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The Lava Pit (cave entry)

One of the rarest type of construction found on the grid is an underground one. This is mainly because it requires high construction skills. The following list contains the caves and mines discovered by Second Life Geography team. They are placed in alphabetical order. Please note that tunnels are not listed here. The grid has road and railway tunnels. For railway tunnels, check Second Life Geography, transportation - railway section.


  1. Arizona/Tombstone Mine is a mine in Tombstone Sonoran sim, Arizona/Tombstone Microcontinent. You need to search a bit to find it underground. It is a large mining project even for Wild West.
  2. Alien Playground is an alien world in Skara Brae sim Unassociated Sims, with a central mountain and caves populated with alien life forms.
  3. Cavanaugh is a sim that hosts a cave, very close to the road. It is located in Sansara.
  4. Da Vinci Gardens is a volcano inside Kalepa sim, with many lava tunnels.
  5. Freelon Cave is a small cave in Freelon sim, Sansara, North to Da Boom sim.
  6. Fateful Gardens host a huge network of tunnels, caves (some of them submerged) and tunnels. Liquid lava can be also found underground.
  7. Kansas Plains is a sim in Wild West continent that hosts a coal mine.
  8. Hobo Island is placed in the sim with the same name. It is a place with a Small Railway that enters some tunnels that look like caves (and maybe they are caves). One tunnel has a small station that looks like a mine terminal.
  9. Honor is a Gorean sim that also hosts a cave.
  10. House Of Avro, located in End Of Days sim, is a medieval Gothic place, with a big castle on top and a cave network below.
  11. silver Bog Research is a wilderness in Nerice sim, Heterocera. It has a cave inside a glacier (the only ice cave on the grid), used also as a tunnel for a railway.
  12. Pyri Funfair is the largest underground structure, in Jeogeot continent. It is built on 3 (maybe 4) levels: 76, 40 and 22 - 16 meters high (ground level is at 114 meters). It is both a cave and a mine, with many secrets hidden below ground, with many chambers and 92 gifts (109 items free). Visiting this cave is dangerous, there are many places where you can die. For more information, see Mountains Of Jeogeot.
  13. Ribeata Mine is in Heterocera, close to the railway. It is the only mine where you can get inside with your train.
  14. Seductive embrace sim, in Seductive Continent, hosts a small cave with its entry covered by a waterfall.
  15. Social Caves are found on Learning - Social Sims, also listed as A181 Sim Cluster. Every sim named Social has a cave with a club inside.
  16. Submerged Cave is found in the waters of Corsica, Eleazer sim. This is a cave with many holes in walls and some vegetation.
  17. Tentacles & Slime was in A015 Sim Cluster (currently it moved to Utopia sim) and is an alien world with its own cave system. There are caves at the welcome area and many tunnels that wait to be found. All this place is full with alien life forms. This is an adventure for a whole day.
  18. The Field Studies Centre At Browness is located in Browness sim, Linden Village, North-East of Sansara. It also hosts a Volcano and a Monorail.
  19. Tillicum Island is a private wilderness sim that also hosts a cave.
  20. The Amazing Volcano Island is in Fire sim, A187 Sim Cluster, Grid Sector J11 and it has a large cave network inside.
  21. The Lava Pit is one of the Volcanos that has also a cave at its bottom. It is located in A187 Sim Cluster.
  22. Wastelands Mine is an abandoned mine in Wastelands, The Junkyard sim. It consists of a larage tunnel network, with many crashed tunnels.


  • Alien Worlds
  • Caledon - Winterfel continent has a cavorite mine in North, but it is not a mine, just a deep vertical pit.
  • Uhre Continent has a lot of tunnels in some parts that might be considered caves.
  • Wild West continent has its own caves in South, at the end of some canyons.

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