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Agenda Transcript of Bridie Linden's office hours:

[14:59] Daedalus Young: hi Bridie
[14:59] WarKirby Magojiro: I see
[14:59] Jason Swain: Hello Bridie
[14:59] Squirrel Wood: Vektor knows about it
[14:59] Squirrel Wood: so I think it'll be fixed within 24
[14:59] Aric Linden: hi squirrel and jason
[15:00] Squirrel Wood: Hello ^^
[15:00] Squirrel Wood pokes Jason
[15:00] Torley Linden: Friendly greetings!
[15:00] Bridie Linden: Hello Daed, Jason, everyone!
[15:00] Daedalus Young: hi Torley
[15:00] Jason Swain: Hello Torlet
[15:00] Aric Linden: torley
[15:00] Torley Linden: Nice to see you all here already.
[15:00] Aric Linden: how is you?
[15:00] WarKirby Magojiro waves
[15:00] Bridie Linden nods
[15:00] Torley Linden: Me iz good thanx Aric, and you?
[15:00] Bridie Linden: Squirrel what are we fixing in 24 hrs?
[15:00] Bridie Linden: :)
[15:01] WarKirby Magojiro: A bug with llKey2Name in mono, it seems
[15:01] Bridie Linden: ah
[15:01] Jason Swain thinks it sounded like all the JIRA :P ^^
[15:01] Squirrel Wood: System.ArgumentException: Invalid sequence in conversion input Parameter name: string at (wrapper managed-to-native) LindenLab.SecondLife.Library:llKey2Name (LindenLab.SecondLife.Key) at LSL_a0aa88e8_2e98_6f44_ade3_6bcf4499437a.MyChannel () [0x00000] at LSL_a0aa88e8_2e98_6f44_ade3_6bcf4499437a.defaultstate_entry () [0x00000] at LSL_a0aa88e8_2e98_6f44_ade3_6bcf4499437adefaultstate_entryFrame.ResumeVoid () [0x00000] at LindenLab.SecondLife.UThread.UThread.Run () [0x00000] at LindenLab.SecondLife.Script.Run (ScriptEvent evt) [0x00000]
[15:01] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...
[15:01] Bridie Linden: yikes
[15:01]  Connected
[15:01] WarKirby Magojiro will relog into the RC viewer. Is currently in windlight
[15:01] Squirrel Wood: Mono error messages tend to be long :p
[15:01] Bridie Linden: Today's agenda...
[15:01] Bridie Linden: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Wednesday_Agenda
[15:02] Bridie Linden: Noted, Squirrel!
[15:02] Squirrel Wood pokes Jason again :p
[15:02] Torley Linden: *relogs in RC4* BRB!
[15:02] Bridie Linden: I'll be sure to mention that to Periapse Linden
[15:02] Jason Swain: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-1467
[15:02] Bridie Linden: we'll wait for the reloggers...
[15:03] Becky Pippen: SVC-1467 reproduces for me too
[15:03] Bridie Linden: jason, you want to discuss that today? can we wait til the end?
[15:03] WarKirby Magojiro: forgot I still have to download it. Will work with windlight for now
[15:03] Jason Swain: ok
[15:03] Bridie Linden: Ty
[15:03] Bridie Linden: Remind me if I forget, but I'll try to save time
[15:03] WarKirby Magojiro: Do we have an agenda for today ?
[15:03] Squirrel Wood: repros every single time
[15:03] Squirrel Wood: yes
[15:03] Bridie Linden: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Wednesday_Agenda
[15:03] Squirrel Wood: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Bug_triage/Wednesday_Agenda
[15:04] Bridie Linden waits on Torley...
[15:04] Jason Swain: missed an s there squirrel :P
[15:04] Squirrel Wood: no. works with http as well
[15:04] Bridie Linden: Well, let's get started...
[15:04] Bridie Linden: First up, VWR-4963[c] - Votes: 5 - Group archive freezes viewer
[15:05] Bridie Linden: Can others repro this one?
[15:05] WarKirby Magojiro checks
[15:05] Squirrel Wood: erm...
[15:05] Squirrel Wood: do they use notices as data storage that they have so many?
[15:06] Squirrel Wood: I'd go crazy if I had notices pop up every minute or two
[15:06] Daedalus Young: some groups are very spammy with notices
[15:06] Daedalus Young: Art & Artist Network sends out a lot too
[15:06] WarKirby Magojiro: That group is entirely about notices
[15:06] Aric Linden: I'm not sure exactly how to avoid this problem in the code
[15:06] Squirrel Wood: they should learn to use notecards? and notecard givers? ^^
[15:06] WarKirby Magojiro: gaaaah
[15:06] Bridie Linden: Fashion Consolidated sends a lot of notices
[15:07] Aric Linden looks at Bridie
[15:07] Bridie Linden: It took a bit for the archive to populate but I didn't notice any freezes on my Mac...
[15:07] WarKirby Magojiro: ok, confirmed
[15:07] Squirrel Wood: avoid... mayhaps have the client precache notices?
[15:07] WarKirby Magojiro: mostly
[15:07] Bridie Linden: (the group in the repro, Aric)
[15:07] WarKirby Magojiro: IT doesn't freeze, but rather
[15:07] WarKirby Magojiro: just slows down
[15:07] WarKirby Magojiro: a LOT
[15:07] Torley Linden: *tries this too*
[15:07] Squirrel Wood: on slow connections I would imagine it freezes while it waits
[15:07] Torley Linden: Whoa, big group.
[15:07] WarKirby Magojiro: It seems to be to do with the quantity of notices that are there
[15:07] Aric Linden: we can't hold all that data in cache
[15:07] WarKirby Magojiro: yes, very big
[15:07] Bridie Linden nods
[15:08] WarKirby Magojiro: Can't you just cache the top few items of the list, perhaps?
[15:08] Bridie Linden would guess this isn't unique to 1.19.0...
[15:08] Aric Linden: there might be a way to move it to a webservice
[15:08] WarKirby Magojiro: and download new items as needed when the user scrolls
[15:08] Squirrel Wood: You limit the cache on the user pcs to 1.5gbyte.. plenty of room for a bunch of notices...
[15:08] Bridie Linden: Hi Taryn, just on our first issue...
[15:08] Torley Linden: HOLY CRAP what a lot of notices! Yeah, I got the slowdown but not freeze...
[15:08] Taryn London: Hello all :)
[15:09] Torley Linden: I've seen this problem before 1.19 too.
[15:09] Torley Linden: Hey Taryn!
[15:09] Squirrel Wood: Hello ^^
[15:09] Taryn London: Hi Torley :)
[15:09] WarKirby Magojiro: That group is entirely for members to recieve notices, mainly
[15:09] Bridie Linden: Aric, would you like to have someone in QA look @ previous viewers?
[15:10] Bridie Linden looks @ Aric
[15:10] Aric Linden: sure
[15:10] WarKirby Magojiro: As the charter mentions, it's designed to consolidate news for many groups, into one. to save group space
[15:10] Aric Linden: but I won't make it a high priority
[15:10] Aric Linden was frozen for a sec
[15:10] Bridie Linden nods
[15:10] Squirrel Wood: What about having notices expire after a certain time?
[15:10] WarKirby Magojiro: they do, 30 days
[15:10] Daedalus Young: they do, don't they?
[15:10] Bridie Linden: If others want to add comments, pls do
[15:11] Bridie Linden: Ok, next up
[15:11] WarKirby Magojiro: this group just clearly sends hundreds in that time
[15:11] Bridie Linden: VWR-4670[c] - Votes: 1 - Contacts List
[15:11] Torley Linden: It could be a limit of having them expire after a certain time OR a #, depending on which limit's reached first. Anyway...
[15:11] Squirrel Wood: I guess notes were never meant to be used that way...
[15:11] WarKirby Magojiro: A limited number would kill that group
[15:11] Bridie Linden: We talked about 4670 last week...
[15:11] WarKirby Magojiro: and you'd have 5000 angry people complaining
[15:12] Bridie Linden: Bambers Linden had confirmed that current behavior was not new, but the issue was reopened...
[15:12] WarKirby Magojiro: confirmed in windlight too
[15:12] Torley Linden: Some other UI elements stay opaque too, like the tabs themselves.
[15:13] Squirrel Wood: hmm
[15:13] Squirrel Wood: "loses focus" to the chat line
[15:13] Torley Linden: I actually don't remember the names and other stuff going semi-transparent before.
[15:13] Squirrel Wood: so of course it does not go transparent
[15:13] Squirrel Wood: that's how I read this issue
[15:13] Daedalus Young: the names bit never went transparent afaik, just the whole block around it
[15:13] Squirrel Wood: only when the entire window loses focus it goes transparent
[15:14] Torley Linden: I remember an earlier Rx discussion about this, that part of the reason why everything doesn't go transparent is because with a single click, you can still regain focus and use it ? as to not be confused with actual grayed-out elements.
[15:14] Daedalus Young: last comment mentions official viewer doe turn transparent, which is what I'm on now
[15:14] WarKirby Magojiro: and does it?
[15:14] Bridie Linden: ??
[15:14] Daedalus Young: and the names stay opaque while the surrounding changes to transparent
[15:14] Squirrel Wood: window turns transparent, lists stay opaque
[15:14] Squirrel Wood: to remain readable
[15:14] Torley Linden: I suspect unless this can be substantiated, this may be mistaken memory on the part of the reporter.
[15:15] Bridie Linden: Anyone want to attach a screen shot to the issue and re-resolve?
[15:15] Daedalus Young: just like Chat History turns transparent, but chat bar on it remains opaque
[15:15] Aric Linden agrees with torley
[15:15] WarKirby Magojiro: I think it would be nice if it turned transparent, though,
[15:15] Daedalus Young: I can do screenshot with 1.18.5 and RC next to eachother
[15:15] Bridie Linden: That's be OSSM Daed!
[15:15] Squirrel Wood: if you don't want to see it, ctrl-t or close it? ^^
[15:16] Torley Linden: Yes Squirrel.
[15:16] Bridie Linden lols
[15:16] Bridie Linden: Next up...
[15:16] Bridie Linden: VWR-5145[c] - Votes: 0 - Groups Missing (Say's you are in 0) Even if you join another in RC3
[15:16] Daedalus Young: ok will do
[15:16] Taryn London nods... seen that one.
[15:16] Taryn London: jsut commented.
[15:16] Bridie Linden: Daed gets a gold star today!
[15:17] WarKirby Magojiro: no problems with that here for me
[15:17] Daedalus Young: w00t! :D
[15:17] Bridie Linden: no Meghan today?
[15:17] Torley Linden: Meghan earlier emailed me to say she couldn't make it.
[15:17] Daedalus Young: oh, this looks like the other issue about groups missing
[15:17] Taryn London: She's not online :(
[15:18] Bridie Linden: "This isnt constant and it shows sometimes. "
[15:18] Jason Swain: I think I might also have that bug... I am in 25 groups but only 24 are listed in the groups (by communicate)
[15:18] WarKirby Magojiro: the tricky kind of issue : (
[15:18] Torley Linden: I wonder if when it shows groups as "0", the Friends list also shows "(waiting)"?
[15:18] Daedalus Young: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-2633
[15:18] Torley Linden: Jason, there's another bug out there I recall where less groups are shown than you're actually in.
[15:18] Squirrel Wood: could it be that SL was still fetching data after a cache clear?
[15:18] Bridie Linden: Not sure Torley
[15:19] Torley Linden: Thanks Daed, that's the one!
[15:19] Torley Linden: Rock on Daed. :)
[15:19] Harleen Gretzky: No, shows no groups at all, no ?s
[15:19] Daedalus Young: afaik, list does not show (waiting) and even mentions you are in 0 groups exactly
[15:19] Jason Swain: Ahh ok that would be it, thks Torley ^^
[15:19] Taryn London: Torley, for me it wasn't. it was just 0 groups.
[15:19] Taryn London: I have a screenshot, i'll post it, one sec
[15:19] Aric Linden: I've seen this issue, but relog always fixes
[15:19] Daedalus Young: see my screenshot on 2633
[15:19] Torley Linden: Hmmm Daed that VWR-2633 is fixed internally, but I'll followup and have a look...
[15:20] Daedalus Young: I hadn't seen it anymore, but maybe it's back with RC
[15:20] Taryn London: Yup, relog fixed it for me.
[15:20] Bridie Linden: Want to link up the issues Torley?
[15:20] Aric Linden smiles at Taryn
[15:20] Torley Linden: Sure Bridie, sec.
[15:20] Bridie Linden: Shall we leave 5145 open then?
[15:20] Bridie Linden: No clear repro...
[15:20] Bridie Linden: add a comment that relogging fixes it?
[15:21] Taryn London: http://flickr.com/photos/tarynlondon/2297233158/ Posted. :P
[15:21] Torley Linden: Yes, I'll leave a comment. Thanks Taryn.
[15:21] Taryn London: np :)
[15:21] Bridie Linden: Great, thx
[15:22] Bridie Linden: Next, one from Gigs...
[15:22] Bridie Linden: VWR-5055[c] - Votes: 0 - Land search throttle makes it impossible to get through spam.
[15:22] Taryn London: Also: same chopped up avatar tag in pic issue as I've been seeing on WL, in that pic.
[15:22] Squirrel Wood: so true...
[15:22] WarKirby Magojiro: gah
[15:22] Squirrel Wood: alternate solution: checkbox [exclude 1L offers]
[15:22] WarKirby Magojiro: stupid multigadget >.<
[15:22] Multi Gadget v1.52.0 by Timeless Prototype
[15:22] Torley Linden: I know there was a recent bug where estate parcels were showing in the Mainland filter.
[15:22] Bridie Linden: Kind of a feature request for min price..
[15:22] WarKirby Magojiro: apologies for my MG bloking the urler
[15:23] Torley Linden: It's important to try to repro that first...
[15:23] Aric Linden: in a backhanded way
[15:23] Torley Linden: New Search doesn't do Land Sales yet, but I'd hope it would in the future.
[15:23] WarKirby Magojiro: how long is the throttle?
[15:23] Squirrel Wood: repro... open search => land sales => search
[15:23] Bridie Linden: But it's true that all the 1L$ show up first...
[15:24] Bridie Linden: Shall we pass along to Rx or the Search team?
[15:24] Daedalus Young: yes, I only got L$1 results now while scanning through, until hitting the search limit
[15:24] Squirrel Wood: tryin
[15:24] Aric Linden: Search
[15:24] Squirrel Wood: reverting sort order shows only a few auction parcels at the end and 1L ones
[15:24] Bridie Linden: Will do!
[15:24] Aric Linden: I'd let stephany filter
[15:25] WarKirby Magojiro: That really needs sorted
[15:25] WarKirby Magojiro: a minimum price field would be good
[15:25] Bridie Linden: Moving smartly along...
[15:25] Bridie Linden: VWR-4992[c] - Votes: 0 - No button to stop quicktime stream in 1.19 UI
[15:25] Aric Linden nods at WarKirby
[15:25] WarKirby Magojiro: though if you set to mainland only
[15:25] WarKirby Magojiro: things improve drastically
[15:25] Squirrel Wood: limit the price people can put in... to something like 0.5L / sqm or something
[15:25] WarKirby Magojiro: the 1l thing is used to grab attention for island parcels
[15:26] WarKirby Magojiro: they can't do it on the mainland though, or a landbot would just grab their land for 1l
[15:26] Torley Linden: I remember Steve mentioning something related to VWR-4992, there definitely was a design discussion about it internally...
[15:26] Squirrel Wood: landbots grab most land anyway
[15:26] Bridie Linden: WarKirby, Squirrel, it'd be great if you added those comments
[15:26] WarKirby Magojiro: I'll add a comment along those lines
[15:26] Torley Linden: the reasoning being if someone kept wanting to stop media playback, they'd disable it in the Preferences. And putting it on pause is useful for buffering on slower connections.
[15:26] Bridie Linden: What'd Steve say Torley?
[15:26] Aric Linden: there was a lot of back and forth about this during the parcel media testing
[15:27] Bridie Linden: Oh?
[15:27] Aric Linden nods
[15:27] Torley Linden: Part of the problem was the paradigm between the music URL and media URL... and resuming playback during live streams (as opposed to static files stored on a server).
[15:27] Aric Linden: but sadlly i don't remember the outcome
[15:27] Aric Linden apologizes
[15:27] Torley Linden: I'd encourage that if this is a contentious issue, more Residents should vote for it.
[15:27] Squirrel Wood: a stop button is definitely a must methinks.
[15:28] Torley Linden: And provide use cases for why it's handy.
[15:28] Bridie Linden: Well, how 'bout I import and we can revisit internally....
[15:28] WarKirby Magojiro: *votes&
[15:28] Torley Linden: =o)
[15:28] Aric Linden: I think it might revolve around problems with the mozilla browser
[15:28] Squirrel Wood: then again.. I have banned quicktime from my computer :p
[15:28] Torley Linden: Yes, sounds good to me.
[15:28] Aric Linden: that mozilla doesn't support this easily
[15:28] Bridie Linden: Yes to Torley's suggestions too!
[15:28] WarKirby Magojiro: I stronly think that functionality is needed
[15:28] Jason Swain: *voted*
[15:29] Bridie Linden: Thx all
[15:29] WarKirby Magojiro: It seemed to work fine before, though
[15:29] WarKirby Magojiro: what has changed?
[15:29] Aric Linden: wasn't mozilla before
[15:29] Bridie Linden: Next,
[15:29] Bridie Linden: VWR-4985[c] - Votes: 0 - xyText textures display improperly in 1.19.0
[15:29] Aric Linden: iirc there's a callback issue with the implementation
[15:30] Daedalus Young awaits bmp to load
[15:30] Squirrel Wood: did you say BMP? Erk!
[15:30] Torley Linden: I wish we didn't accept BMPs and limited the uploads to PNGs and JPGs... *makes a note*
[15:30] Daedalus Young: unfortunately yes
[15:30] Torley Linden: I'll followup with Rob about that.
[15:30] Bridie Linden sighs
[15:30] Daedalus Young: I'll convert to jpeg when they're in though
[15:30] Squirrel Wood: People will just rename their files to "convert" them Torley
[15:31] Torley Linden: Squirrel, true too. Sad that there's already a subtitle when filing an issue asking that BMPs not be used.
[15:31] Bridie Linden sips her chai while BMP loads...
[15:31] Daedalus Young: I think some people just don't know how to convert bmp screenshots to jpeg
[15:31] Torley Linden: Sounds like a good topic for a tutorial.
[15:31] Taryn London goes to get dinner out of the oven while bmp loads :)
[15:31] Torley Linden: ;)
[15:31] WarKirby Magojiro: I made an issue about that
[15:31] Daedalus Young: it does, Torley
[15:32] Torley Linden: *makes a note*
[15:32] Squirrel Wood: proper file conversion using IrfanView? ^^
[15:32] Daedalus Young: for example
[15:32] WarKirby Magojiro: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-404
[15:32] Squirrel Wood: (it will warn you if the extension is wrong)
[15:32] Torley Linden: Aye...
[15:32] Daedalus Young: web-404: Not Found? :P
[15:32] Squirrel Wood: lol
[15:32] WarKirby Magojiro: : )
[15:32] Jason Swain: Maybe SL needs to save screenshots to JPG for JIRA uploads to make the JIRA easier to access to all levels of technical knowledge users
[15:33] WarKirby Magojiro: I linked the issue about adding image type selection, too
[15:33] WarKirby Magojiro: the main reason everyone uploads bmp is because it's the only format SL saves in
[15:33] Daedalus Young: or at least PNG, to keep them lossless
[15:33] Torley Linden: Well Jason, what you can also do is... click "Attach screenshot" on a JIRA issue and paste in your clipboard, and that converts it. But I agree... didn't Gigs have an upcoming patch to save snapshots in other formats?
[15:33] Torley Linden: I remember this very clearly.
[15:33] WarKirby Magojiro: if that patch could be implemented, I reckon we'd see a lot less bmps
[15:33] WarKirby Magojiro: It's finished, I think
[15:33] Torley Linden: Ahhhh.
[15:33] Torley Linden: So much has happened!
[15:33] WarKirby Magojiro: I actually made an issue about THAT, too
[15:33] Torley Linden: Thanks WarKirby.
[15:33] WarKirby Magojiro: patches that aren't applied yet
[15:34] Jason Swain didn't know about that Torley, "thanks"
[15:34] Torley Linden: =)
[15:34] WarKirby Magojiro: here's the image format one: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-2491
[15:34] WarKirby Magojiro: Gigs made another patch to control terraform strength, too
[15:34] WarKirby Magojiro: we're still waiting on that being put in the client >.>
[15:34] Torley Linden: Both of these look ready for implementation, they cleared Rx's queue.
[15:34] Torley Linden: They're assigned to internal triage right now.
[15:35] Bridie Linden: the bmps have WL in the name...
[15:35] WarKirby Magojiro: the terraform one too ?
[15:35] Squirrel Wood: these screenshots are absolutely.... not getting the point across?
[15:35] Aric Linden: and they'll be looked at internally tomorrow
[15:35] Torley Linden: You know, hmmm from the date, I wonder if this bug was already fixed.
[15:35] Torley Linden: There were earlier WindLight texturing bugs, including a planar mapping one.
[15:35] Squirrel Wood: displaying "36"
[15:35] Squirrel Wood: Is there even a 36 there?
[15:36] Bridie Linden: that's the bug Squirrel!
[15:36] WarKirby Magojiro: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-2331 The terraforming issue
[15:36] Bridie Linden: Torley do you want to try this one later?
[15:36] Torley Linden: Yes Bridie, I'll followup on it.
[15:36] Bridie Linden: on WL?
[15:36] Bridie Linden: ty
[15:36] Daedalus Young: ahh, jpeg version added
[15:36] Bridie Linden: If a 6 were a 9....
[15:37] Bridie Linden: Next up...
[15:37] Bridie Linden: VWR-4694[c] - Votes: 0 - Popup buttons do not come and like when I get an IM or the stand up on certain items that normally give out a stand up botton.
[15:37] Aric Linden: Steps would be really nice for this one
[15:37] Torley Linden: Yeah, I'm inclined to ask for more clarification, Needs More Info.
[15:37] WarKirby Magojiro: o.0
[15:37] Bridie Linden: I was a bit confused too
[15:37] Squirrel Wood: I guess that's the no blinking issue ?
[15:37] WarKirby Magojiro: That title is a abit of a mouthful
[15:37] Bridie Linden: I'll ask for more info
[15:38] Torley Linden: Thanks!
[15:38] Taryn London: It is :)
[15:38] Squirrel Wood: as in, button does not blink to notify
[15:38] Squirrel Wood: of new IMs
[15:38] Bridie Linden: ?
[15:38] Bridie Linden: maybe?
[15:38] Daedalus Young: should it blink?
[15:38] Taryn London: the tabs don't flash as noticably as before, I saw that much
[15:38] Aric Linden: yes
[15:39] Taryn London: but they are still flashing
[15:39] Daedalus Young: oh, I see
[15:39] Aric Linden: it's more subtle now in dazzle
[15:39] Taryn London: but the button never flashed...
[15:39] Aric Linden: but they still do
[15:39] Torley Linden: "no longer blink", https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-4575
[15:39] Squirrel Wood: hmm
[15:39] Daedalus Young: but the buttons still appear fine, which this issue says they don't
[15:39] Torley Linden: We're still open to having a "happier medium" for that which isn't annoying but not so subtle that it gets missed.
[15:39] Squirrel Wood: or could it be the thing where stand up / release keys were moved to the left side and appeared in different positions ?
[15:39] Bridie Linden: so is this mouthful a dupe?
[15:40] WarKirby Magojiro: this one is annoying
[15:40] Aric Linden: I'd ask
[15:40] Torley Linden: We should get more details to clarify VWR-4694.
[15:40] WarKirby Magojiro: I think the blinking needs to return
[15:40] Aric Linden: for clarification
[15:40] Bridie Linden: ok, I'll follwo up
[15:40] Squirrel Wood: Yes! I want bling on them buttons ^^
[15:40] WarKirby Magojiro: It was actually removed in response to a jira which only got 3 votes, I think
[15:40] Torley Linden: Haha Squirrel, I want chrome rims on my windows!
[15:40] WarKirby Magojiro: whereas the jira to un-fix it has 94 votes
[15:40] Aric Linden hands squirrel chromed walnuts
[15:40] WarKirby Magojiro: maybe a configuration option ?
[15:40] Squirrel Wood grins
[15:41] Bridie Linden: ha
[15:41] Squirrel Wood: yes. optional sounds good.
[15:41] Torley Linden: I'm leaning towards finding a better notification balance...
[15:41] Torley Linden: that would generally satisfy the majority.
[15:41] Squirrel Wood: [x] make my shiny chromed buttons do the bling
[15:41] WarKirby Magojiro: well
[15:41] Bridie Linden: +1
[15:41] Torley Linden: The problem is both tried approaches were too extreme.
[15:41] WarKirby Magojiro: I'd say 94-3 is defintely a majority
[15:41] WarKirby Magojiro: it's not exactly dividing the community in two
[15:41] Squirrel Wood: nono. That would be 91
[15:41] Taryn London: I like the semi-highlighted state :)
[15:41] Torley Linden: Definitely a lot more votes, but there was other discussion and reported problems we took into consideration.
[15:41] Torley Linden: There's a lot more context that wasn't on that PJIRA.
[15:42] Taryn London: Gives me more excuses to say "sorry, missed your IM" if I don't want to talk to someone :P
[15:42] Bridie Linden laughs
[15:42] Squirrel Wood: make it optional?
[15:42] WarKirby Magojiro: in any case, I'm always in favor of options
[15:42] Taryn London: For sure :) Options are good.
[15:42] WarKirby Magojiro: I just love the sea of settings to play with that SL has
[15:42] Squirrel Wood: [x] little bling [x] more bling [x] ultra bling!
[15:42] Bridie Linden: [X] spinners!
[15:42] Torley Linden: I like options when there isn't a clear win, but SL's Preferences are bewildering to novices, so hiding advanced stuff for newcomers, I appreciate.
[15:43] Squirrel Wood: [x] make me use my sunglasses
[15:43] Jason Swain wonders if you will get bling warning messages if its too high
[15:43] WarKirby Magojiro: yes, that too
[15:43] Torley Linden: LOL, BLINGBOX!
[15:43] WarKirby Magojiro: hiding advanced options is good
[15:43] Taryn London: [X] Neon Pink [X] Neon Green
[15:43] Daedalus Young: [x] both
[15:43] Torley Linden: I have both of those checked ALL THE TIME Taryn. :0
[15:43] Squirrel Wood: [x] bling my bling
[15:43] Bridie Linden: [x]light neon pink
[15:43] Torley Linden: Anyhoo, what's up next?
[15:43] Taryn London: hehe figures :P
[15:43] Bridie Linden: Hooray for options!
[15:43] Bridie Linden: Moving right along...
[15:43] Squirrel Wood: pixelated pie menu?
[15:43] Bridie Linden: VWR-5050[c] - Votes: 0 - Pixelated Pie Menu
[15:43] Daedalus Young: I think I've seen that
[15:44] Bridie Linden: I couldn't be sure...
[15:44] Daedalus Young: thought -something- was different, but couldn't quite see what
[15:44] Torley Linden: I haven't seen this but I wonder if it's a Mac-only issue... ?
[15:44] Aric Linden: can't see it on my mac
[15:44] WarKirby Magojiro: why, so it is
[15:44] Daedalus Young: that's possible
[15:44] WarKirby Magojiro: I have it
[15:44] Taryn London: Could be - I've not seen it and I don't have a mac
[15:44] WarKirby Magojiro: windows xp
[15:44] Squirrel Wood: It may just not be filtered but rendered on top ?
[15:44] Torley Linden: Hmmm... odd!
[15:44] Harleen Gretzky: Dazzle only
[15:44] fr43k Paine: Greetings everyone :-)
[15:44] WarKirby Magojiro: The pie menu definitely looks more pixelated than usual
[15:44] Daedalus Young: hi
[15:44] Aric Linden is on 1.19.0 (3)
[15:44] Torley Linden: WarKirby, can you please attach a screenshot?
[15:44] Taryn London: Hi fr43k :)
[15:44] Torley Linden: *is curious*
[15:45] WarKirby Magojiro is on windlight
[15:45] Daedalus Young: I'd have to try this later too
[15:45] Bridie Linden: Screenshot would be great
[15:45] Daedalus Young: can do
[15:45] Harleen Gretzky: I think it is in the rest of the RCs also but most prominet in Dazzle since the inside is also grey
[15:45] Torley Linden: Woohoo.
[15:45] WarKirby Magojiro will attach one
[15:46] Bridie Linden: Gold sart for WarKirby!
[15:46] Bridie Linden: :)
[15:46] Bridie Linden: *star even
[15:46] WarKirby Magojiro: He gets a star and I only get a sart?
[15:46] Daedalus Young: lol
[15:46] Bridie Linden: sarts are rarer
[15:46] Taryn London: You can trade sarts for $L, it's better.
[15:46] Torley Linden: Haha, reminds me of the Sart Farm in Tron Bonne, for whoever's played that.
[15:46] Bridie Linden is happy that the typo wasn't worse..
[15:47] Bridie Linden: Silence.
[15:47] Bridie Linden hangs head
[15:47] Bridie Linden: Next up
[15:47] Bridie Linden: VWR-5113[c] - Votes: 0 - Chat tab does not default to most recent IM
[15:47] Taryn London grins
[15:47] Squirrel Wood: bug might happen when you have the participant list open... as the chat moves down a bit in that case.. can repro it in the history chat window
[15:48] Squirrel Wood: due to the text being reformatted
[15:48] Torley Linden: Thanks Harleen for checking out a lot of issues! I saw many comments of yours.
[15:48] Harleen Gretzky: yw :)
[15:48] Bridie Linden: Gold star/sart for Harleen, too!
[15:48] WarKirby Magojiro posted a picture
[15:49] Taryn London cheers :)
[15:49] Bridie Linden: I think there was an internal issue that Josh filed about scrolling text..
[15:49] Aric Linden thinks it should be sarts for all
[15:49] Bridie Linden: Indeed!
[15:49] Bridie Linden gives everyone gold sarts
[15:49] Taryn London: Woot!
[15:49] Torley Linden: Hahah. And thus a legend was born...
[15:50] Squirrel Wood demands golden acorns :p
[15:50] Aric Linden starts humming the bridie linden theme song
[15:50] Bridie Linden: I'll follow up on this 5113
[15:50] Taryn London demands a new spot on our profiles to post our sarts.
[15:50] WarKirby Magojiro wonders what ths sounds like
[15:50] Bridie Linden lols
[15:51] Bridie Linden: A sart is born!
[15:51] Bridie Linden falls over
[15:51] Torley Linden: =)
[15:51] Squirrel Wood: btw.. vwr-5096 is definitely a dupe even if the poster denies it.
[15:51] Daedalus Young: imagine the doctor telling you that after the birth of your son/daughter
[15:51] Bridie Linden: I know Aric liked that one..
[15:51] Aric Linden: Warkirby, imagine a cross between the cocteu twins, sigur ros and new skoolie hip hop
[15:51] Torley Linden: Squirrel, what's it a dupe of?
[15:51] WarKirby Magojiro: <.<
[15:51] Bridie Linden: VWR-5096[c] - Votes: 0 - Teleport resets volume in private voice call
[15:51] Torley Linden: Aric: That sounds pretty good!
[15:51] Squirrel Wood: voice chat volume resetting
[15:52] Torley Linden: I like Sigur Ros' song about hopping in puddles. It's so lush.
[15:52] Aric Linden loves everything about sigur ros
[15:52] Bridie Linden thinks Torley is just trying to get in good w/Aric
[15:52] Taryn London chuckles
[15:52] Aric Linden: listens to the new sigur ros 8 times a day
[15:52] WarKirby Magojiro: sounds like the reporter is argueing the duplicate status
[15:53] Torley Linden: :D
[15:53] Squirrel Wood: my guess is it was closed as dupe before
[15:53] Bridie Linden: No, I think the reporter filed a similar issue...
[15:53] WarKirby Magojiro: The next one looks troublesome
[15:53] Harleen Gretzky: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-2970
[15:53] Bridie Linden: let me look
[15:53] Torley Linden: Ahhh I see the history where Harleen resolved it as a dupe!
[15:53] WarKirby Magojiro: local lights extenfing too far
[15:54] Taryn London: *hugs* Hey Sime :)
[15:54] Squirrel Wood: local lights have a 10m radius... 20m diameter.
[15:54] Simon Kline: *hugs*
[15:54] Bridie Linden: This was the one we discussed last week VWR-4757
[15:54] Bridie Linden decline Moonlit Ocean Kimono picture from A group member named Kaiya Khondji.
[15:54] Harleen Gretzky: was my guess but that was closed as a dupe https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-2368 which I do thnk VWR-2970 is a dupe of VWR-2368 though
[15:55] Jason Swain wonders if he might push SVC-1467 before the end
[15:55] Daedalus Young: reporter could at least kept those issues as related
[15:55] Torley Linden: Yes.
[15:55] Harleen Gretzky: *do not think
[15:55] Torley Linden: I'll link them at least as related...
[15:55] Bridie Linden: ty Torley
[15:55] WarKirby Magojiro looks at SVC-1467
[15:55] Bridie Linden: Yes, Jason!
[15:55] Bridie Linden: Let's look @ that one
[15:55] Jason Swain: ^^ Thanks
[15:56] WarKirby Magojiro: I never realised this was thought of as a bug
[15:56] WarKirby Magojiro: but the behaviour does seem inconsistent
[15:56] WarKirby Magojiro: and it would make content creation a little smoother
[15:56] WarKirby Magojiro: But I must point out, the last comment is an utter lie
[15:56] Squirrel Wood: attachments get certain perms auto-granted.... common expected behavior
[15:56] WarKirby Magojiro: I'm using this extensively in my current project
[15:56] WarKirby Magojiro: yes, it is. The problem here is that it only applies to the root prims
[15:57] WarKirby Magojiro: child prims still require user confirmation
[15:57] WarKirby Magojiro: Is that intended behaviour?
[15:57] Bridie Linden: What's an example use?
[15:57] Aric Linden: afk
[15:57] Squirrel Wood: One use is ao scripts which remain running even in no-script zones
[15:58] WarKirby Magojiro: Right now, I have a modular hud system I'm working on
[15:58] Squirrel Wood: since they have keyboard focus
[15:58] Harleen Gretzky: Actually it is a dupe of https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-424
[15:58] WarKirby Magojiro: Each module is in it's own child prim, and requires control of the user's camera and animations
[15:58] Bridie Linden nods
[15:58] WarKirby Magojiro: currently, they have to ask for this permission on initialisation, as they're not in the root
[15:58] Jason Swain: I found this bug when building a hud... to reduce sim lag I used serval prims and addressed inividual prims, but when in a no script zone its would be a nightmare to ask the user to accept permissions on each script
[15:59] WarKirby Magojiro: I consider the working in no script zones an exploit
[15:59] WarKirby Magojiro: and that's not really what this is for
[15:59] Squirrel Wood: Certain things like AOs and flight assists you want to keep working even in noscript zones
[15:59] Jason Swain: Still its an inconsistancy
[15:59] WarKirby Magojiro: The main thing at hand, is whether or not this behaviour is intentional
[16:00] Squirrel Wood: as having them not work sort of "breaks" your avatar
[16:00] Jason Swain agrees with Squirrel
[16:00] WarKirby Magojiro: Do any of the lindens here have an answer to that question ?
[16:00] Bridie Linden: Sounds worthy of an internal discussion
[16:00] WarKirby Magojiro: I'd be all in favor of changing it
[16:00] WarKirby Magojiro: and it wouldn't break anything
[16:00] WarKirby Magojiro: just make lots of things work neater
[16:00] Becky Pippen agrees enthusiastically
[16:00] Bridie Linden: Some use cases added to comments might help your case :)
[16:01] WarKirby Magojiro: will do
[16:01] Bridie Linden: Ty
[16:01] Torley Linden: I <3 use cases.
[16:01] Taryn London: afk
[16:01] Squirrel Wood: tiny avatar...
[16:01] Squirrel Wood: enter noscript zone...
[16:01] Harleen Gretzky: SVC-1467 is a dupe of SVC-424 though
[16:01] Bridie Linden: I'm sorry I don't have more answers for you - but I"m sure Don and Steve will!
[16:01] Squirrel Wood: ao stops working...
[16:01] Squirrel Wood: you freak out...
[16:02] Bridie Linden: so add comments to 424 instead?
[16:02] Harleen Gretzky: Which ever you pick to import 1467 has more votes
[16:02] Bridie Linden: Let's keep 1467 then
[16:02] Bridie Linden: It's past 4pm...
[16:02] WarKirby Magojiro: I'm changing the issue title to be more clear too
[16:03] Jason Swain: \o/ Thanks ^^
[16:03] Bridie Linden: Thanks all!
[16:03] WarKirby Magojiro: it's not isolated to the control permission
[16:03] Squirrel Wood campaigns https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-1134 for it needs more votes ^^ (Optional parcel/estate wide autoreturn of all items someone has rezzed when that person is banned from the parcel/estate.) XD
[16:03] Bridie Linden: We really appreciate your time and help!
[16:03] Torley Linden: Yes thanks so much! It's been good.
[16:03] Daedalus Young: I'm glad to help out
[16:03] Bridie Linden: More gold sarts for all!
[16:03] Squirrel Wood: thanks for having us :)
[16:03] Torley Linden: We're all made of sarts!
[16:03] Torley Linden: ;)
[16:04] Torley Linden: Bye-bye for now... ^_^
[16:04] Daedalus Young: all we are is sarts in the wind
[16:04] Bridie Linden remembers to save transcript even