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Your avatar is a highly customizable part of your Second Life experience; nearly any aspect of your avatar's appearance can be drastically altered in creative ways, allowing for an infinite combination of styles and forms.

Wearing clothing and body parts from your inventory

The simplest way to change your avatar's appearance is to wear a new piece of clothing or body part from your inventory.

  1. Click the My Appearance/de My Appearance/de tab.
  2. Click the WEARING tab to see your current outfit.
  3. Click the Edit Wrench/de Edit Wrench/de button at the top of the sidebar to enter the appearance editing mode.
  4. Click the Add More... button to open a list of available clothing in your inventory.
    • You may use the dropdown menu to filter by clothing type, or use the Search/de Search/de button to filter by clothing name.
  5. Select a piece of clothing, then click the Wear Item button to add it to your avatar, replacing any existing clothing of the same type.

To remove a piece of clothing or attachment, select it in the outfit editor and click the Close/de Close/de icon that appears next to it.

You may use these same procedures to change your avatar's body parts (eyes, hair, shape, and skin) or attachments; just expand the Attachments or Body Parts list instead of Clothing. Note that some body parts, such as your avatar's shape, can never be removed but may be replaced.

Multiple layers of clothing

It is possible to wear multiple layers of the same type of clothing at the same time; for instance, you may wish to wear three different shirts or two pairs of gloves. To add a new layer over your existing piece of clothing, select it in the appearance editor, click Add More..., then right-click the new piece of clothing and choose Add. The new piece of clothing is then overlaid onto the existing clothing without replacing it.

As of September, 2010, this type of "multi-wearable" only applies to avatar clothing, and cannot be used to place multiple attachments on a single attachment point or combine body parts.

Editing clothing and body parts

You may edit any currently-worn clothing or body part on your avatar, provided that you have appropriate permissions on the selected item. To edit a piece of clothing or body part:

  1. Click the My Appearance/de My Appearance/de tab to open the sidebar.
  2. Click the WEARING tab to view your currently-worn outfit.
  3. Click the Edit Wrench/de Edit Wrench/de at the top of the sidebar to enter appearance editing mode.
  4. Select a piece of Clothing or one of your Body Parts and click the corresponding Edit Wrench/de Edit Wrench/de to begin editing that item.
  5. Use the sliders to adjust the item's physical parameters to your liking, and, when available, choose a Fabric texture from your inventory or a Color/Tint from the provided swatch. When editing your avatar's Shape body part, you may choose its gender from the radio buttons at the top of the sidebar.

Only clothing and body parts can be edited with the appearance editor; to edit attachments you must use the Build Tools.