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Second Life Slang

This section lists Second Life specific slang (SLang). Link to this page with

Acronym Meaning
ALT Alternate Account
AO Animation Override
AR Abuse Report
ARC Avatar Rendering Cost
AV Avatar
CG Community Gateway
CS Community Standards
DMCA Digital Millennium Copyright Act
FEF Fast, Easy and Fun (Philip Linden)
HI(P) Help Island (Public)
HUD Head-up display
IM Instant Message
KB Knowledge Base; see Old Knowledge Base
KBAotW Knowledge Base Article of the Week
LAG Lag fail to keep up with ...
LDPW Linden Department of Public Works
LL Linden Lab
LOD Level of Detail for e.g. in Mesh_and_LOD
LSL Linden Scripting Language
LM Landmark
MG Main Grid
MotD Message of the Day
NC Notecard
OGP Open Grid Protocol
OH Office Hour
OI(P) Orientation Island (Public)
PyOGP Python Open Grid Protocol
RC Release Candidate
RL Real-(First-)Life
SL Second Life
SLB Second Life Birthday
SLRR Second Life Railroad
SLT Second Life Time
SLurl Second Life URL[1]
TG Teen Grid
ToS Second Life Terms of Service
TotW Tip of the Week
TP Teleport
TSL Teen Second Life
WA Welcome Area

  1. URL is an acronym for Uniform Resource Locator, see Wikipedia: URL

Internet Slang

For general Internet slang, see: