Autobuild installables

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autobuild installables
option [value] [option [value]] ...
[command] [name] [argument [argument ...]]

Specify installables as dependencies of the current pacakge for use by the autobuild install command.


  • command: installable command: add, remove, edit, or print.
  • name: the name of the installable.
  • argument: a key=value pair specifying an attribute.

Standard Options

Option Shortcut Value Description
--debug -d None Display debug output
--dry-run -n None Run tool in dry run mode if available
--help -h None Show help message
--quiet -q None Display minimal output
--verbose -v None Display verbose output

Command-Specific Options

Option Shortcut Value Description
--config-file config_file N/A Path of configuration file Use specified configuration file. (defaults to $AUTOBUILD_CONFIG_FILE or "autobuild.xml")
--archive archive -a archive Archive name Infer installable attributes from the given archive


autobuild installables edit otherpkg url=<url>