Bug triage/2007-04-30

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Next bug triage - Monday, 3pm at Rob Linden's office in GrasmereD

Note: a quick and easy thing you can do to help is put the {{Jira Reporter}} in the contents of the red links of the pages below. This will create a new page with a link to all issues that person has reported.

Preliminary ordered list. Feel free to reorder/promote/whatever.

  • VWR-250 - Preedit (composition) strings are shown poorly when typing Japanese text on Windows - Alissa Sabre
    • Import
  • VWR-251 - Keystrokes are eaten by IME when no text input is possible, on Windows using Japanese - Alissa Sabre
    • Import
  • VWR-252 - Poor line folding (word wrap) behaviour on Japanese text - Alissa Sabre
    • Import
  • VWR-593 (MISC-47) - Better display of Russian characters - catherine pfeffer
    • Move to VWR, then import
  • MISC-48 - My Avatar is pitch black. - LIVEDDEVIL Ra
    • Email Torley for more info
  • VWR-262 - periodic freezing ("geometry") - Lex Neva
    • Resolve/need repro
  • VWR-263 - Issue with SConstruct - Chihomi Yoshikawa
    • Import (run by Tofu)
  • VWR-264 - Linux crash handler needs to be more careful what it does in signal handlers - Mako Mabellon
    • Import
  • VWR-266 - Randomly one facet of the sky will show bright white - Jayden Beresford
    • Import (and Rob should note that he saw it over the weekend)
  • VWR-270 - Event search searches only on the first word of an event's title - Samantha Poindexter
    • Link to SL-29268
  • SVC-57 - llResetOtherScript() will not reset other scripts that have stack-heaped - Travis Lambert
    • Look up existing issue
  • VWR-274 - SetRot on HUD attachment no longer has a smooth translation - gearsawe stonecutter
    • Import
  • VWR-275 - Upload Image Fails, resulting in frozen Avatar - jt dagger
    • Import
  • WEB-64 - Clicking "Details" from Process Credit History page directs back to "My Account" - Dominic Webb
    • Import
  • WEB-65 - Transaction history delay blurb incorrect - Apotheus Silverman
    • Import
  • VWR-287 - Inconsistent behaviour between agent_slide_left / agent_slide_right, and the rest of the movement functions. - Ryozu Kojima
    • Import
  • VWR-288 - Build fails under MSVC++ 2003 in lscript_compile_fb, indra.l, ytab.h, no such file. - dazz anvil
    • Import
  • VWR-289 - URLs for video media streaming need to be URL-encoded or stream doesn't work - Gwyneth Llewelyn
    • Further discussion