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Message Layout

	ChatFromViewer Low NotTrusted Zerocoded
		AgentData			Single
		{	AgentID			LLUUID		}
		{	SessionID		LLUUID		}
		ChatData			Single
		{	Message			Variable 2	}
		{	Type			U8			}
		{	Channel			S32			}

Usage and Notes

Message a client sends to a simulator to chat on a non-negative chat channel. Channel 0 is normal public chat. Attempting to chat on a negative channel with this message fails.

If negative channel chat is required, use ScriptDialogReply.

Values for use with Type

ChatType Value Notes
Whisper 0 5m radius - "Test User whispers: message"
Normal 1 10/20m radius - "Test User: message"
Shout 2 100m radius - "Test User shouts: message"
Say 3 Not sure if this is used for anything - "Test User say, message"
StartTyping 4 Lets others know you are typing
StopTyping 5 Lets others know you've stopped typing
Debug 6 Unknown

Official Client Behavior


Does not play animations if non zero channel.

Agents are looked at for up to 2 seconds when they begin typing.