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You can get this relay in MSM Restraints shop in Stonehaven:

Note: The object and all the relay scripts are modifyable so you can easily pick it apart. Only the Help notecard and the update check script (which contains a password) are no-mod. Because of this the whole relay object may wrongly show no-mod. Please drag it into the world to work on it.


Multi Object Support

Old Single Object, Single Script version



  • added support for multiple world objects
  • show world map with tp destination if force-tp is disabled


  • added support for !who which allows world objects to tell who controls them
  • added support for !handover to support inter-sim kidnappers leading directly into a trap and processing facilities that hand over the victim from one step to the next
  • added support for !vision script from the Think Kink PBA by Ilana Debevec and Chloe1982 Constantine)


  • Diff
  • fixed group check on parcels not set to a group (which matched objects set to (none), too (reported by Kitty Barnett)
  • fixed <0, 0, 0> pseudo object position in distance check (reported by Kitty Barnett).


  • Diff
  • fixed two faked avatar chat problems


  • Diff
  • Fixed the compatibility code for world objects that send @clear instead of !release broken by the security fix in 1.020.b


  • Diff
  • added "Temp Mute" in the ask dialog which will mute the object until the next time you login (in the extended controller script)
  • tell world objects if an active session is canceled by the relay.


  • Diff
  • Display position and distance in permission dialog


  • Diff
  • This is based on 1.015 and has all the fixed made there missing in Marine's 1.020 which is based on a very early version of 1.014
  • Filter automatic RLV replies on public chat channel 0 so that people cannot be tricked to say some foreign text out loud
  • Added "this-is-a-script-generated-message-beyond-the-control-of-the-agent/" at the beginning of @getstatus-replies on all channel
  • Note: Relays which do not add any restriction on their own (like @detach=n) may be abused using @gestatus to trigger dialog responses, gag talk or other scripts like "to buy as gift, say the name of the receiver on channel /x". Any version of the reference implementation smaller than (not including) 1.015 (but including 1.020 which is based on 1.014) are affected by this.