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[13:02]  Jeremy Linden: Well, that was fun!
[13:02]  Phillip Vought: entertainment :)
[13:03]  Phillip Vought: to be expected,, kids are out of school :)
[13:03]  Jon Linden: true!
[13:03]  Phillip Vought: with the increased stability of the server and client they arent hitting the furry sims as often now
[13:03]  Phillip Vought: takes us seconds to clean up
[13:04]  Phillip Vought: and turning off physics while theyre in-sim is always funny
[13:05]  Phillip Vought: nice to see you all again anyway :)
[13:05]  Jon Linden: this makes me wonder what, if any, articles we have that deal with "my land is being griefed; what can i do besides abuse report it?"
[13:05]  Jon Linden: checking now
[13:05]  Phillip Vought: hehe
[13:06]  Jeremy Linden: Thanks for being here, and enduring the particle storm.
[13:06]  Phillip Vought: well other than "contact the land owner/sim owner" not too much :)
[13:06]  Jeremy Linden is experiencing a RL particle storm, but cannot AR "mother nature".
[13:06]  Phillip Vought: heh.. well californians hide when it gets to 30c
[13:06]  Phillip Vought: 30f even
[13:07]  Jon Linden: of course -- but maybe we should have an article FOR landowners with some tips
[13:07]  Phillip Vought: Sacramento was empty :)
[13:07]  Phillip Vought: well how about you wait until top colliders is fixed :)
[13:08]  Jon Linden: if nobody else objects, i'll at least put it in our bucket of article requests
[13:08]  Phillip Vought: :)
[13:08]  Jeremy Linden: Seconded!
[13:08]  Jeremy Linden: Hi Arawn.
[13:08]  Jon Linden: excellent
[13:08]  Phillip Vought: never hurts but be careful.. the 2 things griefers want is info on how you intend to stop them and notoriety
[13:09]  Arawn Spitteler thought he'd make it in for Somebody's office hours, this week: Hello, Somebodyies.
[13:09]  Phillip Vought: I have one for you tho
[13:09]  Jeremy Linden: Yep. Can't hurt to help the people who *can* stop them, though.
[13:09]  Jeremy Linden: Sure, go for it, Phillip.
[13:09]  Phillip Vought: I never use it, but I was at help island today being charitable :).. (well its the holidays)
[13:10]  Arawn Spitteler: Actually, I think most griefers want the intellectual challenge, and to know if anybdy's there.
[13:10]  Phillip Vought: and if you go to the knowledgebase and click secondlife for begginers
[13:10]  Phillip Vought: beginners even
[13:10]  Phillip Vought: you get a lousy first page
[13:10]  Jeremy Linden: Extremely true.
[13:10]  Jeremy Linden lets Jon handle the rest of this one.
[13:10]  Jeremy Linden: :-P
[13:10]  Phillip Vought: can it be re-ranked?
[13:11]  Phillip Vought: so that it goes from "how to move" to combat
[13:11]  Phillip Vought: it'll make it much easier to help people
[13:11]  Jeremy Linden: There's very little we can do to change the order of the articles in a folder. We can cheat by changing the alphabetical titles, but that can mess up the order if the same articles appear in a different folder :-)
[13:12]  Phillip Vought: hrm.. well how are they tagged as "for beginners" now?
[13:12]  Inara Marquette: Hey :D
[13:12]  Kate Linden: Hey Inara
[13:12]  Phillip Vought: and maybe some title changes would help.. the first one is Are you with CSI.. lets be honest that doesnt need to be #1 now :)
[13:12]  Inara Marquette: Hey Kate ;)
[13:12]  Jon Linden: hello Inara; welcome back, Tegg!
[13:13]  Inara Marquette: Halllooooo
[13:13]  Inara Marquette: again Phillip
[13:13]  Jeremy Linden: When we create new KB articles, we can decide which folders (plural) they land in. Often, they'll fit well into more than one category.
[13:13]  Jeremy Linden: Hi Tegg, hi Inara. Nice name!
[13:13]  Phillip Vought: Hello Inara :) again :)
[13:13]  Inara Marquette: Hi Jon
[13:13]  Jon Linden: they're arranged in that folder alphabetically, as Jeremy said, and there's not much we can do to change it unless we want to get creative with inserting spaces at the fronts of titles
[13:13]  WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Jon Linden has pinged you.
[13:13]  Tegg Bode: Ji All
[13:13]  Jon Linden: which is kind of a hacky way to go about it
[13:14]  Phillip Vought: I'd do that for the basic stuff .. because the place you're going to lose em is if they dont find things ranked by "noobish" levels
[13:14]  Jon Linden: that said, your concern's a valid one
[13:14]  Phillip Vought: hacky is good
[13:14]  Phillip Vought: hacky works
[13:14]  Arawn Spitteler nods to acknowledge the arrival of Inara, Tegg and Kate, but doesn't say much, so as to avoid cluttering up Chat History, in violation of certain codiciles as referenced in Paragraph Three: Hi, Guys.
[13:14]  Kate Linden: Hi Arawn
[13:15]  Inara Marquette waves.
[13:15]  Phillip Vought: Whats top of your list right now guys?
[13:16]  Jon Linden: i wonder if it might make sense to create some sort of umbrella article for newbies that links to other articles for them, depending on ... man, that's a tricky one
[13:16]  Phillip Vought: well you could do that in the wiki..
[13:16]  Phillip Vought: then link to the wiki instead of the KB
[13:16]  Jon Linden: the thing is that it's hard for a writer of an article like this one to predict what the audience wants
[13:16]  Phillip Vought: I want perfection in idiotproof form .. please
[13:16]  Jon Linden: hello Tid and Simon!
[13:16]  Jeremy Linden: We could put a tighter filter on what goes into the "Beginner" folder. I'm pretty sure CSI isn't a new thing anymore :-)
[13:16]  Inara Marquette: Hey Tidders
[13:17]  Tid Kidd: hiya Inara :)
[13:17]  Inara Marquette grins at CSI
[13:17]  Tid Kidd: hiya Jon :)
[13:17]  Jon Linden: the CSI thing isn't new, but it is aimed at beginners
[13:17]  Tegg Bode: lol at Arawn, <damn there goes more space on my hard drive>
[13:17]  Phillip Vought: there probably hasnt been a new CSI avatar in months
[13:17]  Jon Linden: that was what i was going to wonder aloud
[13:17]  Kate Linden: I did notice the article we created for beginners, Create a Custom Avatar (vidTut sequence) has 13K+ views already. I wonder if we should make more articles like that one.
[13:17]  Tegg Bode: Us CSI still going?
[13:18]  Jon Linden: you know, tegg, i'm not even sure!
[13:18]  Phillip Vought: I believe CSI is still running.. but who knows if ES will keep it up..
[13:18]  Phillip Vought: ES is not very loyal to SL..
[13:18]  Inara Marquette: what happened with ES?
[13:18]  Arawn Spitteler: What's ES?
[13:18]  Inara Marquette: CSI sims are no longeron the map
[13:18]  Phillip Vought: got a little primadonnaish
[13:18]  Inara Marquette: electric sheep
[13:19]  Inara Marquette: ah!
[13:19]  Simon Kline: just plug them in to the nearest outlet :D
[13:19]  Kate Linden: Hi Simon, Tegg, Tid
[13:19]  Simon Kline: hi all heh
[13:19]  Kala Pixie: Hey peeps.
[13:19]  Jon Linden: hello Kala
[13:19]  Tid Kidd: hi Kate
[13:19]  Simon Kline: this is my particle generating friend Kala
[13:19]  Phillip Vought: so its safe to say CSI can be removed ? :)
[13:19]  Kate Linden: Nice to meet you Kala
[13:19]  Kala Pixie: Likewise.
[13:20]  Arawn Spitteler: Hell-llo Kay-La; Hell-llo Tid...
[13:20]  Jon Linden: maybe i should do it right now and see if anybody complains
[13:20]  Phillip Vought: >) noone will notice :)
[13:20]  Phillip Vought: CSI:NY is gone
[13:20]  Arawn Spitteler: Will anybody complan, if nobody notices?
[13:20]  Tid Kidd: heya Arawn
[13:20]  Inara Marquette: tsk tsk evil trickery :)
[13:20]  Jon Linden: i'm the editor, i can make a decision! your knowledge base is mine, mine, MINE to command!!
[13:20]  Jon Linden: !!!!!
[13:20]  Inara Marquette: haha
[13:20]  Kate Linden: lol
[13:21]  Simon Kline: hehe
[13:21]  Phillip Vought: I do like the avatar movement thing being next
[13:21]  Kala Pixie: So, what'd I miss? %_%
[13:21]  Kala Pixie: ^_^*
[13:21]  Phillip Vought: but if you can modify the article so that it has a list of "suggested reading" links that'd help
[13:22]  Simon Kline: <-- part of a 4 hour particle show by kala for those interested
[13:22]  Arawn Spitteler: Actualy, tha's an mportant software issue; why were't the instruction book team advised of th chang of content to deliver instructions for?
[13:22]  Phillip Vought: OOHH!!! a meta-entry with all of them listed in a sensible order? with a space in it at the front?
[13:22]  Kate Linden: Thanks Simon
[13:22]  Jon Linden: phillip, that's where my thought train is also headed
[13:22]  Jon Linden: but the trouble is: who defines "sensible order"?
[13:22]  Jon Linden: some people want to learn to chat first
[13:22]  Phillip Vought: I may be slow.. but I'm loud it makes up the difference :)
[13:22]  Jon Linden: others want to learn to move first
[13:22]  Phillip Vought: Jon,, pass that to the mentors
[13:23]  Jon Linden: still others might not care about either, and only want to know "how do i build things"
[13:23]  Jon Linden: etc
[13:23]  Kala Pixie: i agree with that last one.
[13:23]  Kala Pixie: I*
[13:23]  Kala Pixie: ^_^
[13:23]  Simon Kline: most like to go to appearance
[13:23]  Inara Marquette: I thought "how do I get money" was first :)
[13:23]  Jon Linden: or that!
[13:23]  Jon Linden: or that!
[13:23]  Phillip Vought: no
[13:23]  Jon Linden: see
[13:23]  Kala Pixie: My first objective in joining SL was building.
[13:23]  Phillip Vought: how do i get a penis is first
[13:23]  Jon Linden: hahahha
[13:23]  Inara Marquette: haha Phillip sheesh
[13:23]  Kate Linden: Yes appearance is probably a good candidate at the top.
[13:23]  Jon Linden: you see the problem inherent in creating this blanket article
[13:24]  Inara Marquette: indeed
[13:24]  Simon Kline: i land on help islands and they're all in the 'appearance zone'
[13:24]  Phillip Vought: well ANY order is better than the current one :)
[13:24]  Tegg Bode: lol, yeah how do I make money is definately up there with where do I get sexxez ㋡
[13:24]  Jon Linden: we'll kick this around at our next internal team meeting
[13:24]  Simon Kline: *nods nods*
[13:24]  Kala Pixie: Where do I get sexxez?
[13:24]  Kala Pixie: <.<
[13:24]  Kala Pixie: (kidding)
[13:24]  Simon Kline: and how do i win??? lol
[13:24]  Arawn Spitteler wants to study the necrmancy of 1st lag economies first: Note, after attaching your doggi penis, hold the alt kay, and spin your camera about, to see how you look, with your pants on.
[13:24]  Phillip Vought: TBH if they want money SL doesnt want them :).. they need sad bastards like me that pour in 100's of USD a month..
[13:25]  Tegg Bode: lol, how do we get XP? ㋡
[13:25]  Jon Linden: it kind of touches on a project we've been keeping on a back burner, a "quick start" guide that people can print out
[13:25]  Arawn Spitteler: I still can't trade L$ at Lindex
[13:25]  Inara Marquette: can you share more about the Quick Start?
[13:25]  Simon Kline: it's amazing how many ppl miss the 'press alt to cam' help it's very rare i'll find one that knows it in their first hour
[13:25]  Tid Kidd: that sounds really neat idea Jon - for newbies manily, in the firs day or so ?
[13:26]  Tid Kidd: mainly *
[13:26]  Phillip Vought: Well here's a fun little fact.. if the L$ falls against the USD any more on SLX, I'll be able to arbitrage it with the lindex and get rich
[13:26]  Jon Linden: that's the idea, Tid
[13:26]  Arawn Spitteler: I findit a very helpful way of suggesting to those more new than myself, "Your Fly can't b close."
[13:26]  Simon Kline: ohhh i like the idea Jon
[13:26]  Simon Kline: maybe also a torley video they get shown before they enter
[13:26]  Inara Marquette: I wonder how many Linden emps are saying "Why didnt I think of that?"
[13:26]  Jon Linden: there are some other projects here at the Lab that this idea sort of touches, so we're waiting to see what happens
[13:27]  Tid Kidd: yes, many games give that kind of option so you read up before you start playing
[13:27]  Phillip Vought: ohh.. here
[13:27]  Phillip Vought: 's an idea
[13:28]  Phillip Vought: Put the torley viduts list in a prim and put them on the help islands
[13:28]  Phillip Vought: click the button for "appearance" and it'll play
[13:28]  Jon Linden: there are so many torley vidtuts
[13:28]  Jon Linden: he's always making more
[13:28]  Inara Marquette: pick the most viewed.
[13:28]  Simon Kline: haha
[13:28]  Phillip Vought: well wasnt it M that named him "proilific Linden" ?
[13:28]  Kate Linden: I think there are some of his vidtuts on the HI's and on Here.
[13:28]  Kala Pixie: As for those new players, coming and asking about 'how do I win', maybe we should give them a clear and concise goal. Make the help island more like a game, make the learning of SL fun, and less 'what the hell am I doing?'
[13:28]  Kate Linden: Also on I-world Islands
[13:29]  Kala Pixie: then, once they win the 'help island' and know the controls.
[13:29]  Inara Marquette: yeah but are newbs going from HI to Here?
[13:29]  Jon Linden: did you know that if you type into your browser, it takes you right to the tutorial showcase?
[13:29]  Kala Pixie: then branch out
[13:29]  Kala Pixie: then tell them 'you can do anything you want'
[13:29]  Simon Kline: jon i didn't know that
[13:29]  Tid Kidd: maybe some of us mentors should vlounteer to be the Boss that has to be defeated before moving to the next level !
[13:29]  Simon Kline: Kala tht would give it great purpose great idea
[13:29]  Simon Kline: hahah Tid!
[13:29]  Inara Marquette: does it say that message Jon, when logging in? :)
[13:29]  Phillip Vought: tell them that if they cage 3 PNs and bring them to linden island they win
[13:29]  Tid Kidd: LOL
[13:29]  Kate Linden: Plus if you hand out copies of the Knowledge Bear, it links to support, the KB and the VidTuts.
[13:30]  Jon Linden: kala, the original orientation island kind of did that, but it took a lot of work to maintain and wasn't always hugely reliable
[13:30]  Simon Kline: we could put on the giant snowman avi
[13:30]  Arawn Spitteler: Teleportation Trail was really good, but it seems it was privately funded, by a guiy who ran out of money.
[13:30]  Tegg Bode: Hmm "How do I win?" Give them a freebie shotgun and drop them in the combat sandbox ㋡
[13:30]  Inara Marquette: lol Arawn
[13:30]  Phillip Vought: that has to be one of the saddest things about SL.. so much is lost
[13:30]  Jon Linden: inara, i do wish there was a way to let people know about more often
[13:30]  Simon Kline: haha Tegg
[13:31]  Simon Kline: talking about inworld links to kb, is it possible to export a list of article names or tags and their number?
[13:31]  Inara Marquette: Is Svarga still for sale for 199,999,999L?
[13:31]  Tid Kidd: omg
[13:31]  Simon Kline: i'm still playing with the idea of making an inworld kb searcher
[13:31]  Inara Marquette: or some ridiculous price IMO.
[13:31]  Jeremy Linden: That's a lot of Linden dollars.
[13:31]  Kala Pixie: Alright peeps. I gotta jet. More people to help. Thanks for the short conversation.
[13:31]  Tid Kidd: complete with builds ?
[13:31]  Tegg Bode: Hmm sounds cheap, I saw a 16m for sale at that price once ㋡
[13:31]  Tid Kidd: aww bye Kala
[13:31]  Kate Linden: Take care Kala
[13:31]  Kala Pixie: Sime, as always, been fun.
[13:31]  Kala Pixie: Love ya.
[13:31]  Simon Kline: take care Kala!!
[13:31]  Jeremy Linden: Thanks for coming, Kala.
[13:31]  Jon Linden: simon, that's theoretically possible using the parature API
[13:32]  Jon Linden: have a good weekend!
[13:32]  Kala Pixie: and ciao
[13:32]  Simon Kline: oh cool! is the api accessable to normal resis?
[13:32]  Tid Kidd: hi Trinity :)
[13:32]  Jeremy Linden: Heh. To clarify- the API is only accessible to a small number of Lindens.
[13:32]  Jon Linden: unfortunately not
[13:32]  Simon Kline: or is it public i guess is the question hehe
[13:32]  Inara Marquette: Svarga was always a neat place to send new folks to explore. I hope that isnt lost.
[13:32]  Simon Kline: ohhh
[13:32]  Simon Kline: ic
[13:32]  Simon Kline: hi Trini :D
[13:32]  Andee Sweetwater: hi
[13:32]  Jon Linden: hello Andee and Trinity!
[13:33]  Inara Marquette: Hey Trinity
[13:33]  Trinity Coulter: hi all :)
[13:33]  Jon Linden: our office hour has taken a sudden jump in popularity
[13:33]  Simon Kline: hehe
[13:33]  Arawn Spitteler: Hi, Andee, Trinty.
[13:33]  Arawn Spitteler: What's Svarga?
[13:33]  Inara Marquette: Ive never been :)
[13:33]  Phillip Vought: doco.. the other white meat :)
[13:33]  Jon Linden: you must all be enormous fans of the Knowledge Base
[13:33]  Tegg Bode: Well we saw the free steak knife offer ㋡
[13:33]  Tid Kidd: hush Jon, I won't mention that fact that George's got cancelled
[13:33]  Tid Kidd: lol
[13:33]  Jeremy Linden: !
[13:33]  Simon Kline: haha i'm so making a i love kb t-shirt
[13:33]  Jon Linden: now's as good a time as any to let you all know this office hour will be changing times too
[13:33]  Trinity Coulter: the KB is AOK :)
[13:34]  Jon Linden: starting in like the second week of the new year, we'll be at this same time, but on wednesdays
[13:34]  Inara Marquette: that doesnt work for me, you'll have to change it.
[13:34]  Tid Kidd: 1 PM ?
[13:34]  Trinity Coulter: and sometimes Y
[13:34]  Inara Marquette: :)
[13:34]  Jeremy Linden: That way we don't compete with George ;-)
[13:34]  Kate Linden: Torley will be joining us as well.
[13:34]  Simon Kline: haha awesome!!
[13:34]  Inara Marquette: Yay \o/ Torlye
[13:34]  Trinity Coulter: George is no competition for you :p
[13:34]  Tid Kidd: I could do the second half of that
[13:34]  Simon Kline: so we get 4 lindens for the price of 1 office hour
[13:34]  Jeremy Linden: Yep!
[13:34]  Jon Linden: basically
[13:35]  Kate Linden: It's better than steak knives!
[13:35]  Simon Kline: bargan!!
[13:35]  Tegg Bode: Wednesdays?, No good for me I can only make it today because it's Saturday morninf in Oz ㋡
[13:35]  Inara Marquette: I wish Torley could be packaged and sold. I'd buy an entire case.
[13:35]  Andee Sweetwater: i'd rather eat steak with my fingers
[13:35]  Andee Sweetwater: :p
[13:35]  Trinity Coulter: i use Documentation office knives for all my prim cuts :)
[13:35]  Inara Marquette: Hello below, Tegg.
[13:35]  Phillip Vought: ohh silly little christmas freebie for anyone that wants it
[13:35]  Simon Kline: hahah Trinity
[13:35]  Tid Kidd: steak knives? shouldn't we get Sharpener Linden too then ?
[13:35]  Arawn Spitteler: Simply thnk of Torley, when you eat Watermellon
[13:35]  Jeremy Linden: Careful, Inara... Torley's a highly concentrated substance.
[13:35]  Jon Linden: sharper than the competition's!
[13:35]  Simon Kline: just add melon
[13:36]  Tid Kidd: just add melon ! lol Simon
[13:36]  Inara Marquette: Torley is like that crackle candy thta pops in your mouth when it gets wet in watermelon flavor.
[13:36]  Jon Linden: i like that ornament, phillip
[13:36]  Kate Linden: We put the new Office Hour information on the OH wiki at the bottom with team hours.
[13:36]  Tegg Bode: Yes maybe they should put office hours attendence as a KPI, though Jack may win that one ㋡
[13:37]  Jon Linden: quite possible!
[13:37]  Inara Marquette: I love that Phillip. Could use one for my head!
[13:37]  Arawn Spitteler: What's KPI?
[13:38]  Jeremy Linden: If it's Key Performance Indicator, it may be bad news. Sometimes Lindens outnumber visitors at this office hour :-)
[13:38]  Phillip Vought: silly release client :)
[13:39]  Tegg Bode: Key Performance Index, it's what managers call stuff they use to supposedly judge workers and create more clerical paerwork
[13:39]  Arawn Spitteler: That just makes it an open Linden meeting.
[13:39]  Phillip Vought: wups.. sorry.. the ornament is free.. as it was supposed to be.. merry christmas
[13:40]  Jon Linden: i wonder how shockingly attendance numbers would skyrocket if we were to just say "FREE LINDEN DOLLARS!" at our office hour
[13:40]  Jon Linden: followed by how quickly we would find ourselves out on the streets, heh
[13:40]  Inara Marquette: Now seriously, would you really want that lol.
[13:40]  Andee Sweetwater: well just throw them this way
[13:40]  Simon Kline: LOL
[13:40]  Simon Kline: free couches!
[13:40]  Arawn Spitteler: Give prizes for the KB Trivia at the end.
[13:40]  Phillip Vought: well just say the same thing the WSE did.. its all a game.. its not real ;)
[13:40]  Inara Marquette: Just say Free Lindens and see who takes you home.
[13:40]  Andee Sweetwater: that would be a disaster
[13:41]  Jon Linden: i am not terrificaly portable
[13:41]  Phillip Vought: I tell you what I'd want more than the $L.. cheaper starax art :P
[13:41]  Jon Linden: starax?
[13:41]  Phillip Vought: aka Light Waves
[13:41]  Phillip Vought: aka damn good sculptor
[13:41]  Jeremy Linden: Starax is a famous content creator.
[13:42]  Inara Marquette: Come on KB men, surely you know of the great starax works.
[13:42]  Jeremy Linden does.
[13:42]  Jeremy Linden: And I'm pretty sure Kate's not a man.
[13:42]  Kate Linden: <3"s Starax work
[13:42]  Inara Marquette: well yes but I know Kate knows :D
[13:42]  Phillip Vought: Theres just SO much of it
[13:42]  Jeremy Linden: :-P
[13:42]  Andee Sweetwater: i wish there was a way to 'clean' ur av so u could start from scratch
[13:42]  Jeremy Linden: You can, in a way.
[13:42]  Jon Linden: hello Hubelschnapf
[13:42]  Andee Sweetwater: how?
[13:42]  Kate Linden: You can set your Av back to default Andee, or do you mean inventory too?
[13:43]  Inara Marquette: Andee thats why you drag the Ruth folder on yourself.
[13:43]  Hubelschnapf Plutonian: Hi
[13:43]  Jeremy Linden: Just grab one of the default folders from the Library and drop it on yourself.
[13:43]  Tid Kidd: I'm not even trying to spell that, I will just say Hi Hub
[13:43]  Phillip Vought: Hello Hubel.. pull up a chair :)
[13:43]  Hubelschnapf Plutonian: May I sit down here somewhere?
[13:43]  Inara Marquette: and TADAH!
[13:43]  Andee Sweetwater: well i guess back to default to get rid of any hidden scripts
[13:43]  Jeremy Linden: Of course, Hubelschnapf!
[13:43]  Andee Sweetwater: ??
[13:43]  Inara Marquette: Jeremy how did you type that right the first time! lol
[13:43]  WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Inara Marquette has pinged you.
[13:43]  Hubelschnapf Plutonian: Thanks!
[13:43]  Jeremy Linden: I can see his nametag :-)
[13:43]  Inara Marquette: haha
[13:43]  Kate Linden:
[13:43]  Hubelschnapf Plutonian: What's going on here?
[13:44]  Arawn Spitteler: /nme hasn't a Ruth folder, but wanted that outfit on Halloween.
[13:44]  Inara Marquette: secret service party.
[13:44]  Jon Linden: you've arrived at Documentation Office Hours
[13:44]  Tid Kidd: Ruth is in your Library
[13:44]  Hubelschnapf Plutonian: What does that mean?
[13:44]  Phillip Vought: heh.. I used the noob sculpty to make this
[13:44]  Tid Kidd: we all have her whether we want her or not !
[13:44]  Andee Sweetwater: ruth?
[13:44]  Jeremy Linden: We're talking about the Knowledge Base, a source of information to help people learn about Second Life.
[13:44]  Arawn Spitteler: Finally
[13:44]  Jon Linden: which is a once-a-week event where you can come talk to the Documentation Team about issues or questions you've got about what Jeremy said, basically
[13:44]  WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Jon Linden has pinged you.
[13:44]  Hubelschnapf Plutonian: Great idea!
[13:44]  Jeremy Linden:
[13:45]  Hubelschnapf Plutonian: Thanks for the info!
[13:45]  Inara Marquette: but the time will be changing to Wednesdays at... 1pmSL time?
[13:45]  Arawn Spitteler sloly begins to go in drag
[13:45]  Jon Linden: inara's got it
[13:45]  Inara Marquette: lol Arwan, I always say Welcome to SL where you can gender bend yourself into a pretzel.
[13:45]  Jon Linden: starting on the 7th of january, i do believe
[13:46]  Andee Sweetwater: noooo plz arawn i like u the way u are!
[13:46]  Arawn Spitteler: Ever heard of Sophia, Mother of God?
[13:46]  Tegg Bode: Hmm Griefer attack?
[13:46]  Inara Marquette: no but I do know "holy mother of gawd!"
[13:46]  Jeremy Linden: Oh, another griefer attack. Quaint.
[13:49]  estate owner request failed: estateobjectreturn
[13:49]  estate owner request failed: estateobjectreturn
[13:52]  estate owner request failed: estateobjectreturn
[13:53]  Phillip Vought: ok.. HI is in trouble
[13:53]  Jeremy Linden: Well, that's beyond my griefer-fu. GTeam has been notified. For now, just mute the Resident name "Vienna Neiro" and the particles will go waway.
[13:53]  Kate Linden: Simon you just need a list of names and numbers?
[13:54]  Jon Linden: we keep wanting to use the inworld search appliance to get cracking indexing the KB, but it's proving to be kind of a thorny problem
[13:54]  Kate Linden: Hey Zara
[13:54]  Jeremy Linden: Hi Zara!
[13:54]  Simon Kline: yeah i was talking to gellan glenelg and he's interested in working on something too and we think we can do it if we had a list of the names and numbers
[13:54]  Zara Linden: hello :)
[13:54]  Tegg Bode: Yep Vienna just dropped more generators, G team will sort them out ㋡
[13:55]  Simon Kline: give me to the new year and i'll do a mock up of how it will work
[13:55]  Jeremy Linden: Self-replicating sound and particle cubes to the south.
[13:55]  Zara Linden: will be cleaned up in just a minute
[13:55]  Zara Linden: thanks for your patience :)
[13:55]  Simon Kline: before i make you guys do stuff
[13:55]  Jeremy Linden: Nice.
[13:55]  Jon Linden: zara: my heroine
[13:55]  Phillip Vought: Hiyas Zara.. :)
[13:55]  Simon Kline: Hey! Zara!!
[13:55]  Zara Linden: hey everyone!
[13:55]  Zara Linden: :D
[13:56]  Phillip Vought: heh.. she must be so busy during school hols :)
[13:56]  Jon Linden: btw, any of you who aren't already can start following our team on twitter
[13:56]  Zara Linden: we are busy philip..heh :D
[13:56]  Arawn Spitteler: That's when to hire some kids to help.
[13:56]  Phillip Vought: ohh cool
[13:56]  Zara Linden: tc all
[13:56]  Kate Linden: It is something you could do manually, slowly of course, article by article, but I understand how that could be time consuming collecting almost a thousand article names and numbers.
[13:56]  Zara Linden waves
[13:56]  Inara Marquette: Bye! :)
[13:56]  Phillip Vought: Well Zara.. dont think that gets you out of giving me a bear :P
[13:56]  Simon Kline: tc Zara!
[13:56]  Phillip Vought: DAMN!
[13:56]  Phillip Vought: she's too fast
[13:56]  Jon Linden: i'm Jon_Linden on twitter
[13:57]  Jeremy Linden: ooh, and I'm Jeremy_Linden.
[13:57]  WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Jeremy Linden has pinged you.
[13:57]  Inara Marquette: k, youve been twittered.
[13:57]  Jon Linden: i'm just getting started, though, so i haven't updated a whole lot
[13:57]  Kate Linden: Kate_Linden
[13:58]  Phillip Vought: guys.. can you make the Knowledge bear copy/trans
[13:58]  Phillip Vought: so we can give them out?
[13:58]  Kate Linden: Sure
[13:58]  Jeremy Linden: He's not?
[13:58]  Jon Linden: i believe torley's twitter is just Torley
[13:58]  Jeremy Linden: Huh. Apparently he's not.
[13:58]  Phillip Vought: he';s nocopy
[13:58]  Kate Linden: ok done
[13:58]  Phillip Vought: tyvm..
[13:59]  Arawn Spitteler: Why not have people come here, for th4e bear, and have the bear give out the SLURL on command.
[13:59]  Phillip Vought: because people are incredibly lazy
[14:00]  Arawn Spitteler: I never beloieve that people are as incredibly lazy as they always turn out to be.
[14:00]  Kate Linden: I think once our blog is up and running we'll be able to spread more info to a larger audience. :)
[14:00]  Jon Linden: also true
[14:00]  Phillip Vought: So kate are you putting up a note for the new office hours so I can remember ?
[14:00]  Simon Kline: hh cool you guys are getting a blog?
[14:00]  Jon Linden: the entire blog is being restructured
[14:00]  Kate Linden: Sure I can do that Phillip. It's also on the office hour wiki page.
[14:01]  Jeremy Linden: We sure are! We'll be there when the new blog launches.
[14:01]  Tegg Bode: Today a Blog, Tommorrow FOX! ㋡
[14:01]  Jon Linden: hah
[14:01]  Phillip Vought: I use the google calendar.. will you change that too?
[14:01]  Simon Kline: wow cool :D
[14:01]  Jon Linden: i forget who maintains the google calendar
[14:01]  Jon Linden: someone knows
[14:01]  Jon Linden: distributed knowledge!
[14:01]  Kate Linden: The name of the new blog is shown at this OH.
[14:02]  Phillip Vought: ok.. thats just COOL kate
[14:02]  Jon Linden: folks, it's just about that time
[14:02]  Arawn Spitteler: Time to extend the hour?
[14:02]  Kate Linden: That was made by Gellan Glenelg
[14:02]  Simon Kline: thanks for having us Kate, jon and Jeremy!
[14:02]  WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Simon Kline has pinged you.
[14:02]  Jon Linden: everybody feel free to come back on ... friday 1/2
[14:02]  Phillip Vought: Thanks folks..
[14:02]  Jeremy Linden: Thanks for coming, everyone!
[14:02]  Jon Linden: that'll be the next one, the last at this time before we switch over
[14:02]  Simon Kline: have a great chrismas and ny
[14:02]  Jon Linden: have an excellent weekend!
[14:02]  Phillip Vought: happy hols.. and thanks for keeping SL fun
[14:03]  Kate Linden: Yes, great to see you all today!
[14:03]  Jeremy Linden: Uh, Jon...
[14:03]  Inara Marquette: Happy Holidays :D
[14:03]  Jeremy Linden: I think we get 1/2 as a holiday.
[14:03]  Jon Linden: friday we have the day off
[14:03]  Kate Linden: Happy Holiday!
[14:03]  Arawn Spitteler still wonders who George Linden is.
[14:03]  Tid Kidd: you mean Friday 2/1 ?
[14:03]  Inara Marquette: lol no 1/2
[14:03]  Jon Linden: hahaha
[14:03]  Inara Marquette: damn Brits
[14:03]  Phillip Vought: hehe
[14:03]  Jon Linden: i think our next office hour might actually be the new one, then
[14:03]  Tid Kidd: 2nd of January ?
[14:03]  Phillip Vought: I resemble that remark
[14:03]  Kate Linden: 1/7?
[14:03]  Inara Marquette: lol PHillip
[14:03]  Jon Linden: yeah
[14:03]  Phillip Vought: thats why you use 1-JAN format ;)
[14:03]  Simon Kline: hehe George is a v-team linden he's one of the lindens who takes care of the mentor programme
[14:03]  Tid Kidd: lol i britain we say 2/1 hahaha
[14:04]  Phillip Vought: the mentors meet today at 4pm too
[14:04]  Tid Kidd: because we say 2nd January lol
[14:04]  Kate Linden: 2009-Jan-07
[14:04]  Inara Marquette: so we see you on Januray 7th 2009.
[14:04]  Phillip Vought: Goodbye!
[14:04]  Inara Marquette: :D
[14:04]  Jon Linden: totally excellent
[14:04]  Jon Linden: everyone be well!
[14:04]  Phillip Vought: Excellent!
[14:04]  Tid Kidd: LOL
[14:04]  Inara Marquette: lol Phillip echoing my thoughts again.
[14:04]  Tegg Bode: Yeah I reckon 9/11 was just a big plot to spread the idea of putting the month first ㋡
[14:04]  Tid Kidd: ok, see you guys sometime next year anyway, thank you for the meeting
[14:05]  Jeremy Linden: See you later! Thanks for coming!
[14:05]  Kate Linden: Great meeting. Thanks again and have a great holiday :)
[14:05]  Jeremy Linden: Now it's weekend time.
[14:05]  Inara Marquette: it was fun :D bye all
[14:05]  Tid Kidd: you too !
[14:05]  Jeremy Linden: which I mean "digging myself out of this blizzard with a shovel".
[14:05]  Kate Linden: yes blizzarding here for the weekend. lol
[14:05]  Tid Kidd: Happy Christmas and Merry New Year
[14:05]  Tid Kidd: or something
[14:05]  Tegg Bode: Cyas all, Merry Xmas and Happy New years BBQ ㋡
[14:05]  Simon Kline: hah kate great excuse to drink and watch dvd's ohh and play sl hah
[14:05]  Jeremy Linden waves
[14:05]  Simon Kline: bye Jeremy! :D
[14:05]  WidgetHUD v1.1 (Mono): Simon Kline has pinged you.
[14:05]  Kate Linden: lol
[14:05]  Arawn Spitteler's in Blizzardious Bridgeport