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Transcript of Bridie Linden's office hours:

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Transcript of Bridie Linden's office hours:

[14:58] Bridie Linden: howdy howdy!
[14:58] Harleen Gretzky: Hi Bridie :)
[14:58] Squirrel Wood: Hello ^^
[14:58] Aoi Roux: hi
[14:59] Bridie Linden: How's everyone doing?
[14:59] Harleen Gretzky: Great! you?
[14:59] Squirrel Wood: working on *points up*
[15:00] Dirk Talamasca: Hi Bridie :D
[15:00] Torley Linden: MMMM GREEN TEA!
[15:00] Torley Linden: Oh crap, Levenhall, not Beaumont.
[15:00] Bridie Linden: Busy Squirrel?!
[15:00] Squirrel Wood: Yay! Torley! ^^
[15:00] Bridie Linden: Hey Jason!
[15:00] Torley Linden: Hey everyone!
[15:00] Squirrel Wood: Busy, yes.
[15:00] Bridie Linden: Hiya Dirk
[15:00] Squirrel Wood: fighting with stale payments and xml-rpc failing miserably
[15:01] Bridie Linden: Hi Torley Watermelinden
[15:01] Torley Linden: If anyone wonders why I'm in "Galaxy Cruise" it's because I was testing a bug.
[15:01] Torley Linden: Hey hey Bridie!
[15:01] Torley Linden had problems starting group IM sessions in large groups, and some small ones too.
[15:01] Squirrel Wood: Mmm. Bugs!
[15:01] Bridie Linden: Hey over there Aoi!
[15:01] Harleen Gretzky: Hi Torley :)
[15:01] Torley Linden: Oooh I see the Ultimate Terraformer is up!
[15:01] Torley Linden: Hey Harleen!
[15:01] Jason Swain waves, "Hello everybody"
[15:01] Squirrel Wood: Yummy yummy yummy I got bugs in my tummy.... ^^
[15:01] Bridie Linden: lol
[15:01] Squirrel Wood: almost up Torley :)
[15:02] Torley Linden: That's a nice Starry Night stained glass version, Bridie.
[15:02] Bridie Linden: Your sign is transparent from behind Squirrel?
[15:02] Bridie Linden: Thx Torley
[15:02] Torley Linden: Ahhh fine art.
[15:02] Torley Linden reshuffles my landmarks to Linden offices. :O
[15:02] Bridie Linden: Jeska and I went exploring (and shopping) over there
[15:02] Torley Linden: Ooooh.
[15:02] Bridie Linden: Hey Jill Linden!
[15:02] Jill Linden: hi!
[15:02] Squirrel Wood: I need to show you the terrain generator Torley ^^
[15:02] Bridie Linden: Well, today's agenda is rather short...
[15:02] Dirk Talamasca: hello Jill
[15:03] Jill Linden: Hi all
[15:03] Bridie Linden: Unless anyone else added to it: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Wednesday_Agenda
[15:03] Torley Linden: Heya Jill!
[15:03] Torley Linden: LTNS inworld!
[15:03] Dirk Talamasca: Short agendas got no reason to live
[15:03] Bridie Linden grins @ Dirk
[15:04] Bridie Linden: Shall we get started? Aric might get here a bit late, but Alexa is out sick in RL
[15:04] Bridie Linden: First up...
[15:04] Bridie Linden: VWR-2961 - Votes: 2 - Editor incorrectly handling copied numerical values when selecting objects with Right-Click
[15:04] Torley Linden: I hope she feels bettah soon. Let's rollll.
[15:04] Bridie Linden: Click on spinning SL logo for web page
[15:05] Bridie Linden: This sounds like that one about rotation values...
[15:05] SkyBlue Teichmann: Hi
[15:05] Torley Linden: Hiya SkyBlue!
[15:06] Bridie Linden: Has anyone tried 2961?
[15:06] SkyBlue Teichmann: am I crashing a party here?
[15:06] Torley Linden: No, welcome to our bug triage.
[15:06] Saijanai Kuhn: Hey all.
[15:06] Bridie Linden: Hi SkyBlue - not a party so much as a bug triage!
[15:06] Torley Linden: You're welcome to join and help us if you'd like... :)
[15:06] SkyBlue Teichmann: ... i'm not sure what that is
[15:06] Squirrel Wood: today I had problems with shift-drag copied objects not aligning properly to coordinates.
[15:06] Bridie Linden: Agenda is https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Wednesday_Agenda
[15:06] Saijanai Kuhn: a meeting to squash bugs in second life.
[15:06] SkyBlue Teichmann: ah
[15:06] Squirrel Wood: I'm on windlight though
[15:06] Saijanai Kuhn: The folks with a last name of "Linden" work for the company
[15:06] Bridie Linden smiles
[15:07] SkyBlue Teichmann: i see
[15:07] Saijanai Kuhn: the rst of us are just fan boys and girlz
[15:07] Bridie Linden: Torley trying it now?
[15:07] SkyBlue Teichmann: well this is my first day, i don't know enough to know what the bugs are yet
[15:07] SkyBlue Teichmann: so i'll leave you guys to it
[15:07] Bridie Linden: Bye SkyBlue
[15:07] Saijanai Kuhn: hang on skyblue
[15:07] Squirrel Wood: Have fun in second life ^^
[15:07] Dirk Talamasca: We will try to keep you from experiencing any
[15:07] Torley Linden: Ah yes this bug is easily repro-able... I didn't try this behavior in earlier versions tho.
[15:07] Saijanai Kuhn: thats the info desk for the library. Usually 1 or more people there to answer questions
[15:08] SkyBlue Teichmann: oh that's fantastic. thanks.
[15:08] SkyBlue Teichmann: see you later!
[15:08] Bridie Linden: Valid to import then Torley?
[15:08] Torley Linden: I confirmed it happens for me, yes Bridie.
[15:08] Torley Linden: Sounds good!
[15:08] Saijanai Kuhn: enjoy
[15:08] Bridie Linden: Maybe Jill could try in release version too?
[15:08] Bridie Linden: Moving right along, next on the list...
[15:08] Bridie Linden: VWR-3428 - Votes: 1 - Checking a users profile while editing a linked set causes viewer crash
[15:09] Aric Linden: hi
[15:09] Dirk Talamasca: Hi nAric
[15:09] Harleen Gretzky: Hi Aric :)
[15:09] Bridie Linden: Hey Aric - we're just gettin' goin'
[15:09] Saijanai Kuhn: hey ARic
[15:09] Torley Linden: Heya Aric!
[15:09] Squirrel Wood: can't repro on windlight
[15:09] Bridie Linden: I couldn't repro 3428 either...anyone else try?
[15:09] Torley Linden: *tries too*
[15:10] Bridie Linden: I tried earlier and I'm on a mac...
[15:10] Dirk Talamasca: I crash everytime I try to repro this... wait..
[15:10] Dirk Talamasca: LOl
[15:10] Dirk Talamasca: No repro here
[15:10] Squirrel Wood: nvidia card here.. 7950gt
[15:10] Torley Linden: I presume by "Edit linked items" he means "Edit linked parts".
[15:10] Bridie Linden: Resolve as 'cannot repro'?
[15:11] Bridie Linden: Oh no, we lost Torley...
[15:11] Saijanai Kuhn: maybe it worked for him?
[15:11] Bridie Linden: Looks like he was able to repro...
[15:11] Bridie Linden: !
[15:12] Aric Linden: hehe
[15:12] Harleen Gretzky: Definitely happens on teh latest RC, lol
[15:12] Dirk Talamasca: Hmmm Just tried it and profile came up quick on RC2
[15:12] Bridie Linden: Torley says "st time I mistakenly clicked Texture tab instead of Select Texture radio button."
[15:13] Jill Linden: I'm on windlight atm and not able to repro
[15:13] Squirrel Wood: Could it depend on what graphics card you have ?
[15:13] Bridie Linden: *last
[15:13] Jason Swain: Welcome Back Torley
[15:13] Bridie Linden: wb Torley
[15:13] Harleen Gretzky: Don't actually select a prim, just right-click after you hit the Select Texture radio
[15:13] Torley Linden: Oh I crashed, thanks!
[15:13] Torley Linden: I'm going to try this one again quickly...
[15:13] Torley Linden: just to be sure...
[15:13] Torley Linden: Did anyone else crash?
[15:13] Aric Linden: we watched you
[15:13] Saijanai Kuhn: nope
[15:14] Saijanai Kuhn: but your sacrifice has been noticed
[15:14] Bridie Linden: So what did u do?
[15:14] Harleen Gretzky: I did, used Bridie's bear and clicked on Torley and crash!
[15:14] Bridie Linden: yes, ty Torley - for taking one for the team!
[15:14] Bridie Linden: and another one!
[15:14] Saijanai Kuhn: check is in the mail. Wait...
[15:15] Torley Linden: Wow I'm dizzy.
[15:15] Saijanai Kuhn: The case of the disappearing reappearing Torley
[15:15] Torley Linden: OK, pardon for holding things up.
[15:15] Torley Linden: Heh, I right-clicked on YOU last to crash, Saijanai.
[15:15] Bridie Linden: Sounds like a great candidate to import!
[15:15] Torley Linden: That reproed for me twice.
[15:15] Torley Linden: W00t! *imports*
[15:15] Dirk Talamasca: Hmmmm Not happening for me. Tried many times
[15:16] Torley Linden: Hmmm yeah I wonder what it's dependent on. I'll provide my system info anyway, thanks for trying it!
[15:16] Bridie Linden: Dirk, are you clicking Select Texture radio button in top half of edit object floater?
[15:16] Saijanai Kuhn: is there anyway of getting a cut and pasteable copy of the info used by crashreporter?
[15:16] Torley Linden: Thanks Harleen for your trying it too.
[15:16] Dirk Talamasca: Yes
[15:16] Torley Linden: Saijanai: I think it's the same stuff in SecondLife.log ...
[15:16] Saijanai Kuhn: would be good to semi-automate bug reports
[15:16] Harleen Gretzky: np
[15:16] Torley Linden: For the most part... Aric or Jill, do you know what's different?
[15:17] Bridie Linden: Torley, can you assign directly to Steve?
[15:17] Torley Linden: Sure thang Bridie. *assigns*
[15:17] Bridie Linden: ok, next...
[15:17] Bridie Linden: VWR-3104 - Votes: 1 - New search won't find person's name in All tab, but will in People tab.
[15:17] Torley Linden: Moving along in fine fashion then... !
[15:17] Saijanai Kuhn: That way, we can say "click this button and copy/paste the report into your jira comment
[15:17] Torley Linden: That sounds like a known issue Jeska mentioned earlier on a blog post?
[15:17] Torley Linden: Ahhh good idea Sai, that'd be more convenient.
[15:18] Squirrel Wood: Doesn't new search need at least some time to index names and stuff? Like, when you create a new avatar it shows up in people search but takes a while to show up in all search
[15:18] Bridie Linden: I think we talked about this one last week...
[15:18] Squirrel Wood: different search engine there, right?
[15:18] Torley Linden: Yeah, I'd give it about a day to index it, Squirrel. Else, send search team feedback (contact details on blog).
[15:19] Bridie Linden: Should we resolve this one then?
[15:19] Harleen Gretzky: Also the person needs to check Show in Search
[15:19] Conover's Flight-Helper (WEAR ME!): Flight-helper is ready and operational.
[15:19] Conover's Flight-Helper (WEAR ME!): Flight-helper is ready and operational.
[15:19] Aric Linden: when people show up may be a function of how the spidering works
[15:19] Bridie Linden nods
[15:19] Aric Linden: let's resolve
[15:19] Bridie Linden: Any volunteers to resolve and comment?
[15:19] Dirk Talamasca: Hmm right clicking did not do it but left clicking on Harleen did
[15:20] Harleen Gretzky: There is another one similar that James Linden said he knew what teh problem was
[15:20] Dirk Talamasca: Ban Harleen and resolve :D
[15:20] Harleen Gretzky: rofl
[15:20] Bridie Linden: Dirk, you want to add your exp. in comments?
[15:20] Dirk Talamasca: LOL
[15:20] Dirk Talamasca: I shall, yes
[15:20] Bridie Linden: Not your solution, tho'...
[15:20] Bridie Linden: :)
[15:20] Torley Linden: =)
[15:20] Aric Linden: heh
[15:21] Aric Linden: yeah, i think james was working this.
[15:21] Bridie Linden looks @ Aric about 3104
[15:21] Aric Linden: I think we should import, assign to James and just get comments
[15:21] Bridie Linden looks @ Torley
[15:21] Torley Linden: Hmmm!
[15:22] Bridie Linden: ok?
[15:22] Aric Linden: oh, i was talking about 3498
[15:22] Aric Linden: I was thinking we'd resolve 3104
[15:22] Bridie Linden: Yes, please Aric - sorry!
[15:22] Torley Linden: Hmmm...
[15:22] Torley Linden: I think 3104 is a dupe of another.
[15:23] Bridie Linden: And let's import 3498 as Aric suggests...
[15:23] Torley Linden: I can resolve as dupe when I find the later one?
[15:23] Aric Linden does a little jig of happiness
[15:23] Harleen Gretzky: I think you are correct, and James commented on the other one who knew what teh problem was
[15:23] Torley Linden: Wee hee jiggy!
[15:23] Torley Linden: *imports 3498*
[15:23] Bridie Linden: yea!
[15:23] Torley Linden: Hmm thanks for reporting VWR-3498, Harleen, it already has an internal issue reported this morning.
[15:23] Torley Linden: I'll link those up later.
[15:23] Bridie Linden: So that brings us to...
[15:23] Bridie Linden: VWR-3474 - Votes: 0 - Land Purchase - The system is currently unable to process your request. The request timed out.
[15:24] Torley Linden: It's not *all* places but seems to be *most* of them that I've tried.
[15:24] Squirrel Wood: references MISC-786
[15:24] Harleen Gretzky: I couldn't find one place
[15:24] Aric Linden: I'm not sure what Misc-786 has to do with this
[15:24] Squirrel Wood: (Land Buying Errors resulting in multiple charges, or charges for land not received)
[15:25] Torley Linden: I've seen VWR-3474 on occasion, it coincided with Second Life-wide problems yesterday, didn't it?
[15:25] Torley Linden: If so, it may not be an issue right now since it was transient.
[15:25] Bridie Linden: That's what I was wondering...
[15:25] Bridie Linden: Resolve as 'can't repro' with note?
[15:25] Torley Linden: I suggest "Cannot Reproduce" and encourage reporter to reopen if it's a persistent problem.
[15:25] Torley Linden: Aye!
[15:26] Aric Linden: Um, one thought
[15:26] Bridie Linden: Okey doke...
[15:26] Bridie Linden: yes, Aric?
[15:26] Torley Linden: Yup Aric?
[15:26] Aric Linden: I wouldn't mind taking this one in and assigning it to Pramod
[15:26] Aric Linden: having him look at it and see how it corresponds to issues/fixes upcoming in the land tool
[15:26] Bridie Linden: hmm - not a bad idea -- or add him as a watcher
[15:27] Bridie Linden: hiya Danes
[15:27] Aric Linden: yep
[15:27] Torley Linden: OK... I'll reel it in then...
[15:27] Torley Linden: Thanks for the thought Aric.
[15:27] Torley Linden: Good to consider.
[15:27] Aric Linden: thanks Torley
[15:27] Bridie Linden: We're in the middle of a triage
[15:27] Aric Linden grins
[15:27] Bridie Linden: Alrighty then...
[15:27] Bridie Linden: VWR-3466 - Votes: 0 - Aspect Ratio and fullscreen resolution settings not sticky
[15:27] Squirrel Wood: I can confirm the aspect ratio thing
[15:27] Bridie Linden: Thx Squirrel
[15:28] Squirrel Wood: set auto-detect => sets the proper ratio. restart client... back to 4:3
[15:28] Bridie Linden: Hi Carmelo
[15:28] Carmelo Ember: nhac
[15:28] Carmelo Ember: hi
[15:28] Squirrel Wood: though it doesn't seem to have any influence on the display either way
[15:28] Bridie Linden: We're having a bug triage
[15:28] Carmelo Ember: awesome
[15:28] Saijanai Kuhn: archiar bug-hunting
[15:28] Saijanai Kuhn: armchair*
[15:29] Torley Linden: Ya know, I can't get Fullscreen Aspect Ratio to show the correct ratio for me... I'm on widescreen and it doesn't change from 4:3.
[15:29] Squirrel Wood: aspect ratio certainly does not affect the rendering for me at all
[15:29] Saijanai Kuhn isn't sure what half those settings are for since they never work
[15:29] Torley Linden: Same here Squirrel.
[15:29] Carmelo Ember: i can't look at myself
[15:29] Torley Linden: Hmmm... this might be able to be lumped in under Preferences > Graphics fixes for Team WindLight.
[15:29] Bridie Linden nods to Torley
[15:29] Saijanai Kuhn: alt-click on the avatar and drag your cursor around
[15:29] Torley Linden: Since a number of related changes have been made in that area.
[15:30] Torley Linden: Sound good to import and get WindLighters' attention? =)
[15:30] Bridie Linden: Import and give to WL?
[15:30] Torley Linden: That's what I'm thinking.
[15:30] Bridie Linden: GMTA
[15:30] Torley Linden: OSSM
[15:30] Bridie Linden: XLNT
[15:30] Aric Linden thinks spelling counts
[15:30] Bridie Linden: NEXT!
[15:30] Squirrel Wood: I'd say aspect ratio should automagically change to reflect whatever ratio the window /screen has
[15:30] Bridie Linden: VWR-3458 - Votes: 0 - Mouse cursor background is opaque white instead of transparent on big endian systems
[15:30] Torley Linden: Short on vowels, big on enthusiasm. ;)
[15:30] Aric Linden giggles
[15:31] Bridie Linden: title blue Short on vowels, big on enthusiasm
[15:31] Squirrel Wood: wasn't this one discussed on monday ?
[15:31] Saijanai Kuhn: hmmm thats any power pc system, right?
[15:31] Aric Linden: Seems like it to me, Squirrel
[15:31] Saijanai Kuhn: you mean its not suposed to be? LOL
[15:32] Squirrel Wood: It has a patch attached
[15:33] Bridie Linden: Import?
[15:33] Aric Linden: let's take it
[15:33] Aric Linden: jimx
[15:33] Aric Linden: coffe
[15:33] Aric Linden: e
[15:33] Torley Linden: :D
[15:33] Torley Linden: Import on coffee!
[15:33] Bridie Linden: Got it Torley?
[15:33] Bridie Linden: delicious!
[15:33] Torley Linden: Yes!
[15:33] Bridie Linden: Ok, next...
[15:33] Bridie Linden: VWR-3427 - Votes: 0 - Uploading this JPG causes crash
[15:34] Torley Linden: That reminds me of an older bug...
[15:34] Bridie Linden resists urge to say 'don't do that'
[15:34] Torley Linden: corrupt images cause viewer crashes.
[15:34] Bridie Linden: that does ring a bell...
[15:34] Aric Linden: wow. that image hurts my eyes
[15:34] Torley Linden: Haha, it's like that joke, "It hurts when I touch myself here." "Well, don't touch yourself!"
[15:34] Aric Linden: /laughs
[15:34] Bridie Linden: xctly
[15:35] Saijanai Kuhn: It hurts when i login?
[15:35] Squirrel Wood: the image may have to be resaved using an image manipulation tool like IrfanView
[15:35] Dirk Talamasca: Actually if you try saving that image it says it is a gif.. will save as a bmp
[15:36] Squirrel Wood: No wonder it crashes the client then
[15:36] Squirrel Wood: When will people learn that renaming a file does not change its format?
[15:36] Aric Linden: it doesn't?
[15:37] Saijanai Kuhn: actually, many OS's of the past made that assumption so its not suprising people do too
[15:37] Jason Swain is sure that the image is moving and then crashes to the floor, "Well it crashes people"
[15:37] Bridie Linden laughs
[15:37] Torley Linden: What a nutty image.
[15:37] Torley Linden: It looks like it really moves. @_@
[15:37] Bridie Linden is getting dizzy
[15:37] Aric Linden: I bet you'd like it more if it was pink and green torley
[15:37] Torley Linden: I sure would Aric. ^_^
[15:37] Bridie Linden: should we look for dupe later TOrley?
[15:37] Squirrel Wood: http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/ <= more optical illusions ^^
[15:37] Torley Linden: Bridie, yes but I think that was a different sort of issue -- I'd suggest the reporter come up with a case that crashes an actual JPG...
[15:38] Bridie Linden: Yes!
[15:38] Aric Linden: I agree with that
[15:38] Torley Linden: And oh, the dupe I was thinking of was https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-1045
[15:38] Bridie Linden: Would you add that comment Torley?
[15:38] Torley Linden: Yes I'll comment. =)
[15:38] Torley Linden: Onwards ho!
[15:38] Dirk Talamasca: Saved as jpg, uploads fine.
[15:38] Bridie Linden: I was thinking of VWR-1322
[15:39] Aric Linden: I suspected that was going to be the outcome, Dirk
[15:39] Bridie Linden: Resolve then Torley!
[15:39] Bridie Linden: w00t!
[15:39] Torley Linden: Good to know!
[15:39] Torley Linden: I'll add that info too.
[15:39] Bridie Linden: Last on the list today...
[15:39] Bridie Linden: VWR-3407 - Votes: 0 - After Teleporting Previous region can be seen
[15:40] Bridie Linden: Torley you commented
[15:40] Bridie Linden: not new in RC?
[15:40] Aric Linden: I've never seen this one
[15:40] Torley Linden: Yes... no.
[15:40] Torley Linden: Easiest way is to find two regions that are corner-to-corner.
[15:40] Torley Linden: (But not adjacent in N, E, S, W directions.)
[15:41] Jill Linden: Please excuse me, I need to step out early
[15:41] Aric Linden: you may want to add this info to the bug
[15:41] Torley Linden: It's not necessarily a bug per se, but it's cosmetically ugly to some.
[15:41] Aric Linden: bye jill
[15:41] Torley Linden: Good idea, I'll add it.
[15:41] Torley Linden: Take care Jill!
[15:41] Bridie Linden: Bye Jill - thx for coming
[15:41] Saijanai Kuhn: laters jill
[15:41] Jill Linden: :-)
[15:41] Torley Linden: I'll come up with a good repro case in non-WindLight later.
[15:41] Jason Swain: Bye Jill
[15:41] Aric Linden: ok
[15:41] Bridie Linden: So leave it for now?
[15:41] Dirk Talamasca: pink and green for Torley
[15:41] Aric Linden: thanks. i agree that it's not really a bug, might be useful info for performance
[15:42] Bridie Linden: Add watchers to it maybe
[15:42] Torley Linden: Who wants to watch it? :)
[15:42] Torley Linden: Hee hee.
[15:42] Bridie Linden: ha!
[15:42] Torley Linden: Haha fun.
[15:42] Harleen Gretzky: And you just Reset your view and it goes away
[15:42] Aric Linden: I'll watch it
[15:42] Dirk Talamasca: LOLOL
[15:42] Bridie Linden: WL folks maybe?
[15:42] Squirrel Wood: It may be shown hust until the client re-adapts to the set view distance ?
[15:42] Squirrel Wood: just even
[15:42] Bridie Linden: hmmm
[15:43] Squirrel Wood: basically until it is done checking which objects fall into the view distance...
[15:43] Bridie Linden: Not sure -- maybe
[15:43] Harleen Gretzky: It's more like your camera remains in teh old sim
[15:43] Bridie Linden: Good question maybe for Riunati or Phoenix??
[15:43] Aric Linden nods
[15:43] Saijanai Kuhn: some oddness with child-avatars perhaps?
[15:44] Aric Linden: we don't allow child avatars anymore
[15:44] Aric Linden is just kidding
[15:44] Harleen Gretzky: lol
[15:44] Bridie Linden: lol
[15:44] Dirk Talamasca: This has happened for a long time, way way back.. If you turn you camera it goes away
[15:44] Torley Linden: Hahaha.
[15:44] Harleen Gretzky: Means child agents anyway
[15:44] Bridie Linden nods
[15:44] Torley Linden: I used to deliberately go island-hopping to get this effect.
[15:44] Saijanai Kuhn: whatEVAH
[15:44] Torley Linden: And take some badass pictures.
[15:44] Bridie Linden: Nice
[15:44] Torley Linden: Ooh, a Last Triaged field in PJIRA.
[15:44] Bridie Linden: So we've finished the agenda EARLY!
[15:45] Squirrel Wood: Yay!
[15:45] Aric Linden: yeeah!
[15:45] Torley Linden: Congrats and thanks for helping us folks!
[15:45] Dirk Talamasca: Yeah you can get that sim being swallowed by the sea effect this way
[15:45] Bridie Linden: anyone have anything else or should we call it good?
[15:45] Aric Linden: I can do some other work
[15:45] Bridie Linden can too...
[15:45] Squirrel Wood needs to show Torley some terrain generating magic :p
[15:45] Torley Linden: I can do some other work as wellll.
[15:45] Bridie Linden: Thanks everyone!
[15:45] Bridie Linden: Your help is OSSM!
[15:45] Saijanai Kuhn is still trying to script an agent into a sim... :-(
[15:45] Aric Linden: thanks. cyalllll laters
[15:46] Squirrel Wood: Thanks 4 b-ing so OSSM ^^
[15:46] Dirk Talamasca: Thanks Bridie, Torley, Aric .. all
[15:46] Saijanai Kuhn: laters all that are leaving
[15:46] Bridie Linden: Later!!