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If you do not want to allow other Residents to enter your land by using [[How to use a SLurl Teleport Link - Video Tutorial|SLurls]], you have several options for diverting or blocking such attempts. Accessing a location with a SLurl is the same as trying to execute a [[How do I teleport somewhere|direct teleport]] to that location; as a result, any setting that blocks or redirects teleports to your land works the same way against SLurls:
===Private Region owners===
As the owner of a Private Region (sometimes called a Private Island), you may set up a telehub to collect all incoming teleports to your Region, including teleports that come from a SLurl. For more information about setting up a telehub, see [[Estate and Private Region Telehubs and Direct Teleport|Telehubs and Direct Teleport]].
To block ''all'' teleports to your Estate (consisting of one or more Private Regions), you can disallow public access:
# Choose '''World &gt; Regon/Estate'''
# Click the '''Estate''' tab
# Uncheck '''Allow Public Access'''
If you disallow public access, only the Residents on your '''Allowed residents''' and '''Allowed groups''' lists are allowed to teleport to your Estate.
===Land Parcel Owners===
You may also control teleport access at the parcel level by changing your parcel's Teleport Routing settings:
# Stand on your parcel and choose '''World &gt; About Land'''.
# Click the '''Options''' tab on the About Land window.
# Choose an option from the '''Teleport Routing''' dropdown menu:
#* '''Blocked''' prevents any attempt to teleport to your parcel. Any Resident who tries to teleport onto your land is diverted to the nearest available parcel instead.
#* '''Landing Point''' diverts any incoming Resident to a specified landing point on your parcel.<br>[[Image:kb_teleport_routing.png]]
===Setting a Landing Point===
# Stand on the location on your parcel where you want to make a landing point and choose '''World &gt; About Land'''.
# Click the '''Options''' tab on the About Land window.
# Press the '''Set''' button next to '''Landing Point'''.
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