden: hm, Lister, the link i see is "an awesome island named Here"?
Draco Laval: What's your next vid tut, Torley?
Bau Ur: NO I am not proposing any budgets! That is purely a hypothetical scenario...a way to isolate the variables for what I am asking!
Torley Linden: Draco: you'll find out in a couple days ;)
Draco Laval: Torley, can you explain what this MONO thing is
Allison Widdershins: I'll get back to you through your contact page for that Sakamoto stuff
Lister Denimore: hmmm.weird Torlay, i clicked it earlier & it sent me elsewhere
Lister Denimore: Torley*
Torley Linden: Draco, i really recommend you to search for some of this info and feel rewarded by learning yourself :)
Catelin Clary: Be well Torley, and all the lovely avis...
Torley Linden: Lister if you can reproduce the wrong link again, let me know... i'll fix it
Torley Linden: i suspect Lister, that may be because i used a general link for Here, not specifically to this office, but to the newcomer corral *points over there*
Draco Laval: Hey, I'm just a crow, how should I know
OdalsuBoxing-L: Unable to find specified agent to request permissions.
Caitlyn Clawtooth: heya Torley
Allison Widdershins: is that crow with one O?
norritt Xi: Well Bau: There is a certain correspondance between freedom in here and the costs to render that all, so "removing any variables of the different things we do in here" to pick up your words would always also lead to any kind of additional limitations on what you can do in SL
Torley Linden: hy Caitlyn :)
Torley Linden: ah it's been fun, thanks each & all for coming, i need to go for now but take care!
Lister Denimore: the link I clicked origianlly sent me to Campus
Fryke Bloch: torley does philip linden ever come online ?
Draco Laval: Wow how exciting, this Mono, this is as exciting as hide avatar mesh
Torley Linden: Lister, weeeeird... yeah that doesn't sound right at all
Bau Ur: IN the texture laoding problem...because some people , client side, could not load textures fast, the SERVER had to keep workiing and working to send them. This resulted in SERVER ide slowdowns for everyone on the server. I am trying to ask if situationsof that type still exist..if things that are commonly described as "just a client side problem" are nevertheless afffecting theserver performance.
Lister Denimore: but now it's OK
Torley Linden: Fryke: he sure does, he has office hours on occasion too
Draco Laval: maybe we can actually get rid of sleeps on SETROT and stuff
Fryke Bloch: cool
Fryke Bloch: where does he hang out in second life?
Wizanna Hax: I urge you all to read the forums at the SL site. and the one at slx. you will get so many answers there. and read all of the many many blogs out there
Allison Widdershins: cough cough
Arianrhod Gehlbard: the village probably
Torley Linden: wherever he wants ;D bye for now! *waves and smiles*
Allison Widdershins: bye Torley!
Ash Meersand: Bye, Torley
Arianrhod Gehlbard: bye torley!
Bau Ur: :) Bye!
Zand Gundersen: bye
Fryke Bloch: **ok i wuv u byby!!**
Fryke Bloch: torley
Wizanna Hax: bye
Jaymes Kjeller: See you, Torley!
Samantha Poindexter waves cheerfully.
Tensai Hilra: ciao torley, Awesome island *smiles*
norritt Xi: Bye Torley!
Waya Sion: til next time Torley ^^
Fryke Bloch: b y e
VictoriaRose Daniels: Byeeee
Torley Linden: yayzerama!