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KBwarning.png Warning: The Second Life Community Standards apply to all areas of Second Life, including the Issue Tracker. Any Resident who disregards these guidelines will be banned from the Issue Tracker. This tool is used to get development work done. Do NOT use it as a social conversation space, which includes pointless chit-chat and policy discussion.

In short: be excellent to each other, help us make Second Life better, and don't be a jerk.

But if you need specifics, here's examples of behavior which subject you and your content to being removed from the Issue Tracker:

  • Using the Issue Tracker to promote a business, cause, blog, website or anything not relevant to the issue at hand.
  • Using the Issue Tracker as a forum. It is a technical reporting tool. Comments & Issues which are not bug reports or new feature suggestions will be removed/closed. If you would like to comment on a recent announcement by Linden Lab or make a proposal and discuss it with other Residents please start a discussion in the Second Life Forums.
  • Personal Attacks - Do I need to repeat myself? If your comment isn't useful, don't post it.
  • Flaming, Trolling - Flaming (posting a comment that is intended to incite anger or directly attack a person or persons) and trolling (a post with an intentionally contrary opinion written with the intent of inciting or getting argumentative opinions) are NOT appropriate. Again, keep to the facts of the issue at hand. Posts that disregard this are subject to deletion, posts that try to sneak around it even moreso.
  • Private Discussions - The Issue Tracker is about finding solutions to bugs and problems, NOT posting your personal opinions or off-topic rants. We love productive feedback, so stick to the technical details of the matter at hand.
  • Editing Wars - Repeated changes to a resolution, priority or classification of an issue. This wastes everyone's time.