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Basic concept

Sim 2 is planned to consist of three areas.

Area 1 Start Island

Here the basic knowledge which has been learned in the first Sim is meant to be repeated (basic movement, flying, etc.) and deepened.

Start island is the place where new residents land, when they tp from OI.

Area 2 Underwater World and The Beach

In this area advanced knowledge should be imparted to residents. How to file an abuse report, how to protect against griefers or how to create first content (Cube, globe, how to apply simple textures on objects, etc.).

To show the variety of SL, this area is something special already as it it completely under water.

We might have to raise the water level on all SIMs for that to allow comfortable camera use under water, but that will be tested.

On the SIM's "mainland" The Beach is the area for teaching and also for meetings, parties, events. The Beach is half on SIM2, other half on SIM3 to allow access to a bigger number of residents on events.

Area 3 Mentor Islands

This will be a smaller area for mentors. It should be non-public and also serve mentors as a privacy.

The bigger of the island serves as meeting point for mentors, the smaller one as a center for German linguists.

More little islands can be formed if needed or just to create a nice landscape.

Fundamental idea

  • All over the entire Sim2 live help will be available and provided, of course.

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Users with interest

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Peter Houston 14:05, 18 May 2008 (PDT)

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