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[13:01]  Astarte Wylie: lmao
[13:02]  Astarte Wylie: Hi Jeremy
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[13:02]  Jeremy Linden: Hello everyone!
[13:02]  Drunk Dukes: yes i was wondering what kinda flavour u was : )
[13:02]  Becky Pippen: Hi Jeremy
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[13:02]  Drunk Dukes: lol
[13:02]  Drunk Dukes: Hey Jeremy : )
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[13:02]  Astarte Wylie: Jeremy could Drunk and I bother you for a bear pls :)
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[13:02]  Jon Linden: i believe myself to be pistachio
[13:02]  Jeremy Linden: Sure!
[13:02]  Astarte Wylie: hahahaha
[13:02]  Astarte Wylie: ty :)
[13:02]  Drunk Dukes: LOL
[13:02]  Drunk Dukes accepted your inventory offer.
[13:03]  Astarte Wylie accepted your inventory offer.
[13:03]  Astarte Wylie: TY :))
[13:03]  Drunk Dukes: Thx Jeremy : )
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[13:03]  Astarte Wylie: my collection is growing :)
[13:03]  Jon Linden: disappointingly, this avatar did not come with a "shake power activate!" gesture, which would have resulted in squirting shake out of the straw, as in the TV show
[13:03]  Drunk Dukes: LOL
[13:03]  Astarte Wylie: hahahahaha
[13:04]  Drunk Dukes: that would have been fun yeah
[13:04]  Jon Linden: if i were any good at building, i'd try to do it myself
[13:04]  Jon Linden: in my copious free time
[13:04]  Jon Linden: [wry]
[13:04]  Jon Linden: (this av doesn't do facial expressions either, somewhat unsurprisingly)
[13:04]  Astarte Wylie: lol
[13:05]  Jeremy Linden: So, I hear there's a Documentation Office Hour happening right now.
[13:06]  Jon Linden: rumors and innuendo!
[13:06]  Jon Linden: i was asking the others if they had any comments or questions about the Knowledge Base
[13:06]  Jon Linden: seriously, anything at all would be helpful
[13:06]  Jon Linden: even if it's "omg i can never find anything"
[13:06]  Astarte Wylie: no we really dont, we were just hunting for bears lol
[13:07]  Jeremy Linden: Heh.
[13:07]  Jeremy Linden: Did you get the Knowledge Bear?
[13:07]  Astarte Wylie: yes :)
[13:07]  Astarte Wylie: the one to my right
[13:07]  Jeremy Linden: That's the one!
[13:07]  Astarte Wylie: yup got it ty
[13:07]  Drunk Dukes: yea we are roaming hte Village for bears : )
[13:08]  Jeremy Linden: Heh. Watch out for any megaprim ones. Those are scary.
[13:08]  Astarte Wylie: ok well ty again for the bears and have a good day
[13:08]  Drunk Dukes: ok iwill : ) lol
[13:08]  Drunk Dukes: thx for the bears : )
[13:09]  Jeremy Linden: No problem!
[13:09]  Jon Linden: be well!
[13:09]  Jeremy Linden: And now Lindens outnumber attendees. Doh!
[13:09]  Becky Pippen grins
[13:10]  Jon Linden: how's life, Becky? any major upheavals on the grid?
[13:10]  Becky Pippen: lol
[13:11]  Becky Pippen: hmmm.. everyone is adjusting to new openspace prices.....
[13:11]  Jon Linden: sometimes i feel like the nature of my work is such that anything happening inworld on a large scale passes over me, as though i'm going about my activities in an undersea cave
[13:11]  Jon Linden: the openspace thing i definitely heard about
[13:11]  Jeremy Linden: You need to read more Resident blogs :-P
[13:11]  Becky Pippen: that's all. Everything else is running totally smoothly without any problems at all :-)
[13:12]  Jon Linden: what percentage of the SL population keep SL-related blogs, do you think?
[13:12]  Jeremy Linden: A lot!
[13:13]  Becky Pippen: percentage? hmmm.... didn't someone recently start collecting a comprehensive blog list? where did I see that...?
[13:14]  Jeremy Linden: Hmm... I'm not sure. I mostly follow Massively, and a few other ones that occasionally turn up interesting stories.
[13:14]  Jeremy Linden: And Ordinal's blog, because she's entertaining and brilliant.
[13:14]  Jon Linden: i just thought of a good subject for next month's Knowledge Resources Summit, heh
[13:15]  Becky Pippen: oh?
[13:15]  Jeremy Linden: Blogs?
[13:15]  Jon Linden: yeah
[13:15]  Jon Linden: becky, it's an internal meeting we call once a month
[13:15]  Jon Linden: between teams that do Resident-facing stuff
[13:15]  Jon Linden: just to catch each other up on what we're working on, see if there's anything we can help each other out with
[13:15]  Becky Pippen: like I-World and groups like that?
[13:16]  Jeremy Linden: I-world is one of many groups included :-)
[13:16]  Becky Pippen: maybe it would do the developers good to get involved in some way with resident stuff too?
[13:17]  Jeremy Linden: Well, they do... but that's not their primary job responsibility.
[13:17]  Jeremy Linden: For instance, the Boston Office (and friends) goes on an inworld tour each Monday to a different Resident build.
[13:17]  Jeremy Linden: Boston's mostly full of developers :-)
[13:17]  Jon Linden: and really excellent snacks
[13:18]  Jeremy Linden: That, too.
[13:18]  Becky Pippen: the inworld tour idea is cool
[13:18]  Jeremy Linden: It's funny to see what kind of reaction we get when 20 Lindens show up at once.
[13:18]  Jeremy Linden: Often, the first thing they ask is "Did we do something wrong?"
[13:18]  Becky Pippen: haha
[13:19]  Becky Pippen: oh no! hide!
[13:19]  Becky Pippen: (killing time... click the golf ball :-)
[13:19]  Jeremy Linden: Same experiment, click the keypad :-)
[13:19]  Jon Linden: i'm on the wrong viewer
[13:19]  Becky Pippen: hehe
[13:19]  Becky Pippen: cool keypad!
[13:20]  Jeremy Linden: It's still a little glitchy, but it only uses one texture, one prim, and one script.
[13:20]  Jon Linden: and black magic
[13:20]  Becky Pippen: very cool :-)
[13:20]  Jon Linden: don't forget the magic
[13:20]  Jeremy Linden: Yes, yes... magic.
[13:21]  Jeremy Linden: Incantations that require a very specific syntax in order to work properly...
[13:21]  Jeremy Linden: Actually, inscriptions is the right now.
[13:21]  Jon Linden: hahahaha
[13:21]  Jeremy Linden: er, word.
[13:21]  Becky Pippen: and a crosshair demo
[13:21]  Jeremy Linden: Cool.
[13:21]  Jeremy Linden: Could almost play Hot Cross Buns on this thing..
[13:22]  Becky Pippen: Jeremy, I'm so glad to see you get to play with technical things like this!
[13:22]  WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Becky Pippen has pinged you.
[13:22]  Jeremy Linden: Hi Arawn, welcome back!
[13:22]  Becky Pippen: Hi Arawn
[13:22]  Arawn Spitteler: Hi, Becky
[13:22]  Jeremy Linden: Heh. Becky, I was a relatively technical Resident long before I was a Linden. I like to think I've tried to stay sharp :-)
[13:22]  Arawn Spitteler: Jon, Jeremy, etc, such as Kate, if she's in.
[13:22]  WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Arawn Spitteler has pinged you.
[13:23]  Arawn Spitteler: I'm on the 1.22 RC0, and it wants to reset to recommended levels, each sesion
[13:23]  Becky Pippen: I knew that about you, and I often wondered how often you get to do technie fun stuff any more
[13:23]  Jeremy Linden: There was a set of known issues distributed with the 1.22 RC0 update. Because of those issues, it wasn't a required update.
[13:24]  Jeremy Linden: Heh. Not often enough! Though, it is what helps me do my job well.
[13:24]  Arawn Spitteler: Are these balls supposed to be white? I guess not\
[13:24]  Jon Linden: they're golf balls
[13:24]  Becky Pippen: that tickled
[13:24]  Jon Linden: at least i'm guessing
[13:24]  Becky Pippen: yeah
[13:24]  Arawn Spitteler: How long until we've an update on SLim?
[13:24]  Jon Linden: unknown
[13:25]  Arawn Spitteler: It would be nice, if it could be upgraded to a working RC, so we could try contacting users.
[13:26]  Jon Linden: somebody is undoubtedly working on it
[13:26]  Arawn Spitteler: Stephany still hasn't got office hours?
[13:26]  Jon Linden: some lindens just don't have office hours
[13:27]  Jon Linden: it's up to each individual
[13:27]  Andee Sweetwater: hi :)
[13:27]  Jon Linden: look at it this way: would you rather someone spent time running projects to make sure they get done, or take time from doing that to field questions from Residents that might not be answerable?
[13:27]  Andee Sweetwater: im not touchin that
[13:27]  Jon Linden: hello Andee!
[13:28]  Jon Linden: welcome to Documentation Office Hours
[13:28]  Andee Sweetwater: hello Jon....oh thanks you
[13:28]  Andee Sweetwater: \o/
[13:28]  Andee Sweetwater: haha
[13:28]  Andee Sweetwater: didit work
[13:29]  Andee Sweetwater: Arawn?
[13:29]  Jon Linden: i saw the \o/ in chat, at least, so that worked
[13:29]  Jon Linden: looks like Arawn either crashed or had somewhere else to be
[13:29]  Andee Sweetwater: i dint have my thingy loaded i forgot
[13:30]  Andee Sweetwater: wat is the deal?
[13:30]  Jon Linden: with your thingy, or with Documentation Office Hours?
[13:30]  Jon Linden: i can only answer questions related to the latter
[13:30]  Andee Sweetwater: with the couch
[13:31]  Jeremy Linden: You can sit on it by right-clicking and choosing "Sit Here". That's pretty much all there is to the couch.
[13:31]  Jon Linden: all of the couches are like that, as far as i'm aware
[13:31]  Andee Sweetwater: yes i understand that but it was placing me inside of the couch
[13:32]  Jeremy Linden: Oh. That might be because you're wearing an animation overrider, which would try to replace your sitting animation with its own custom one... which in this case, puts you inside the couch.
[13:32]  Andee Sweetwater: it works for him
[13:32]  Arawn Spitteler: Sudden and inexplicable crashes being one of the known issues?
[13:33]  Andee Sweetwater: when do we start?
[13:33]  Jeremy Linden: Heh. This office hour has been running for about the past 30 minutes. Feel free to jump in anytime if you have something to say.
[13:33]  Jon Linden: we typically discuss the Knowledge Base and any questions or issues related thereto
[13:34]  Arawn Spitteler: Like, how's your Arabic?
[13:34]  Jeremy Linden doesn't know any Arabic.
[13:34]  Andee Sweetwater: my arabic has nothing to do with that
[13:35]  Arawn Spitteler: Translation is one of the projects discussed here, but we have native arabs oin world
[13:35]  Arawn Spitteler: Some of whom can't speak english better than your average Magyar
[13:35]  Jeremy Linden: For example, maybe you once tried to find something in the Knowledge Base, and were unable to find a satisfactory answer. We'd love to hear your story, so we can make it better going forward.
[13:36]  Jon Linden: or if there's something that seems to be flat-out wrong
[13:36]  Arawn Spitteler: If you're new to SL, how smoth is your familiarization.
[13:37]  Jon Linden: were there any tutorial-type materials you thought were less than helpful, or was there anything you wished you had handy?
[13:37]  Jon Linden: that sort of thing
[13:38]  Andee Sweetwater: I havent experienced any inaccuracies
[13:38]  Andee Sweetwater: but I can certainly try to find them
[13:38]  Jon Linden: heh
[13:38]  Andee Sweetwater: oh anything i wish....
[13:38]  Andee Sweetwater: um
[13:39]  Andee Sweetwater: well the most incredible thing to me was
[13:39]  Andee Sweetwater: dealing with my av wearing all these objects
[13:39]  Andee Sweetwater: and i read some of the notecards to help me along but mostly didnt use them much
[13:39]  Andee Sweetwater: mostly just learned it from friends
[13:39]  Jon Linden: ah, the notecards that get supplied with those sorts of things don't fall under our purview
[13:40]  Jon Linden: since they're written by the creators of the objects, and not Linden Lab
[13:40]  Andee Sweetwater: ah...ok
[13:40]  Jon Linden: i wonder if there are any inworld businesses that employ technical writers
[13:40]  Andee Sweetwater: Yes they do
[13:41]  Andee Sweetwater: well im not sure...but everything isw there )
[13:41]  Becky Pippen: I'm one of the tech writers for our InkWelle business... our product manuals, for example, are all on
[13:41]  Jon Linden: indeed!
[13:41]  Jon Linden: this reminds me, we still have that glossary project to take a look at in the future
[13:42]  Andee Sweetwater: Oh i was a technical writer for a programming firm...
[13:42]  Andee Sweetwater: documenting day by day updates on new software development
[13:42]  Jon Linden: were they an agile development house?
[13:44]  Andee Sweetwater: they wrote software for their own medical facility and distributed it to other businesses like theirs
[13:44]  Andee Sweetwater: Basically the bottom line in exceptional manual writing is to make sure the stupidest person can understand it
[13:44]  Jon Linden: hahah
[13:44]  Jeremy Linden: Pretty much :-)
[13:45]  Jon Linden: it's always surprising to others how hard that actually is to do
[13:45]  Jon Linden: i like to bring up the example of giving driving directions to people
[13:45]  Jon Linden: some friends of mine can't give directions to save their lives
[13:45]  Andee Sweetwater: yes but i dont think like an engineer
[13:45]  Andee Sweetwater: lol
[13:45]  Arawn Spitteler: Too much needed detail, makes it look complicated.
[13:46]  Andee Sweetwater: yes Arawn
[13:46]  Andee Sweetwater: actually organization is a key factor
[13:46]  Andee Sweetwater: if its laid out properly
[13:46]  Andee Sweetwater: its easier too
[13:47]  Andee Sweetwater: dont start talkin bout cleanin the skillet before u talk about cookin the egg
[13:47]  Jon Linden: google maps and the like have gotten the art of giving directions down pat
[13:47]  Jeremy Linden: Go two furlongs, then take a left at the horse.... he's usually there. Then eight klicks to the east along Route 99 West...
[13:47]  Jon Linden: hahahahaha
[13:47]  Jeremy Linden: You think I'm kidding.
[13:47]  Jeremy Linden: Near Boston, it's possible to be going North on one highway and South on another at the same time.
[13:48]  Andee Sweetwater: lol
[13:48]  Jon Linden: i believe this
[13:48]  Arawn Spitteler: Road sign would make a popular post card.
[13:49]  Jeremy Linden: And, in the town where I grew up, there was a horse that was ALWAYS hanging over his fence, watching traffic. Practically a landmark, everyone knew what you were talking about :-P
[13:49]  Jeremy Linden: Makes no sense to you guys, though.
[13:49]  Jon Linden: hahahahahahaha
[13:49]  Becky Pippen: it's a fun story nevertheless
[13:50]  Jon Linden: my hometown has been changing gradually since high school; they keep adding new buildings and such
[13:50]  Andee Sweetwater: I wish i had some specific input for u on this but I havent used the documentation, i usually just figure things out on myown or ask a question.
[13:50]  Jon Linden: which is slightly problematic if you tend to navigate via instinct and procedural memory
[13:50]  Arawn Spitteler: Urban Sprawl, we're going to stop that with computers
[13:51]  Jon Linden: andee, that's totally cool
[13:51]  Andee Sweetwater: unless its detailed and necessary
[13:51]  Jon Linden: what happens when you run into one of those cases?
[13:51]  Andee Sweetwater: most of the time i get frustrated and swear to myself cz they need to hire me!
[13:51]  Andee Sweetwater: hahaha
[13:52]  Jon Linden: as a tech writer or usability consultant?
[13:52]  Jon Linden: i think there's a long line either way ^__^
[13:52]  Andee Sweetwater: either/or
[13:52]  Andee Sweetwater: tech writer mostly
[13:53]  Jon Linden: i'm sure you're excellent, but i'm loath to replace jeremy ^__^
[13:53]  WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Jon Linden has pinged you.
[13:53]  Arawn Spitteler: The way to cut ahead of those lines, is to do it with flair
[13:53]  Jeremy Linden: Whew!
[13:53]  Andee Sweetwater: thats the contact point
[13:53]  Andee Sweetwater: the writing
[13:53]  Andee Sweetwater: contact between u and the user
[13:53]  Jeremy Linden: Right. I make an effort to be as clear and readable as possible, even in chat text.
[13:53]  Andee Sweetwater: so last line of defense so to speak
[13:54]  Andee Sweetwater: I'd love an opportunity to get involved and help u guys online 24/7
[13:55]  Jeremy Linden: Have you done any work with the public wiki?
[13:55]  Jeremy Linden: Speak of the devil...
[13:55]  Andee Sweetwater: on a user end
[13:55]  Andee Sweetwater: i mean i used it when playing other games
[13:56]  Jeremy Linden: Ellla, who just arrived, is a huge contributor to the Second Life wiki.
[13:56]  Andee Sweetwater: so much useful informaton really
[13:56]  Andee Sweetwater: hi ella
[13:56]  Ellla McMahon: hello :)) .. the wiki ??
[13:56]  Jeremy Linden: Oh, am I misremembering?
[13:56]  Jeremy Linden: Uh oh.
[13:56]  Becky Pippen: Hi Ellla
[13:57]  Jon Linden: hello Ella!
[13:57]  Jon Linden: welcome to Documentation Office Minute!
[13:57]  Ellla McMahon: I help out alot on JIRA .. wiki is still a mystery to me :))
[13:57]  Arawn Spitteler: Hi, Ellla, rumor has it you're here.
[13:57]  Jeremy Linden: Doh! My apologies. Swiss-cheese memory.
[13:57]  Ellla McMahon: np :))
[13:57]  Jon Linden: you should come back in two weeks for Documentation Office Hour
[13:58]  Andee Sweetwater: do u guys know that there are spots in s/l that allow u to walk seamlessly from one area to another
[13:58]  Jon Linden: ideally, those spots should be many and various
[13:58]  Andee Sweetwater: but no one knows about them...i explore a lot and we go to try to find unusual things
[13:59]  Arawn Spitteler imagines a Wiki Page: Welcome to Second Lag.
[13:59]  Andee Sweetwater: lol
[13:59]  Andee Sweetwater: and honestly i havent experienced much lag and im on a laptop
[13:59]  Jon Linden: this is good to hear
[13:59]  Andee Sweetwater: i ws suprised actually
[14:00]  Andee Sweetwater: some lag is to be expected in a world such as this
[14:00]  Jon Linden: folks, we are unfortunately out of time
[14:01]  Jon Linden: but i encourage everyone to return in two weeks
[14:01]  Jon Linden: (next friday's a holiday for us)
[14:01]  Becky Pippen: Thanks guys
[14:01]  Jon Linden: enjoy your weekends!
[14:01]  Andee Sweetwater: ok thanks everybody
[14:01]  Jeremy Linden: Fun as always!
[14:01]  Andee Sweetwater: nice to meet u all
[14:01]  Becky Pippen: Have a wonderful two weeks!
[14:01]  Arawn Spitteler: We aren't documenting Tofurkeys, next week?
[14:01]  Jon Linden: you too!