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Xandi Mars: ok ..when the skin is corrupt and no mod
{{Help|BugFixes=*}}The following steps should help if a skin is corrupted, but does not have modify-rights.

Xandi Mars: tell them to get naked
# Remove all clothes.
# Go into the appearence editor and make a fresh set of underwear (the white ones).
# Save the outfit.
# Exit the appearence editor, then reactivate it.
# Remove the underwear.
# The skin should now appear as it was meant to.

Xandi Mars: go into appreance
== Contributor ==
* [[User:Xandi Mars|Xandi Mars]]

Xandi Mars: make underware
[[Category:Text from In-world Notecards|Skins]]
Xandi Mars: the white ones
Xandi Mars: save it..
Xandi Mars: come out
Xandi Mars: then go back into appreance
Xandi Mars: and take it off there
Xandi Mars: it will fix corrupts skin that is no mod
Xandi Mars: works ..every time

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