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As long as the integrated browser accepts all cookies and runs all java scripts

Actually, it's an age-old story about requesting something from external sources, anywhere (especially without even a confirmation), it's not SL-specific. Because you give out your IP address (unless you specifically protect it) to wherever server you request from.

I did wonder what the hell happened to that issue on Viewer 2.

-- Hell Otsuka 13:54, 13 August 2010 (UTC)

The problem for me is the fact that they run all Java scripts. With the same user I installed the Viewer. Actually ME. So its very easy to steal a file or to read out the content of a file on MY computer. Using Ajax for example. In Viewer 2 you actually don't see the Java content, it can be on the face of a prim.

-- Anylyn Hell Hax 13:53, 13 August 2010 (UTC)

(Krull Aeon April 11, 2009)

Thank you for this fun and useful code Anylyn! I added some double quotes (\"\") to the generator so that all texture UUIDs, including Sculpt textures, would be surrounded in double quotes. Also added llGetPos() + to the prim position code in order to keep the prim position local rather than regional.


I'm somewhat bemused by your user function 'init()' which I reproduce here, expanded for easier reading:-

<lsl> key me="aed6887f-7f1d-485c-9906-515355b5c49a"; // Put your key here. integer DEBUG=TRUE; // Change this to FALSE for production init() {

   if ( llGetInventoryCreator(llGetScriptName() ) != me )

integer DEBUG=FALSE;


} </lsl>

Two question:-

1) How can the creator of my script be other than ... ummmmmm ... me ?? I mean... you say to put your own key in the variable 'me'. Then the script tests if the script creator is 'me' ... how can it be anyone else?

2) Having decided that the creator is indeed 'me' you then declare a local variable called DEBUG that you set to FALSE. But this won't affect the global DEBUG flag.

Surely your code should read as follows:

<lsl> integer DEBUG=TRUE; init() {

   if ( llGetInventoryCreator(llGetScriptName() ) != llGetOwner() )


   // writing 'return' here is redundant

} </lsl> Omei Qunhua 07:40, 27 December 2012 (PST)