German Mentors (Endorsed Group Entry)

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Category German Mentors
Logo German Mentors Logo
Group Name German Mentors
This Document Is Current As Of 8/06/08
Founder's Second Life Name Orlandoo Habercom
Total Group Members 57
Group Charter Tao of Volunteers
Mission Focus & Statement Main Focus: General Help
Other Language (German), New Resident Basics, General Classes.
We are a broadly focused group who volunteer to help new and seasoned Residents. Meeting, greeting and answering questions is our specialty! We're a subgroup of the Second Life Mentors group.
Best Practices:
* Locations: Infohubs, Welcome Areas, Orientation Islands
* Resources: Volunteer Portal , Knowledge Base , SL Volunteer Education Center
Group Representatives 1. Monalisa Robbiani
Group Documentarians 1. Monalisa Robbiani
Requirements to Join Entrants must be either Second Life Mentors or Second Life Apprentice Mentors and German speaking.
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* Links: German Mentors
Meeting Summaries
* Projects: German speaking OI Project
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