Autobuild install

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autobuild install
option [value] [option [value]] ...
[package [package ...]]

Installs artifacts of dependency packages for use during the build of the current package.


  • package: name of package to consider for installation.

You may specify one or more packages, separated by a space.

Standard Options

Option Shortcut Value Description
--debug -d None Display debug output
--dry-run -n None Run tool in dry run mode if available
--help -h None Show help message
--quiet -q None Display minimal output
--verbose -v None Display verbose output

Command-Specific Options

Option Shortcut Value Description
--as-source as_source N/A Package name from which to get source. Get the source for specified package instead of prebuilt binary.
--config-file filename N/A File that describes what is installed (defaults to $AUTOBUILD_CONFIG_FILE or "autobuild.xml"). Use specified configuration file.
--export-manifest N/A None Print the install manifest to stdout and exit.
--installed-manifest filename N/A The file used to record what is installed. Save record of what is installed to the specified file.
--install-dir dir N/A Directory path. Unpack installed files in specified directory
--list N/A None List the archives specified in the package file.
--list-installed N/A None List the installed package names and exit.
--list-licenses N/A None List known licenses and exit.
--platform platform -p platform Platform name Override the automatically determined platform.
--skip-license-check N/A None Do not perform the license check.