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How do I change my password?

You can change your password, along with other account-related information, on your Dashboard. Log in, click the Account section on the left to expand it, then click Change Password.

I forgot my password

If you've forgotten your password, you may retrieve it at this link. This sends an email to the address listed on your Second Life account, with a link you can use for password retrieval. At this page, you'll need to answer the security question you chose when creating your Second Life account.

I forgot my Second Life account name

The avatar name you created during registration is required to login to the Second Life virtual world. Whether you created a single avatar name to check out Second Life and haven't used it in a while (welcome back!) or have multiple accounts and may have forgotten one of your avatar names, here are a couple of ways you can retrieve your name information:


Registration of a new account requires an email address. Once registration is completed, a confirmation email is sent to your email address on file, providing the avatar name you selected.

  1. Log into your email account and search your archives for "second life".
  2. Look for an email that contains your login name in the subject line: "Welcome to Second Life, <YOUR NAME HERE>!"

My Account

An avatar name is required to log into your My Account page. However, there's an option that sends you an email if you've forgotten your account name or password.

  1. Go to My Account: Login.
  2. Click Forgot your name or password?
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Click Forgot Account Name.

Your Second Life name will be sent to you shortly.

KBwarning.png Warning: If you have multiple Second Life accounts registered with the same email address, this only sends you the name of the first account you signed up with. This is a known system limitation. Before you ever have to use this form, write down your account names somewhere you'll remember.

Someone else has my password

How do I know if my account was compromised?

  • If you cannot access your account
  • If you suddenly notice a reduced available balance on the payment source you have on file.

What should I do?

Contact us immediately!

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to the Support Portal. (If you cannot log into your account, use our Guest Access Log In.)
  2. Click the Submit a Ticket link.
  3. In the Ticket Type Field, select Special Questions > Basic Account or Guest Login from the dropdown list.
  4. Select My account has been shut off and I don't know why.
  5. Fill in the rest of the fields as directed.
  6. Copy the Tracking Number for your new ticket.
  7. You'll receive an email containing your ticket information.
  8. Call the Fraud number: 800-860-6990

How will Linden Lab resolve my compromised account?

First, Linden Lab will place your account on hold, and investigate the relevant transactions. This may take a few days in some cases. Once we have concluded the investigation, we will send you an email explaining our conclusion and explaining the action that will be taken with respect to your account. As a reminder, all transactions involving L$ are subject to Linden Lab's Terms of Service.