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This page contains the list of video tutorials to localize.


Torley's video Video in french Who is working on it ? Status (in progress/done)
Video Tutorial/Buying Linden Dollars Video Tutorial/Buying Linden Dollars/fr Gally Young done
Video Tutorial/Chatting Video Tutorial/Chatting/fr Gally Young done
Video Tutorial/Creating & joining a group - Laurent Bechir in progress
Video Tutorial/Editing your appearance Video Tutorial/Editing your appearance/fr Gally Young done
Video Tutorial/Filling in your profile Video Tutorial/Filling in your profile/fr Gally Young done
Video Tutorial/Friendships Video Tutorial/Friendships/fr Laure Farella done
Video Tutorial/Looking around with camera controls Video Tutorial/Looking around with camera controls/fr Gally Young done
Video Tutorial/Moving & flying Video Tutorial/Moving & flying/fr Laurent Bechir done
Video Tutorial/Searching Video Tutorial/Searching/fr Laure Farella done
Video Tutorial/Sending a postcard Video Tutorial/Sending a postcard/fr Laurent Bechir done
Video Tutorial/Shopping Video Tutorial/Shopping/fr Laure Farella done
Video Tutorial/Teleporting & landmarks Video Tutorial/Teleporting & landmarks/fr Laurent Bechir done
Video Tutorial/Using the pie menu - Laure Farella in progress (pie menu in frenh ?)
Video_Tutorial/3 ways to get to About Land - - -
Video_Tutorial/Land/About Land options - - -
Video_Tutorial/Land/Basics - - -
Video_Tutorial/Land/Buying parcels (as a Basic account) - - -
Video_Tutorial/Land/Buying parcels (as a Premium account) - - -
Video Tutorial/Land/Land use introduction - - -
Video Tutorial/Land/Parcel access controls - - -
Video Tutorial/Land/Property Lines & Land Owners - - -
Video Tutorial/Land/Region & parcel prim limits - - -
Video Tutorial/Land/Selling parcels - - -
Video Tutorial/Land/Terraforming - - -