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This meeting was held on October 22nd, 2009


  • Discuss resolution of previous open items.
  • There is a BETA Server Office Hours wiki page now!
    • Updates
  • Releases
    • 1.30.2 - Deployed to Agni
      • Security fix.
    • 1.32.0 - Deployed to Aditi beta.
      • What's new?
    • 1.30.2 is now out on AGNI

Resolved Items

  • I updated the MOTD __Oskar
  • the ADITI database got an updated OS --Lil
  • Land buying is fixed on ADITI. __Oskar
  • SVC-3819 - "Top Scripts" "the really big error is gone now" --Moon Metty

Meeting Minutes

  • Lil talked about how Pilot Rolls work.
  • Discussed VWR-2638 - The Double TP issue. --Jonit Ivory


Transcript of Oskar Linden's Beta Server Office Hour for October 22nd, 2009:

[15:00]  Oskar Linden: :-p
[15:00]  Soph Oh: hi all
[15:00]  XLR8RRICK Hudson: Greetings all
[15:01]  Moon Metty: hi Rick :)
[15:01]  Psi Merlin: Hello everyone
[15:01]  Moon Metty: hi Psi :)
[15:01]  Opensource Obscure: EHLO
[15:01]  Moon Metty: hi!
[15:01]  Twisted Laws: hi
[15:01]  Holger Gilruth: moin
[15:02]  Moon Metty: lol Jonit
[15:02]  Moon Metty: you're only half a donkey
[15:02]  Jonit Ivory: I didn't lie, I said it in group chat
[15:02]  Jonit Ivory: ahh this is encouraging
[15:02]  Moon Metty: is your back end still on agni?
[15:03]  Jonit Ivory: one hopes so
[15:03]  Latif Khalifa: lol
[15:03]  Lil Linden is Online
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: ok alright
[15:04]  Oskar Linden: there's Lil
[15:04]  Moon Metty: hey Lil :)
[15:04]  Lil Linden: HI!
[15:04]  Opensource Obscure: hello lil !
[15:05]  Lil Linden takes advantage of all these boxes
[15:05]  Lil Linden: wow... huge turnout
[15:05]  Oskar Linden: thanks everyone for coming
[15:05]  Latif Khalifa: it's just oskar's fan club ;)
[15:05]  Callum Linden is Offline
[15:05]  Jonit Ivory: I'm half here, half of me is in Agni
[15:05]  Moon Metty: that's what you get when you post release notes hehehe
[15:05]  Lil Linden: he is sort of a rockstar, isn't he? :-)
[15:05]  Holger Gilruth: thats a fan meeting? i thought its the antifan meeting :)
[15:05]  Soph Oh: yep^^
[15:05]  Callum Linden is Online
[15:05]  Latif Khalifa: i hear he got grouppies too now
[15:06]  Oskar Linden: this is not Oskars fan club
[15:06]  Lil Linden: haha
[15:06]  Oskar Linden: :-p
[15:06]  Lil Linden: nice try oskar
[15:06]  Oskar Linden: we all know what Latif thinks of technical Lindens o.O
[15:06]  Lil Linden sells backstage passes to the Oskar show for L$50
[15:06]  Callum Linden is Offline
[15:06]  Latif Khalifa: but that part of testing is done on an adult region i hear xD
[15:06]  Jonit Ivory: ahh I can pay!
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: ok. we're working from the agenda that I didn't have time to update much
[15:07]  Holger Gilruth: lil no problem here i have enought money
[15:07]  Oskar Linden:
[15:07]  Lil Linden: LOL
[15:07]  Lil Linden: I'd feel guilty for collecting the money if we were on Agni
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: so let's see. previous open items
[15:07]  Jonit Ivory nods
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: I updated the MOTD
[15:07]  Oskar Linden: yay
[15:07]  Moon Metty: hmmm
[15:08]  Oskar Linden: and I think ADITI got some upgrades last week right Lil?
[15:08]  Richard Linden is Online
[15:08]  Lil Linden: Well
[15:08]  Lil Linden: nothing shiny
[15:08]  Moon Metty: the first point has the correct jira number, but wrong title
[15:08]  Lil Linden: the database got an updated OS
[15:08]  Moon Metty: SVC-2327
[15:08]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-2327] Mono Beta - recompile selection: llRemoteLoadScriptPin conflict
[15:09]  Oskar Linden: well that's something
[15:09]  Moon Metty: i commented on SVC-2327, again asking
[15:09]  Oskar Linden: no point continuing running our backedn access server on win3.1
[15:09]  Moon Metty: SVC-3819 is fixed, you can add it to the release notes
[15:09]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-3819] "Top Scripts" in estate tools is inaccurate
[15:09]  Lil Linden: Dude, DOS 6.0... with disk compression
[15:09]  Oskar Linden: is that public info?
[15:09]  Latif Khalifa: i still got MOTD about db upgrade on oct 15th
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: yes
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: but it WAS updated
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: <_<
[15:10]  Lil Linden looks into moon's JIRA
[15:10]  Holger Gilruth: there is no difference ms is ms and still be shit
[15:10]  Latif Khalifa: lol, updated from the may one ;D
[15:10]  Oskar Linden: I have been working with the web team to get the front page for the login page in a state where I can edit it
[15:10]  Lil Linden: Soo...
[15:11]  Richard Linden is Offline
[15:11]  Lil Linden: I'm curious when we close PJIRAs
[15:11]  Latif Khalifa: can you hookup magic cookies to it ;)
[15:11]  Lil Linden: if svc3819 is done
[15:11]  Latif Khalifa: Lil, fix pending when its fixed, closed when its deployed
[15:11]  Moon Metty: right
[15:12]  Lil Linden: Works for me :)
[15:12]  Oskar Linden: I think land buying works now
[15:12]  Moon Metty: fix pending means: come test on aditi if you're satisfied
[15:13]  Lil Linden: 3819 is not in Fix Pending yet
[15:13]  Oskar Linden: has anyone verified if land buying is fixed?
[15:13]  Moon Metty: mmm
[15:13]  Jonit Ivory: where are the for sale parcels?
[15:13]  Moon Metty: now it is :)
[15:13]  Jonit Ivory: I want this one! i can make a donkey house
[15:14]  Lil Linden: alright!
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: Oh DOnkey!
[15:14]  Richard Linden is Online
[15:14]  Oskar Linden: ok. I'll scratch buy land off the list
[15:15]  Ardy Lay: Land purchase attempt: Waiting for data... timed out.
[15:15]  Oskar Linden: ok now we can talk about SVC-3819 moon :-p
[15:15]  Moon Metty: again?
[15:15]  Ardy Lay: There has been an error while fetching .....
[15:15]  Oskar Linden: hrm
[15:16]  Moon Metty: the fix looks good
[15:16]  Moon Metty: topscripts is not very exact
[15:16]  Moon Metty: but that's expected
[15:16]  Moon Metty: the really big error is gone now
[15:16]  Oskar Linden: ok. I'll add it to resolved issues
[15:17]  Geo Meek: shadows crash me :-(((((((
[15:17]  Lil Linden will toss it in the release notes
[15:17]  Moon Metty: if only we had access to topscripts without being estate owner :D
[15:17]  Oskar Linden: :-)
[15:17]  Jonit Ivory: ((umm just confirmed, buy Land fails here))
[15:17]  Richard Linden is Offline
[15:17]  Oskar Linden: bah
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: hrm
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: I'll look at it later
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: *sigh*
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: oh well
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: anyways
[15:18]  Geo Meek: ant chance of doing these metting in voice ?
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: probably not
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: then you would recognzie Lil's voice
[15:18]  Geo Meek: same old stuff
[15:18]  Lil Linden: then you would all hear the country music I'm blasting
[15:18]  Holger Gilruth: please no voice, i am not native english speaker
[15:18]  Oskar Linden: and he/she likes the anonymity
[15:18]  Lil Linden: haha, that too
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: it's really hard to hide Philip's voice
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: I mean
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: oh
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: crap
[15:19]  Moon Metty: lol
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: moving right along
[15:19]  Geo Meek: so why hide
[15:19]  Jonit Ivory: try being a donkey that can type *sighs*
[15:19]  Geo Meek: kk
[15:19]  Pastrami Linden is Offline
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: Geo, we do these meetings in text
[15:19]  Geo Meek: got it
[15:19]  Twisted Laws: a talking donkey would be strange too :p
[15:19]  Oskar Linden: easier to track and log that way
[15:20]  Geo Meek: dont beat a dead donnky
[15:20]  Oskar Linden: I don't have any other updates on the open items
[15:20]  Jonit Ivory: thanks Geo!
[15:20]  Jonit Ivory: is there an AOB section?
[15:20]  Oskar Linden: AOB?
[15:21]  Jonit Ivory: Any other business
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: informally
[15:21]  Geo Meek: shadows
[15:21]  Jonit Ivory: double teleports
[15:21]  Oskar Linden: the official agenda is only something I've been doing officially for a few weeks
[15:21]  Latif Khalifa: Oskar, Enus told me that WebFetchInventoryDescendants cap is going to be enabled again
[15:21]  Latif Khalifa: and that some sims are already running with it enabled
[15:22]  Lil Linden: that's part of AIS, yes
[15:22]  Latif Khalifa: do you know if any on aditi have that cap enabled, i would like to test something
[15:22]  Oskar Linden: lil?
[15:22]  Lil Linden: Thus far Aditi does not have it, but I can enable a region
[15:22]  Latif Khalifa: Lil. that would be awesome
[15:22]  Psi Merlin: AOB added.
[15:22]  Holger Gilruth: my region :)
[15:22]  Lil Linden: Latif - any region in particular?
[15:22]  Latif Khalifa: any really, you can enble this one
[15:23]  Oskar Linden: thanks Psi :-p
[15:23]  Lil Linden: ok, I'll do it in a minute here
[15:23]  Latif Khalifa: is the plan to have it on as 1.32 rolls out in agni=
[15:23]  Latif Khalifa: ?
[15:23]  Lil Linden: No
[15:23]  Latif Khalifa: any timeline?
[15:23]  Lil Linden: it's going to be off in 1.32, and all regions with it will be disabled
[15:23]  Oskar Linden: 1.32 will look on AGNI like it looks here
[15:23]  Lil Linden: we're still trying to make sure our system doesn't catch fire when we turn it on grid-wide :)
[15:24]  Lil Linden: and are still doing analysis on the pilot roll (~25 sims)
[15:24]  Geo Meek: Jonit i did not mean that in a bay way
[15:24]  Latif Khalifa: yeah is crazy fast, that's one of the things i want to test here
[15:24]  Geo Meek: =bad
[15:24]  Latif Khalifa: Lil, or you could give me a sim name on agni that is on that test roll
[15:24]  Lil Linden: yeah, sure, would that mean you don't need an aditi sim?
[15:24]  Holger Gilruth: or can we suggest the names :)
[15:25]  Latif Khalifa: Lil, whichever its easer for you
[15:25]  Oskar Linden: I thought the pilot roll was Linden only regions Lil?
[15:25]  Latif Khalifa: (hope that test roll sims have public access)
[15:25]  Lil Linden: well
[15:25]  Jonit Ivory: not in Prospero days, he accepted names for pilot regions
[15:25]  Lil Linden: it is sims with linden regions, which means that some non-linden regions on the same sim hosts will get it
[15:26]  Jonit Ivory: Ahh this has changed
[15:26]  Oskar Linden: we have different levels of 'pilot' rolls Jonit
[15:26]  Lil Linden: Joint - we are still accepting names for pilots
[15:26]  Holger Gilruth: i am sure any lindensim on the same simulator than my sims will cause that linden restart their sim :)
[15:26]  Lil Linden: yeah, this is a different issue
[15:26]  Lil Linden: I can explain if y'all want
[15:26]  Holger Gilruth: Sim: Wien :)
[15:26]  Oskar Linden: please do Lil
[15:26]  Lil Linden: it's totally exciting
[15:26]  Jonit Ivory nods understood
[15:26]  Moon Metty: :)
[15:26]  Oskar Linden gets excited
[15:27]  Lil Linden: Simmer down oskar
[15:27]  Lil Linden: SO! Story time
[15:27]  Pastrami Linden is Online
[15:27]  Jonit Ivory as a donkey, best not get excited
[15:27]  Latif Khalifa: yey!
[15:27]  Entering god mode, level 200
[15:27]  Richard Linden is Online
[15:27]  Moon Metty: bring out the marshmellows
[15:27]  Geo Meek: Jonit please dont
[15:27]  Jonit Ivory nods
[15:27]  Lil Linden: When we do the big "Rolling Restarts", we're pushing out the entire simulator binary + config files for that simulator code + back end server code
[15:27]  Lil Linden: "the works"
[15:28]  Lil Linden: that's whats going to be happening next week and the week after
[15:28]  Holger Gilruth: hmm that means better stay away the next weeks from doing important event :)
[15:28]  Lil Linden: then, there are smaller rollouts we do some times.. usually just consisting of copying a config file to all the sim hosts
[15:29]  Lil Linden: we usually try to send these configs to Linden regions first, so we know if it causes problems (see, we do care :-), though since we have to configure an entire sim at a time, non-Linden regions will see the updates as well
[15:29]  Lil Linden: The End.
[15:29]  Geo Meek: how many?
[15:29]  Jonit Ivory: so the advertised pilots/gridwides are always "the works"?
[15:29]  Latif Khalifa: :) nice
[15:29]  Lil Linden: how many sim hosts?
[15:29]  Moon Metty: oooo
[15:29]  Oskar Linden: it's great. If it fails we can't go to meetings.
[15:30]  Geo Meek: yes
[15:30]  Moon Metty: lol
[15:30]  Latif Khalifa: i just need a name of one public access region with that cap enabled, here or on agni does not really matter
[15:30]  Oskar Linden: that makes Lindens angry
[15:30]  Lil Linden: So there's maybe 30 linden regions, and they're usually scattered over various sim hosts.. so at most 30 sim hosts get the update
[15:30]  Lil Linden: if linden regions overlap on a sim host, then less
[15:30]  Lil Linden: make sense?
[15:31]  Jonit Ivory: Yes, as long as you get P Squared, it is uninspiring
[15:31]  Geo Meek: i have shadows working but well not work in Uatra
[15:31]  Jonit Ivory: but I was there yesterday when opensource bought a tour bus round
[15:31]  Geo Meek: good FPS as well
[15:32]  Geo Meek: care for a livecast?
[15:32]  Lil Linden: So, Latif - here's some regions: Karana, Edge of Twilight, Eugene, Palm3
[15:32]  Latif Khalifa: Lil, thanks a bunch!
[15:32]  Oskar Linden: Thanks Lil
[15:32]  Lil Linden: IM my Agni avatar if those don't work for some reason
[15:32]  Richard Linden is Offline
[15:32]  Moon Metty: Lil or Oskar, can you put Mersenne Prime Two on a class 5 box please?
[15:32]  Moon Metty: i want to do a very short test
[15:32]  Latif Khalifa: karana, closed :D ... on to the next one
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: not sure that we can Moon
[15:33]  Moon Metty: or maybe you know of another empty region on a class 5?
[15:33]  Moon Metty: well, i can ask Vek then
[15:33]  Moon Metty: he knows how to do it
[15:33]  Jonit Ivory snorts
[15:33]  Oskar Linden: how empty does it need to be?
[15:34]  Moon Metty: script time below 0.5
[15:34]  Geo Meek: 13 FPS livecast not bad at all
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: one of my oatmeal sims might suffice
[15:34]  Jonit Ivory: URL Geo?
[15:34]  Moon Metty: is that class 5?
[15:34]  Moon Metty: cool
[15:34]  Oskar Linden: I can check
[15:35]  Oskar Linden: so... any other business?
[15:35]  Jonit Ivory: Yep, recently I have had issues with repeat TPs
[15:35]  Jonit Ivory: you land somwhere and instantly you are in another tp
[15:35]  Jonit Ivory: which does nto complete
[15:35]  Jonit Ivory: not*
[15:35]  Jonit Ivory: happened here on my way to this sim tonight
[15:36]  Oskar Linden: what client?
[15:36]  Jonit Ivory: Any
[15:36]  Oskar Linden: you're sure?
[15:36]  Jonit Ivory: currently I am in Snow
[15:36]  Jonit Ivory: Emerald does it too
[15:36]  Jonit Ivory: Yes
[15:36]  Lil Linden: how often does it happen?
[15:36]  Jonit Ivory: most teleports
[15:36]  Oskar Linden: do you know if there is a JIRA issue filed for it?
[15:37]  Jonit Ivory: I haven't looked yet, there must be, I'll search and add my experiences
[15:37]  Twisted Laws: i've seen that a couple times too in snowglobe
[15:37]  Jonit Ivory: let me have a quick look now
[15:37]  Moon Metty: VWR-2638
[15:37]  JIRA-helper:
[#VWR-2638] Double teleport issue
[15:37]  Jonit Ivory: VWR-2638
[15:37]  Jonit Ivory: possibly
[15:38]  Jonit Ivory: yep
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: ok. it looks likes Soft and Alexa are looking into it
[15:38]  Jonit Ivory: looks familiar
[15:38]  Oskar Linden: add your notes to that Jonit please
[15:38]  Jonit Ivory: Unassinged in PJIRA
[15:38]  Opensource Obscure: i confirm this. I saw in the past, then it was ~ fixed , but recently saw it again. not sure about which client.
[15:38]  Jonit Ivory: but yes it has a DEV
[15:38]  Opensource Obscure: i'll comment in PJIRA
[15:38]  Jonit Ivory: Yes it went away
[15:38]  Moon Metty: it's imported
[15:38]  Richard Linden is Online
[15:38]  Jonit Ivory: and I am sure it started again with a recent server update
[15:39]  Jonit Ivory: yes I see than ow, well it's pretty solid
[15:39]  Jonit Ivory: I'll add my blurb to that JIRA
[15:39]  Jonit Ivory: hopefully Soft at least has it watched
[15:40]  Moon Metty: i've seen it too, a long time ago
[15:40]  Jonit Ivory: it went away
[15:40]  Jonit Ivory: behaviour is reproducible
[15:40]  Moon Metty: it could be a network issue
[15:40]  Jonit Ivory: av unable to move
[15:40]  Jonit Ivory: cancel tp
[15:40]  Jonit Ivory: all is well
[15:40]  Jonit Ivory: Naw
[15:40]  Jonit Ivory: I am not sure
[15:40]  Oskar Linden: well not moving in a pt makes sense
[15:40]  Jonit Ivory: if you use the dreaded Emerald etc
[15:40]  Oskar Linden: tp
[15:40]  Jonit Ivory: and cancel tp screens
[15:40]  Jonit Ivory: all rezzes as if you were there
[15:40]  Oskar Linden: right. I have seen that in emerald
[15:41]  Jonit Ivory: you are stuck in one place
[15:41]  Jonit Ivory: you can click objects
[15:41]  Jonit Ivory: interact in chat and IM is still fine
[15:41]  Ardy Lay: Does anyone else see you there?
[15:41]  Jonit Ivory: just not move
[15:41]  Jonit Ivory: you cancel it
[15:41]  Ardy Lay: okay
[15:41]  Jonit Ivory: you can move
[15:41]  Moon Metty: oh, is that with the missing groups, Jonit?
[15:41]  Jonit Ivory: missing groups?
[15:41]  Moon Metty: yes, your group list is empty?
[15:42]  Jonit Ivory: Ahh I have not thought to open it
[15:42]  Jonit Ivory: but I suspect not
[15:42]  Jonit Ivory: as all other comms is up and running
[15:42]  Jonit Ivory: I will check of course
[15:42]  Moon Metty: in that case it's svc-4169
[15:42]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-4169] missing groups, unable to tp, tried everything
[15:42]  Jonit Ivory: Naw, doesn't smell like it
[15:42]  Moon Metty: hehe ok
[15:42]  Jonit Ivory: and Oskar has met this, what do you think Oskar?
[15:43]  Oskar Linden: I have smelt it
[15:43]  Oskar Linden: but I had reasons to doubt it was an issue
[15:43]  Richard Linden is Offline
[15:43]  Oskar Linden: because it always happened right as I was late for a meeting
[15:43]  Jonit Ivory: /
[15:43]  Moon Metty: hehe
[15:43]  Oskar Linden: and I assumed that someone at the meeting had attempted to godtp me there
[15:44]  Moon Metty: excuses!
[15:44]  Jonit Ivory: [15:40] Oskar Linden: right. I have seen that in emerald
[15:44]  Oskar Linden: but if others are seeing it, then that is not the case
[15:44]  Oskar Linden: I had seen the issue for sure in Emerald
[15:44]  Jonit Ivory: Happened to me in Snow right here on Agni
[15:44]  Oskar Linden: but I enver go to meetings as Oskar Linden in Emerals
[15:44]  Oskar Linden: d
[15:44]  Jonit Ivory: no of course not, I would only go to see Torley as Emerald
[15:45]  Latif Khalifa: hm, no bouncy glory during meetings ;)
[15:45]  Oskar Linden doesn't entirely trust his password with 3rd part viewers
[15:45]  Jonit Ivory: anyone else, official client lol
[15:45]  Moon Metty: you must have a bad password then
[15:45]  Moon Metty: :p
[15:46]  Jonit Ivory: it happens in Snow and standard client, just you can't interact because the black TP screen is up
[15:46]  Oskar Linden: right
[15:46]  Oskar Linden: does emerald have a cancel tp button when the tp screen is disabled?
[15:46]  Jonit Ivory: FWIW, that invasive radar, that Prok hates functions when you first land
[15:46]  Cerise Sorbet: yes a cancel button in the latest
[15:46]  Jonit Ivory: so you are definately on sim
[15:46]  Jonit Ivory: just that movement is restricted in teh second tp
[15:47]  Jonit Ivory: which always fails
[15:47]  Latif Khalifa: prok will hate anything opensource
[15:47]  Latif Khalifa: no matter what it si
[15:47]  Oskar Linden: we're not talking about prok here ok
[15:47]  Latif Khalifa: lol
[15:47]  Jonit Ivory nods
[15:47]  Moon Metty: phew
[15:47]  Ryan Linden is Online
[15:48]  Latif Khalifa: i love how subtle oskar is ;)
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: she gets enough attention as it is
[15:48]  Jonit Ivory: Yes :)
[15:48]  Oskar Linden: so I declare these meetings to be prok free
[15:48]  Latif Khalifa: hahaha
[15:48]  Jonit Ivory: Okay' I'll flesh out a comment in teh JIRA
[15:49]  Jonit Ivory: that was my thing for this meeting, donkey is done
[15:49]  Oskar Linden: so, in our remaining 11 minutes
[15:49]  Oskar Linden: thanks Jonit
[15:49]  Moon Metty: i see svc-4196 is on the agenda
[15:49]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-4196] Avatar entering sim or rezzing object causes sim to freeze for up to 30  seconds - everything stops for everybody there
[15:49]  Latif Khalifa: Babbage (the mono guru) commented today on that
[15:49]  Richard Linden is Online
[15:49]  Moon Metty: aha
[15:49]  Oskar Linden: ah
[15:49]  Latif Khalifa: he said that rezzing objects and mono scripts is indeed the culprit
[15:49]  Oskar Linden: he would be the one to comment on that
[15:50]  Latif Khalifa: and derezzing too
[15:50]  Psi Merlin: I see that SVC-3895 was recently assigned to Babbage
[15:50]  JIRA-helper:
[#SVC-3895] Rezzing Mono scripted object cripples sim FPS
[15:50]  Latif Khalifa: and that those two operations need to get multithreaded
[15:50]  Latif Khalifa: but that making sim multithreaded is a major undertaking
[15:50]  Latif Khalifa: and will take some time
[15:50]  Moon Metty: but why do the freezes grow longer?
[15:51]  Latif Khalifa: well most of the discussion was about script limits
[15:51]  Latif Khalifa: so that didn't come up
[15:51]  Moon Metty: i think it's a seperate issue
[15:51]  Moon Metty: freezes didn't always grow longer like this
[15:51]  Pastrami Linden is Offline
[15:52]  Latif Khalifa: yeah there is some memleak in there somewhere
[15:52]  Moon Metty: mmhmm
[15:52]  Moon Metty: or something like it
[15:52]  Opensource Obscure: ( gotta go, take care you all)
[15:52]  Richard Linden is Offline
[15:52]  Moon Metty: you would expect a memory leak to hit a wall
[15:52]  Oskar Linden: thx OO
[15:52]  Lil Linden: adios opensource
[15:52]  Jonit Ivory: ciao, ci vediamio
[15:52]  Moon Metty: see you OS :)
[15:53]  Latif Khalifa: resource leaks are very hard to track down
[15:53]  Psi Merlin: Going multithreaded willgive us some new and interesting problems - but we need to fix the current freezeissues.
[15:53]  Moon Metty: it looks like the freezes grow longer right after the restart of a region
[15:53]  Moon Metty: so even memory fragmentation is questionable
[15:53]  Latif Khalifa: and despite what i said about technical linden :P i'm confident they can track it down if this task was given some priority
[15:53]  Moon Metty: yes
[15:53]  Oskar Linden: sure they can Latif
[15:54]  Moon Metty: and yes, Psi
[15:54]  Latif Khalifa: but Babbage also said that lag problems are being given a higher priority lately
[15:54]  Psi Merlin: Andrew/Simon have suggested that memory fragmentation may be part of the problem
[15:54]  Latif Khalifa: so i'm hopeful that sim freeze thing gets prioritized too
[15:55]  Oskar Linden: ok, so 5 minutes left
[15:55]  Oskar Linden: now's when we should bust out the nerf guns
[15:55]  Moon Metty: what was the name of that class 5 oatmeal region?
[15:55]  Jonit Ivory: hmmm Lil owes me L$50 on Agni
[15:55]  Psi Merlin: Currently some regions need to be restarted every 1 or 2 days to maintain performence.
[15:55]  Oskar Linden: message me on Agni after this mmon ok
[15:56]  Moon Metty: agni lol, ok
[15:56]  Oskar Linden: I owe lil USD$5
[15:56]  Oskar Linden: oh. or they might be up here too Moon
[15:56]  Oskar Linden: lemme check
[15:56]  Jonit Ivory: Lunch?
[15:56]  Latif Khalifa: what bet did you lose?
[15:56]  Moon Metty: yup
[15:56]  Oskar Linden: we were all watching a release
[15:56]  Oskar Linden: and there were 2 scripts fighting it out for completion
[15:56]  Oskar Linden: I bet on the wrong PID
[15:56]  Ryan Linden is Offline
[15:56]  Latif Khalifa: hehehe
[15:57]  Oskar Linden still thinks he rigged it
[15:57]  Lil Linden: Oskar: $5?
[15:57]  Lil Linden: oh yeah!
[15:57]  Oskar Linden: oh u forgot?
[15:57]  Jonit Ivory: Ahhh, you need to bet on sin chickens, the males fight, I can see a new way to make money here
[15:57]  Oskar Linden: crap
[15:57]  Lil Linden: SORRY BUDDY. $5
[15:57]  Psi Merlin: Lil changed the nice on the other pid
[15:57]  Oskar Linden: sin chickens huh
[15:57]  Jonit Ivory: Meh
[15:57]  Lil Linden: Psi is sneakier than I ;-)
[15:57]  Richard Linden is Online
[15:57]  Jonit Ivory: ahh Lil is back
[15:57]  Moon Metty: :)
[15:57]  Lil Linden: I just looked at the run time
[15:57]  Jonit Ivory: 50 Lindens on agni!
[15:57]  Psi Merlin: :giggles
[15:58]  Lil Linden: oh hey.. I've been working on a cool build if anyone wants to see it.
[15:58]  Cerise Sorbet: no gambling in SL, kids!
[15:58]  Lil Linden:
[15:58]  Moon Metty: thank you Lil
[15:58]  Lil Linden: my pleasure
[15:58]  Lil Linden: :-)
[15:58]  Jonit Ivory: that is scary
[15:58]  Latif Khalifa: lool
[15:58]  Oskar Linden: is this build as special as your new iphone build?
[15:59]  Lil Linden: *sigh*
[15:59]  Jonit Ivory: was that the right URL? I am strangely compelled
[15:59]  Oskar Linden: I love the rainbow bunchie!
[15:59]  Lil Linden: Joint, you know you want to click it
[15:59]  Jonit Ivory: I may not sleep tonight
[15:59]  Oskar Linden: almost as much as the twirling leek girl
[15:59]  Lil Linden: leekspin!
[15:59]  Jonit Ivory: Gah!
[16:00]  Oskar Linden: ok so who is going as the leekgirl for halloween?
[16:00]  Oskar Linden: Moon?
[16:00]  Jonit Ivory: the extra 4 hops after the music finishes are teh scariest
[16:00]  Moon Metty: that's me
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: ok moon. the oatmeal regions are not set to class 5 here but are on Agni
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: IM me there
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: alright guys
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: thanks for coming
[16:01]  Moon Metty: okies
[16:01]  Jonit Ivory: ty Oskar, and we are not your fanboyz
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: thanks for the story Unce Lil
[16:01]  Lil Linden: any time
[16:01]  Moon Metty: hehe
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: thank god for that Joni
[16:01]  Jonit Ivory: after that video, I vote LIL!
[16:01]  Twisted Laws: bye, thanks
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: t
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: I have enough IRL fanboyz
[16:01]  Moon Metty: thanks Oskar :)
[16:01]  Lil Linden: if you pick a topic, I can try to explain other random things next time
[16:01]  Oskar Linden: keep them off SL
[16:02]  Moon Metty: and thanks Lil
[16:02]  Twisted Laws: explain why release notes are always done late ;p
[16:02]  Holger Gilruth: thanx
[16:02]  Lil Linden: ACK!
[16:02]  Holger Gilruth: and good bye
[16:02]  Oskar Linden: ouch
[16:02]  Lil Linden: busted.
[16:02]  Latif Khalifa: hehe
[16:02]  Jonit Ivory: Lil, see you in Agni, 50 lindens, and loss of dleep for that damned llama
[16:02]  Jonit Ivory: sleep*
[16:02]  Lil Linden: :-)
[16:02]  Moon Metty: hehe
[16:03]  Lil Linden: Alright guys.. y'all rock :-) See ya next week