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Work in Progress


Use this page to keep track of what is still needed. Format as required.

  1. Add articles to pertinent categories.
  2. Add articles to categories to mark what work needs to be done to them.
    • Embellish articles so they no longer fall under those categories (and remove them from the category)


Work Categories

These categories are used to indicate that an article needs work done to it.

Category Description
Category:LSL Needs Example Needs an example written, to do this set the 'example' variable equal to a multi-line block of lsl text. Once an example is supplied the page is automatically removed from this category.
Category:LSL FixMe These pages have something wrong or seriously missing from them.
Category:LSL Stub These articles are just too short and should be expanded upon.

LSL Categories in Need of Work

These categories are missing functions or need content.

Using templates is currently optional on Category pages. There are a lot more LSL categories but these are the ones that come to mind as needing the most work. -- Strife Onizuka
Category Stub Pages Description
Sound Yes No Needs descriptions written.
Movement Yes Yes Missing functions and needs description written.
Prim Yes Yes Needs functions that are prim attributes (not Object attributes)
Object Yes Yes Needs functions that are object attributes (not Prim attributes)