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This page will give you insight and help in the different challenges we will have as volunteers. You will always find the usefull information about ongoing challenges and will be able to se closed challenges. This page will also hold answers to the most common questions that have been raised about the challenge.


Message from Amber:

Hello Everyone - A Volunteer Challenge for you!

I have a special project for you if some of you are up to a challenge! Some of you may be familiar with the MDStyle Orientation Islands, others may not be. These are 4 new orientation islands that Linden Lab is testing styled after the successful Meltingdots orientation island. The way our Orientation islands are set up, we will need to 'seed' these four islands with people to pull new residents to them from the registration process and then we can begin to collect data on how new residents take to this form of orientation. We need at least 8 people there at all times if possible.

The islands are MDStyle Orientation Island 1, MDStyle Orientation Island 2, MDStyle Orientation Island 3 and MDStyle Orientation Island 4. Just type the island name into the map to go there.

During your time in SL in the next few weeks please try and check the green dots on these islands. Drop by if they go below 8 per island, that's the magic We would be very appreciative! I'll let you know when the test is over.

So remember to keep an eye on the bouncing green dots!! (MDStyle that Volunteers ROCK!

Thanks, ~ Amber


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MDStyle OI challenge is finished

Here are the SLURLS for you to use to get to the different OI's. Remember to check the dots on the map, on a regular basis to know when to step in.

MDStyle Orientation 1
MDStyle Orientation 2
MDStyle Orientation 3
MDStyle Orientation 4


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