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I bought an outfit from Babydolls. I went to attach the objects and would get a message "Attempt to attach object Failed" so I cleared cache and relogged. When I came on my outfit was gone

  • BB*Kaylee- In pink

so the creator gave me 500L said buy it again. Again attach object failed, again I cleared cache and came back. again the outfit is gone from my inventory.

It shows in my transactions history I bought the outfit.

Sincerely Mirabelle Savira

Hi Mirabelle, I have seen lots of things that should be support requests go on the wiki lately, Is there a link somewhere that sends you here? That should probably be fixed. Anyway, try for this kind of problem, there should be a ticket type for inventory problems. I hope that someone there can help you find your stuff! --Cerise Resident 19:12, 21 January 2011 (PST)