Inviting residents to join your business group

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Inviting other residents to join your group may be very useful to gather a group of loyal customers. You can easily inform your group members about new items you sell, or deliver update to all users of your devices.

Inviting residents to group is possible by:

  1. Manually inviting every resident
  2. Setting up an automatic invitation bot
  3. Asking residents to click a special link in chat history

Manual invitation

This is the most reliable, but also the most hard way to invite people to your group.

It has a very serious disadvantage: you can't invite all visitors of your parcel as you can't stay online 24 hours.

Automatic direct group invitation

Direct group invitations (the ones asking resident to click "Join" button) can be initiated by SL avatar only. This means that it's impossible to send direct invitation by using LSL script.

The direct group invitations can be managed in two ways:

  1. Install a bot software on your PC and keep it online 24 hours 7 days a week. The bot will locate all parcel visitors and give them the direct group invitation.
  2. Rent the group inviter for a small fee (L$50-100 per week) This is a most reliable way to own a group bot. The company takes care of bots 24/7: you just pay a tiny rental. The bot rental services are listed within the Links section (see below).

Refer to the Group inviters comparison article in this wiki.

Giving residents the link to click

This is not a direct invitation technique. Your script can say the link over the public chat and ask residents to click it, open group profile and then join your group.

The disadvantages of this method is that most of residents are too lazy to open the chat history. Also you are losing residents who open your group profile but do no join. Finally, you are not able invite members to specific roles.