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JamesLinden, January 11, 2005

You'll need:

  • 3 sims in estate 1
  • 1 sim in estate 2. You should be the owner of this sim.
  • 1 sim with no estate

I'm not sure if there's a user-friendly way to set up estates or sim ownership. I believe the CSR tool can create estates. The God > God Tools item should be able to assign a sim to an estate, if you know the estate number. I'm not sure how to set yourself the owner of a sim other than editing the simstate file and pasting in your agent id.

UI Enablement

  • Log in. Go to any sim you don't own.
  • Open World > Region/Estate. Everything should be disabled in all panels except help buttons. You should be able to see values for all the controls, like terrain raise, block terraform, etc.
  • Close Region/Estate, go into God mode.
  • Open Region/Estate - everything should be enabled in all panels.
  • Close Region/Estate, exit God mode.
  • Fly to the region you own.
  • Open Region/Estate. Everything should be enabled in all panels.
  • For subsequent tests, go to Region/Estate > Estate and make sure Allow Direct Teleport is turned on. (Unless you want to set up telehubs in your regions.)

Panel: General

  • Make sure you're in a sim you own.
  • Make sure you own a parcel of land, maybe 8x8 meters or so.
  • Make sure Edit Land and Fly and Safe (no damage) are on for the parcel.
  • Raise the land in your parcel with the edit tool. It should raise.
  • Check "Block Terraform" and click Apply.
  • Try to lower the land in your parcel. It should not lower.
  • Uncheck "Block Terraform" and click Apply.
  • Try to lower the land in your parcel. It should lower.
  • Start flying.
  • Check "Block Fly" and hit Apply.
  • You should fall to the ground and be unable to fly.
  • The "no fly" icon in the menu should appear.
  • This should be true even if you are in your "yes fly" parcel.
  • Fly out of the region and teleport back. You should fall to the ground.
  • Go into god mode. You should be able to fly again.
  • Uncheck "Block Fly" and hit Apply.
  • Leave god mode.
  • You should be able to fly again, according to per-parcel rules.
  • Go inside your "Safe" parcel.
  • Check "Allow Damage" and click "Apply".
  • The heart icon should appear in the menu bar.
  • You should be hurt by a fall from a large height.
  • Uncheck "Allow Damage" and click "Apply"
  • Per-parcel damage rules should apply.
  • Set agent limit to 1 and click "Apply".
  • Try to teleport in two agents. The second should fail.
  • Try to walk a second agent in from a nearby region. That agent should not be able to walk in.
  • Set agent limit back to 30 and click "Apply".
  • You should be able to teleport in two agents.
  • You should be able to walk in two agents.
  • Check About Land > Objects for your 8x8 parcel. It should say 14 objects supported.
  • Set Object Bonus to 2.0 and click Apply.
  • About Land > Objects should say 29 object supported. (Known bug SL-9784 - need to restart the sim for the viewer to figure it out.)

(Known bug SL-9952 - "Simulator object usage" says 0 out of 29 while "Objects parcel supports" says 28.)

  • Assuming this is your only parcel on the simulator, create 31 or so boxes on the parcel, then step out of the parcel.
  • The boxes should start getting returned to you after a minute or so. (Right click the parcel to hurry things along.)
  • It should return objects until you have 29 left.
  • (I think object limits and return are broken, and it's not the estate tool's fault, except for the above restart issue.)
  • Give your parcel an unique name, like "xxxzzz123".
  • Set your parcel to list in the places directory.
  • Make sure you can find your parcel under Find > Places.
  • Set maturity to Mature and click Apply.
  • Menu bar should show mature immediately.
  • Under Find > Places, turn off "Include places in mature regions".
  • Try to find your place "xxxzzz123". You should not find it. (Bug SL-9785 - region restart required)
  • Bring up the world map. Hover over your region. Tooltip should say "mature".
  • Set maturity to PG and click Apply.
  • Menu bar should show PG immediately.
  • Under Find > Places, you should be able to find your parcel.
  • The world map tooltip should say "PG".
  • Bring another avatar into the sim (total 2).
  • Click "Teleport Home One User" and select that user.
  • The avatar should be teleported home.
  • Bring two other avatars into the sim (total 3).
  • Click "Teleport Home All Users"
  • All avatars should be teleported home except for you.
  • Bring another avatar into the region (total 2).
  • Click "Send Message To Region" and type a message.
  • Both you and the other avatar should get the message.

Debug Panel

  • Build a box that chats "Hello Avatar" continuously.
default{state_entry(){while(1)llSay(0, "Hello, Avatar! "+(string)llFrand(1));}}
  • Check "Disable Scripts" and click Apply.
  • The box should stop chatting.
  • Uncheck "Disable Scripts" and click Apply.
  • The box should start chatting.
  • The collisions/physics tests can either be done in a region that already has a low physics FPS, or you can build a test yourself.
  • Build a "bowl". A large 8x8x8 hollow half-sphere works well.
  • Build a default sphere with a cut begin of 0.2. This makes it concave to hurt the physics engine more.
  • Put a script on the spheres so they are continuously moving and colliding in the bowl.
       llApplyImpulse(<1,0,0>, TRUE);
  • Put about 50 cut moving spheres in the bowl.
  • Statistics Bar > Simulator > Time > Physics should show lots of time spent in physics.
  • In Region/Estate check "Disable Collisions" and click Apply.
  • The spheres should stop moving. Physics time should go near zero.
  • You should still be able to walk. You should collide with objects.
  • Uncheck "Disable Collisions". The spheres should start moving again.
  • "Disable Physics" should work the same, except you should not be able to walk.
  • Test Top Colliders next.
  • Click Top Colliders.
  • You should get a list of the sphere objects. (Or the nasty colliders, if you're using an existing region.)
  • Click "Show Beacon".
  • The object should highlight with a red beacon.
  • Create a box with this script:
  integer x = 0;
  while(1) { x = x + 1; }
  • Name it "Bad Box". Deselect it.
  • Click "Top Scripts"
  • Bad Box should be at the top.
  • Click "Show Beacon"
  • A beacon should appear over Bad Box.
  • With an avatar other than yourself (AvatarB), claim some land.
  • Put some scripted objects on that land.
  • Put some scripted objects on other people's land.
  • With the avatar that owns the region (AvatarA), select Region/Estate > Debug
  • Choose Avatar... and select the other avatar.
  • Click "Return avatar's scripted objects on other people's land"
  • AvatarB's objects on other people's land should go away.
  • AvatarB, put some more objects on other people's land.
  • AvatarA, click "Return ALL of avatar's scripted objects"
  • All the scripted objects should be returned to AvatarA, regardless of what land they are on.
  • Click "Restart Region"
  • You should get a two minute warning.
  • Click "Cancel Restart"
  • You should get a "restart canceled" message.
  • Click "Restart Region" again.
  • You should get a two minute warning.
  • Wait 60 seconds.
  • You should get a one minute warning.
  • Go to another sim.
  • The region should disappear as it goes down, then reappear as it comes back up.


  • Bring the region owner and another avatar into the sim.
  • Try changing the base textures. The mini-map should update for both avatars.
  • Try changing the detail textures. The world textures should update for both avatars.
  • I have no idea how the texture elevation ranges are supposed to work. I'd try changing the high values for all corners, then seeing if the blend points on a mountain change.


  • Change the water height and click Apply.
  • The water height should change immediately.
  • Change the terrain raise and lower heights to 1.0 and -1.0. Click Apply.
  • Make sure you are not in God mode.
  • On a parcel you own, with Edit Land turned on, try to raise and lower the land.
  • You should only be able to raise and lower by 1 meter.
  • Change terrain raise and lower to 5.0 and -5.0. Click Apply.
  • You should now be able to raise and lower by 5 meters.
  • Make sure you have never used the Force Sunset (Ctrl-Shift-N) option. If you have, the sun stuff won't test correctly. You'll need to relog.
  • Check "Use Estate Sun". Click Apply.
  • If the sun is different in the rest of your estate, the sun position should change immediately.
  • Verify the sun is in the same position as the rest of the estate.
  • Check "Fixed Sun" and set a different sun position. Click Apply.
  • Use Estate Sun should uncheck. (You cannot check "Fixed Sun" because it is disabled while "Use Estate" is checked. SL-9792)
  • Sun should update immediately.
  • Check "Use Estate Sun" again and click Apply.
  • Click "Download RAW Terrain"
  • Save the file to desktop.
  • Open in Photoshop as 256x256, no header, 13 interleaved channels.
  • The first (red) channel should resemble the terrain.
  • Using a pure red brush (255,0,0) paint a thick line on the terrain. You're making a mountain range.
  • Save as a RAW file, same format, with a different name.
  • Back in SL, click "Upload RAW terrain" and select the new file.
  • The terrain should change, showing a new mountain range where you painted.
  • Go to a parcel you own.
  • Use the land brush to lower some terrain to make a deep pit.
  • Back in estate tools, click "Bake Terrain".
  • You should now be able to raise the terrain only +5 from where it was baked.
  • After raising the terrain, the "Revert" tool should bring the pit back to how it was when baked.
  • Raise the terrain again.
  • Click "Revert Terrain". It should go back to how it was when baked.

Estate Panel

  • An estate manager is someone who can change the region/estate panel, but doesn't own the region.
  • Add an estate manager for your primary estate. (This estate only)
  • Make sure the new estate manager has logged out. (SL-9810 - it would be nice if it updated immediately)
  • Log in as the estate manager.
  • Verify that the manager can open the Region/Estate panel and everything but the RAW terrain tools, Bake Terrain, and Estate Managers buttons is enabled.
  • Verify that the manager can make changes like sun position, disable scripts, etc.
  • Remove the manager from this estate.
  • Relog the estate manager.
  • Verify the region/estate dialog is disabled for that user.
  • Try the same steps, but add the estate manager to all your estates.
  • The estate manager should have the whole dialog in all your estates.
  • The allow list, group list, and ban list are all explained in Estates Test.
  • The only difference is that you should be able to add/remove entries from either just the current estate, or all estates.
  • Visible from mainland and mainland visible from here are explained in Estates Test.
  • Check "Allow Direct Teleport" and click Apply.
  • Verify a non-god can directly teleport to any place on the sim.
  • Uncheck "Allow Direct Teleport" and click Apply.
  • Verify a non-god only teleports to telehubs in the estate.
  • Put your avatar in one sim in your main estate.
  • Put another avatar in another sim in your main estate.
  • Put a third avatar in a different estate entirely.
  • Click "Send Message To Estate..."
  • You and the avatar in your estate should receive the message.
  • The avatar not in your estate should not receive the message.