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(added LSL Library Chat Logger (GPL) - alphabetic insertion, below Linden Lab default.)
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|| Linden Lab
|| Linden Lab
|| SL's [[default]] script
|| SL's [[default]] script
|| [[LSL_Library_Chat_Logger_(GPL)|Chat Logger (GPL)]]
|| [[User:Nobody_Fugazi|Nobody Fugazi]]
|| Chat logger which requests permission from participants before recording them.
||[[LSL_Library_Day_of_the_Week|Day of the Week]]
||[[LSL_Library_Day_of_the_Week|Day of the Week]]

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Script Library

There are many scripts that have become buried in the Scripting Library forum, were lost with the death of the scripting forums, or sit idle in inventories that could be useful and should be more accessible.

Other scripters may be in the same situation. This wiki is a well-suited medium for a script library. Feel free to add your scripts to the script library by creating new pages for them and linking to those pages here.

Rules for posting:

  1. Prefix pages for the script library with "LSL_Library_" to keep the Wiki namespace clean.
    Example: Hello Avatar -> LSL_Library_Hello_Avatar
  2. Your script must be tested and working. If it's not, stick it on your own username page until it is. This is a list of working, usable scripts.
  3. Add a link to your script's page here. Link back to this page from your script's page.
  4. Do not add scripts that duplicate the same functionality as an existing script. If yours does, explain why.
  5. Do not post simple scripts to the library. Simple scripts should be posted to the Examples list.
Name Creator Description
Hello Avatar Linden Lab SL's default script
Chat Logger (GPL) Nobody Fugazi Chat logger which requests permission from participants before recording them.
Day of the Week DoteDote Edison Function to get day of the week from llGetUnixTime.
Dialog Module Strife Onizuka Create and handle dialog boxes through linked messages.
Dialog Number Pad DoteDote Edison Use a dialog to accept positive integer input from users.
Experimental Rotation Math Library Strife Onizuka Collection of functions for working with rotations.
Float2Hex Strife Onizuka Very useful for floats transporting.
Pseudo-Random Number Generator Strife Onizuka For use with secure communication through insecure mediums to reducing the risk of the communications protocol being hacked.
Texture Switcher Strife Onizuka Texture switcher that will step through the textures in an object's inventory, displaying them on all sides of the object.
Unescape Strife Onizuka Unescape escape codes in strings.

Universal Prim Torture Script

Strife Onizuka

Upgradable universal prim torture script.


Xylor Baysklef

Display text (up to 6 characters) on a prim

Date Library

Corto Maltese

Date library, based on number of day since march 3rd 1600, can be used to calculate weekday, date differences, and date offset, and date formating.


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