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Constant: integer DATA_PAYINFO = 8;

The integer constant DATA_PAYINFO has the value 8

Used with llRequestAgentData to return a string that contains the integer mask that can contain either of these two constants: PAYMENT_INFO_ON_FILE, PAYMENT_INFO_USED

It is important to know that it is possible to have PAYMENT_INFO_USED but currently not have PAYMENT_INFO_ON_FILE (payment info can be removed after being used).

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DATA_ONLINE 1 (integerboolean If the requested agent is online
DATA_NAME 2 string The requested agent's legacy name
DATA_BORN 3 string The account creation/"born on" date as a string in an ISO 8601 format of YYYY-MM-DD.
DATA_RATING 4 llCSV2List() Deprecated: Returns [0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0]
Used to return: [pos_behavior, neg_behavior, pos_appearance, neg_appearance, pos_building, neg_building]
DATA_PAYINFO 8 (integermask Flag Description
PAYMENT_INFO_ON_FILE 0x1 If payment info is on file.
PAYMENT_INFO_USED 0x2 If payment info has been used.


•  llRequestAgentData


•  dataserver

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integer DATA_PAYINFO = 8;