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Oceans, oct 2013, Far North Ocean
Oceans, oct 2013, click for large
Far North Ocean, previous map
Remote North West Sea

This part of the grid includes all sims that are in the far North part. Previously, the Far North Ocean had other borders, but now, since the old borders were very unclear, new borders were inserted. The name is unofficial. Sim density is very low. In North West there is a large remote part of this ocean.


Surface: 10 grid sectors

Surface without void gaps: 1.7

Sims: 850

Sim Density: 0.8%

Unassoicated Sims: 20%

Previous data

Previous description was: This is a vast ocean, with many sims included. It covers a large part of the grid. Islands are more and more rare in North and more frequent in South. Its boundaries are marked by small private continents, like Eden, Europe Continent and Wild West. However, this makes the Far North Ocean include about 30% of private land, that is about 6000 sims, almost like all Linden owned land. Borders were not clearly defined, so about 1000 sims were not inside an ocean or in two oceans. Also, there was no transition in sim density between Far North Ocean and the other oceans South to it, like Northern Ocean (that also changed borders now).

Coordinates and borders

Coordinates are given for every sim in a similar way with Gridsurvey[1]. Numbers represent: longitude (min-max)/latitude (min-max).

Previous coordinates were set this way: Far North Ocean: 300-1700/1260-1700. New coordinates are: 400-1100/1400-1700. South border is given by the separation between grid sectors D13 and D14. In North, East and West, the ocean includes all sims. Even if the ocean remains very large, sim density is very low.

Grid Sector: D14, D15, D16, E14, E15, F14, G14, H14, I14, J14. That is a total of 10 grid sectors, but compared with density in other oceans, like Northern Ocean or Western Ocean, all these sims could fit into 2 grid sectors.


North to the 1400 latitude line, sim density falls to a very low level and the map image changes dramatically from the classic image South to this limit. To North West, there are some isolated sim clusters that form the Remote North West Sea. This sea is a distinct feature on the map. The rest of the ocean forms a diffuse line, an extension of the Northern Ocean.

Remote North West Sea

Previously considered a separated ocean, it is a distinct feature of the map. Its size is comparable with oceans close to mainland continents, like Central Ocean or Little Pacific Ocean. Sim density is lower then the average sim density in an ocean, but still much higher then in other parts of Far North Ocean. It is formed mainly of 2 gigantic sim clusters (A075, A083) with mathematic disposition. The sign ! means that the same structure exists in two or more grid sectors. We couldn't find out if the islands composing these two sim clusters have the same owner or if there are many different estates here. The only thing that was visible is that each region has different names, different textures and different types of constructions.

  • Grid Sector D14, coordinates: 400-500/1400-1500, more void then sim structures
  • Grid Sector D15, coordinates: 400-500/1500-1600, both void and sim structures
    • A075 A075 Sim Cluster - S - 400-442/1550-1580 - group of sims with 2 sim clusters
    • A083! A083 Sim Cluster - (S) - 460-522/1519-1671 - sim cluster with mathematic disposition
  • Grid Sector D16, coordinates: 400-500/1600-1700, almost entire sector is void
    • A083! A083 Sim Cluster - (S) - 460-522/1519-1671 - sim cluster with mathematic disposition
  • Grid Sector E14, coordinates: 500-600/1400-1500, about 70% is void
  • Grid Sector E15, coordinates: 500-600/1500-1600, about 70% is void
    • A083! A083 Sim Cluster - (S) - 460-522/1519-1671 - sim cluster with mathematic disposition

Far North Basin

This diffuse part of the ocean is composed of the following grid sectors:

  • Grid Sector F14, coordinates: 600-700/1400-1500, almost entire sector is void
    • A114 A114 Sim Group - (I) - 666-667/1407-1407, two sims linked together
  • Grid Sector G14, 700-800/1400-1500, almost entire sector is void
    • Contains only one sim at the border with G13
  • Grid Sector H14, coordinates: 800-900/1400-1500, almost entire sector is void
  • Grid Sector I14, coordinates: 900-1000/1400-1500, almost all sector is void
    • A175! - Sim Cluster - 964-1039/1396-1430 - Far North Ocean, rare sims with mathematical disposition
  • Grid Sector J14, coordinates 1000-1100/1400-1500, majority of this sector is void
    • A175! A175 Sim Cluster - (S) - 964-1039/1396-1430 - rare sims with mathematical disposition

As you can see, sim density is very low. The most interesting part is the spooky microcontinent A001, first microcontinent identified in the Second Life Geography Project, as showen in List Of Microcontinents And Sim Clusters. Its central and most known sim is Lost Angeles.

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