Heterocera Route 1

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Route 1 (East-West Heterocera Link Road)

ROUTE1.jpg click image for a larger version


Route 1 sea dock, Leafminer

A small access point to the Route 1 highway and Mole Mart

Leafminer (57, 16, 23)

Mole Mart.jpg

Route 1 Mole Mart, Leafminer

Mole Mart ... for all your mole needs Leafminer (201, 138, 34)


Route 1 picnic area

A spur off the Route 1 highway near the Mole Mart for Munchies !

Leafminer (246, 129, 37)

Apple Cart.jpg

Route 1 Apple Cart

Try a bucket of apples from the apple cart

Clearwing (136, 180, 33)


Route 1 Butterfly and Tropical House

A calming place to sit amongst the victorian ironwork, dripping with steam and condensation, and consider the exotic

butterflies and flowers

Clearwing (112, 223, 32)

Peach pit.jpg

Route 1 Peach Pit

Visit the Diner in Peach

Peach (206, 164, 33)


Route 1 Reservoir, Spini

The Molesford Municipal Water company really needs to spend some cash cleaning up this slightly toxic yet still

impressive edifice - lots of litter and a few really worrying looking fish - if your keen on angling you'd be advised

to just throw them back !

Spini (202, 142, 31)


Route 1 Picnic by the Pond, Parva

One of the many minor picnic spots along Route 1 however this one has a few points of interest to explore

Parva (127, 62, 31)


Route 1 Picnic lay-by, Mormo

Another example of places to break your journey along the East-West highway, you can park here too !

Mormo (21, 135, 31)


Route 1 Viewing Platform, Sociaria

A small platform to enjoy the views.

Sociaria (190, 101, 34)

Town square.jpg

Route 1 Town Square, Menophra

Enjoy space of the Town Square.

Menophra (102, 103, 38)


Route 1 Small roadside park, Menophra

A quiet place to sit.

Menophra (245, 22, 35)