Community Web Service APIs

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Below are listed third-party web-services and data-feeds provided by communities and businesses related to Second Life.

Note: These services are not affiliated with Linden Lab in any way.

Service providers should add their own entries with a brief description and link to further information.

  • - - Website with lists of textures indexed for search and download into SL. Comunity based and souported. All the textures are free and full perm. Look for register page to learn how to register.
  • W-Hat projects - - An SL group/community that also provides avatar key lookup (name2key), persistent database store (httpdb) services.
  • Zidonuke's API - - A API for providing LSL scripts with very easy to parse information from various sources. (name2key, getprofile, and more)
  • - - An API to allow Name2Key requests from the web or LSL. The database is bot supported and finds everyones key.