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[13:13]  Pontius Gigamon: hello
[13:13]  Pontius Gigamon: Happy HAlloween You Guys
[13:14]  Kate Linden: Hey Pontius
[13:14]  Jeremy Linden: Hi Pontius! Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[13:14]  Kate Linden: Happy Halloween to you too.
[13:14]  Jeremy Linden: And Happy Halloween, too :-)
[13:14]  Pontius Gigamon: this is my first time here
[13:14]  Pontius Gigamon: i dont knpow what linden Vikllage is about a classroom yes?
[13:14]  Pontius Gigamon: Linden Village*
[13:14]  Jeremy Linden: It's a place where many Lindens hold office hours like these... Sometimes we hang out here just to talk to you guys :-)
[13:15]  Pontius Gigamon: mind if i hang out!?
[13:15]  Jeremy Linden: Sure!
[13:15]  Pontius Gigamon: kewl!
[13:15]  Jeremy Linden: Even better if you've got any opinions about the Knowledge Base :-)
[13:15]  Pontius Gigamon: you mean the secondlife wiki portal and such?
[13:15]  Kate Linden:
[13:15]  Jeremy Linden: That's part of it, but we're more directly responsible for the actualy Knowledge Base, which Kate just linked to.
[13:16]  Pontius Gigamon: okie ill check it out
[13:16]  Jeremy Linden: Actually, that's a good first observation... did you know know about it, or not use it before just now?
[13:17]  Pontius Gigamon: : X it looks like u have everything you would need lol
[13:17]  Pontius Gigamon: i havent used the knowledge base befor.e
[13:17]  Pontius Gigamon: i usualy only go through the secondlife wiki portal
[13:17]  Kate Linden: Which resources do you use when you need to learn something about SL?
[13:17]  Kate Linden: ah ok
[13:18]  Pontius Gigamon: probably the LSL library
[13:18]  Pontius Gigamon: ive always enjoyed tinkering with scripts
[13:18]  Pontius Gigamon: and i dont own land myself, so i dont run into most of the problems everyone else does
[13:18]  Pontius Gigamon: having to check the grid status and whatnot.
[13:18]  Jeremy Linden: Sounds like a good life :-)
[13:19]  Pontius Gigamon: to me it looks like there is just about everything in there though
[13:19]  Pontius Gigamon: lol not quite...
[13:19]  Pontius Gigamon: sim hoppinh gets old
[13:19]  Pontius Gigamon: hopping*
[13:19]  Pontius Gigamon: unless u find something RLY worht while like the waterpark sim. or the haunted house
[13:19]  Pontius Gigamon: : )
[13:19]  Pontius Gigamon: haunted house was awesome ^_^
[13:20]  Jeremy Linden: Cool, I'll have to check that out.
[13:20]  Pontius Gigamon: its worht every second
[13:20]  Pontius Gigamon: yes
[13:20]  Kate Linden: Were you involved in the Mono beta?
[13:20]  Pontius Gigamon: i noticed mono makes the scripts themselves run faster
[13:20]  Pontius Gigamon: and alot smoother
[13:21]  Pontius Gigamon: we had a chessboard for instance at my friends sim, whenever we played it would bog down the sim, we reset everything to mono, and it decreased the lag alot
[13:21]  Pontius Gigamon: the pieces moved alot smoother
[13:21]  Jeremy Linden: Oh, nice.
[13:22]  Pontius Gigamon: wasnt their something LL was doing for halloween tonight?
[13:22]  Pontius Gigamon: i didnt get a chnace to read where it was
[13:23]  Pontius Gigamon: my client loaded too fast
[13:23]  Kate Linden: I believe there is a party on I-World Island.
[13:23]  Pontius Gigamon: aaaah
[13:24]  Pontius Gigamon: maybe a section containing all information about map use would be handy no?
[13:25]  Kate Linden: Regroup the map articles into its own folder?
[13:25]  Jeremy Linden: We do have an article on using the map... is there more that you'd like t osee?
[13:25]  Pontius Gigamon: i didnt even find the map article ill have a look now
[13:25]  Jeremy Linden:
[13:25]  Pontius Gigamon: is that it?
[13:25]  Jeremy Linden: That's it :-)
[13:26]  Kate Linden:
[13:26]  Jeremy Linden: Ah, mini-map article, too.
[13:26]  Kate Linden:
[13:26]  Pontius Gigamon: wow, you guys basically thought of everything
[13:27]  Kate Linden: Plus info about teleporting relates to map use also.
[13:27]  Jeremy Linden: Not all at once... there's always something missing. We appreciate it when people notice, and suggest new articles.
[13:28]  Pontius Gigamon: yeah im tyring to think of what else it needs, but so far its answering all the q's i had when i first began
[13:29]  Pontius Gigamon: which is rly good lol
[13:29]  Pontius Gigamon: cause i knew nothing
[13:29]  Kate Linden: When you were new, did you figure everything out yourself or did you have other resources that helped?
[13:30]  Pontius Gigamon: i basically tought myself
[13:30]  Pontius Gigamon: tionkering with prims,
[13:30]  Pontius Gigamon: and sclicking buttons
[13:30]  Pontius Gigamon: and changing values lol
[13:30]  Jeremy Linden: Cool. Do you have any kind of past experience with online games?
[13:30]  Pontius Gigamon: im not sure if the knowledge base was around by that time
[13:30]  Pontius Gigamon: iw as only familliar with the lsl portal
[13:31]  Pontius Gigamon: what types of online games?
[13:31]  Jeremy Linden: Well, games in general. I've noticed that gamers tend to have an easier time picking up the Second Life controls.
[13:31]  Pontius Gigamon: this is the first program ive been involved with that actually lets u script. and make things
[13:31]  Jeremy Linden: They're used to trying everything out and moving around in a 3D world, etc :-)
[13:32]  Pontius Gigamon: the hardest part for me when i first began was probably cam controls.
[13:32]  Jeremy Linden: Ah, noted. That is a bit unique here.
[13:32]  Pontius Gigamon: its very unigue lol
[13:32]  Jeremy Linden: Hi Arawn, welcome back to Documentation Office Hours.
[13:32]  Kate Linden: Hello Arawn
[13:32]  Pontius Gigamon: no other game requires you to szoom in close on 1 pbject so you can tweak it
[13:32]  Pontius Gigamon: hello Arawn
[13:33]  Arawn Spitteler: Hi, Guys
[13:33]  Pontius Gigamon: maybe a section telling ppl what the jobs of lindens and testers is
[13:33]  Arawn Spitteler: SL Isn';t a game; if you want a game, you have to zoom in on that too.
[13:33]  Pontius Gigamon: yes
[13:33]  Pontius Gigamon: its a virtual world.
[13:33]  Pontius Gigamon: not a game, my mistake
[13:34]  Kate Linden:
[13:34]  Jeremy Linden: Heh. There are almost 300 Lindens, and lots of different jobs for each of us. Really, we just do the jobs you might find at any software company.
[13:34]  Kate Linden: Who are Lindens article.
[13:34]  Arawn Spitteler: Yes, hte other day, someone came to Andrew Hour, looking for Office Hours that might not exist, but Andrew couldn't find a data base to find out.
[13:35]  Pontius Gigamon: aaa a schedule board inside the knowledge base
[13:35]  Kate Linden: I like the HUD that Gellan created which shows OH's at a click.
[13:35]  Jeremy Linden: You mean like this, Arawn?
[13:35]  Arawn Spitteler: To say that Second Life is or isn't a game, might not be entirely true.
[13:36]  Pontius Gigamon: well,,, i know you can create games within secondlife
[13:36]  Arawn Spitteler: Those Office Hours are sorted by who's holding them. Who holds Office Hours for Voice.
[13:36]  Pontius Gigamon: but i wouldnt say SL itself is a game
[13:36]  Pontius Gigamon: i would think of it more as a communication and 3d design tool
[13:36]  Pontius Gigamon: the controls formthis are alot easier than 3ds max thats part of what lured me to Secondlife
[13:37]  Jeremy Linden: Heh. I'm staying away from the "game" argument.
[13:37]  Arawn Spitteler: Chinese is not a language, Hinduism is not a religion, Second Life is not a game.
[13:38]  Pontius Gigamon: chinese = mandarine isnt it?
[13:38]  Pontius Gigamon: or am i confusing that with another language?
[13:38]  Jeremy Linden: Mandarin is one.
[13:38]  Pontius Gigamon: aaaah
[13:38]  Pontius Gigamon: i thought so
[13:38]  Jeremy Linden: Though I always thought Mandarin was a dialect.
[13:38]  Arawn Spitteler: Mandarin is the official language, but Mandarin and some Chinese Languages have many dialects.
[13:41]  Pontius Gigamon: but yes, compared to other "programs" ive used on the internet secondlife was the hardest to pick up on
[13:41]  Pontius Gigamon: except for camera controls in 3ds max, thatw as just rediculous
[13:42]  Pontius Gigamon: i find myself holding alt and trying to zoom in on things in other games... lol
[13:42]  Kate Linden: lol
[13:42]  Jeremy Linden: It's addictive, isn't it?
[13:42]  Pontius Gigamon: yes
[13:42]  Pontius Gigamon: very
[13:42]  Jeremy Linden: Sometimes I even try it on web photos.
[13:42]  Pontius Gigamon: me too!
[13:42]  Pontius Gigamon: lol
[13:42]  Arawn Spitteler: I find it doesn't work well, on the Porn sites accessed from
[13:43]  Pontius Gigamon: ill wonder why it isnt working, and then realize im not even on secondlife lol
[13:43]  Arawn Spitteler: Neiun should list a SLURL on The Hun. They might even make money, on it.
[13:44]  Pontius Gigamon: hmmm. i knew the hun was a biker gang in the70's
[13:44]  Pontius Gigamon: thats all i know about the hun lol
[13:44]  Pontius Gigamon: oooh and atilla the hun
[13:44]  Arawn Spitteler: He might have been a member
[13:44]  Jeremy Linden: That's an amusing mental image.
[13:45]  Pontius Gigamon: oh deatr.
[13:45]  Pontius Gigamon: dear*
[13:46]  Arawn Spitteler: Would it be possible, to get a live video stream, from SL to a porn site?
[13:47]  Arawn Spitteler: I know it can, in principe, be done the other way about
[13:47]  Arawn Spitteler: I guess you'd want a bot
[13:47]  Jeremy Linden: We probably won't be writing a KB article about that.
[13:48]  Kate Linden: Have you tried the SLim client?
[13:48]  Jeremy Linden: Though it is possible to set up a video stream from Second Life to the web. It's been done many times.
[13:48]  Arawn Spitteler: You want to give people the tools, that they can learn what's right for themselves.
[13:48]  Pontius Gigamon: not me
[13:48]  Arawn Spitteler: Is it available?
[13:48]  Kate Linden: Yes, its available as First Look.
[13:49]  Pontius Gigamon: whats it for exactly?
[13:49]  Arawn Spitteler'll have to try it: I've gotten on a Helen Keller Bandwagon, and am wondering if the Deaf could describe SL for the blind.
[13:49]  Arawn Spitteler: The Blind wouldn't need much more than SL-IM, if they've a seeing eye avatar
[13:50]  Kate Linden: SLim is a thin client for communicating with your SL friends when not logged into SL.
[13:50]  Pontius Gigamon: oooh
[13:50]  Pontius Gigamon: its like Aim but fior secondlife ^_^
[13:51]  Jeremy Linden: Exactly!
[13:51]  Pontius Gigamon: thats pretty awesome
[13:51]  Arawn Spitteler: Second Life - Instant Messenger
[13:51]  Pontius Gigamon: ahhh *hits head*
[13:51]  Kate Linden: Sort of. It works along with the First Look viewer. The Friends list in the SLim client is based on your friends list in that viewer.
[13:52]  Arawn Spitteler: TrickOrTreat Linden just gave me a goody bag.
[13:52]  Pontius Gigamon: i dont think i use the first look viewer
[13:52]  Pontius Gigamon: awww
[13:52]  Arawn Spitteler: First Look? Does it run without Windlaugh?
[13:52]  Kate Linden: It's out now if you want to give SLim a try. Plus we'd love to have feedback on the KB article that pertains to it.
[13:53]  Kate Linden: It's the same as 1.21 but supports SLim.
[13:53]  Pontius Gigamon: poooooh
[13:53]  Pontius Gigamon: i mean
[13:53]  Pontius Gigamon: oooh*
[13:53]  Pontius Gigamon: lol
[13:54]  Pontius Gigamon: ill give it a shot, is that the link to slim or first look?
[13:54]  Kate Linden:
[13:55]  Pontius Gigamon: every time i upgrade my camera settings seem to reset
[13:55]  Jeremy Linden: Hello gift. Welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[13:55]  gift Asp: Greetings
[13:55]  gift Asp: thanks
[13:55]  Pontius Gigamon: hi gift
[13:55]  Arawn Spitteler: We only have to enable Voice long enough for ViVox to affirm our memberships?
[13:55]  Kate Linden: The First Look viewer does not override your standard viewer.
[13:55]  Pontius Gigamon: oooooh
[13:55]  Pontius Gigamon: so its a se4perate deal
[13:55]  Arawn Spitteler: What I read, loooks like we can't have Conference Chats.
[13:56]  Kate Linden: hello gift
[13:56]  gift Asp: hi kate^^
[13:56]  Kate Linden: Hi Schrodinger
[13:56]  Jeremy Linden: Hello Schrodinger, welcome to Documentation Office Hours.
[13:56]  Arawn Spitteler: It's a seperate directory. I'm wishing, I could run Bleeding Edge with Mono
[13:56]  Schrodinger Gynoid: greetings, thanks
[13:58]  gift Asp: Nice bear Jeremy
[13:58]  WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): gift Asp has pinged you.
[13:58]  Jeremy Linden: Thanks!
[13:58]  Arawn Spitteler: How's your Kitten?
[13:58]  Jeremy Linden: Do you want one?
[13:58]  gift Asp: yes =D
[13:58]  gift Asp accepted your inventory offer.
[13:58]  gift Asp: i have a lot of linden bear but not yours
[13:58]  gift Asp: thanks
[13:58]  Schrodinger Gynoid accepted your inventory offer.
[13:59]  Schrodinger Gynoid: thanks :)
[13:59]  Jeremy Linden: Hey... I'm not a goa'uld...
[13:59]  Schrodinger Gynoid: XD
[13:59]  Jeremy Linden: (reading Schrodinger's profile)
[13:59]  gift Asp: ROFL
[13:59]  Schrodinger Gynoid: maybe not, all, the lindens :o
[14:00]  Pontius Gigamon: has yet to get a linden bear
[14:00]  gift Asp: The lindens are goa'ulds :o
[14:00]  Pontius Gigamon accepted your inventory offer.
[14:00]  gift Asp: and the residents are furlings
[14:00]  Pontius Gigamon: oh rly?
[14:00]  Pontius Gigamon: thank you!
[14:01]  Pontius Gigamon: treat for me on halloween ^_^
[14:01]  Jeremy Linden: I must not be very good at conquering the universe, then.
[14:01]  Pontius Gigamon: lol
[14:01]  Pontius Gigamon: hey, i tried that in Spore
[14:01]  Pontius Gigamon: and its no fun
[14:01]  gift Asp: looool
[14:01]  Pontius Gigamon: too hard for me
[14:01]  Arawn Spitteler: Oh, as in Time Tunnel Gao'ulds? I'm a devil, myself, and even saw action, in Tal Afar
[14:01]  Schrodinger Gynoid: you must be a nice goa'uld so :o
[14:01]  Pontius Gigamon: ooh thanks again
[14:01]  Jeremy Linden: Time Tunnel? Arawn, you show your age :-)
[14:02]  Pupkin Genira: hi
[14:02]  Arawn Spitteler: A hundred and two centuries?
[14:02]  Arawn Spitteler: Hi, Pumpkin
[14:02]  Jeremy Linden: Hi Pupkin. We're just finishing up Documentation Office Hours.
[14:02]  Kate Linden: Wow looks like time is up already. I'm heading out. Have a great Halloween and a good weekend too!
[14:03]  Arawn Spitteler: Anyways, is there any way of looking up, who should have office hours, on a particular subject?
[14:03]  Jeremy Linden: Oh, time's up already? Wow.
[14:03]  Jeremy Linden: Arawn, that wiki page has most of the information I know about.
[14:03]  Arawn Spitteler: Time goes fast, when you're trying to figure out what I said
[14:03]  Jeremy Linden: I would have suggested Joe's office hours, but he does not appear to have them anymore.
[14:03]  Arawn Spitteler: We couldn't find The Person for Voice.
[14:04]  gift Asp shouts: omg
[14:04]  Pontius Gigamon: lol gift
[14:04]  gift Asp: oO
[14:04]  Bougie pupkins: Happy Halloween!!
[14:04]  Pontius Gigamon: pumkin fireowkrs!
[14:04]  Arawn Spitteler: Until we find The Person, who has office hours for Voice, we don't know if such a person exists.
[14:04]  gift Asp: yes :)
[14:04]  Pontius Gigamon: fireworks*