Estate Land Sales Functional Spec

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Functional Spec - Estate Land Sales

General Description

What does this feature do?

  • Allows residents or resident groups to purchase parcels from an estate owner.
  • Parcels on estates can be subdivided by only the estate owner or estate managers.
  • The estate owner can choose whether residents may resell parcels to other residents.
  • Covenants can be attached to estates. Anyone purchasing land must click through and agree to the covenant when purchasing a parcel on the estate.

Interface Requirements

How does the user use/activate this feature?

  • An estate owner/manager can set the land resell option in the General tab of Estate tools.
  • An estate owner/manager can add or change the Covenant by dragging a note card onto the Covenant tab in the Estate tools.
  • An estate owner/manager can clear the Covenant by clicking the Reset button.
  • A resident can purchase a parcel from the estate owner with L$ without needing to tier up.
  • If the "parcels may be resold" options is YES, a resident may set their parcel for sale, and another resident may buy it.

Performance Requirements

Will this feature affect:

Client FPS? NO

Simulator FPS? NO

Database? UNKNOWN

Asset server? NO

Network load? NO

Any other system? NO

Design Constraints

Will this feature be unavailable on certain hardware? NO

Is this feature consistent with other features? YES

Is this feature well integrated? NOT YET. This makes land purchase a bit more confusing now that some land DOES NOT require a tier.

Is this feature discoverable? YES

Is this feature Safe, Predictable, and Responsive? NOT YET. Are the payments recurring? Does the estate owner take the land back at any old time? Is the buyer aware of this? Is the buyer notified if the Covenant changes? Do they have any recourse?

Feature Dependencies

Features that this feature will affect

  • Buying Land
  • Billing
  • Land holdings in CSR tools
  • My Account pages on web site
  • Estate Tools window
  • About Land window
  • My Land holdings window
  • Group land holdings
  • Land for sale on world map
  • Land for sale in finder
  • Buy Land window

Features that affect this feature

  • Estate tools
  • About Land window

Security risks

Does this feature give access to something it should not? NO

Usage Rules


  • Covenant Tab in Region/Estate Tools
    • Should only be modifyable by Estate Owner/manager
    • Drag and drop should only work for valid notecards - what if its not valid? /not a notecard?
    • Make sure two people looking at the estate covenant in this panel will see the changes. (The changes only get re-populated when you open the floater)
  • Covenant Tab in Buy Land Floater
    • Make sure the covenant that the estate owner set in Region/Estate Tools shows up on the Covenant Tab
    • Make sure that nobody can try to change the covenant from here.
    • The Covenant Tab should display

'allow land transfer' option in estate land sale

  • Should only be modifyable by estate owner/manager
  • Make sure that changing this actually affects the sim such that other people looking at this option sees the checkbox change
    • "Purchased Land in this region may [not] be resold." note in the Covenants tabs should reflect this change
  • Unchecking this option is now changed to mean:
    • If you are a god, you can change anything in the About Land window.
    • If you are estate manager/owner, you can set land for sale ONLY on parcels owned by the estate owner.
    • If you are estate manager/owner, you can only "Abandon Land" on parcels not owned by the estate owner, for which it will revert to be owned by the estate owner. (Then you can set it for sale again, in a way that the estate owner owns the land)
    • Otherwise, you cannot sale land that you own.
  • Checking this option is now changed to mean:
    • If you are on mainland, you can sell land, abandon land, all those spiffy features
    • If you are on a private estate, you can do the following:
      • Anybody abandon/set for sale parcels that they own.
      • Estate managers/owners can set for sale/abandon land the parcels for which the estate owner owns.

Land can be Joined or Sub-Divided (if enabled)

  • A parcel of land can be split into seperate parcels using the "subdivide" feature
  • Two or more parcels of land can be added together to make one large parcel using the "join" feature
    • Note: For either Join or Subdivide to work, the estate manager must have enabled this option for the island (sim) on which the parcel resides

Land purchases can be restricted to certain users

  • A parcel of land can be set for sale to only a certain avatar by a manager of the estate (island) on which the parcel resides
  • Parcels which are for sale to anyone can be purchased by any avatar with the necessary funds to complete the transaction


Dan Linden

Jimmi Stapleton