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SecondLife Machinima Maker and Moderator at the Second Life Machinima Artists Guild.

My interest is in Re-Visioning the Ancient stories in modern life, to assist people in visualizing and thereby actualizing more positive, life based and nature linked ways
to deal with life, relationships and with the sacred world all around us.
Think Trees, Mountains, Mythology, Environment, Earth, Ecology, Poems, Animation, Art, Pagan, Heathen, Animist, Explorer of Ologies and Issness.

Flying Elf.jpg

Celestial, because this denotes the heavens, the freedom of the skies and the beyond ~
Elf, because of my affinity with the ancient Germanic and Norse origins of the term (Old Norse; álfar) describing semi-divine beings endowed with magical powers which they may use for the benefit of mankind.
It may be of interest that 'men can be elevated to the rank of elves after death' and I suggest this death need not be a literal but may rather be a spiritual transformation.
Druid, because the Norse, along with Celtic, Slavic, Vedic, Hellenic (Greek), and others, are part of the cultural-linguistic family known as Indo-European, and using the term 'Druid' in the sense of Indo-European 'priest or intellectual' in contrast to Warrior or Farmer, this included Healers, Bards, Shaman, Seers(diviners), Historians, Judges, etc /|\

Of Second Life Virtual Reality where I film my Machinima;
Virtual reality represents a spatio-temporal illusion whose task it is to appear different from the 'real' spatio-temporal illusion created by universally adopted spatio-temporal conventions. Yet the most exciting experience of virtual reality is not so much the one that totally alters the viewer's perspective on the real as the one that is able to expand, augment and enlarge the real. In other words, it is in its relationship with the real, rather than in its attempts to substitute itself for the real, that the most original use of virtual reality is found. GABRIELLA GIANNACHI, Virtual Theatres

Among my eclectic range of influences I would include such poetry as: J.L. Stanley's Catechism For A Witch’s Child;
When they ask to see your gods, your book of prayers, show them lines drawn delicately with veins on the underside of a bird's wing, tell them you believe in giant sycamores mottled and stark against a winter sky, and in nights so frozen stars crack open spilling streams of molten ice to earth, and tell them how you drink a holy wine of honeysuckle on a warm spring day, and of the softness of your mother who never taught you death was life's reward, but who believed in the earth and the sun and a million, million light years of being.

See my machinima films at you tube here Celestial Elf You Tube;
Explore my Environmental and Pagan themed research at my Blog The Dance Of Life;

I am a harmonious one, a clear singer seeing,
I am the greeness of the growing earth, blue depth of sky, a spirit with the freeing,
I am a wielder of the words that beget worlds, a dancing that is advancing, a myth for the time being,
I am the unseen, a serpent of the air, a dragon distributing keys to the temples of meaning,
I am the birds and the soul of the bees, ever sacred trees, paths to the stars and beyond all of these,
I am the speaker concealed in the heart and I am to be found before riddle of minds start.

c.Celestial Elf 2014

Elf Renewed.jpg

Bright Blessings by Stone and Star, Celestial Elf ~