Crime Scene Bots

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Crime Scene Bots

The CSI Lab Crime Scene Bots are the brainchild of Angela Talamasca. Their underlying code base is built upon the LibOpenMetaverse frame work with hooks into the original Test Client. To ensure scalability and extensibility the bots interact with a data gateway which seamlessly accesses multiple persistent data stores such as sql databases, excel workbooks, and text files. Additionally, the bot factory has been designed to dynamically generate a variety of functional classes, including but not limited to liasons, presenters, instructors, curators, and crime scene crash test dummies. The integrated search feature is being rewritten because google deprecated their SOAP interface. Navigation is a combination of random paths interspersed with random sits & waits, and programmatically generated paths. Complex navigation is based upon simulated annealing concepts. The chatbot interface presently relies upon pandorabots, though this will eventually be replaced by proprietary conversational AI software that was featured in .Net magazine in the spring of 2005.