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Wiki All Pages

I'm not sure of the goal behind Wiki All Pages, tho in case it's for some kind of content tracking, I'd like to mention that it only lists pages within the main namespace (as opposed to "all pages"). It includes all redirects (also redirects to other namespaces) while it excludes articles in other namespaces. Those are:

  • Help: supposed to be for Wiki help. E.g. Help:Contents.
  • Project: supposed to store Wiki meta info. E.g. Project:Editing Guidelines.
  • User: supposed to store extended profile information of Wiki users, as well as user specific content. E.g. User:Strife Onizuka/Miscellaneous.
  • Linden Lab Official: supposed to store special Knowledge Base articles, which are holding sensitive information and therefore aren't accessible for Residents to change. E.g. Linden Lab Official:Linden Home.
  • There'll be localized Linden Lab Official namespaces for French, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese soon.
  • Some Category: pages are also storing article information. E.g. Category:LSL List.
  • Remaining namespaces (MediaWiki:, Template: and File:) shouldn't hold articles (as of my knowledge) with some exceptions for template documentation.

--Zai signature.png (talk|contribs) 15:04, 19 February 2010 (UTC)