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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

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This Project

If you are a resident who speaks English, your native language is French and would like to help in localization efforts, this may be the project for you! Currently a subset of Knowledge Base articles vital to the French Community are available for translation. If you would like to join the effort please read the information below and then sign up! You will be contacted when you are given access to the project. There is a lot of teamwork and help going on among translators so don't let the new process detailed here discourage you! Feel free to use the contact email below for any questions also!

See the Community Translation Project top contributors: HERE!

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  • Attachments of translated text need to be processed and saved as a .txt UTF-8 file only. A program such as Notepad2 is free and is ideal for this. Those using a Mac OS may want to use the Textedit program.
  • If you are reading this prior to signing up for the project: In order for you to be added to the access list for this Pjira project you need to have signed into Pjira at least once. Please remember to do that prior to signing up for the project.
  • Sign up for the project HERE
  • You will also need to agree to the Terms and Conditions located HERE during the sign up process.
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What To Do
  • Log into Pjira with your Second Life name and password.
  • Click the subtask link of the article you would like to translate.
  • On the left side of the page under "Available Workflow Actions" you will see Assign this issue > Click on to me. Now that subtask is in your name. Pjira1.png
  • On the left side of the page where it says Translation in Progress" - Click that link. You will see the Status at the top change to: Translation in Progress
  • Near the top part of the subtask page you will see an attachment. This is the English article text available for translation. Download this attachment by clicking the download link. There also may be another attachment that is the previous version of the French article. Please, download that attachment as well and reference it.
  • Please reference the French Glossary (download located on this page) and the style guide ( while working on your translation.
  • Please, make sure only to translate the text of the article and to not remove or change the markings.
  • If the article you are translating contains a screenshot from the viewer, if possible, please replicate the screenshot using the French viewer interface.
    • Please mimic the English screenshot as closely as possible.
    • Use .png format
    • Only show as much in the screenshot as is absolutely necessary for clarity
    • If you want to draw a circle or arrow to highlight something specific, use as bright a pink as you can get (nothing else in our interface is pink)
  • In the article you are translating, there may be url's that have a French equivalent. If possible, please insert the French url.
    • If the link is another KB article, here is the general URL format :

  • Substitute the xxxx at the end with the four-digit ID number for the specific article in question.
  • This article shows you where to find the ID number:

  • Note: Please add the English KB URL at the bottom of the page with a title linked to it.
    • Reminder: The KB article number you see in the subject line of the PJira is the English Article number.
    • If this is too confusing, just translate the text and I will deal with the linking (let me know that in the JIRA comment though).
  • Please make sure to translate the title of the article and to paste it into the Comment section of the JIRA ticket (thank you very much for that!!!!).
  • Translate the text then save it as a .txt UTF-8 file using the file's original name, but add _FR at the end. PLEASE, make sure to save the file in the correct format!!! Very important. Otherwise, the special characters may show up garbled.
  • Please, also, COMPRESS the .txt file into .zip. That way, we can make absolute sure that nothing will happen to the special characters in the JIRA transfer.
  • Return to your subtask and click on Attach File to this issue link on the left side of the page. Follow the onscreen directions to upload your completed translation.
  • On the left side of the page under "Available Workflow Actions" click the "Translated" link.
    • A bit later in this process your translation subtask status will change to Published and may be included as a Second Life Knowledge Base article.

You are done and have helped in the Second Life localization process! Thank You! Feel free to take another subtask and start the process again.


Translators are encouraged to edit each other's translations!

  • Once you have translated the text, another translator may come in, Click the Workflow Action - Editing. They will download your translation and edit it. (It is always good to have your translation edited!).
    • What to look for when you are editing: precision of the translation; terminology selection particularly as it needs to be matched to the translations in the client; style (see style guide) of the language; any issues with moved html markings.


  • After making edits to the translation, the editor will upload the edited translation to the PJIRA task, click on Edited and leave a comment on the subtask that reads: "Edits Done." This comment should include any pertinent information, if applicable.
  • Please, do not remove the original translation attachment.
  • After a KB article is published, here is a last step a translator should do to help complete the translation process:
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Final Review
  • Choose any task that shows status Published.
  • Assign that task to yourself.
  • Change the status to Testing.
  • Click the URL for the Published French article at the bottom of the task. Review the article for any issues.

In Particular:

Do the links in the article take you to the correct pages?

Is the wording in the article clear and correct?

  • Please note all of your findings in a comment on the pjira task.

Change the jira status to one of the following:

  • Verified- Means no changes done or needed
  • Verified:Fixed - Means you found an issue and attached the fixed article to the task
  • Verified:Fix Needed - Means there is an issue that needs to be fixed internally. (Such as a bad link)
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If you have questions or need help on this project please send an email to:

  • Please include the tag [French] in the subject line of the email, and you can use French to discuss.