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Success Stories
DolceVita Institute of Technology
October 2014
The presence of the DolceVita Institute of Technology in Second Life

Executive Summary

The graduation ceremony is always an important milestone in the lives of the students of the DolceVita Institute of Technology, a center of excellence in the ICT sector of Rome. In the Vatican City area, DolceVitaTech is an academically rigorous institution and remains the first and only one in the ICT sector.

The students, who were there together with parents, relatives and friends, received the degrees that represent the culmination of a great deal of work. "I am very satisfied," says Marco, who graduated with a BSc in Computing and IT, "because the DolceVita Institute of Technology made innovative platforms, including the 3D virtual world Second Life, available to us students. I also had the opportunity to spend a year abroad in the United Kingdom. It was a great experience." Stefano, a professional in the communications industry, explains: "My career was very important but also very demanding, and I couldn't complete my previous studies a long time ago. However, the DolceVita Institute of Technology offered a part-time program that was great and allowed me to keep a balance between professional life, study, family and personal commitments." Stefano received a BA in Communication and Italian language.

The students' parents seem to be happy too. "The DolceVita Institute of Technology has a strategic location: the Vatican is in the heart of Rome and the students are encouraged to use public transportation," says Sofia. "We are proud of our daughter. She always wanted to get the most out of the collaborative environment provided by the school."

DolceVitaTech is a nonsectarian institution that has been offering programs in Computing and IT, as well as in Communication and Italian language, since 1994, by using the best technology platforms. Instead of a traditional website, the institute is now communicating with its students through Facebook, which is the most popular social network in Italy and is used by the vast majority of the population. Unlike other Italian institutions, the DolceVita Institute of Technology aims at communicating quickly and avoiding Italian bureaucracy.

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DolceVita Institute of Technology's accreditation

All the higher education programs are validated by the Vatican authorities, on the basis of a memorandum of co-operation which is fully compliant with the implementation of the Bologna Process.

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