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Parameter range: [-1.0, 28.0][1]

1.0 is equal to normal Earth gravity (acceleration of 9.8 meters per second in a vacuum)

Considering the object alone, increasing its gravity multiplier has a similar effect as increasing the object's mass.

However, for interactions with other objects the gravity multiplier is different from increasing mass:

  • a low-mass object with a high multiplier will not transfer much inertia to another object during an impact.
  • a high-mass object with a low multiplier will transfer large amounts of inertia to another impacted object.

Very small values of the gravity multiplier may not show any visible effect, since they will produce only tiny motions; the simulator discards very tiny motions in the interest of not producing too many object update messages. See for example BUG-18276

  1. ^ The ranges in this article are written in Interval Notation.