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About This Page

This is a personal page[1], not an official source from either LL or any viewer etc.

It is used both to hold info and for my personal practice at writing on the wiki, so parts might be chaotic. My intend is to leave any information not marked as temp[2] available on the page to be reread as needed.


Complexity is a measurement for how much work is needed by the viewer to render items worn by avatars.

It is measured by the viewers around you, and send to server. Not all viewers use the same weights of things, so the number can change depending who is close to you.  ???Need a footnote to LL write up.

- LL Viewer

-> Preferences ->

Open Debug Settings Window: Advanced -> Show Debug Settings

- Firestorm

Show Advanced Menu: CTRL+ALT+D or Avatar -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Show Advanced Menu

Open Debug Settings Window: Advanced -> Show Debug Settings

Set ShowMyComplexityChanges to 0

- Singularity