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Second Life Group Inviter bots are used to send direct invitations to join specific Second Life group (usually the visitors of the parcel are invited.

There's several direct group inviter services available in Second Life. The following table shows the comparison of group inviter's features and functions:

Comparison table

MyRoBoT Group.InvitorVAW iGroupSmartBotsMAGICJVA BotIntelliBots
Direct group invitation[1] yes yes yes yes yes yes
Server-hosted[2] yes yes yes yes no yes
Activation fee/buying price L$400 free free free L$3000 L$1000
Rental price Depends on usage.[3] L$85/week L$99/week[4] L$233/week[5] no L$899/week
Moneyback guarantee no yes yes no no no
Remote payment: from any SL location yes no no no no no
Spamless[6] yes. Configurable yes yes n/a n/a n/a
Age Filtering yes no no no no no
Language Filtering yes no no no no no
BlackLists and BanLists yes no no no no no
Established 2009 2007 2010 n/a n/a n/a
Automatic Invitations yes[7] yes yes yes yes yes
Manual invitations yes yes no no no no
Free Customizing yes yes no no no no
Greeter yes[8] yes yes yes no yes
Web statistics yes[9] no no no no no
Supported "Plug-Ins" for other systems XStreetSL
JEVN vendors
Palen Vendors
- - - - -
SLURL [1] [2] [3] [4] n/a [5]
Website [6] [7] [8] n/a n/a [9]
  1. All products offer this service
  2. This means that you don't have your PC running
  3. Gradual increase (from L$0 to L$600/week). Check prices at Prices page
  4. By ordering 6 months package. L$99 if paying for single week.
  5. By ordering L$6000 package for 180 days
  6. Indicates wherever bot does not annoy visitors who return back again, and respect parcel borders
  7. 2 means: with sensor (radar) and volumedetect (for shop entrances f.i.)
  8. On Automatic invitations means
  9. See Sample at this link