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Hello to all... Hola a todos...

Greetings from the Caribbean, beautiful Puerto Rico!!! My Sl-birthday was November,17,2005. Ever since I've been a dedicated SLfer, trying not to say SLaddict, who enjoys to have fun. Entered the game after 2yrs of TSO (The Sims Online), so entered with the expectations of continuing building as I was doing at the previous game. Guess what loved it here the best. I been having the opportunity to learn and teach others what I have learn. Am a Rl teacher so I love to teach... Thats why I enjoy so much been around newbies. Can help you do some building, so lets build it together!

¡¡¡Saludos desde el Caribe, de la Isla del Encanto - Puerto Rico!!! Hablo y escribo en español también, asi que escríbeme! Maestra en la primera vida, tengo costumbre estar enseñando a mis amistades lo que aprendo. Tengo destrezas de construcción, asi que construyamos juntos. Ocasionalmente para poder ayudar a hispano parlantes cambio la interface de mi juego a español. Asi que puedes enviar IM (mensaje privado) en confianza. ;-)