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I am not sure where to put this but I'll try this way. Move it if necessary.

I think there is the cart before the horse here.

I propose the guild system within which all of these discussions will add up to a result.

A page per possible guild; each discussion member a part of the guild because of interest.

I'm using the model I work in the RL: film union where we work in the guild structure. The standards are self regulating and decided through department meetings. The structure is fluid enough to work with us creative types and has a proven track record.

So you have a Script Guild that meets (has website); decides its own standards; decides its own educational qualifications, etc. If they do a good job, people join, if it becomes an elite fest, people don't join. Eventually the guilds evolve in a very healthy way. People apply to join within the context of the requirements.

There is an elected chairperson for each dept. and co chairs. Monthly meetings etc. Working rules in that how is work to be done and paid; rates etc. Job descriptions..what do the different levels do. Usually you would have Apprentice, Intern, Journeyman and Master..something like that with the credentials determined at meetings where the application is discussed and voted on.

Is it misused? You bet. Does it work in the long run. Yes indeed.

The good thing is that all the discussion going on now would lead to the working rules in the guild. It would be summarized and voted on and set up as the first beta version. Instead of just people staring at trees.

This is the forest I think we should be wandering in first...the guild system.

I hope nobody minds but I've moved this discussion to Professional_Guilds.