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The new http-in functions described on LSL http server are available on the preview grid for beta testing.

Aditi, the preview grid. Regions are named "Http In Sandbox n" where n is 1,2, or 3.
What viewer should I use?
Use a mono-compatible main grid viewer (version 1.21 or later), and have it log you into aditi. Shift-control-g at the login screen brings up the grid select dropdown. Aditi = preview grid, Agni = main grid.
But the viewer won't know about the new functions
When using a Mono-enabled viewer, all compilation is done server side. So make sure you are using a mono-enabled viewer and you will be able to compile a script with the new functions as long as you are in one of the http-in sandboxes. You do not need to have "Mono" checked (see this forum thread).
How do I report bugs?
Check this meta JIRA - SVC-3238. Existing issues for http-in are linked. Check the open issues to see if your bug is already listed. If so, consider commenting on that issue to add any insights you have. If not, create a new issue. Make sure you:
  • JIRA should be SVC
  • Title should start "http-in:"
  • Component "Scripts"
  • Affects version is unimportant
  • Please include a minimal repro of the bug. Pare down the code to the minimum necessary to exhibit the issue.
  • Link your issue "Relates to" SVC-3238
What if I have questions?
Several resources are available
  • Use the discussion tab for this page to ask questions about the beta
  • If you are a member of you can post a question.
  • Or try asking on the second life lsl forum.
  • I (Periapse Linden) hold an office hour on Fridays at 3pm. Location is Beaumont, eastern edge, under the hill with the observatory dome.
What about Teen Grid residents?
Teen grid residents are welcome to participate in this beta. Log in to aditi with the appropriate viewer (see above). Teleport to "Http In Sandbox Teen".